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I play "differently" than most when I collect G1s...
I first give them the best scries possible for their bio, and either hoard them away long term, in most cases, or, over time, I go through them again, scry new genes, decide if I still like them, maybe sell some or trade some with friends for different ones, and just casually shuffle through my collection until I find ONE scry that perfectly fits a particular dragon, that it just screams to get finished, and then I attempt to do so... also very gradually. Thus, I have hundreds of G1s with... no genes, or one, maybe two. I've been here 10 years and just take my time at my own speed. The thing about how I collect my G1s, is once I find something with a perfect scry, and I can buy it... I feel like I've already "won Flight Rising", in a way. lol If I never breed it, it's still always worth something, or even more just as it sits in my lair or den getting older and older and older... (There are reasons I've always been in Earth... lol) and honestly, I often love a dragon just as much for even having it, even if it isn't gened, but has a scry I find absolutely gorgeous. So, just because something has no fancy bio, no name, no apparel, sitting in my den... it could actually be one of my utmost FAVORITES that I love visiting. My Museum of Potential. ♥

11/21/22: I am intending to print grinning accents this winter...
Since I sold my light sprite to a friend, I have enough gems for blueprints. It's just a matter of picking a time where I can deal with orders.
If interested in a grin, please leave a comment on my accent thread so I can keep track of you.

Khule_icon_smaller2.pngActivity Status: 11/21/22

• I don't really check my FR blog anymore; please contact me via PM or Discord.
• Veteran players/friends, feel free to PM me about my FR server, YtiD -
"Yes, this is Dragons". It's very friendly, supportive, safe, and chill.
• Outcasters: Texts of the Ashborne Realm - [PF 1E text RP discord server]


• Looking for 1-6 digit dragons as permanent residents.
• I am a lore clan, even if most of my dragons don't have filled bios and am not actively working on it as much as a few years ago.

• I have a weakness for Obsidian & White combos, especially Orca.
• My aesthetic is otherwise also blues, greens, & purples.
• My favorite elements are Arcane, Ice, and Earth.
• My lair is full of explorers, scavengers, gardeners, mages, & artisans.

• This is a fusion clan; primarily Earth/Arcane, but also Earth/Ice/Nature.
• Wind dragons tend to find the clan boring, so few reside here.
• Many in the clan are wary of Plague dragons.
• Few Lighting dragons live here, since the clan is rather low-tech and high-magic.
• Most tundras live in Medira, which hosts the central hub of Khuleborough territory.
• The clan functions like a 300 mile radius termite mound.
• The name "Khuleborough" roughly means "cool burrow," which refers to the method of evaporative cooling that is used to keep the clan habitable and lush.
• Lydorune, all his active relatives on site, and several other dragons live within a mountain-sized fortress/castle... that levitates and flies.
• You can find more old lore notes on tumblr with #Khulecanons or #Lydorune.

Exalting/Sales Info:
• Most random gen dragons for sale are given unique names.
• I do not supply buyers renaming scrolls - they are not expensive.
• I typically only accept dragon haggling if they're priced over 50k.
• If you want to buy a dragon that is up for gems, message about it or CR me reasonably equal offer in treasure or newish apparel items or familiars equal an approximate total of the dragon cost and I will likely accept.
• I do accept alternative methods of payment...
• I will hold dragons; 3 days max, but up to a week if a tip is included.
• I am a dragon flipper;I genuinely like what I buy, and in many cases, I changed my mind after purchase and believe the dragon is worth much more than I bought it for.
• Refunds are conditional, depending on the context.
• If you want to return a dragon, I will potentially give a refund, NO MATTER THE AGE, so long as it is still unbred, and was bred in my clan.

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March 13, 2023 16:21:56
Thanks for the words of encouragement! She broke my wallet but at least she'll be an interesting addition to my lair~
March 09, 2023 17:59:59
Thou art welcome!
March 08, 2023 06:39:43
Xuxux was on the front page! Great apparel!
January 22, 2023 16:52:55
Jerep!!! I yelled out loud when I saw your name just then!! Only recently, about the end of last year? Really happy to be back, forgot how much I love FR and my dragons. Hope you are well!! Ahhhh I feel in such a good mood now, ahah
December 11, 2022 06:32:09
Hi, Jerep.~ I saw Henral on the front page, too! So happy to see a familiar face!
December 11, 2022 06:31:09
Henral was on the front page, nice colors.
September 25, 2022 02:31:57
Hello! Just to make things clear I send you a friend request cause I really liked your dragons but no pressure you can decline it! :^) thank you for understanding haha and have a wonderful day! <3
July 29, 2022 23:40:58
FrankFrancis was on the front page!
July 29, 2022 23:40:30
AWESOMELY dressed FrankFrancis was on the front page!!!
June 01, 2022 02:01:15
Nirron was on front page, what a beautiful boy!
June 01, 2022 01:59:40
Nirron was on the Random Dragon!
May 15, 2022 23:06:03
Wayne was on the front page, he's a cool dude!
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