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Even as we change the world around us, we too are changed.
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Welcome to The Fulmineous Phrontistery.
"Building a better present, for a brighter future."

The Lair
Originally carved from a natural recess in the side of a tall mesa, this clan's cavate lair has since expanded from a network of caves that are comfortably cool during the day and warm at night, to a large, sprawling complex buttressed by rock, running deep underground. The clan has grown too, slowly developing from a motley rag-tag group of dragons into a much larger organisation consisting of dragons and beastclanners. The entrance has long since been sealed by slabs of thick metal, gears whining as wires feed the motors the electricity required to wrench the thick slabs open – slabs that can slam shut in an instant if intruders are detected. Or at least, that is how visitors such as delegations from the Tempest Spire and diplomatic parties from other clans enter. Members merely smile whenever asked how they enter and exit the Phrontistery.

What is known, however, is that the mesa’s rocky exterior utterly fails to reflect its interior, which has been hollowed out and replaced with many, many sturdy rooms. They are connected by a labyrinthine collection of winding tunnels bored into the rock, wiring snaking throughout the rock and along the corridors, side by side with vents inscribed with runic arrays to make them far more efficient than they would otherwise be crisscrossing the interior of the rock.

The many different workspaces within the Phrontistery’s walls reflect the highly varied nature of the projects undertaken by those amongst their number – where one may be a laboratory filled with various instruments and furnished with the equipment necessary to handle a wide range of chemicals, both mundane and dangerous, another may be a tinkerer’s private haven, benches cluttered by haphazardly scattered blueprints, prototypes, and projects in varying stages of completion, and yet another may be reserved exclusively for pathogenic samples and cultures, with passage in and out of the lab only granted after members have undergone the required decontamination processes. No two are identical, each workspace reflecting their respective owner’s quirks and specialities.

The Clan
The Fulmineous Phrontistery (or The Phrontistery for short) is known for accepting members regardless of elemental alignment, breed, or species. Here, Flight allegiances and inter-species rivalries are set aside, for regardless of whether they are dragon, beastclan, or something else, all members of The Fulmineous Phrontistery are united in the common goal of scientific and magical discovery and creation, doing what they can to further that goal – whether it’s doing further research in their areas of expertise, by fighting to defend the Phrontistery from those who would see it destroyed for whatever reason, or other miscellaneous roles that are no less integral to the Phrontistery’s function. No one is limited to a singular role – individuals may take any roles that best suit their talents and tastes.
The closest thing the Phrontistery has to a ‘leader’ is a council – a group of dragons who keep the Phrontistery running. Their responsibilities range from those typically found in most clans, such as ensuring that the larder is stocked up, organizing gathering expeditions, managing diplomatic relations, and overseeing the expansion of the lair, to more specific responsibilities, such as reviewing requests for materials and acquiring any requisitioned materials (especially if said materials are highly specialized and/or difficult to obtain), ensuring all the equipment is up to code/functioning properly and efficiently, or acting as a liaison between the Phrontistery and the Tempest Spire, reporting back to the Tempest Spire and occasionally receiving visiting delegations/diplomatic parties.

For the most part, however, the council is not there to govern – merely to ensure the Phrontistery can keep running, and its members do not enjoy any additional power over non-council members. Not that they would want to – after all, why waste time politicking, when there’s science to be done?

The Phrontistery is home to a far larger proportion of colourful characters than would be found in an average Lightning Clan, ranging from the slightly quirky to the eccentric, and even downright maniacal. Some individuals think that the leader is a Spiral Dragon in disguise - if not, she certainly shares the manic energy that is definitive of their species. Whether this bodes ill or good fortune has yet to be determined.
The Phrontistery has continued to maintain their reputation both within and outside of Lightning Flight as a premier think-tank, research lab, and workshop, where members can work on their projects at their own pace and collaborate with other similarly-inclined individuals. From the comparative lack of wires, electronic gadgetry, and other treasures usually favoured by the flight, to their atypical attitudes, and members with fantastical and unusual abilities, there are rumours abound of this strange group. Though more has come to light about this group over the months, many more remain unsolved, the greatest puzzle of all among them. No one is any closer to understanding how they are unmistakably, undeniably under the Stormcatcher's patronage, despite seeming so deviant from the ideals of Lightning Flight.


Like the lightning that lances across the sky,
Intuition and swiftness are what we live by.
Giving it our all, as we charge ahead and make our mark,
Heedless of adversity, as we blaze paths clear and stark.
Thunder booming, voltage surging,
Never ceasing, always tinkering,
Innovators, pioneers, those who storm forward,
Nothing shall stop us from advancing ever onward.
Greatness awaits, so let us reach out and embrace it!



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September 24, 2023 08:16:35
Perhaps a strange comment, but I love your vocabulary. Reminds me of one of my favorite websites, The Phrontistery. (You've got beautiful dragons, too!)
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I'm so glad I can depend on you for taking my fodder lol
April 23, 2023 06:18:16
Moana is STUNNING!!!
October 01, 2022 13:47:38
Najima looks amazing tho!
September 25, 2022 12:44:25
Hi! I saw your forums signature and just wanted to say, I love it!!!
June 18, 2022 09:37:09
Thank you haha! I LOVE your elemental based dergs, they are SO cool
June 17, 2022 06:49:41
Oh my gosh, your lair is incredible!!
November 11, 2021 17:29:24
Sabreus was on the front page!
October 10, 2021 11:56:33
October 10, 2021 08:45:13
April 30, 2021 11:24:09
Thank you for the kind words on my dragons in T5DAY :,,D They just made my day!
April 28, 2021 07:01:17
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