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..-~You are welcomed, Traveller, to the Haven Cluster~-..
..-~Rest easy, but take heed; Conduct yourself with care, lest our watchers take affront~-..

A friendly curl of wind comes up to buoy your wings, insistently pushing you away from the raging perimeter of the Twisting Crescendo. It directs your heading, away from the angry winds. Coming around the edge of the spiralling storm, you see a collection of what looks to be pillars, akin to those found in the Reedcleft Ascent. But these ones... are floating.

.-~Saved by magic, to weather the storm.~-.

These floating pillars form a cluster that spins warily on the outer edge of the Crescendo, safely out of reach of it's malevolent screams, but broken and shattered bases tell a tale of hastily averted disaster. The pillars are all tied together, forming a single mass, a cluster, by a vast array of lines and string and thread; this criss-crossing web creates a thin, but defined, wall between what is within and what is without. Such flimsy ties would not normally hold in such conditions, but you can see a glint that runs through the web; magic holds it all together.

.-~The will of the Lair holds itself together.~-.

Inside, you can see that the lines and connections continue, forming mighty bridges and landings, thin walkways and tiny platforms, whilst at the same time enough open air is left for even great spans of wings to be able to slip through. Hung and spun on the lines are an immeasurable collection of seemingly random trinkets and flotsam that glitters in the rain and chimes obstinately against in the howling wind.

.-~The music and light still lives here.~-.

When you fly through the opening in the web between two thinner pillars, a sensation of intense scrutiny crawls along your spine. If you are observant enough, you may be able to spot the pair of dark Dragons that blend into the rocky overhangs on either side, before you fly on into the Lair proper.

Tiny Fae spin and flutter on the thin lines, crests flashing swift messages back and forth; Wildclaws leap and bound over and around the pillars despite the dangers; Skydancers re-fasten barely hanging curios to the web; Imperials stretch in what sun is to be had. This is indeed a mixed Lair, and one that is still on alert from the tenseness of past emergency. As you venture further in, you are sure you see representation of all the breeds of the world, in various states of tired relaxation or unease.

.-~But where are the nests?~-.

Ahhh, there they are! Located towards the middle-back of the mighty Lair, in a wider pillar whose center has sunk in to form a secluded bowl with protective ridges on all sides, save for the dug out entrance, are the precious birthing nests. It is a very well protected place, you think. You can barely see a pair or two present inside, tending to eggs and Hatchlings, but before you can get a any closer, low growls emanating from the surrounding cliffs stop you.

All around, seemingly out of no where, sharp black heads with white horns rise up from the rocks and reeds. They are Wildclaws, all black bodied but with a virtual rainbow of wing hues, and they appear to be stationed all around the nesting pillar. You have done nothing threatening, but already you can see their feathered crests rising and the flash of bared fangs. This is the infamous BlackClaw Tribe that you have heard whisperings about.

.-~You know you will not be passing here.~-.

They look tenser then most, and you decide not to push your luck. Turning back, you choose to mingle in the public areas of the Lair, meeting the Dragons that call this floating pillar cluster home and taking a moment to rest. Soon enough it is time for you to move on again, and as you begin to take your leave, a breath of wind curls around your ear again.

..-~May the Wind be ever beneath your wings, Traveller.~-..
..-~Know welcome, for if ever you seek a place of rest in the future~-..

Useful Links:
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For mini-Dragon images:
For little pictures, just change a few things in the url. Change the first 350 to 'avatars', and delete the _350 at the end. TADA!


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November 24, 2022 11:37:36
Davesprite was on the front page! He's so pretty!
September 29, 2018 12:56:58
Sorry for bothering you!
I just wanted to ask - in case there is a Pinglist for Ammon (should u ever sell him) or any of Ammon's Descendants - I'd love to be pinged!
Thank you very much! : )
September 10, 2018 11:11:15
your dragons are cool
April 28, 2018 04:02:01
if you sell Ammon or any of their babs could I be pinged? ^^ thanks
May 25, 2017 11:04:31
Your signature is beautiful! Is that your art? Also - I randomly found you a year ago today apparently *looks down your profile comments* weird!
February 08, 2017 19:05:43
Hi! Any chance you'd be interested in selling Coren?
February 05, 2017 16:56:25
I am willing to pay a LOT of treasure for any of Ammon's children, his children's children, and so on.
February 03, 2017 13:32:12
hi! random question, are you selling #21556192, because he is 11 month old and still unnamed...
December 21, 2016 10:46:20
Will you ever be interested in selling any of Ammon's children? I have one of Naomi's descendants and am looking to get another :)
June 21, 2016 20:58:26
June 06, 2016 18:23:03
frog time
May 26, 2016 14:51:22
Armis and Lecomte are amazing!
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