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Many years ago, long before humans took control of the world, there were dragons. They ruled the skies, flew across the seas, played in the mountains, roamed the forests, and built kingdoms up from ashes.

Opal Moon is one such kingdom, with shining lakes and sparkling roads. The buildings glistened and hummed with hope. Hatchlings laughed and played, and the birds sang while the bees buzzed. The kingdom was concealed from the outside world by thick forests, forests which could move and shift, to keep the bad dragons out. Only the dragons with a pure heart could find their way to the beautiful clan in the center.

Eight gorgeous marble statues stood at the center of the kingdom, perfect replicas of it’s beloved guardians and the kingdom's rulers. Opal, the spirit of creation, Yasen, the spirit of strength, Aiday, the spirit of youth, Yggdrasil, the spirit of nature, Star, the king of Opal Moon, Starshine, the queen, and Starbeam and Starglow, the kingdom's beloved princesses. This kingdom is the ending of one chapter, but every ending must have a beginning…


“Hello,” a soft female voice called from the shadows, startling Starshine. She whipped her head around, looking for its source. In a patch of bramble bushes, she found a pair of glowing purple eyes staring out at her. The eyes blinked, and then a Nocturne moved out of the bushes.

“I see you have found my little glade.” The Nocturne moved with grace unlike anything Starshine had ever seen, and she was mesmerized by it. The other dragon had many woodland creatures dangling from her limbs and wings, crawling up her body, undisturbed by her movement and seeming as though she was just another tree branch to settle upon.
Starshine stared in wonder. “I – I’m sorry to have disturbed you. This is your home?” Starshine’s voice cracked as she thought of leaving this place, though she had only just arrived – this small sanctuary that she had found and Star… She put the male out of her mind for now; he had gone to explore other parts of this glade. Perhaps the two of them could go elsewhere together…

The Nocturne spoke, breaking Starshine out of her despairing thoughts, and Starshine grabbed onto the words like a lifeline, tethering her back to this place. “Yes, this has been my home for many ages now.” Starshine looked around at the taint of the Shade that was clearly visible, and shuddered.

The Nocturne nodded. “Yes, it is quite horrible here, but the Shade cannot touch me. I am called Opal, and I am a Guardian of this world – I am the Guardian of Creation, or one of them anyway. Due to my abilities to create life, it is not possible for the Shade to influence me. It can, however, influence those around me and those lives that I create.” The Nocturne, Opal, heaved a great sigh. “It has been too long since I have been able to watch my creations grow. If the Shade’s influence was not so abundant, I would invite you to stay.”

Starshine perked up. She could stay? And Star too? “What happened here? Perhaps if we knew the reason for the corruption, we could help to alleviate it?”

Opal looked deep into Starshine’s eyes. “I can feel that you have been drawn to this place… Yes, maybe…” Opal subconsciously petted one of the many snakes that hung about her, thinking. “What happened was Dragons. A horrible story that I care not to share. This place was cursed, Dragons touched by the Shade wreaked havoc here, breaking down buildings, destroying the trees, defiling the place and the Dragons who lived here. The stench of their evil, of the Shade’s influence on them, permeated the ground, the very air. There was no hope, then; but Yasen – my mate, and the Guardian of Strength – was able to stay here with me. But we have been alone for such a long time… I believe you and the other Wildclaw were drawn here to help fix this place. To rebuild it, to cleanse the Shade.”

“Yes! Yes, I will do whatever it takes. I feel… I feel this is my home. I couldn’t bear to leave it.” Starshine burst out with enthusiasm. Opal smiled, and told Starshine of two other Guardians that would be needed to help cleanse the spirit of the grove.

Aiday, the Guardian of Youth, would be able to use his powers to reawaken the innocence of the place. He would be found hiding amongst the Stormcatcher’s people, as he enjoyed playing pranks on the deity, turning his workers into hatchlings so they napped all day or else ran around playing together. Aiday believed it would be good for the Stormcatcher to remember what it was to feel innocent joy, to remember that his workers did not only exist for his profit.

Additionally, a Guardian of Nature would be needed – her powers of growth and withering would be essential to the healing of this place. She would be able to weed out the corrupted plants and then regrow the glade to its original beauty. The legends said Guardians of Nature were born from abandoned eggs found during the Flight of the Nocturnes, kept surrounded by the magic of nature – fresh flowers, flowing waters, shaded by trees, crawled on by insects, buried in the earth. Once the egg hatched, if the Nocturne inside had been sufficiently infused with Nature’s magic, it would perform a miraculous transformation into an entirely different breed of dragon with the power to transform nature itself.


And so, Star and Starshine worked tirelessly alongside their new Guardians, Opal and Yasen. They traveled from the Tangled Wood to meet with the Guardian of Youth. He was a fickle Coatl, humming contentedly as he played with his aging magic. They stayed with him for months, working to convince him to come away from his games and to help heal the glade. But he was having too much fun and had decided that these two Wildclaws were not interested in fun, they were too old. By the time the Flight of the Nocturnes had arrived, Star and Starshine had almost given up hope that they could change Aiday’s mind.

Not willing to give up entirely, they shifted their focus to finding an abandoned egg – one that would hopefully hatch into the Guardian of Nature that they desperately needed. On the final day before the hordes of Nocturnes would disappear for another year, they finally found one – an abandoned egg sat upon a snow pile, with brightly colored flowers bursting up through the glimmering white flakes. They saw the flowers as a sign and joyfully took up the egg, returning it to the outskirts of Opal’s glade where it could be nourished by nature’s joys.

They continued brainstorming how they might convince Aiday to join their cause while they waited for the egg to hatch. An idea occurred to the pair – Aiday was the picture of innocence and youth and might be more willing to listen to someone with this same view of the world, someone he could relate to. The pair of Wildclaws were of course far too aged – they had outgrown their youth and their innocence, faced with the realities of the world. They discussed this idea with Opal and Yasen, both of them looking impressed with the pair. After some thought, Opal led the pair to a small nest nearby the glade. Opal used her magic to create an egg for Star and Starshine – a hatchling that would be youthful and innocent, who could see through the same eyes that Aiday did, who could laugh and play and be joyous, and maybe convince him to help.

The pair were grateful to Opal, and cared for the egg until it hatched their daughter – Starbeam. Once she was old enough to fly, they returned to the Stormcatcher’s domain and let her speak with Aiday. They pranced and chirped and danced and laughed, speaking a secret language that only a hatchling could understand, and they became fast friends as only hatchlings can – uncomplicated, unwavering, completely trusting, and full of fun. When Starbeam’s parents called to her that it was time to go home, Aiday was sad to see his new friend leave. And so, he decided to simply go with her.

And suddenly, all that was left to do was to wait and raise their daughter. One day, they decided to take a small trip down to the beach – Starbeam had never seen the ocean, and she was old enough now that she could enjoy splashing in the waves and use her claws to pull up shells. While the family basked in the sun, the scent of the sea in the air, Starbeam suddenly screeched – an alarming sound by any standard. She raced to the waves and pulled out a small Wildclaw drake. She seemed to have crawled up from the ocean, and though she was still young, her behavior and blue eyes told a story of pain and loss. Starbeam was large enough to carry the drake up to her parents and held her protectively. The drake looked at Starbeam as if she was the most wondrous thing, and Star and Starshine knew they had just expanded their family. She took the name Starglow, and was quick to embrace her new family.

Destiny, luck, hard work, determination – whatever you may attribute it to, House Star had managed what had once seemed impossible to Opal. Her home was restored, the Shade’s influence stripped away at the roots, new trees grew fresh and untainted, and finally she could be with others. Finally, she could have a family of her very own.

After months of fighting the Shade and rebuilding and hiding the place they all were drawn to, the place they called home, and Clan Opal Moon was finally born.


Lore by Fieryblood

~ One does not need to be the size of a dragon to have the soul of a dragon ~

~ Our deepest fears are like dragons guarding our deepest treasures ~

~ A dragon rises from a small stream ~

Live your life like a dragon soaring through the clouds

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