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Ventoux #297364

"There's no wrong color combos, there are only not matching genes."


~ About me ~

bQKtPA9.png Timezone FR+9 [temporarily FR+8] (Poland) bQKtPA9.png She/Her bQKtPA9.png Call me Ventoux or Ven bQKtPA9.png Yup, Comic Sans is my basic font bQKtPA9.png Joined on February 2017 Welcome Week bQKtPA9.png "Active" status is not equal to me acutally being available, may just have tab opened bQKtPA9.png

~ My Interests ~

bQKtPA9.png Drawing, mainly fantasy animals (including FR dragons) and cartoon characters
bQKtPA9.png Writing, mainly shorter forms as I never finished writing a true book xD
bQKtPA9.png Music, I can't actually live without music. Generally various music in 50s to 90s timeline, plus some newer ones including: Bastille, Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, OneRepublic, Florence and The Machine... Also recently a huge fan of Low Roar.
bQKtPA9.png Cycling, since June 29th, 2013 (Like 90% of my lair is like one big cycling reference lol)
bQKtPA9.png Marvel, mainly into MCU but have read and own a few comics as well.
bQKtPA9.png The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon series
bQKtPA9.png Dragons in general, isn't that... obvious though?
bQKtPA9.png Cats, love those cute living fluffballs. (Well, I even own one)
bQKtPA9.png Stargazing, got to hunt those Messier objects!
bQKtPA9.png Various video games (Currently mainly into Horizon Zero Dawn/Forbidden West and Assassin's Creed)
bQKtPA9.png History, especially various lesser known random facts.

~Important Notes~

bQKtPA9.png Current avatar dragon is Brise

bQKtPA9.png Dragons in Hibernal Den matter as much as in the Active Lair, otherwise wouldn't be able to have more than 215 dragons

bQKtPA9.png Not an English native, may make grammar/spelling mistakes and/or may have problems with catching context.

bQKtPA9.png My dragons' gender is same as in site mechanics, if dragon has male sign pronouns are he/him, if dragon has female sign pronouns are she/her. There's three exceptions that is this fandragon(she/her instead of he/him), this fandragon (they/them instead of she/her unless referring to individual heads) and Aberration dragons (usually they/them, due to them being basically 2 dragons in one, unless statted otherwise in their bio)

bQKtPA9.png Here can be found the clan lore thread (forever in unfinished state) and in Chateauroux's bio there can be found important notes on what is canon in my lore (yup, also in forever unfinished state xD)

bQKtPA9.png None of my dragons aren't a reference* unless it's statted in their bio or are in Fandragons tab. This includes also colors :)
*meaning that there may be only a random cycling reference in hatchday as I mentioned before like 90% of lair is made of these

bQKtPA9.png Ya can send me friend requests though it's not guaranteed I will accept it

bQKtPA9.pngIt's a 100% non-exalt lair and not really (re)-selling lair (selling only in case of desperate need for lair space), so ya don't have to worry if I bought your dragon, there's 99% of chance they're staying here.

bQKtPA9.png Always feel free to let me know that my dragon was on the front page (thank y'all in advance for letting me know ❤️) or thank me for buying your dragon.

bQKtPA9.png Thank y'all for all your compliments, the fact I don't respond to all doesn't mean I ignore them!

bQKtPA9.png Liking my dragons is absolutely OK! I really like to see the likes on them. I also throw likes here and there, never doing that out of spite. Giving likes on dragons is just my way of saying "Hey, nice dragon, I really like them" or "Hey, I like this character!"

bQKtPA9.png A link for the Chasing The 100th May 29th Dragon project can be found here if lost


~ Can be found also on... ~

bQKtPA9.pngDappervolk, I'm here as Ventoux #21854, feel free to add me as a friend. Not really active.

bQKtPA9.png DragonVale (my friend code is Ventoux#3757, need also yours if want to be added, PM me with your code or post on my profile! I have lots of rare dragons.)

bQKtPA9.png Dragon Mania Legends (I'm on Win10 EUR version, friend code is 5645a5), feel free to join my clan too. Again on a longer hiatus.

bQKtPA9.png Gryffs, a rather obscure site about griffins, here as Ventoux #8531

bQKtPA9.png Pixel Cat's End, as Ventoux (#4492), not extra active, rather checking once in a few days.

bQKtPA9.png Lorwolf, as ThunderChild (#1259)

~Flight Travels Log~

Lightning (start) - February 12th, 2017 to March 3rd, 2017

Nature - March 3rd, 2017 to February 20th, 2019
Wind - February 21st, 2019 to August 25th, 2021
Shadow - August 26th, 2021 to March 27th, 2022
Wind (return) - March 27th, 2022 to March 11th, 2023
Water - March 11th, 2023 to September 2023 (most likely?)

*Always and forever a Wind member, if not in Wind at the moment, then I am doing the Wind thing aka travelling*

List of the Broadcast Messages (at least ones I remember):

"All your May 29th dragons belong to me" - Pretty self-explanatory by looking at lair (2018? - 2019?)

"Voices, another sound. Can you hear me now?" - A line of lyrics from Duran Duran's song "Planet Earth" (Jul - Sept 2019 or about)

"Living on the edge is to have too long socks xD" - A reference to UCI's weird regulation on socks length and the way Evenepoel tried to avoid this rule on World Championships 2019, aka just internal joke on weird cycling stuff (Sep 2019 - Aug 4, 2020)

"When the wind blows, we can work it out." - A line of lyrics from Tears For Fears' song "Mothers Talk", thought it'd match Wind Flight nicely (Aug 4th, 2020 - Aug 27th, 2020)

"Roses are red, violets are blue... Pinot will be in yellow!" - Pretty self - explanatory, yellow is the color of leader's jersey on Tour de France(Aug 27th, 2020 - Sep 5th, 2020)

"Another Tour, another heartbreak... - reference to events on stage 8 of Tour de France 2020 (Sep 5th,2020 - Sep 9th, 2020)

"Maillot a Pois, what you gonna do, when they come for you?" - A reference to Cosnefroy's fight for KOM classification (that has the so-called Maillot a Pois/Polka Dot Jersey as distinctive jersey) on Tour 2020 (Sep 9th, 2020 - Sep 27th, 2020)

"LOULOU CHAMPION DU MONDE!" - Special thing for the fact that Alaphilippe has won the World Championships! (Sep 27th, 2020 - Oct 30th, 2020)

"Maillot a Pois, here I go again..." - Line from modified "Mamma mia" lyrics, made for Oct 17th,2020 (Oct 30th, 2020 - Mar 10th, 2021)

"No, counting Chargers surely won't help you to fall asleep." - Pretty self - explanatory, Chargers are ram - shaped machines from HZD (Mar 10th,2021 - Mar 27th, 2021)

"Wherever the wind blows, that's where I'm heading." - A line of lyrics from Low Roar's song "Dreamer", thought it'd match Wind Flight as well (Mar 27th, 2021 - Aug 26th, 2021)

"Tonight I cannot go hunting for stars." - A line of lyrics from Sebalter's song "Hunter of Stars" (Aug 26th, 2021 - Aug 31st, 2021)

"There are important things, more important and a loot box." - Own joke coming from AC2 where I can go for a loot box literally in the middle of mission, this could apply to 99% of video games I play, though xD (Sep 1st, 2021 - August 23rd, 2022)

"Which jersey is the blue one?" - A quote from absolutely tired Jonas Vingegaard (aka the later in 2022 Tour de France winner) from an interview that was done after stage 4 of Tirreno - Adriatico 2022, that quote has pretty quickly become a cute meme in the cycling community. (August 23rd, 2022 - ?)

wp9ptez.png Credits:
Sidebar with compass and with night sky by FluffySnake
Giant Sanddolar icon on left by Drytil
Cat meme pixel by Dovalore
100x100 Round icon by Limanya
Tiny (Water) Flight pixels by Baelfin
Writing Scribbles, Edgar and Swipp GIFs by DogiCrimson
Animated Coli Sidebar by Nirwana

Pixel animated bar in signature "A night on Mont Ventoux" by me.


Recent Comments

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March 23, 2023 09:33:03
Tiny powerhouse, eh? What fun! And it will buy you the time to accumulate stores to meet her needs! Yay!
March 23, 2023 06:38:09
Baby Aether Bubbles DO IT!! That scry is out of this world! Seriously, don't deprive us of that reality, it's too perfect!
March 08, 2023 15:08:23
Cygnus was on the front page! He's absolutely gorgeous!
March 08, 2023 15:08:12
Cygnus was on the front page!
February 13, 2023 09:15:15
thanks for telling me Nerreza was on the front page! I'm happy that one of my actually important lore dergs was there instead of a random breeder, lol
February 12, 2023 18:10:43
Oh nah, go ahead and keep it! I'm not in any hurry to complete any projects (and I hate scrying :D) so it's yours to do what you will :)
February 10, 2023 10:13:19
Just wanted to say, I am in awe of your AC fandragons, I love them all! Your whole lair is cool-- you've inspired me to work on my own dragons a bit more. Hope you're having a great day? ^^
February 03, 2023 05:15:11
Thank you!
December 23, 2022 09:13:54
Thanks! C:
December 23, 2022 08:53:06
I just wanted to stop by and say you have an amazing lair!
December 22, 2022 08:23:33
I just checked up on Bastian, and WOW he looks amazing! Beautiful job. ^^
October 23, 2022 11:56:11
Arno was on the front page! I must say, you have put a lot of effort into your lair and bio, I'm super impressed!
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