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Among the largest clans to be found north of the Behemoth, the sprawling lands of Coillenidus fringe the outermost reaches of the Viridian Labyrinth, where the Gladekeeper's verdant influence wanes just enough to see the impact of its placement near the northern pole of Sornieth. It has been a Nature nesting ground since long before the clan ever formed around it, and the clan has persisted so long they can't remember a time they weren't there. Its members are somewhat insular and jaded, but at its heart, the clan just aims to get by and nurture its own.

Kindred Port is one of the rare outlets through which Coillenidus engages with the outside world, allowing visitors of other flights entry through its gates. While technically a subsect of the larger clan, Kindred Port has taken on a flavor all its own for its melting-pot of revolving residents. It's the only major entry point for clan-hopefuls, and the mandatory place to stay for dragons who aren't long-term. Trade is conducted here, and safe passage is offered to those who don't want to brave the dense jungles of Nature to travel elsewhere.

The sarcastically-named Joy of the Crosswinds is one of the brave (or foolish) crews of dragons daring to engage in unstructured trade-by-ship. Its erratic traveling paths take it far off protected tradeways, and frequently into pirate-dominated seas; to pass by intact in these unscrupulous waters, the trading vessel has picked up a few unsavory jobs and habits below-deck. The vessel is capable of taking to both sea and sky; its fragile-yet-versatile structure demands the cooperation of the elements to maintain. It fosters the unlikely harmony of its crew, and in turn, the advantages to be found in the mixture of ideals and customs.

Serpent's Gamble formed after the Antipodal war and the following paranoia Coillenidus developed towards imperials and the threat posed by their deaths. Aside from a select, and very scattered few, imperials were driven out of the territory. To gather their bearings, several of them grouped together, made camp, and...simply never split ways. They have since adopted the promise of refuge Coillenidus had once offered them only to renege; and they have resolved, despite the risk inherent in a community so laden with their breed, to uphold it.

This ragtag band of dragons belong nowhere. The soldier, the scholar, and the pearlless child have nothing in common; share no allegiance. The soldier was sent south with punitive purpose. The scholar fled, to avoid a goddess's wrath. The child was simply lucky. The crossing of their paths was born of chance, and their collective quarry is relentless.

They will never know just how much they have set in motion.

Nara | She/They | 24 | +2 FR | INFP
-I exalt for profit, so dragons bought off the fodder floor are likely slated for the Gladekeeper. Come talk to me if you don't want that and I'll happily return the dragon - but act fast, because I usually start leveling immediately!
-Feel free to ask about my dragons, for projects or purchase! The worst I can say is no, and I'm happy to cooperate on just about anything.
-I feel real weird about talking on the forums, for whatever reason. I am more likely to send PMs than go respond in public about things. Sorry, I know it's kind of strange!
-I play FR on a lot of devices and in a lot of places. Please forgive IP shenanigans.
-I'm usually quite active here, but I sometimes take hiatuses. My interest is maintained by playing around with lore; when I run out of inspiration, I head off to greener pastures for a while. However, FR is among the best creative outlets I can play alone, so I always wander back eventually! (Some of my other creative 'regulars' include Guild Wars 2, D&D, Pokemon, and Homestuck/Hiveswap - I'm always game to chat about them!)
-On that note, I'm an avid RPer. Surprise surprise.
-The 'Misc' and 'Dom Time, Y'all' tabs of my lair are the only non-lore sections. Misc is dragons who don't fit in any lore factions or possible-but-undecided keepers, while Dom Time is specifically for fodder.
-In case it's not abundantly clear by now, I use a lot more words than is really necessary. I blame years of English essay word requirements. It's become habit.
-Last note; I often get anxious when talking to someone new (especially if I initiated the conversation) so if I suddenly stop answering, don't worry! I probably just got nervous, feel free to give me a second poke.

(A chickenscratch note sits beside an old map long since rendered illegible. The only comprehensible words in the note are short and ominous; 'the Gaols at the end of the world'.)

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September 19, 2023 22:06:22
It's been awhile, I hope you are doing well!! I feel like you would enjoy aether dragons if you've seen them yet
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Aisre was on the front page! She's gorgeous <3
May 02, 2022 23:17:51
Aisre (#37750759) was on the front page! What a gorgeous child! <3
April 23, 2022 18:59:58
your mirror plush is so cute! im so jealous i want one haha, i may try and make one too
April 20, 2022 09:21:56
ohhh i see you made a plush commission page on one of your dragons :D that's so awesome, i love seeing everything you've done there and all your plans too ^^
August 20, 2021 20:54:48
Your dragons are awesome! Thanks for the fae twins
July 20, 2021 05:36:48
Yanne was on the front page!
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Maddex was on the front page! he's neat!
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Tuvis was the random dragon!
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Saw Bavaria on Random Dragon. What a beauty!
September 24, 2020 07:52:31
Miyu looks GORGEOUS! I love what you've done with her "hair". :)
April 16, 2020 11:02:32
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