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About Me” section? In progress


So like uhh heyo I’m a Christian artist, writer, and beginner-animator who really likes dragons
What else is there to say?
Oh yes, I have severe procrastination issues

And I have a YT channel

See art examples on my website/commissions page!


As of 3-5-2022, I've been somewhat less active for a while. However, I'd still like very much to finish at least Phase I of my lore, if possible ^^

I had so many plans for Phase II, but sadly, I think it’s unlikely to make it. Once I finish Phase I, getting all of my dragon bios and templates complete, I’ll hopefully move on to finally starting up Cherep’s Journal, and working on that :)

As of 8-18-2021:



Wait why does it say 2012–

As of 8-16-2021, Finished giving every single one of my [lore] dragons a scene; all 63 of them :)

(Many thanks to everybody who helped me obtain all those Wind scenes!!)

Current Lore Phase: I

(Trying to fill out all of my dragons' templates!)

As of July 10, 2020: I made a Wishlist!

As of May 10, 2020: I refuse to accept that the clan is now apparently placed in the Reedcleft Ascent.

Note to Mods: Um, I access FR from multiple different devices ? Oh and I moved recently

Warning ~ All this clan intro profile stuff is pretty outdated.. I’ll update it later.

({Note: Keep in mind... none of my dragons have lore-established parents or offspring in the clan unless specifically otherwise stated.})

Threads ~

The Heist - Lore Story

Draw Hybrid Creatures

Adopt Shop


We are the SilverSong Clan. Don’t ask why, it just... sounded nice? We kinda hate the name, but it stuck. Our clan is still small, and working hard to grow. Ally requests are always welcome; we love to connect with other clans. Nakai, our leader, has connections with certain BeastClan species and sometimes uses it for trading and/or obtaining important materials we might need. Many members in our clan have talents and passions for music and art, as well as a general love of the outdoors. The Clan Council works very hard to help the rest of the clan working together as a team and to nurture the younger members. We are a cheerful little group, and currently house about 60 - 65 dragons in our network of tunnels, which wind into and underneath a large section of the Zephyr Steppes.

Clan Council Members:

Nakai ~ Clan Leader
Fiber ~ Head Advisor
Gethin ~ Advisor - Treasurer - Mediator
Andromedai ~ Advisor - Strategist
Nimh ~ Strategist... ? - Banescale Ambassador
Síocháin ~ Tactician… ? - Banescale Ambassador
Alec ~ Advisor - Historian
Cordial ~ Advisor - Mechanical Genius
Stoirm ~ Advisor - ?
Winter ~ Gaoler Ambassador
Jubilee ~ Obelisk Ambassador

The Clan Council meets once every other week, or whenever needed. The first few members were chosen by Nakai, while others were voted in by the rest of the clan. They help Nakai to decide what is best for the clan, changes in it, and the way it is run. They can overrule her if they believe she has made a bad decision.

Personal Links ~

BBCode Stuff

General Coli Guide

Golem Workshop Guide

Cool Art Shop


W.I.P. Stuff

I dunno

More W.I.P. Stuff

Note: my dragons’ bio templates were all coded by yours truly.

And Raychel is my cousin <3

AKA sorry if our accounts come up as suspicious or something, don’t worry we’re following all the rules! ^^

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August 02, 2023 18:57:50
ah! that makes sense :O for a moment i thought you gened the fae and i was so confused as to where you got so many gems from LOL
August 02, 2023 11:10:49
omg how long have you had that avatar for... i got such a jumpscare when i saw that wc in my friend's list instead of your fae progen
(SUPER pretty wildclaw tho, the thylacine looks perfect on them woah,,)
December 04, 2022 21:35:37
Sorry, I've only been on to feed my dragons recently! I love the art, thank you so much! :D
November 25, 2022 21:39:16
I'm good! and happy late Thanksgiving to you too :D
November 24, 2022 13:28:39
We're mutual friends through Taiga/BorealWood/RedCode! He invited you to the Records of Fate discord server that he and I moderate :)
October 18, 2022 18:54:46
Your wildclaw, Kaarya, has such pretty green wings and I like how the orange glimmer makes her look like she just got a perfect glitter pedicure on her toe claws.
October 17, 2022 09:27:07
How've you been this splendid day? I'm doing quite alright. Btw, just wanted to mention how much I adore your wildclaw.
August 24, 2022 15:12:05
Thank you, I am. Hope you are having a wonderful day as well!
July 31, 2022 13:01:43
Trying to be ^.^
July 19, 2022 14:41:45
Hello ^.^
June 14, 2022 19:26:12
The Minecraft conlang works out about the same as yours. Very different from English, I really wanted to push my limits and make it accurate to the region. I'm planning on publishing it actually. Have you published yours?
June 14, 2022 15:57:24
Webcomic's more of a personal story than preexisting lore, though the language is for Minecraft. A conlang for Banescales sounds fantastic! Is it a direct translation of english or fully new?
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