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credit: Bealfin

I'm on +9h fr time. This lair is an incoherent sort of wild life log, loosely based on existing and non-existing species.

I'm adding gods now. :p

I have a hard time replying sometimes. Feel free to ping/message me again when I fall into radio silence.
Though I don't answer them most of the time know that I read and loved all the comments left behind! <3

Fodder can be bought for 15g/kt.

My all time favorite lairs. You should check them out!

The Community Gem Exchange 2.0
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G&G very hard
Forbidden portal alt build
Dragon bio masterlist
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NOTN strange chest inventory
When enough treasure buy this art

Artists to remember:
Noun, Match, Tanija (for Host), DarkPanda, everlastingecho, Hexephre (sd adopt)

Scatter thread

List of potential names:
- Paru/Parur (abbreviation scientific name sand scorpion)
- Pandin (abbreviation sf emperor scorpion)
- Tityus Serrulatus (yellow scorpions)
- Amblypygi (tailless whip scorpion)
- Solpugid (wind scorpion)
- Kisma
- Pahoehoe (aphanitic rock = unbroken lava)
- Olivine (mineral green)
- Cascade
- Erebus (vulcano in Antarctica + greek god of darkness)
- Macedon
- Caldera (krater)
- Irazu (volcano + first Casto Rican satellite in space)
- Bisoke ( volcano in Congo/Rwanda)
- Condor
- Andean
- Sumaco (volcano Ecuador)
- Rhon
- Kos (Greek island + volcano)
- Ko (face stealer)
- Goliath
- Tongkoko (volcano Indonesia, Sulawesi)
- Strato (type of volcano + philosopher)
- Golet
- Ararat (dormant vulcano + tallest peak in Armenia)
- Arsia (volcano oon Mars)
- Pallas
- Manul
- Caracal
- Tartatin
- Nerf
- Orah
- Paradar (Indonesian island where Komodo dragons also live)
- Raksasa (giant in Indonesian/ monster in Malaysian)
- Okkernoot (walnut in dutch)
- Biawak (monitor in Indonesian)
- Carrion
- Naga (serpentine dragons common in all cultures influenced by Hinduism, often cloaked like a mongoose, has also become common word for dragon in Malaysian and Indonesian)
- Sawa (huge Philippine monster that attempted to swallow the moon and sun)
- Coscoroba (type of swan)
- Diprotodon (giant extinct wombat)
- Bandicoot (marsupials)
- Marakat
- Peganum Harmala (Syrische wijnruit)
- Dororo
- Barracuda
- Toothcup
- Pacoro
- Paco
- Rumo
- Pitopangi (vleesetende plant)
- Opadometa (fam. Long-jawed orb weaver)
- Cadasca
- Portobello
- Norn
- Gibbon
- Hellgrammite (larvae dobsonfly)
- Dustle
- Orion
- Holocanthus (Rock Beauty)
- Vapeur
- Dara
- Grenadier (fish)
- Spanish Shawl (= yellow/purple sea snail)
- Chimer
- Marabunta (army ant)
- Atropa (nichtsfade familie)
- Snallygaster (American folklore monster)
- Tapeworm
- Mandragora
- Carapace
- Mangrove
- Tortuga
- Hormiga
- Marimo (green moss ball)
- Spores
- Mosa (sauriër voorouder veranen)
- Mantodea (bidsprinkhaan)
- Caligula
- Sula (genus blue footed boobie)
- Mesodon (snail)
- Hottentotta (Indian red scorpion)
- Pipistrello
- Marmorata (catfish)
- Pompano
- Pesukaru (raccoon)
- Agorida
- Rotmaw
- Lammergeier (bearded vulture)
- Aramorel
- Oranda (oranda black goldfish)
- Molt
- Marocaster (extinct species of Seastar)
- Jampatu (frog in Kichwa)
- Kerubut (Rafflesia arnoldii)
- Amoebe
- Borboleta (butterfly in Portuguese)
- Dysdera (roodwitte celspin)
- Dolomedes (genus oeverspinnen)
- Ogopogo (Canadian Loch Ness)
- Hornwort
- Liverwort
- Shrew
- Pingelap (island where 10% of population is completely colourblind due tie founderseffect)
-Matamata (turtle that looks like a leaf)
- Arribada (mass synchronized sea turtle nesting)

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September 20, 2023 06:23:05
Thank you for letting me know :D
September 06, 2023 05:11:01
Note me with who I'll be drawing!
September 03, 2023 10:06:15
Thank you!
September 02, 2023 18:45:10
thank you! all the dragons in your lair are really well done :)
September 01, 2023 13:36:05
one of us, one of us, one of us...
August 31, 2023 04:32:57
Aw, Thank you I left likes on your Tuns and Rats! Both are highly underrated
August 21, 2023 13:37:06
I need to get some actual rat dragons haha. Right now I just have a possum but my dragons are all rats in spirit
August 20, 2023 17:04:17
I like your rats!
August 19, 2023 14:03:48
thank you so much! :D
August 18, 2023 15:56:58
Hehe, thank you! I love your lair as always, Host and Holocanthus are always such a joy to look at!!
August 17, 2023 19:51:02
I love Host's lore, her whole biography is fantastic
August 12, 2023 07:14:33
Sawa was on the front page! His colors are gorgeous, you did a great job making him pop!
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