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Hello! I'm Ba1ja and this is my lair!

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He/Him | They/Them
+3 ahead of FR time!
I am an adult (23), and I feel more comfortable befriending adults


I am pretty shy and socially awkward at times, forgive me ;D
I just like sharing my dragons, liking other dragons and going on about my day, in game projects and a few of my interests!

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Lair does not have an specific focus rn but to bring me serotonin lol.
Most of my babies don't have any sort of lore as of yet, but I'm looking forward to planning something in the future!

Hey, pssst, my english might be a little over the place, forgive me If I make any mistakes.

I am F2P, many of the things were acquired with pain effort!

☾ ... ☽

Currently on a quest for saving as much treasure and gems as I can (specially gems) on the hoard vault!
Fanderg projects are going to take a little bit of a HUGE toll here... I'll go about them VERY slowly.

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September 19, 2023 17:23:29
Thank you!! I’m so happy to know you remembered him, thank you again for your comment! *^^*
September 19, 2023 11:18:56
aaahhh thank you so much!!!! ;O;; <3
September 09, 2023 23:30:59
Yeah it was a random idea, I don't know if anyone else has done a nation or location. Thank you!

That's okay, it happens lol
September 08, 2023 12:28:26
thank you! Enkanomiya was definitely a different one to do but fun ^-^
September 06, 2023 21:28:11
I love your star rail fan dragons! they all look great
August 16, 2023 06:53:47
Thank you very much!
August 10, 2023 14:12:01
oh, absolutely. there's so many characters, and obviously there's more popular ones that outshine the rest (in terms of fans), but that doesn't mean the others don't deserve love!! but i think it makes it all the more special when you find a fan of a more obscure one... :,3
right? for you was amazing, fun fact - i actually guessed ace+/chico was involved in it... bc they do work for another series i love and they've done the arcarum music before, it made me so happy when i was right!! when da vibes check out... =w=

i'm manifesting bubs and belial for you Right Now. everyone deserves a free one just for maximum chaos i think. HDJHFJFJGJHJ...
ALSO YEAH. i don't always watch the streams - it was one of the Bigger streams and i happened to be able to watch it, so i figured why not!! it was meant to be. >:3
that must've been such a jumpscare for you though omg, like in the best way!!
August 09, 2023 21:16:03
SOBBING... nezha love, good taste. it's nice to see people appreciate the primals, they are Very Good... percival is neat, i'm not HUGE on the dragon knights but i appreciate them!! funky guys... >:3c
LOGIA THOUGH, honestly i feel like FR is perfect for fandragons of them and the six dragons, it's just something meant to be... this year's anni event was so good, i loved it a lot. <33
BUT YES? LOKI??? he's by far my favourite gbf character so hearing that he interests you makes me happy. i've said it this year, every year, for 4 years straight, but #YEAROFTHELOKI. he's just fashionably late, taking his time...

free draws helped me A LOT with gold moons. it took so long, but i did it... and tbh i could not be happier. bubs rocks.
i'm ngl i watched the reveal for transcended lucifer and i LOST it while the stream was going. and then it turned out his call was OP as heck. i am so happy he got something so good bc he DESERVES IT!!!!!!
August 09, 2023 20:27:50
oooh, if you were to do some, who would you make? i gotta hear about your blorbos... B) i do not know anything about hsr, admittedly, but the designs are cool!! i'm sure they'll make awesome fandragons, especially since your fandragons are awesome?? staring at them very politely...

sparking is such a pain... i'm saving my draws for (hopefully) grand loki, whenever he starts existing... please gbf...
given the state of msq, i think he'll drop sometime this year or towards the beginning of next year. :,) i'm very excited because msq is Everything to me. idk if you're caught up, but if you're not... head on over!!
light and dark are wonderful though!! i support that so much. i had to sieroticket bubs, waited over a year to get enough gold moons to grab him. i have belial too, but he was v recent and i don't want to spend sunlight stones on him (it's complicated).
oof this got long, sorry for my wall of text. o7
August 09, 2023 20:02:05
you're the third gbf fan i've talked to on here!! three's a charm, or so they say!! ;;w;; there's not many of us... but every so often people do recognise my gbf fandragons and it makes me so overjoyed. reminds me that yes, it was totally worth spending all my FR resources on them... hehe...

grand cain avoided me for years... and out of spite i used his sr version on my earth team... i minmaxed him so much because i was THAT salty and i didn't feel like sparking djfhfhgs...
BUT NEHAN!!! congrats on him!! nehan is amazing, both as a unit and a character. i main light (and earth...) and he's forever on my team. would not be the same without him.
August 09, 2023 19:39:41
OH MY GOSH???? NO WAY, A GBF FAN?! ON FLIGHT RISING DOT COM??? i was just thinking about how i was wondering when i'd run into more gbf fans on here... sobbing...
i love, love, LOVE gbf so much... currently on the eternity sand grind... =_=;;;
but anyway, i'm so glad you like cain!! he's very dear to me as both a character and a dragon - i actually need to update his bio because grand cain did indeed come home, Finally...
August 08, 2023 22:35:56
thank you for giving reran a little love! i actually had him just chillin in my lair as a breeder dragon until i was able to put soap on him [prev. capsule] and remembered i had that skin he has on and just,, decided to give him a little makeover lmao
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