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Would you like a kitty or ten?

If you pinged me more than 2 days ago and I didn't answer, I probably forgot! Please remind me!

Please tell me if you see any of my dragons on the front page! I love to know :D

Note to Staff, I will often share an IP with user GhostlyWaffle, who is my sister!

Hey, I'm Laura (20 - she/her - ace). I'm in Brazil so timezone is FR+4/5 (depending on daylight savings). Coatls are my favorite! I love cartoons, videogames and drawing. Huge fan of Critical Role. Studying in college to be a game developer currently! My dream is to be a concept/character artist!

If you wanna be a friend/talk just send a request/message, don't be shy! I always want to talk about videogames.

I don't really have lore or anything... I just think dragons are very cute (like all reptiles are).

Don't mind this, just saving some links for later

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January 26, 2023 17:54:52
Your lair is so fun and colorful, it makes me happy :D
January 19, 2023 11:11:13
I don't mind! You can accept if it you'd like! ^^ I generally do too for trading Arlo notes
January 19, 2023 10:52:05
Accident, sorry!
January 18, 2023 13:49:14
My goodness,you have SO many permababies. I've looked at all of them and I love the bright colors they have going on there. I find some unique,too. Very beautiful babies!
January 17, 2023 17:27:18
Thank you!! :D

Ohh, I wish you luck in completing it. May you get Pantheon of Hallownest done before Silksong!

CONGRATS! I’m so glad for you!! I wish you luck in obtaining it. Hopefully it goes well!
January 17, 2023 12:48:16
Ahh thank you!! I'm really close and I'll get it! I can FEEL it in me!

I think it's because Hades helped me improve my quick-time reaction skills? I usually have worse hand-eye coordination, and the ground in most HK bosses prevented me from showing my worst... except Markoth. However, with Hades, you have to dodge and move a LOT quicker, which fits Markoth more!!
January 15, 2023 14:03:21
I am pleased to announce I got to try Pantheon of Hallownest again, and I made it all the way to Failed Champion! I got so exhausted beating Zote, I forgot to fight, lol.

Oddly, replaying Hades FINALLY helped me deal with Markoth.
January 05, 2023 13:36:16
Ahh, thank you so much!! She's luckily part of only a very specific class, so I'll be able to dodge her. Aw darn, sorry you had to experience those two. Most of my professors keep to themselves, which made my nasty experience that included personal targeting a lot more surprising. I don't want to know what they actually think (at the very least, one was comfortable with a very gnc man in class), but it is still better than being personally targeted =/
That's nice! Yesss. I hope it does! I know there's a theory it's coming before June... 18th? I think? Due to the Xbox announcement in June saying less than 12 months. So, hoping for SIlksong soon, finally!
January 05, 2023 13:31:54
RIP. :') I think my mom's become more chill due to playing "prompt" games with the rest of the family which can get... uh... a bit nsfw fast ^^'
THANKS. I... have an addiction. Named Hades Game. Nice! I use The Achilles Aspect for the Rage Rush. Go ZOOM across the battlefield! So, pretty much an extra dash! Yesss. Coronacht is a bit too overpowered in so many ways. No wonder my Darkness boon never gives it to me.
I think I use Aphrodite, Athena, Artemis, and Dionysus the most? But lately I've been using a lot of Poseidon and Demeter together!
Rail is very fun with the Eris Aspect, especially with the Hammer upgrade that can make it damage you. Nothing like needing to constantly time your shots for fun! :'D
Yess! Please have fun with it! Who's your favorite NPC(s)? Thank you!!
January 04, 2023 19:13:53
Literally all of your dragons are so pretty~ <3
January 04, 2023 14:32:58
Ahh you're welcome! ^^
AHdhshsfh that's too relatable. My family has accepted I love horror movies and stuff, but it's still VERY awkward since I'm the youngest of the family and my mom especially stills sees me as the Baby. She WOULD accept it if I watched it in front of her, but it still would be very awkward to watch some scenes together :'}
YES! Ahhhh thank you!!! I'm nearing the 30s in heat now. The Darkness boon currently gives me Varatha all the time, so I've become very adept with the Aspect of Achilles. (I love all the weapons, haha!) I'm currently with both Meg AND Than! NICE. Ahh thanks! There's already SO many games I can play now I didn't have access to, since the Switch can only process smaller games, and my Steam is pretty full!! Really really enjoying it. I relate to that completely. Ahhh, thanks! It was horrible, but at least I passed the class. Never taking her again :| You're welcome! I hope you play it in celebration!!
January 04, 2023 13:47:36
NIce!! I'll try to wait for you then so I don't spoil anything. Stealing the family Prime account for noble, D&D-related reasons. Wohooo!! Enjoy that full release!
YES! I'm so glad you like it! I'm replaying it and am currently getting as high heat as possible, since the first time I played I was still trying to figure it out. Yay! Enjoy your awkward boyfriend who's the personification of death! PLEASE DO. OHHH CONGRATS! Since my brother gave me his PS4, even if it takes a long time to get a PS5, I can at least enjoy new games on it until it's discontinued!! *Jumping up and down* Oh noooo. I'm so sorry those two things happened. Uni projects can really suck at times (I recently had some mild burnout thanks to an exceedingly transphobic teacher targeting me). May your graduation day come quicker than Silksong does!
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