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lu2vXQ0.png My clan is a cluttered mess of fussy toddlers...
Future lore dragons:
Guild members for Council page
Flight (and possibly specific lair) Representatives for Council page
More dragons in Guard page
More dragons in Bushrangers tab
More dragons in Scholar page
More Otivm workers
Dock workers and tab
Possible water themed clan with tab
Archeologist dragon

Lore notes:
  • All dragons are anthro unless stated otherwise
  • Breed sizes are not as exaggerated as canon FR lore but some breeds tend to be larger than others
  • Eye elements are mostly aesthetic and any dragon can use any element with the exception of primal eyed dragons
  • Primal eyes can't be gened in and are considered gifts from the deities
  • Elemental halos are more than apparel and are a way to enhance the magic of that element similar to an ioun stone
  • There's something called the Doghead Curse which is when a dragon is cursed by a powerful magician typically for wrongdoing

Story tidbits

The City of the Setting Sun:

The coastal trading city against the north ocean. Most normal dragons are here. Each dragon has a job whether they're a merchant, guard, or scholar. The council has a leader with the guard, trade, and scholars divided in their own sections. The city is surrounded by all sorts of danger but has somehow managed to keep relatively safe.

Originally created in the Greatwyrm's Reach and was call the Painted Caverns clan. Sekhmet has always been the founder and leader of the clan. A seismic event and a general need to expand drove them to the north. The small clan became a coastal city and has since prospered with trade.

Sekhmet is the head of council and acts like a balance of power and judge. The other sections of the council come to her with laws and bills suggestions. If there is conflict between sections Sekhmet listens to both sides and determines a winning side or a compromise. No section holds too much power and mostly get along fine.

Undead Kingdom:

An ancient buried temple surrounded by black tents. Only undead and unusually powerful dragons live here. The dragons are lead by an ancient Emperor and serve him without question. Most dragons don't come near as it's highly dangerous.

A powerful necromancer decided to create a controllable Emperor by forcible raising 3 imperials at once. This didn't work and he as well as his team of hired dragons and slaves perished in the earthquake. Instead, Nour, an ancient Imperial Pharaoh, was made into an Emperor with a vague control over his more violent heads. This along with Nour raising his old temple residents had unusual dragons flock to the buried kingdom to revitalize Nour's home.

  • Not every dragon is undead and not every dragon was apart of the kingdom before it's destruction
  • The other two heads on Nour's body are an equally old warlord from Plague flight that brought the original destruction of the kingdom and a Shadow flight female that was found partially buried in the desert
  • Most dragons have a natural aversion to the area and only those called by Nour or are drawn by the initial surge of magic created when the Emperor was born go there
  • Nour is incredibly powerful to the point he has to hide the magic that overflows from him with a constant barrier
  • The undead are fully sentient and remember all of their past lives, but the magic used by Nour is corrupted and not all of them are fully sane


Where the wayward dragons roam. These dragons are all over the desert and are typically nomadic. Keeping territory in the harsh desert is difficult without a strong clan to back you up and most of these dragons only travel with a few others. The reasons why they don't join a clan is varied from dragon to dragon but none of them belong to anyone but themselves and those they choose to travel with.

  • These dragons don't belong in any clans but that doesn't mean they aren't connected to one or two of them in some way
  • Most of them are dangerous or simply want to be left alone
  • Each has their own goals outside survival
  • Some are in active conflict with one another sometimes over resources and sometimes over something else

The Bushrangers:

Lead by a merciless outlaw named Kelly, this gang of thieves and murderers patrol trading routes between cities. They're known to ambush caravans and travelers, take their valuables, and either kill them or leave them to die in the desert. Despite being a small gang they're an incredibly dangerous threat that not even the City of the Setting Sun can effectively deal with.

Kelly, the leader of the Bushrangers, originally lived in Tsunami Flats before something happened to his clan and he fled south. There he found a device the inventors of the Shifting Expanse had lost. This device was a powerful gun like weapon that shoots concentrated lightning. With this revolver Kelly survived many situations that should've killed him. After much traveling and recruiting many colorful dragons he settled in the Shattered Plains where he can keep an eye on all on the fat and wealthy traders and defenseless travelers in the Dragonhome.

  • Kelly is the undisputed leader and most of those that are allowed to join are loyal to him, though there have been dragons that have tried to take his position unsuccessfully
  • the gang rides around on mounts and can traverse easier than most
  • They've been in the territory for long enough to know the area and are nomadic in nature using caves or abandoned buildings for shelter
  • The dragons act less like a traditional clan and more like an organized mob

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Sekhmet looks so cool ^^
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Ty for buying Kovacs <3 Love your Undead Kingdom xD
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<3 Eee! Your lair is lovely, Paragon's art is beautiful btw love his design!
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The aesthetic of your Undead Kingdom tab is *on point*! I love everything about Imani in particular OvO
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I love all the little lore segments in the lair tabs' descriptions! :o
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paragon was on the front page! what a pretty dragon :)
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So glad to see you're still kicking! I came across our old messages about Mango and Jasper while clearing out my inbox so it's nice to know you're still on here. :)
March 10, 2017 10:08:35
i love your lair thank you for buying one of my permanent dragons offspring he looks great with the skin you gave him
January 12, 2017 18:25:50
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