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Hey, my name's Aspen, and I've had an interest in dragon stuff for an pretty long time. I also have an interest in genetics as well, so breeding dragons is kinda awesome. :3

Aside from that, I've got interests all over the place, from singing to pokemon and homestuck.

I have a tumblr blog, with the url flowerforestbiomes, which right now seems to be mainly Pokemon fanart, stupid stuff and pretty pictures... :I a big ol' mess


I love getting pinged.
Typically, anything without a familiar is for sale, and they're usually at the back of my lair. But, I won't get mad if you ask about my other dragons if they're the one dragon you might need.
I'm usually not in a hurry to kick out hatchlings, so I can hold for a bit.
I live in the UK, so I'm running on GMT, give or take an hour. (I can never remember what the daylight time does to it...)


Foo's Eye
Night Flames????
Scatterscrolls would be nice for my unfortunate noc baby
idk gimme your treasure/gem
i am constantly fighting my gift giving compulsion so uh fodder for that to keep me satisfied????
i am not a person who desires a lot surprise me


---The Clan of the Cradle---


The towering Guardian had wandered far. She was only an adolescent, yet, like the rest of her kind, dwarfed others. And also like the rest of her kind, she was on her journey to find her charge: a rite of passage, searching for something that would complete her.

And she felt it in her bones that she was close.

She stood on one of the many the shores of the Starfall Iles, having wandered there from almost the other side of the continent. Beyond lay the far sea, and countless others of the fractured and floating spires that pointed toward the Arcanist's Observatory. There was one her eye was drawn to above all others, a levitating crystalline structure, spires like the rest of the mountains curving inwards, a cradle, bristling with energy. She had to get there. Thoughts of it simply consumed her mind. And so, with great effort, leathery wings hauled her bulk into the air.


As she touched down, an overwhelming feeling came over her. Her fins flared, eyes widened, wings stretched. Instinct. This was her charge. She let the energy buzzing in the air fill her for several moments, relaxed, serene. When she opened her eyes again, she took in her surroundings. The floating island had within it a large cavern, more than large enough for a guardian to make their home, an opening facing out over the sea, and with a strange and faintly luminescent moss covering the floor. Looking around, she could see a number of offshoot tunnels, presumably leading to other caverns. Light was all around, not only flowing in through the opening and coming from the moss, but it was filtering through the very rock as well.

Speaking of the rock, there was signs of a Fae colony being here recently, with their amber like homes clinging to the indents of the room.

'Why you here.'
The small and flat question caught her off guard. Her eyes settled on a small grey Fae, pink eyes looking out of one of the amber pockets. She regained her composure, straightening her posture, even though she was likely already imposing enough to a tiny Fae. 'This place is my charge.'

The Fae slowly blinked. 'What you mean charge, never seen you around... Oh.'
She looked smug as the realisation hit him. She had a charge now, she was a true guardian, and if someone wanted to take her charge away from her, she would fight to the death. 'Well, now you know why I'm here, why are you here? I thought Fae liked to hang around your own kind.'

The Fae poked his head out a little more, but still remaining in the pouch like home. 'Other faes were here, flew away when saw big guardian was coming.'
'Oh. Er, I'm sorry.' She hadn't considered there might be faes living in her charge.

His fins flared briefly, which she later determined was the Fae equivalent of a shrug. 'S'alright, didn't move far. They move often too.'
'Oh, okay. Then why are you still here?'
He 'shrugged' again. 'Place focuses magic. Can create energy ball, attracts bugs. Bugs get too close, ZAP, lunch.'
It was her turn to blink slowly. 'You use the place as a bug zapper?'

Sighing, she settled down. 'Well, seeing as you're not going anywhere, if you get any excess bugs, could I have some? I haven't eaten for a while...'
The fae fluttered down, finally content that the guardian posed no threat. 'Wouldn't dragon your size need lots bugs.'
'Not really, we Guardians don't eat an awful lot... Have you met another Guardian dragon before?'
'Nope, therefore pleased to make acquaintance. This could beneficial to both us.'
'I catch bugs for both us, you scare off bad dragons who want to steal bugs and island.'

She deliberated for a moment. '...Sounds good. What's your name?'
'Faes called me Cepheus, after group of stars. Your name.'
'Um... I don't... Really have one as such...'
'What. Won't do. We're partners now, counterpart to Cepheus is Cassiopeia, threrefore you're Cassiopeia.'
Cassiopeia smiled. A charge and a name. She'd done pretty well today.


Ever since the foundations of the Clan of the Cradle were laid down, the clan has gone from strength to strength. The titular cradle is the floating island, which acts as a lens for magic and energy. How it does so is still being investigated, with regular reports being sent to the Arcanist, and island even at one point welcomed a small delegation from the Stormcatcher himself, looking to see if any ideas could be implemented in the lightning collectors.

we are now entering meme territory




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