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*We were lost once, I won't lose you again*

You, a lonely traveler, are tired from your adventures and come across a sign stating thus:

Hello traveler! Welcome to the Lair of the Known, home to any and all dragons willing to brave the cold. We have but three rules:

1: Please be respectful to all in this lair as we do not judge by background, gender, color, breed or whom they chose to lay their affections.

2: There is no violence tolerated anywhere but the training arena. We realize that some dragons pride themselves on their fighting prowess but leave it in the arena. If you insist on proving yourself, one of our experienced warriors will quickly throw you upon the ground.

3: Our last rule, one of the more important rules upon this list. Do not enter the door under the cavern. This is where the unruly of the clas are held and the dragons who chose to live here are unscrupulous and have no qualms against stealing from innocent dragons such as yourself.

Now, walk through this thicket and join us!

You decide that this clan could be a nice place to stay, although the door in the cavern is drawing your interest. However, you decide to heed the warning and enter the thicket. Pushing your way through the trees, you squint as the sun lands directly into your eyes.
When your vision clears up, you see a green Guardian in a flowing green dress trotting eagerly towards you with a grumpy looking Fae hanging on for dear life.
"Darling," The Fae grumps, "I love you, but you don't have to drag me to meet every new person that enters our lair,"
The Guardian rolls her eyes at the Fae clinging to her neck, making the Fae huff as she smiles warmly, drawing a small smile from you.
"Don't mind Ambershade, he's a bit grumpy around new dragons such as yourself. He'll warm right up to you, just give him a few days if your visit is going to be that long. My name is Serenia and I am one of the founders of this clan along with Ambershade,"
Turning back around, she motions for you to follow her and you enter a bustling environment filled with dragons of all breeds and colors. A bit overwhelmed, you stumble back and Serenia notices, gently ushering you to a series of huts being watched over by another Guardian who nods to Serenia and curls back into a comfortable position.
"That was Grym, a guardian rescued from a bad situation who asked to have something to watch over. He now runs our hotel and takes care of all visitor and those who choose to leave. Please rest and explore our lair when you have sufficiently rested,"
You listen to the Guardian and murmur a goodbye as the pair leaves you in peace. Dumping your gear into a basket designed for that exact purpose and curl into a comfortable straw nest, welcoming dreams.

Wow I wrote that in twenty minutes, I love ADHD XD

Hi, I'm Wolfi! I use they/she pronouns but prefer they.
I like to talk to people, feel free to message me!
Lmk if its your bday, I'll send ya a lil somethin from Serenia and Ambershade!

Things about me :3
Equestrian and varsity swimmer
Huge harry potter nerd
ADHD, OCD, and Anxiety so a big cluster
Musical nerd, talk musicals with me whenever :D
I credit all if not most of my art (If not, it's because I forgot who did it)

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August 11, 2023 21:23:44

it fascinates me on how little ice elemental dragons are shown as avatars and my guess was fully random XD
July 24, 2023 15:14:10
This is fine… I’m not gonna get eaten.
July 15, 2023 19:50:07
OOOOOOO EMILYYYYY!! i wasn't sure whether to list her too! honestly she's such a vibe but i wouldnt want to marry her yk? i would just want be besties with her and join her with her wacky shenanigans !!

AND SEBASTIAN. i remember my very first play through like 4 years ago and waiting DAILY for him to come out of his room so i could give him the most random gifts ever and then i married his bestfriend instead LMAO
July 15, 2023 19:34:18
ooo that's a tuff one!! on my first playthrough i married Sam so hes definately my fav bachelor haha, but i also quite like Harvey especially his little plant area u get after u marry him. My fav bachelorette is a real tricky one, i kinda just like them all yk? but if i had to pick Maru, Leah and Penny all come to mind first! how about you??
March 13, 2023 15:04:10
Glitch was front page!
March 13, 2023 15:04:05
Glitch (#61808847) was on the front page!
February 18, 2023 09:01:27
February 01, 2023 06:28:41
Hope was on the front page!
December 15, 2022 14:15:39
Sylph was on the front page! She's absolutely adorable!
December 15, 2022 14:15:16
Sylph was on the front page!
July 29, 2022 18:56:30
Did you hear Six is coming to DeVos in January? EEE!
March 05, 2022 18:47:07
Ayoo!! I love your Kaz dragon and yes you're right the books are better but, the show is mwah too. Cant wait for season two!!
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