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Slowly (re)working through my Clans' Lore; please mind the mess. :)

Clan Paladin
Clan of the Protectors of Light
The Lorebrary - Clan Lore | Dawnbringers - Subspecies
Personal Resource - Recolors & Edits | Coliseum Healers Guide | Wishlist - Solihem
"My apologies for being so rude to not introduce myself! My name is Milithinal, and this is Galiwyth, the Leader of this Clan. Now, a Protector is one who dedicates much of their life to guard and fight for what is right," The Mirror kindly explained as you, her, and the Guardian walk through the large, extensive foyer. "I myself am a Protector, along with Galiwyth here being the leader," She nodded towards him who imperceptibly nodded in agreement. "We train ourselves to be prepared to protect everyone, and when the time comes for something dark and evil to come our way, we Protectors will lead the Clan to fight that evil, prepared to die in order to protect what we hold dear." Pride began to be etched on her face as she held herself more confidently.
"There are seven Major Protectors, each verified by the Key that is their symbol, marking their duty. For example, I myself am the Protector of Charity, and Galiwyth is the Protector of Justice. There are other Protectors-in-Training, each have a Minor Protector status till they gain enough strength to become full Protectors.
Of course, our Clan is full of Dragons of various backgrounds, from artists to scientists and everything in between. Gemma and Talin are some of our lead artists. Solaya along with bubbly Era are two of our best historians, and Paragryn working with the ever vigilant Konarial are two of our many scientists! There's plenty more, but those are only to name a few. If you ever need anything, please just ask, and come back again soon!" Miltihinal waved at you in farewell before heading towards one of the doors, Galiwyth at her side.
In a corner of the Mirrorlight Promenade, a rich plot of land sits, with a large fortress-like compound near the top of a hill. You walk through the large double doors into the main Keep, and is greeted by a Mirror. Standing behind her, a solemn yet not unkindly Guardian watches in silent observation.
"Hello, dear visitor," the motherly Mirror greeted. "Welcome to Clan Paladin, home of the Protectors!" She moved aside from the wide, open doors, the blue Guardian following suit.
Inside, a large, cavernous foyer opened up, the walls made of granite with a vaulted, domed ceiling high above. Large, thick columns rose in rows all around the circular room, made of pure marble, carved expertly. Decorating the walls, large tapestries hung, some tens of meters in length, all hanging above the bookshelves that covered the walls of the room, reaching about as high as a full grown Guardian is long.
Dragons of various sizes, types, and Flights moved around the room, walking in from one of the seven doors and back out to hallways and rooms unseen. Each door was carved with a unique symbol, all of them being forms of intricate keys. In the back of the room, seven tapestries dominated the wall, again mimicking the symbols that were patterned on the doors.

My Clan Is Organized As Follows
(Note: Some Dragons that belong in multiple tabs/are not in a tab they normally belong to are where there are either due to being temporarily placed in the Den or are in a different tab due to Lore and such.)

The Solveil Halls
Pg.1 - Seven Major Protectors/Council Members
Pg.2 - Clan Ambassadors, Representatives for other groups
Pg.3 - Those that head the inner-workings of the Clan

The General Residency
Pg.1 - Members of the Clan not belonging to any one group

The Artisans' Forum
Pg.1 - Those that sell/buy/trade goods and services

The Skywatch Towers
Pg.1 - Members of the Knights of the Round Table

The Vitaglow Courtyard
Pg.1 - Members of the Circle of Truth

The Hewnlight Catacombs
Pg.1 - Members of the Night Hunters
Pg.2 - The Forbidden Ones

The Dawnlight Solarium
Pg.1 - The Watchers

The East Wing
Pg.1 - Generally New or Temporary Members of the Clan

Hibernal Den - Permas Tab
Pg.1 - Lore Dragons; Finished and Unfinished Lore
Pg.2+ - Various Dragons; Lore TBD/WIP

Hibernal Den - Dawnbringers Tab
Pg.1 - Qualified DBs
Pg.2 - Unqualified DBs and DB Parents

Hibernal Den - Other Tabs
- All WIP Dragons, including the Fandragons
- Will be moved to Permas or Lair when finished


He/She/They | FR+3/+0
NB Demigenderfluid | Pan-Demisec/Demiro
Chocoholic | Book + Science Nerd | Aspiring Biologist

NOTE: I have ADHD & Sporadic Memory Loss;
if I don't get back to you, it's not to be rude but I simply forgot, sorry in advance.

Hello all, and welcome to Clan Paladin! Just give me a call if you have any questions, I'll be more than happy to help! ^^


Note: Basically the entire Clan's Lores are WIPs, just saying, and one day I WILL update that beginning Lore at the top. Just not today. Probably. XP


Just a few things to note about my Clan:

1) This is a (mostly) Non-Exalt, Lore Clan! All of my Permas are Lore Dragons, including Fandragons, and if I bought a Dragon from you I will NOT exalt it; it will be given away if I decide it doesn't fit in my Clan. I do, however, occasionally exalt Dragons during a Light Push, but even then I only buy Dragons from my Clan's snipers or use my own hatchlings. Also, I accept Hatchling Letters!

2)My Clan Hoards: About Everything, literally! Check Ruby's - the Clan's current hoarder, for reasons why Everything is hoarded - or Solihem's - the Clan's Treasurer - bio for the full list; be aware the lists might not be completely up to date!

4) Most of my Dragons are probably not for sale. Any of them not in the Sales Tab are Permas, except for those in the last couple of pages of the Unfinished Tab of the Hibernal Den. Just ask if you're interested, but be aware if they have Apparel and/or Lore, they're probably unavailable.

5) I LOVE Lore! The more Lore, the better! With that, I totally accept Hatchling Letters, and I love Lore parents!(That to say, if your Dragons have Lore and they have a hatchling, I might be willing to take it, just let me know!) If you ever have any questions about Lore and/or want to know about my own Clan's Lore, let me know.

That's about it! If you have any questions, just let me know! Thanks, and may the Lightweaver shine upon you brightly!

If you managed to read all this... well, well, well! :3
Cthulurvn is my brother; please don't ban us, as we send each other Dragons and other stuff!

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