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Hi call me Tenta!

I like dragons. They are cool.

Clan News (By Tristan!):

Entry #118 Day 345: Noelle has vanished. Sigmond is beside himself, and after a very tense day where we hoped Noelle would return to camp, he marched directly into the prison dens and began to throttle Velkoz, yelling and demanding to know what he had done with his daughter.

The startling thing is, Velkoz wore the strangest expression I've seen on him. Genuine regret? Sorrow? Pain? Then again, he was being strangled so perhaps it was pain. However, Velkoz said nothing, even though he looked like he wanted to. Leopold watched the entire scene with an intense glare.

I can't help but Noelle's disappearance had something to do with her defecting the shadow cult...

Entry #117 Day 342: Sal and Flour's hatchlings were born today. I never thought I'd see Sal be a father, but he seemed to be appropriately enamored with his offspring. I felt myself wondering if the hatchlings will be as devious as their father... I shouldn't say such things, they are only hatchlings!

Entry #116 Day 340: Yesterday, Barwyn and Follie returned from their hunting party short one dragon. They claim that Chrystie split from the group and disappeared, and even though they searched they could not find her. Even today, she is still not back. Many feel sympathetic to her siblings, who seem less grieving than normal siblings should be. At least, Alarica seems to not mind. Morfran has more concern to his look.

Entry #115 Day 338: Shai came to the infirmary to visit Quentin, which was peculiar. Shai seemed very afraid of something, but wasn't quite able to put it to words. Quentin seemed worried as well, but told her that it would be all right. That 'as long as you aren't alone', it would be fine. What did that mean?

When I entered the infirmary, they seemed to bolt up, as if they didn't expect me to come in. I didn't tell them I overheard then, and Shai awkwardly shambled out. When I quietly asked Quentin, he shook his head. "Not now, I can't tell you now."

I sternly told him that if he was keeping secrets from me, secrets that could endanger the clan, I would revoke his mentorship. He simply sighed and told me that if he told me, it would bring more harm. I will believe him just this once, but... I really don't know if I should trust him.

Entry #114 Day 337: Following the small mishap of the Travelers' hunting party, Peter arranged a secret scouting party to go and see if they can track down this mysterious beast. It seemed to be a good idea, considering how every time he made an announcement about it, they could never quite catch a glimpse of the thing, if it existed.

No results yet again, but I fear that it is just too good at hiding for us to find it. We just have to wait until it finds... us.

Entry #113 Day 336: While I was visiting Quentin, I saw Jae being carried into the infirmary by Jhiro, with Jeric looking concerned behind them. Jae was talking about how he was 'inconvenienced' on a hunting trip, and needed a little salve. The long slashes on his pale body didn't seem like just a small injury, but he seemed to laugh it off. I asked Jeric what had happened and Jeric told us that the three of them had went on a hunt, and encountered some sort of large monster. It was apparently too quick to be seen, but it's claw had managed to scratch Jae who had went to take a closer look.

Jhiro seemed more annoyed than anything, watching Sigmond tend to Jae's wounds. For someone who claims to be annoyed by Jae and dislike him, he was showing a lot more concern... haha. Another monster sighting, but at least no one got hurt too badly.

Entry #112 Day 335: I saw Jae tagging alongside Jhiro, annoying him as usual. Jhin had been confronted by Sal, and he was quite displeased, which attracted Jhiro and Jae. Sal for the first time in the clan, looked angry. Jhin simply smiled and shook his head, and said 'I prefer not to, thank you very much.' He turned to leave, and Sal retorted back that he would regret it, to which Jae laughed at Sal for. I swear for a second, Sal was going to tear Jae in half. For such a small spiral, he was really cocky around the imperials.

Entry #111 Day 334: I was chatting with Quentin today. I lowered my voice to inform him of my suspicions on the dragons that seemed too close to Leopold. He looked at me and cocked his head. "I see" was his only response, which disappointed me. I thought he might have an idea on what was going on.

Entry #110 Day 333: Dioxin, a dragon that often has an off-putting interest in toxins and poisons, was telling Follie about some plants that were dangerous to hatchlings. Follie seemed to nod, an odd look in his eye. I never really noticed it, but Follie these days seems a lot soulless than before the Shadow cult. I suspect that what they had did to him... well, he would never really recover from it.

Entry #109 Day 332: Quentin is starting to speak a bit, but only a few raspy words. It's painful to see, but I want to comfort him as much as possible. Regardless of my suspicions on him, he is my apprentice after all.

The skydancer siblings Alacria, Morfran, and Chrystie were spotted talking to Sal. It seemed like they were arguing amongst each other, with Sal nodding and suggesting something. From what I've seen of the trio, I knew they seemed a lot quieter ever since the fourth sibling, Ikaroa, left to serve the Shadowbinder. It was odd to see them talking to Sal of all dragons, however.

Entry #108 Day 330: On my way to visit Quentin, I saw Caina, a particularly fierce Mirror, talking to Sal. It seemed odd the two would speak to each other, as they really don't have anything in common... Something about the way Sal smiles rubs me the wrong way, as if he's up to something.

After visiting Quentin, I saw Laso and Evans chatting casually. I didn't realise Evans was popular in any facet, but they seemed to get along... too well. Call me paranoid, but it seems that people who talk too much to Leopold are starting to talk to others in the clan a bit too amiably.

Entry #107 Day 329: Quentin has finally stirred! Sigmond told he had been opening his eyes and responding well to the medicine. He seems very exhausted, but besides that he is alive and conscious. I went to visit him in the infirmary and he didn't meet my eyes immediately when I called out to him. I could recognize something in his odd gaze: guilt. I left him to rest, but I don't feel quite right.

Entry #107 Day 327: Bentley has vanished, which caused quite a ruckus in the clan. After so many days of peace and relatively nothing going wrong, this was quite startling. Dragons who have last seen him say that he went out yesterday, claiming to go out hunting. It seems it isn't quite safe for us yet...

Entry #106 Day 326: We have a lot of new hatchlings, which is good news! A lot of babies from the travelers, which seem to imply they have made a more permanent home here, which is nice. Two nests of Spiral triplets, and they are all playful and bring joy to the clan. Today as well, Hannes went off to serve the Shadowbinder.

Entry #105 Day 324: Celaena and Castora said farewell to their sister Capella as they departed to serve the Shadowbinder. Capella was sad, but knows they will do their duty the best they can.

Entry #104 Day 322: Charles has been exalted, leaving the clan to serve under the Shadowbinder. May he be well.

Entry #103 Day 318: Not much has happened for several weeks now. It's highly suspicious that clan activity has returned to normal after everything that has happened. As much as I keep thinking to myself that this is some sort of 'calm before the storm', it would be great if it wasn't the case, just this once. No updates on Quentin.

Entry #102 Day 305: More updates on the strange dragon. Her name is Hekate and she came from the Light flight, and she babbled about how her dragons betrayed her and her visions. She seems quite old, but not sure if she is senile or just a bit... funny like Liam. Maybe she can talk to Liam and bond over talking about dancing rocks or something.

Sigmond hasn't given me more updates on Quentin. I'm very anxious.

Entry #101 Day 304: Sigmond told me how Quentin has been stirring now, but hasn't opened his eyes yet. I've been busying myself in my work, organizing my notes and hoard. A strange dragon has invited herself into the clan, muttering to herself about some strange things. She looks rather old, and we wonder where she came from.

Entry #100 Day 303: I should be mad Chris wrote in my notes, but he was quite respectful. Thanks for once, Chris. I have to admit the joke got me to chuckle, Jake still has it. I'm still annoyed, and Quentin is still not stirring. I worry what is wrong, but I don't feel like being bombarded by a pestering Evans by leaving my cave. Sigmond promised to tell me when Quentin wakes, so I'll wait for that.

Entry #99 Day 302: Tristan might be angry, but there is still news in the clan. Our hatcheries are full for the first time in a long time, which means good news. There was a hunting party who returned with a large hefty sum of food, after successfully fending off a Beastclan raid. Their injuries are minimal, and many dragons are feasting.

Steve continues to ask about, gathering information. Velkoz and Leopold are in their confinement cells. Sal and Evans seem to be distant, with Follie trotting after Sal as if he has to. How rather interesting.

In other news, Jake told me a funny joke. An Imperial walks into a bar, and a Fae walks under it. Ha! Size jokes. Anyways, this is Chris, signing off. -Chris

Entry #98 Day 301: Evans visited me in my cave today. He seemed he wanted to talk to me about Quentin, but I had no time for him. Whatever pity words he has, I refuse to listen. He had a part in this attempted attack on my student, probably pretended to leave behind a trail of clues to lure him out. Filthy backstabbing traitor, trying to kill one of his own clan members.

I'm too angry to write. I think I'll take a break from writing.

Entry #97 Day 299: Today, Evans returned to camp with carrying Quentin. If he weren't holding my student, I would have ripped him a new one. He seemed tired and scared, and told the infirmary that he was out hunting for an exotic breakfast in the Sunbeam Ruins when he noticed Quentin following him. He then claims he was attacked and Evans barely managed to get both of them away alive.

Thank goodness he is alive. Quentin still has not opened his eyes, but Sigmond says he can feel a pulse and his injuries are not severe. Evans is sitting next to him in the infirmary, whether out of genuine concern or guilt I do not know.

While I am relieved, I could feel a look on the back of my head, a look of seething hate. I didn't need to turn to know it was Leopold, from his spot in his jail cave. I know that he was behind this, somehow. He wanted Quentin killed, he must know too much. How innocent Evans in this situation, I do not care. I cannot trust someone who was so close to killing my student.

Entry #96 Day 296: Dear Tristan, I have something very important to do. I can't tell anyone else, but I leave a note here.

Evans was seen sneaking out of camp early in the morning today. I need to know what he's doing and keep an eye on him, based on my past observations. If I don't return within four days, then you need to tell Peter, and tell him Velkoz needs to tell him.

Before then though, please do not say anything. I need to confirm my suspicions and need evidence in order to prove my theory. If rumors spread, it will make them more on guard. Thank you. -Quentin.

I. I do not have words to describe how worried I am. Let us hope for the best.

Entry #95 Day 295: Evans was seen talking to Velkoz. They seemed to be arguing, quietly in the dead of night. Velkoz seemed to be annoyed, and telling Evans "It is your choice, I'm not allowed to do anything." I heard Evans sigh deeply, and grumble an answer before making his way to where I had been eavesdropping. I must have surprised him, because he yelled and gave me a punch.

I should have expected that, but did that hurt. Stupid Evans and his habit of punching Coatls.

Entry #94 Day 294: Thankfully Noah made a speedy recovery and was seen joking with other dragons today. Quentin told me he had an idea, and wanted permission to have Velkoz take a look at Follie. I told Peter, and he agreed it might be something that could help the poor Tundra dragon.

Velkoz seemed heavily uncomfortable to be dragged to the infirmary. All the dragons there were giving him dirty looks, and Sigmond curtly nodded as greeting. Follie had been tied down by several thick ropes, that he was currently furiously gnawing at. Upon seeing Velkoz, he snarled. Peter then said "Now, Velkoz." And Velkoz grimaced even more. He made a soft clicking noise and immediately Follie stopped, and blinked.

Follie seemed rather dazed and confused, but asked what was happening. Sigmond then thanked Velkoz, and he was led back to his cave. Quentin's idea was a success, and we all congratulated him. It makes me wonder though... how did Velkoz and the cult exactly train Follie? It makes me wonder what other things they had done and experimented during the time we were stuck in those illness stricken caves.

Entry #93 Day 291: Follie has been put in the infirmary indefinitely. It was very sudden. Noah and Alix were cheerfully laughing when Follie was seen dripping in blood and staggering into the clan clearing. Noah had looked up and waved at Follie when he lunged directly at Noah and began to gnaw at his neck. Alix managed to push him off, but it had startled everyone.

It took several dragons to drag the crazed Follie to the infirmary to have Sigmond take a look at him. He's violent and crazed, almost as if we were reliving the times when the Shadow Cult was in power. Whatever method they had used to train the madness into him was still there, and it seemed there was no way to cure or relax him until he exhausted himself totally. I can still hear his snarls...

Entry #92 Day 289: After several more scouting parties, Peter has discontinued them after coming up with nothing. Steve has been seen watching Evans, who is awfully quiet, even when hanging around Sal and Follie. I've always wondered why Follie hung out with a dragon like Evans when he seems awfully uncomfortable around him. Maybe I could have Quentin ask, as it seems he's very good at getting the answers he wants.

Entry #91 Day 286: Peter has finally gotten a plan. He wishes to send groups of five on scouting missions, to make sure that the beast isn't anyone near the territory. He has sent each one of the dragons that were on the initial group in each scouting group, in an effort to hopefully track down the beast based on where they had seen it before.

I believe that Peter doesn't trust the three, as he had taken effort to separate them. I saw Steve talking to some of the other dragons that were on the scouting missions, as if he was curious about something. He then walks to me and asks to take a note, and it was a very suspicious one at that.

He says the three groups were sent out, but ended up coming up with dead trails. Even more interestingly, they followed the normal path at first, but veered off in different directions, almost as if they were trying to avoid the real path. Steve seems to be working to figure out what's going on, and I appreciate that.

Entry #90 Day 283: I was right, but I don't feel triumphant about it. Sal, Follie and Evans returned yesterday from the hunting party with wounds and blood covering their bodies. Follie seems greatly bothered, and says that there was a beast in the forest that lunged, and attacked them, taking Sanguine. Liam seemed to take notice to those words and seemed to look rather grave, but quiet oddly enough. The infirmary is working overtime with these wounds, and according to Quentin they are still in the infirmary today.

Velkoz was sitting outside my cave, waiting. I was about to ask him why he was out of his cave when Quentin came over and told him about the patients. Velkoz seemed half relieved and half bothered, as if he wanted to say something, but simply nodded and returned back to his cave. Quentin ushered me inside and told me he wanted to talk.

According to Raphael, there were a few very severe wounds. They ran long and deep, as if they were cut from something more powerful than a mere dragon. However, he noted that were a lot of smaller scratches all over Follie and Sal, almost as if they were in a struggle. Evans says that it was all from the beast, but his eyes weren't meeting anyone when he said this. How very odd.

The beast seems to be a real threat, but Peter wishes us to think carefully and to have a plan before we go on investigating. It is wise, as we do not know what we are exactly dealing with. Something large, and terrifying. That is all we are aware of.

Entry #89 Day 282: Leopold and Sal have been talking, along with Follie and Evans, along with a few others. It's odd, I don't like it very much. It seems they have been disagreeing about something, but settled on an agreement. they have ushered over Sanguine, a rather quiet and kind Imperial over after Leopold retreated back into his cave. It seems they are going out on a hunting session, and want to bond with him. I... I have a very bad feeling about this.

Quentin seems to agree with my thoughts, even if neither have said anything. He offered to go hunting instead of Sanguine, but he seemed rather confused and thanked Quentin for the offer but headed off anyway. Velkoz seemed to be watching warily as well. I... I don't like this, but there isn't much I can do based on suspicion alone, can I?

Entry #88 Day 280: A strange dragon has showed up in our clan. I seem to write about 'strange dragons' a lot, but he... he is something else. He introduces himself as Jhin, and how he was in search of something. He seems to get along well with Austin, especially their discussion on about 'guns'. How strange. Perhaps they know each other? It seems unlikely.

Leopold seems quite excited and alert today. He keeps eyeing the newcomer as if he has something to say, but is quiet. Velkoz seems uneasy. Jhin seems to be very polite and reserved, and oddly enough Sal, someone who has been talking and hanging around the prisoners a lot, has been talking to the newcomer rather fondly as if he was trying to befriend him. Jhin however, seems quite unimpressed. Seems like a smart move.

Entry #87 Day 276: Javed and Skullcandy were out, hunting when they returned with wounds. They were apparently attacked by rogue dragons, and were sent to the infirmary to have their wounds tended to. Raphael and Sigmond have questioned them on more information, but it seems to be a genuine rogue attack, nothing unusual.

However, I feel there is more. Velkoz has been pacing around his confinement cave, restless. I was half tempted to ask him what was on his mind, but it's somewhat established people don't talk to the prisoners. Especially when someone like Pepper is guarding them. She may be light hearted; she is genuinely scary when she wants to be.

Entry #86 Day 274: Well, things could have been worse. Quentin knew what I was up to when I asked him, and told me that he was curious about the clan history from a different perspective. He seems warier around me, but still attends scribing sessions. What is he planning? I feel he is planning something. I don't know what, but I feel like something bad might happen.

Entry #85 Day 273: Quentin has been attending sessions with me again, but also talking with Velkoz a lot. Perhaps they are just bonding? But I haven't mustered any courage to confront him, as he had just returned back to his interests in scribing. If I say something right now, I fear I will push him away and push him closer to people I don't trust. It's a difficult scenario.

Perhaps I will ask him tomorrow. Gently, to not arouse suspicion. After all, we need to keep a good and honest relationship in order to keep a good mentor and mentee relationship. Especially as there has been a history of mistrust and paranoia in this clan, and I do not want to intentionally add to that.

Entry #84 Day 269: I feel somewhat betrayed, but I guess I can't help anything. Quentin didn't show up to our session today, or the day before. I've always buried my nose into my notes when I feel upset, but today I couldn't take it much longer and went out to look for him.

I found him reclining next to Velkoz, cheerfully discussing something. I heard him talk of how he wished he could experience what it was like, to be in the clan when the Shadow Cult was in power. He speaks of it as if he wishes to know, simply as his duty as a scribe to have experiences, but there’s no mistaking a hint of admiration in his voice.

Velkoz seems to be nodding slightly, and glancing at his guard (Liam, who wasn't paying much attention and instead talking to his bird), and whispering softly to Quentin. It seems insulting, how he isn't taking his studies seriously, but also how he could be talking so lightly of a tragedy, when I and many others had suffered and lived through it.

Perhaps something that made me feel better about it all was when Quentin asked, "Do you regret it?" and Velkoz responds, "I'd say a lot of things, if it weren't for the ears that were listening." He looks down at his claws, and Quentin nods. Leopold was taking a nap, but he was snorting every now and then. Velkoz then says, "If I were out and on my own, I could tell you more."

Quentin then laughs, "Ah, I don't trust you that much yet." Velkoz laughs at well. I do need to confront Quentin about this next time we talk.

Entry #83 Day 267: Today I saw Leopold giving me dirty looks. I don't like this, and I felt extremely uneasy. I had given my news that I had taken an apprentice a few days prior, with most dragons being heavily supportive. Chris even let out a few loud whoops to my surprise. It seemed only a select few were very quiet, noticeably Evans, Leopold, and funnily enough, Velkoz. I say funnily enough was because he was quiet, and looking down at his claws. He knows something.

I let my suspicions slip as I tutored Quentin today. He started to hang out more and more near my cave, and has taken partial permanent resident in here. He nods, and agrees something is quite odd. He has a sparkle in his eyes, which I feel... odd about. It's something I've noticed in Chris too.

A quality of mischievousness. It's the classic Skydancer trickster glint. Well, I've seen it most in Chris. It's the look he has when he knows something he shouldn't. Usually when I catch him shuffling through my notes.

Entry #82 Day 265: Zant was seen talking to Ghirahim, and they seemed to be arguing. Volga was behind them, silently listening and nodding or shrugging at certain times.

Today also marks the day Quentin mustered up the courage to ask to take up an official mentorship from me, and I can't believe it. I feel honored to have an apprentice, which makes me somewhat giddy. It is planned for Quentin to undergo some training, but he might take over recording the clan news sometime. It may be quite interesting to see day to day happenings from another dragon's point of view.

Entry #81 Day 264: Quentin was seen talking to Zant, and Ghirahim was at his side, nodding and grumbling. It seemed as if Quentin was talking to Zant, and giving him a warning. Perhaps Quentin was letting him about Leopold and Velkoz, and the atrocities they have committed. I still don't agree with Peter's decision on mercy over an actual punishment, but they are still under guard and hopefully aren't plotting.

Entry #80 Day 262: Chris seems to be talking to Quentin, glancing at my cave now and then. I do take it as a suspicious scene, as Chris is the one that annoys me and I fear he might be telling him lies about me, like how I sleep with my Stormcatcher doll or something.

Ah. What I meant to write was that was a lie, not that I actually did it. I don't for the record. I do not.

On a side note, Leopold has been seen laughing loudly, amused while in a discussion with Evans. Perhaps that is a bad sign, but Zant was there, talking as well. It was definitely an odd trio to be talking with each other. Zant is a newcomer, who along with a few others (Volga, Ghirahim and Vaati), had joined out clan. They seem to know each other quite well, and are very friendly. But perhaps our openness to strangers is not the best idea, now that I think of it.

Entry #79 Day 260:
One of the hatchlings, Quentin, has taken an interest in scribing. It reminds me of Artier, Alixandre's son, and almost made me feel wary. However, he had taken it to return to my cave and ask me questions, pestering me. I've lightened up to him, and decided that I really don't have to be so negative towards someone who wants to learn of my craft. Perhaps it is time to take on someone as an apprentice after all.

Entry #78 Day 256:
I have been lagging behind on my notes lately. The clan has been peaceful, which is very concerning. Velkoz has been speaking with other dragons, usually not the type of dragons that one would expect him to be with. However, I saw Velkoz talking to Noah as if they were polite acquaintances, not mortal enemies not so long ago. Perhaps he is feeling guilty. Perhaps he knows something, and doesn't want to appear suspicious. We do not know.

Entry #77 Day 248:
It’s been a long time since I’ve written down the clan news. The reason why? Well… It’s quite a long story, so I’ll try to be brief. On a hunt gone wrong, I was stuck in a hole, with an injured arm. When I managed to climb through and out of the hole. When I made it out, I realized that time seemed to have changed very strangely. I remember that I was in the hole for only a day or so, but when I came back, everyone seemed to be tearful and glad I was back. From what I notice, a lot of dragons have vanished, and left the clan. Everyone seems very somber, and, and even Chris seemed to want to have a word with me. He told me the date and I was shocked, yet I was too tired to ask any further, and requested some rest. What’s going on here, I wonder.

Entry #76 Day 217: After a long starvation, food started coming back into the territory, and hunting was successful. The only thing odd thing that happened during the food gathering session was Noah reported an odd laughter coming from the distance. Creepy laughter is never good.

Entry #75 Day 215: Austin seems to be very friendly and talk about some strange things. He once told us about "guns" which can hurt dragons very easily. But when we asked what "guns" looked like, Austin went quiet and said he forgotten. Then, he asked US what "guns" were. Faes are very strange.

Entry #74 Day 214: Simon was on a stroll when he found a small Fae in the bushes. He says that the Fae's name is Austin, and that he should rest with our clan for a while. I just realised that our clan lacks any Faes, which was interesting to note. I remember a long ago when Vanyel was here, we had some Faes, even some Snappers. But they seem to have left. Maybe we will bet more visitors soon, but hopefully the peaceful kind.

Entry #73 Day 211: I was wrong. The new dragon seemed very injured when he came, and later vanished altogether. Bryn assures us that he was nothing to worry about, and that he won’t bother us again. I do hope so. Noah seems to be hiding something though, I tell him, "Please don't stir up drama, the clan really needs a break." He just stares as if I said something odd. Perhaps it is, kind of. Peace is an odd thing to us.

Entry #72 Day 210: Seriously, nothing is happening. Are we finally free? Are we going to be able to live in peace? This is great news! But if not, that would be sad, and we couldn't always keep our guard low. The reason I write this entry is because a strange dragon has appeared in our clan, and Bryn, a recent newcomer, has been awfully hostile to him. hopefully he isn't like, our new Velkoz or something.

Entry #71 Day 205: Pardon my vacation from notes, but really, not much has happened in the clan. The uneasy feeling in the air had died down, and nothing new had happened for a long time. Dragons came and went, but all in the natural way of exalting. They weren't kidnapped or anything, like I would have expected by now, which is strange. Has peace finally come?

Entry #70 Day 190: Paul and Raphael keep talking to each other in whispers, and glare at Evans. It seems that they have some sort of past hatred towards Evans, but I'm not sure. Other dragons are murmuring of a strange creature hidden within the shadows of the forest. Mostly, Liam, who is jittery and twitchy lately. It seems there is a looming conflict in the future, both with Evans and the others, but this mysterious creature who may or may not even exist.

Entry #69 Day 189: Today a strange dragon has joined our clan. His name is Paul, and he is a Coatl. He came in, introducing himself very politely, and immediately went to punch Evans. They fought for a while, and Peter had to eventually part them. Later, I heard him softly congratulate Paul. I found it rather amusing.

Entry #68 Day 186: We have found Noah! He was found this morning curled behind the food pile, shivering as if he were cold. We took him back into the caves but he hasn't uttered a word since. Many dragons are getting very angry at the unnamed dragon, blaming him for what happened to Noah, and the vanishing dragons even. He denies having to do anything with other dragons disappearing, but he says he had "underestimated" the wrath of something or the other, and constantly observes Noah. Liam and Simon both don't like him, and that’s enough for me.

Entry #67 Day 181: Today Noah has disappeared with that mysterious dragon. I have no idea where they have gone, and everyone is very worried. Noah isn't the type to vanish all of a sudden, and this may possibly have something to do with the vanishing dragons. I do hope he returns soon. The mysterious dragon was always quite interested in our talk of the vanishing dragons and the past history of tyrants in our clan. I'm am very concerned.

Entry #66 Day 180: A strange mysterious hooded dragon has appeared in our clan. He seems to be looking for something, and shows interest in Noah and Simon. He also seems to have somewhat of a stalkerish personality, laced with grin dark humor. Despite being quiet, I heard him mumble something about punching annoying dragons, as he looked over at Evans who was boasting loudly. Everyone wants to punch each other, I guess.

Entry #65 Day 179: The now adult children of Romulus and Halinka, Cass and Zephi, said that they were going to get some food, and promised to be back soon. That was three days ago, and there is no other option than to consider that they have vanished as well. Liam is being driven madder with ever coming day, mumbling things like, "feeding the beast", and "death fuels the creature's maws". I don't understand, and no one else does. Simon has been mourning the disappearance of his children as well, and trying to comfort Liam. I don't think anything is helping, and his fits are getting worse.

Entry #64 Day 176: Davis has vanished. We all mourn the recent losses, and many dragons are feeling rather concerned. Velkoz muttered something strange today, I heard him walk away from the clearing saying, "Seems like he's going through with it." I confronted him, but he claims I had misheard him. I did not. He knows something, and he's not telling.

Entry #63 Day 174: Anthracite and Selby have vanished. They were very close, and I heard from Caruso (Selby's brother), that they were to be mates. It is a tragedy, as Caruso's sister had vanished just yesterday. These disappearances are starting to become daily, and I can't seem to find a connection between them. It is very worrying.

Entry #62 Day 173: Three hatchlings have vanished today. Carusa, Jean and Khaki have disappeared, and parents are starting to become heavily anxious about their children. I worry about the future generation greatly. Simon and Erika have lost two hatchlings as well, as two newborns have wandered off and disappeared from the bushes.

I will not tell this to the others, but I've seen Follie wandering around much more than usual. Perhaps he is behind these disappearances? However, he does not have any signs of blood or flesh anywhere on him. Maybe, just maybe, he is just worried and trying to find the lost hatchlings. Or maybe he knows something, I can't tell for sure.

Entry #61 Day 172: How pathetic one can get? Evans vandalized my notes, and I'm starting to get more and more annoyed with him each and coming day. His disgust with Coatls doesn't make any sense to me, but I assume there’s some reason. But for now, his hatred of a dragon species is starting to rub off on the hatchlings. Some hatchlings are beginning to exclude others that are not their same species in their play sessions. Ellie is getting very worried about the young dragons, and Chris is actually trying to help the hatchlings get along, which is quite serious. If Chris is feeling genuinely concerned, we have to get ready for something terrible coming.

Also, screw you Evans, you can go chase a running clamshell.


Entry #59 Day 170: Not much happened today except Evans striding up to me and spitting in my face, calling me a disgusting feathered freak. What's his problem? His problem is trying to wash out ink from his eyes, that’s what.

Entry #58 Day 169: Something interesting has happened today. One of the hatchlings asked some Tundra dragons about their hunting skills, and it seemed to stir up some interesting drama about dragon diets. But before anyone could say or start arguing, Peter strode up and spoke loudly, that Tundras are responsible for gathering plant materials and medicinal herbs, and that they were very valuable to the clan. He also pointed out that some Tundras were able to contribute to the other food storages by hunting for them, and it seemed like he was talking about Follie, who comes in with a rabbit in his maw every hunting patrol. I know Peter is trying to help keep the clan together, but I sense building resentment between both flights and species. Evans still has his unreasonable disgust with Coatls, and no one is going to fix that anytime soon.

Entry #57 Day 168: Dannita has vanished, and Daniel is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. He bursts out at anyone, and attempts to restrain him are futile. He lunges out at everyone, everyone except Haiden, who is trying her best to cope with the tragedy. I never imagined Daniel to be a caring father, or even a grieving one. This is not good news for anyone.

Entry #56 Day 167: Two strange dragons have been born a few days prior. They were named meme and feels, I don't know why. meme keeps talking about strange things, like bees and 'smores' while feels keeps saying "that feel when" and doesn't say anything after. Truly strange dragons...

Entry #55 Day 166: The brothers Otto and Niles have vanished. Davis, a close friend of the two, is distraught. He claims they were eaten or taken away by some large creature, but Niklas diagnosed him with slight insanity, as our prior medic (Ceresa) is no longer... here. Evans the Nocturne has become rather quiet these days, preferring to go out hunting with Noah and Raphael, mostly to challenge them both. Evans always loses to Raph, but Noah is no match for both of them. Poor Noah.

Entry #54 Day 163: It seems the paranoia has gotten to us. One dragon, Liam, claims to have spotted a two-headed dragon lumbering around our territory. We know the myths of such creatures, monstrosities called "emperors", but they are merely a myth. Liam is a bit loopy anyway, and no one believed him. He refuses to eat and is trying to convince everyone, but no one except Simon and Pepper and some others listen to him.

Entry #53 Day 162: The strange robot dragon that has lurked in our clan for a few weeks has accompanied our main medic, Ceresa, to gather herbs for medicine. After a few hours, the robot returned with blood and oil covering his body reporting that Ceresa was taken by a group of rogue creatures. Peter is thinking of larger groups when leaving the clan clearing, as it seems that the outside territory is very dangerous lately. Many dragons are gossiping that the robot had done something to Ceresa, and that he was lying. I have no idea what is going on, and there is nothing else to do but just observe.

Entry #52 Day 160: The usually quiet James has struck out against Hasis. After a heated argument, James walked off, spoke briefly with Velkoz, and left the clan for good. When questioned, Velkoz said nothing. Hasis had some rough words to say to Velkoz, who looked slightly concerned. Hopefully nothing too serious is going on.

Entry #51 Day 159: The hatchlings were playing in the clearing today, and saw something strange. Daniel and Haiden's hatchlings were wrestling around with Vishi, when Dannita saw a suspicious figure in the bushes. The hatchlings claimed that they went to investigate, but didn't get a good enough sight of the figure. All we know is that Hannia has not been talking since this morning, which implies something dreadful has happened to her. I've never seen Daniel this distraught before, and our clan is beginning to get restless again.

Entry #50 Day 158: Not much has happened today. But Chris has snooped through my notes and wants to contribute his favourite dish into my notes, so I grudgingly let him write it down.

Bloody Squish Wraps
Obtain Pauper Larvae and Skyticks, use a glass jar so you won't get bitten
Grab some tulip petals for the wrap
Fill the jar with water to drown the insects to make the next part easier
Drain water from jar
Lay the insects in the tulip petals and roll up into a small wrap
Enjoy the squish from the larvae and blood from the ticks!

(Side note from Tristan: That sounds absolutely disgusting.)

Entry #49 Day 157: Cooper and Hannes seem to be getting along well, which is good news. Many avoid Hannes for his somewhat strange behaviour, and maybe it has something to do with him constantly nibbling on every dragon he meets. Cooper does not seem to mind this strange behaviour, and instead talks about tasty meat stews he could make if only he had certain foods. Delicious. In fact, that inspires me to write down my favourite foods/recipes here, just for my own amusement.

Tristan's Favourite Seafood Mix:
One Large Abyss Vulture, deshelled
Five Clawfuls of Scarlet Mussels, washed in fresh water
Ten Jumbo Shrimps, deshelled and with eyes removed
Some shredded Sugary Prickleleaf

Mix all in a container, with prickleleaves on top. Enjoy!

Entry #48 Day 155: Something strange happened today. I was off gathering more reeds for my writing papers when I saw Evans and Velkoz (who was out on his water break, I assume) speaking within a bush. Something about revenge, I assume? This is not good news. Who let Velkoz be alone with Evans? He and Leopold are supposed to be guarded 24/7 and of course, some easily distracted dragons neglect their duties (hello Noah). Despite this, I am glad that Leopold hasn't shown any intentions of escaping his prison. Actually, I haven't seen or heard anything from him since he was put in there. I wonder what he is plotting.

Entry #47 Day 153: Good news and bad news. Which shall I write first? I guess I shall start with the good. Evans hasn't bitten anyone since yesterday, where he tried to eat Noah's arm. Noah said it tickled, which made Evans hiss even more angrily. It seems somehow Evans restrains himself from biting the bleep out of Noah, despite seeming to not obey anyone else. Which leads to my bad news. There was a huge fight today, where Evans and Chris seemed to be fighting the strange Mirror twins, Thomas and Daniel. From what I can really gather, Evans is fighting others in an attempt to show off his fear factor on what he can do. Admittedly, Evans did manage to severely wound Thomas, but Daniel came in and retaliated. Chris, upon seeing this 2v1, I guess wanted to break up the fight, which ended up being a huge 2v2 slashfest. Knowing Chris, he probably gave into the twin's taunts and insults. As of the moment, Thomas is rattling off to Yongmin what seems to be a rant. Yongmin is a strange one, almost always silent but when he speaks, seems to speak in a strange tongue. More info on that later I hope.

Entry #46 Day 151: Today, I met a rascal dragon named Evans. He bit my nose when I waved at him, the nerve! After hissing at everyone and demanding that he gets some food from us, Noah stepped up and papped his head. Somehow Noah dragged Evans away and shoved him into a pile of grass clippings. That Noah sure knows how to handle rowdy dragons. He says he is going to stay for us now, mainly because Evans is lost (which he will not admit). Noah promises if Evans misbehaves in anyway, he will shove a rock into his mouth.

Entry #45 Day 147: Today, I stumbled upon a strange dragon. He had been lurking around in our base unnoticed for a few days, and immediately poised to attack me when I smacked right into him. He said his name was Alloy, but something was quite peculiar about him. Peter says it would be best to keep him in our camp for now, as any suspicious persons he wants to be within our eyesight, rather than behind our backs. His curiosity with my scribe duties is amusing, however. I guess letting him read through my notes won't kill anyone.

Entry #44 Day 146: Today something devastating had occurred. Alix's son, Artier, wanted to learn about being a scribe and using feathers for writing. I taught him what I knew for the past few days, but I noticed that his talent was not in writing, but in drawing. I was highly impressed, and Alix was proud of his son's achievements. This did not last long. It is a shame, as Artier quickly vanished. He was not seen since yesterday, and Alix is distraught. Something terrible seems to be looming in the distance, which is very bad, to say the least.

Entry #43 Day 144: Two of Noah's children have vanished, without a trace. Hasis is devastated, and she has been searching the whole territory over several hours, with no signs of them. The vanishing dragons are starting to terrify me again; my nerves have never been the same since we were locked away by the Shadow cult.

Entry #42 Day 141: Things have been going well lately, and the first tragedy in days has happened today. Tamika has vanished. There were rumors that she had left or possibly died from a Beastclan attack on the side of our territory. No idea what has happened. But hopefully, Tamika has been spared from a particularly gruesome death.

Entry #41 Day 138: Noah and Alix have ventured out to find food and materials for the starving dragons. They returned with two lost hatchlings by the name of Haiden and Hannes. They seem to have met by coincidence and were running away from their own clans. Daniel seems to have an interesting reaction towards Haiden, and Ellie and Salvatore have to keep a careful eye on them, as Daniel is a very violent Mirror.

Entry #40 Day 135: We are finally free. It took a bit of time, but Velkoz has been taken down and his followers either turned on him or were rendered powerless. Chris and Salvatore had somehow convinced many of them to turn on the cultists and let all of us go from our cages. Peter voted to imprison the old followers, instead of driving them away or killing them, as driving them away would endanger other clans, and killing them would be doing the same thing as what the cultists had done. Follie has slowly regained sanity and is trying to recover over time. It has been a miracle, and we have finally survived.

Entry #39 Day 107: We are having slow progress, but it seems that many of us are recovering almost fully from our devastating illness. In addition, two cult members, Aleksi and Risto, were found dead in the clearing. They had no wounds on their bodies, but smelled strongly of poison. We are feeling quite guilty, and for me, I had been quite friendly with the two. How many more need to die before we are free from this tyranny? I am running out of paper, so it may be some time since I update my clan writings.

Entry #38 Day 105: From what I've seen, I think a few of the cult members have left the clan. No idea why, but I think they were shaken by the previous demonstrations, and left while they could. A group of cult members left to see if they could find the missing members. We are slowly regaining our strength, as by my claws every morning I find a small pile of herbs that seem to help with the illness. I give my silent thanks to Chris.

Entry #37 Day 101 Velzix was tossed into the jail alongside us. All of us stayed away, wary of why she was here. Then Sigmond walked up to her and asked her what was wrong. She said that he left Velkoz, and told him. The others began to chatter in confusion, as she was still alive. Then Noah piped up, "Velzix, what are you going to do now?" She turned to him and said, "I don't know, but please, call me by my real name. Noelle." Sigmond began sobbing and they hugged each other, daughter and father reunion. Somehow, this gives me hope. If Velkoz is unable to eliminate his former mate, he isn't completely tyrannical. There must be a way to win over him.

Entry #36 Day 99: Today Peter was attacking the walls with his claws and was the angriest I have ever seen him. I could understand why.

A little while ago I saw two hatchlings being ushered around the camp with Leopold and Chris. We haven't seen a hatchling in weeks, and this was definitely shocking. When I looked at them curiously, Chris tilted his head towards Leopold, which told me everything I had to know. I asked him silently if he knew where Frieda was, and Chris nodded. That was a relief. When I told Peter this, he seemed calm down a little. I think he's angrier at Leopold than anything, and I told him to not feel anything bad for the hatchlings. He looked at me and said, "You don't understand. When I look at them, I'll remember everything."

I guess I don't know anything, seeing I never had children. Not yet anyway.

Entry #35 Day 95: I was let out from my prison with a few others for a demonstration. I didn't like the feeling of this. But when I reached the clearing, the only ones there were Velkoz, Leopold, Kaden and Kader. No Follie, which I'm not sure is a good thing or a bad thing.

Kaden spoke first. He said that he would like to leave the clan, and his position of alliance for the Shadow Flight cult of the clan. Kader did not say anything, as if he didn't agree. Leopold then said, that he was in a sticky situation, as he could not leave. Velkoz then told Kader that as a duty of a member of the cult, he had to "deal with" traitors. Which meant to kill him. Kaden then faced Kader as if he had been expecting this all along. Kader took a step forward, and said that he refused to do it.

That’s when Leopold lunged at him and broke his neck with one swift blow. The scream Kaden gave was indescribable. Velkoz then moved towards him and covered his mouth, to silence his screams. Leopold told Velkoz to step aside, to which Velkoz said quietly, "No, I have a better idea."

I haven't seen Kaden after that. We were put back in our cells, and everyone is quite shaken. So much cruelty. What would Velkoz to do him? What more could he do to us?

Entry #35 Day 92: Chris came to us today. He promised us hope for the future, which many jeered and insulted him for. They called him a traitor, an insult to his Flight's noble qualities, and a disgusting creature. I remained silent, as I knew that Chris didn't have empty promises. He merely looked sadly upon us, with a look that said, "Do I really want to save you all?" It was sort of heart breaking.

I've also heard that Leopald has taken Frieda away. I do not know why, but from the angry expression Peter is showing most of the time, it's not a good sign.

Entry #34 Day 88: Bruno seems to be quite interested in my notes. I tell him to move away and not to bother me, but he continues to do so. It makes me feel sad, as it reminds me of what Chris used to do. Maybe if I had been nicer to him, he wouldn't have felt the need to abandon his clan for the sake of Velkoz. Similar with the others. I feel we may have made mistakes, and we are now reaping our consequences.

Speaking of Chris, that reminds me of his rather peculiar behavior before this all began. Him visiting me often, yet saying nothing. The strange cryptic writings found on my notes one day… It must have been all him. He knew about the attack, and supported it. Yet, something must have pulled him back, made his hesitate. I know this because the herb scent from Chris is identical to the taste I have in my mouth right now.

His writing, it’s his handwriting. The note on my papers yesterday, it must have been him. What is he planning? What could he do to save us?

Entry #33 Day 87: I can breathe. What is happening? I woke up with a strange and peculiar taste in my mouth. It wasn't blood, that is for sure. I feel much better than before, maybe it's the sickness finally loosening its grip on me. Who wrote on my notes? Who...? Do we have hope after all?

I've talked with a few others. It seems like many of them report feeling much better than before. Most of them.

Halinka has vanished from our cell. Where is she? Where could she go? I think she may have been moved, as I saw some other guards take Salvatore away to a new cell. Not sure.

Despite this strange happening, I cannot see much happening in our favor. Leopald however, seems indignant, and can be seen arguing with Velkoz in a harsh and cold tone. I hope that’s good news.

Entry #32 Day 86 : I can barely breathe. The illness, and what happened a few days ago, is taking its toll. It's almost too hard to hold… up... my quill…

Tristan will be alright. I do hope.
I'm not going to let him, or anyone die.

Entry #31 Day 84: I cannot believe what has happened today. I... I feel vile just by thinking of this. How could... how...
Follie was with Velkoz. Not in the way I had expected. Velkoz said he had something to show us. His guards dragged us out in the clearing to see it. In the middle of the clearing was a hatchling. A small Mirror hatchling. I don't think it was from our clan, we haven't had new hatchlings since the revolt. Velkoz said that... if we didn't follow him, that he would torture us, and do terrible things to us. He said he would demonstrate how unforgiving they were going to be, and said that the hatchling was found on the edge of our territory, from a different clan possibly. He then gestured to Leopold, and without hesitation slashed the Mirror hatchling with a sharp dagger-like claw. We watched as the small child squealed in pain, blood flowing from its gash... things couldn't possibly get worse.

I was wrong.

Velzix and Madena brought in Follie. Something... was wrong with him. He looked out of his mind. Velkoz made this clicking noise and Follie stopped struggling and instead focused himself on the wounded Mirror. I dreaded what was to happen. With a snarl, Follie lunged at the hatchling and... he began to rip at his flesh, and start eating it. We were disgusted and repulsed. We watched in horror as Follie began to mutilate the body until we were looking at a pile of shredded meat. We could no longer recognize it as a once living creature. When Follie was done, he glanced at us, and almost made a move when Leopold stopped him. Velkoz's threat was clear. Whoever was to oppose to them... would face a fate worse than a clean death.
Our spirits have been heavily diminished. I can still taste the disgusting taste of blood in my mouth. No matter how much I try to wipe it off with leaves, it won't leave.
How will we ever get out of this now? We won't. That is what. We are done for.

Entry #30 Day 80: At least they feed us. I don't think they are going to kill us. Many of us are thinking of a way to overpower them, a way to defeat them. I realize that Follie is missing. Maybe he's imprisoned in a different area? I'm not sure. My will to fight is dropping by the day, and my body feels weaker than ever.

Entry #29 Day 76: Yesterday, Velkoz seized his chance. His cult had attacked the rest of the clan and made sure they were separately imprisoned in the tight caves under the normal dens. Leopold had assisted in the attack, as he and a few others could be able to handle a weakened Peter easily. I was lucky enough to get a hold of some parchment and ink to record this entry. All the members of the cult have locked us in, and discuss their next part of their plot. Chris joins them. That traitor, no wonder he wasn't sick with the plague! I'm too exhausted to continue to talk. I can hear Velkoz and Leopold gloating over their victory.

Entry #28 Day 73: I think I have figured out a link between the ones not ill and the ones who are. Well, mostly anyway. All Plague dragons are fine; it is quite apparent. The others who are well are all from Shadow, with one exception of Chris. This is what I've observed, and Tristan told me to write it down. So here it is. Research for a potential cure is advancing, as we are trying to see if any remedies from Plague flight will work. So far, no definite cure has been found. I hope to find a remedy, before I become too ill to move. - Leonardo

Entry #27 Day 72: Tristan is too tired to write down anything so I shall write what he says down for him. Today, there was an argument between Velkoz and some of his children. Two of them, Valdas and Valarie, have left the clan with Chathin. Velkoz seems to be quite angry, with Valdemar being very quiet and sulky. As for the sickness, there doesn't seem to be any large improvements. Many of the dragons that are infected sleep for long periods of time, only to wake up feeling just the same, and not well rested. Poor guys. I do hope Tristan gets better; I'm not very good at writing. -Ellie

Entry #26 Day 70: Three of the five offspring of Aleksi and Tamika have left the clan, although we are not sure for what reasons they have. Kader and Kaden refuse to answer any questions, and seem very quiet. Leopold seems to help with hunting in our clan, and doesn't seem to have any threatening motives. Our illness seems to not affect him, which is quite strange. I have my theories.

Entry #25 Day 67: A Plague Guardian has entered our camp today, and wished to talk to us and stay with us for a while. He informed Peter about his tale, on how he was searching for a suitable clan to guard, as it is his nature. Despite his weakened state, Peter agreed. I do not trust him. His name is Leopold, and I've seen him talking in whispers with Velkoz intensively. I'm sure they are plotting something, but I have no proof.

There seems to be more unsettling events in our clan, with more arguments and fighting going on within the clan members. A recent newcomer, Follie, has taken over the duty of taking care of the hatchlings, and he seems to be great with them, very energetic and excited to take care of them. I've heard that he couldn't wait to have kids of his own. It's nice to see some joy in such dark times in our clan.

Entry #24 Day 66: James and Millie have recovered quickly, while the others are not improving, along with their wounds in addition to their sickness. The clan is in a state of worry and paranoia, which is nothing compared to what I've found when I went to get a breath of fresh air today.

It was a corpse. Mauled so heavily I could not recognize who it was. From the scent, it may have been not from our clan, but because the body was so close to our camp disturbs me. When our clan is this state, I think it’s better not to talk about this.

But from what I've seen on the body, the most of the gashes were not of a carnivore. They seemed too... rough and imperfect to be of one accustomed to eating meat. This is heavily disturbing.

Entry #23 Day 65: Well, I was wrong about one thing. Saying Chris was a troublemaker. What happened today shows that I was focusing on the wrong dragon. Noah and James got in a huge argument today. Despite Noah being in this clan longer, James claimed that Noah was plotting against the clan and its real leaders. A fight broke out and several were heavily injured. Currently: Noah, Alix, Tyler, James and Millie are in the infirmary, confined in there for the time being.

The illness is not improving, and no one seems to have found a cure. It seems to be weakening us more, and it is increasingly harder to keep writing these events down. Chris continues to visit me, despite him not really doing anything during the visits. I've noticed Velkoz has been lurking around my cave more often. Wonder what he’s... doing... Gosh, I'm exhausted.

Entry #22 Day 64: Tragedy struck. Shai and Romulus's two hatchlings have vanished. They must have gotten lost somewhere, but even after hours of searching we couldn't find them. With our illness, we are quite weak and cannot move around as much as we could. Shai and Romulus are devastated.

Entry #21 Day 63: Peter has fallen ill today. There seems to be a sickness in our camp, and with Peter sick in his cave, it is a huge concern. Many of us are ill, and there seems to be no cure for the moment. I'm am not heavily ill, but ill enough to feel weak of moving too much from my cave. I've even got a get-well visit from Chris. By that I mean he visited me and stood awkwardly for a while and left. But there was an odd lingering scent of him. Some kind of herb? I do not know. I am still too ill to think properly. Eugh.

Entry #20 Day 61: Okay, I wasn't here for a few days because of complications during a fishing trip and what do I return to? A messed-up cave with scrolls and paper scraps everywhere! And a cryptic entry written in my clan news scroll. I know it's Chris, I'm sure its Chris, but I won't tell anyone just in case it wasn't Chris. What does he mean? What is going to happen? Whoever wrote that, they got one thing right. I am freaking out about this. This is serious. (Also it is quite true that everyone dislikes Chris. Probably anyhow.)

Entry #19 Day 60: Tristan has left on a hunting patrol and not returned in a few days. It is concerning, as I usually have paper to draw over and someone to pester, but not now. I know many consider me as a... dragon that should be locked up or imprisoned, because of my troublesome behavior. But to that I say, ha! You will soon know what it feels like to be trapped in a cage, just you wait. Of course, I'm not sure if he will follow through with his plan, since I know he is a coward on the inside. I'm writing this down because I just want Tristan to be freaked out about something, I don't think he dislikes me enough yet. Everyone hates Chris, after all.

Entry #18 Day 57: Chris hurt someone today, to his defense though I don't think he was entirely in the wrong. Thomas and Daniel got into an argument with Chris and things got a bit physical. Despite being two on one, and the fact that I've never seen Chris train battle wise, he managed to not get beaten too badly. In fact, the most severe injury has to be an accidental stab that Daniel gave to Thomas. Whoops indeed. All three are confined in the infirmary until their wounds heal and tempers subside.

Entry #17 Day 55: Confronted Chris and got my letters back. He's been vandalizing all my work. I should talk to Ellie about watching Chris more closely. At least he hasn't hurt anyone, as far as I know anyway.

Entry #16 Day 54: Three Plague Mirrors, Thomas, Daniel and Vili have been going out alone after dark, returning in the mornings with some food but not much. I wonder what they are doing. Everyone seems suspicious these days; you don't know who to trust. Speaking of suspicious... I've been noticing Chris has been snooping through my writings more often. I'm sure he stole some of my letters. Curse him.

Entry #15 Day 52: Lately things have been quiet. Skullcandy has been in a few scuffles, mostly with Millie and Madena. They used to be so nice, but lately they whisper behind out backs and give us nasty glances. Millie keeps provoking others, and Skullcandy wasn't the first to retaliate. Seems the healers will be working overtime. Both of them have quite nasty claws.

Entry #14 Day 50: Jake, a good old pal of mine, is excepting five hatchlings! His first nest of all. I wish him good luck, as parenting is extremely difficult. And five? I don't think there has ever been a nest of five in our clan so far! He has an honor of being the first father of five in a single nest. Also, it seems that we have a troublemaker about. My writing has been vandalized multiple times this week. I have some ideas on who it could be, but i don't have a definite clue.

Entry #13 Day 47: Things have calmed down in the recent days, and the tension has lowered. There are still some rumors and whispering. There are some arguments and fighting going on because of the Mirror Twins, Thomas and Daniel. Someone should really shut them up, they are interfering with my writings. Also, just for the record, I really, really, really dying for some Abyss Vultures.

Entry #12 Day 43: Well, there was a disaster today. SOMEONE (*cough*Ellie*cough) thought it was a good idea for Chris to watch over the hatchlings while their parents and normal caregivers went out hunting, as we were running quite low on certain stores. Chris claims there was an ambush, which many dragons point out nothing has been disturbed or taken. Many of our young dragons have been hurt, although our most of our hatchlings were unscathed, except Carina. She's been crying lots, with Chris unsuccessfully trying to comfort her. How he ever became a parent, beats me.

Entry #11 Day 41: Athos has vanished today. His clothing and materials were in his cave, with no signs of struggle or blood or anything. It is a mystery, and even thought I try to connect this incident with the disappearance of many others, few facts don't make sense in my theory. In other news, Noah and Alix have recovered from their wounds and have been helping out with storing food and materials in the clan, as they were confined in camp. Tyler, of all of the dragons, seems the most restless. Strange things are to come. The tension in the air is too much to give much thought to Athos, sadly.

Entry #10 Day #37: Noah, Alix and Tyler have gone scouting around the clan, and have returned with various wounds and injuries. Noah and Alix were so weak that they are confined to the infirmary for a week. Tyler is visibly shocked, and has avoided contact with anyone, and refuses to speak about what happened. (Well, he never talked anyway, so there is not a huge difference.) Whether this attack was done by an enemy or one of our own, we will not know.

Entry #9 Day #34: Raiya has left the clan in the middle of the night, after saying farewell to Peter and Frieda. The clan is uneasy, with rumors and scuffles occurring within the clan.

Entry #8 Day #33: Kayalla has gone missing, her wraps lying on the floor of her cave. No one has seen anything strange occurring, and some suspect something sinister is behind all the disappearances. Athos is in shock, and Raiya is doing nothing to ease the clan's tension.

Entry #7 Day #31: Leonine has left the clan to search for more wares to sell, and continue her occupation as a wandering sales dragon.

Entry #6 Day #26: There was a flight dominance battle between Shadow and Light flights. During this battle, many from the clan left to help the cause. However, some dragons unwilling to leave have been found to be missing, apparently leaving to fight as well. Could they have been forced? Blackmailed? No clues indicate foul play however.

Entry #5 Day #17: Arwell has vanished from the clan, and left a cryptic message to Raiya. She however, refuses to tell anyone else the message, staying in her cave and not leaving it for long periods of time.

Entry #4 Day #12: Constant arguing and fights break out between certain dragons and others, and a trend seems to have appeared. It’s always a Shadow flight dragon with non-Shadow flight dragon. Rumours of a rift and a near riot are being murmured throughout the clan, and caused paranoia within many.

Entry #3 Day #5: Three Sprials have vanished from the clan, for unknown reasons. Eurion, Invernale, and Christa have disappeared mysteriously, and no one knows where they may have gone now.

Entry #2 Day #2: Uneasiness rises in the clan, and gossip travels around the members, regarding the former leaders and their unexpected leave. Suspects have been named, but no clear accusations have been thrown. Some stay silent even though they are aware of crucial facts in solving the mystery.

Entry #1 Day #1: Former Clan leaders Vanyel and Sierena have left the clan to pursue a higher goal with the Shadowbinder. Peter and Raiya have been left with the leadership roles, with Skullcandy and Frieda receiving the blessings from the former leaders for their outstanding qualities.

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Sep 03
Welcomed new hatchlings!
Sep 03
Welcomed new hatchlings!
Oct 09
Welcomed new hatchlings!
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