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Hi, I'm currently studying hard, and can often be quite busy. With that being said, please take it easy on me if I forget to reply to something. Gentle reminders never hurt!

♀ - She/her - 20

-Re-dressing my dragons…
-G1 lover

Something is amiss here…


They pretend they find it fine,
but it's clear there's something more.
There was once an evil sea-witch
prowling 'round the gentle shore.

Though she drowned, a painful death,
Others have take her place.
They have banished her, unknowingly.
and avoid spiteful sea chase.

Even Gods, the ones they pray to,
haven't spoken of this sight.
Many angered, some are peaceful,
former've died in dead of night.

It's a shame the pearly seashell,
has been crushed with quakes galore.
Bones once floated in the water
now they find their way to shore.

The Past

It's blinding almost, the glistening light and radiant reef standing out against the dull background. You can almost see the coral breathing, this is one of the few places that is truly healthy. The nature in this area is overwhelming, hundreds of species lie in these miles of land, and perhaps hundreds more to come.

The beauty of this land is so natural, so genuine, that it puts the waking world to shame. Animals walk gently on the sandy floors as if stepping on paper, each grain of sand so crystalline and bright it almost seems blinding. Everything moving glimmers, dissipating into a rush of sparkling life, bathed by only the sun. It's intimate and shocking, nude except for natural structures.

The town pulsed, the hustle and bustle of school fish wriggling in and out of the walls; the bright colors does much to hide what lies within the maze of coral. Even moreso, natural camoflague works wonders. Within the boundaries of the facade is a sanctuary, also made of coral, for other life. For dragon life.

Any dragons can reach this area with the right guidance, but very few qualify. Those who do take the names of old deities, parsing information in riddles and parchment. Certain permitted dragons go up and down from the surface, drawing the old, clan-less, and unusual dragons that have the natural ability to live in an area like this, as well as the interest. They do not often go up, and it is a small and tightly knit establishment, though the personalities range. Very few dragons ever leave, but I don’t know why. Some suspect it's the underwater rolling hillsides, the adventure, the science. But some are drawn like a moth to a flame, unsure why it is that they end up in said corner of the ocean.

My information on this subject is very limited, as of yet I know no more than can be written on this single sheet of paper.

The Present

All that has lived in the cool water has been destroyed, the god's wrath has descended upon us [INDICEPHERABLE], I cannot let them live oblivious to this, not in the way we were. I traveled into the ocean unaware of what I would find. I know now. The shimmering beauty of the sea is not all it seems. Be wary of those who sparkle too bright, those whose shining scales peel away into uncertainty, doubt, and fear. They are not as happy as they seem, I am not as happy as I once was.

I write little these days, for I have seen the land for more than what it is. Novella upon novella fill my notebook, there is little space left, and not enough magic left in the reefs to produce more waterproof paper. They are [INDICIPHERABLE] means nothing.

One last poem.

How beautiful, the scenery,
a tourist trap for sure.
All the lovely things that live here
stay away from those less pure.

It is easy knowing those
with only one shade, one facet,
and you'll find that it's much safer
if you stick to just one set.

Still, the water trickles onwards,
though it now approaches brink.
Hope the riptide does you mercy,
cold sea, please don't let me sink.

((Poems will be found in each dragon's bio, I'm not yet finished, but have some done.))


-Any UM accents
-Accents/skincents in general
-Cute, spooky, elegant, natural apparel ex. Silks, background items, sylvan, —little details, garlands, etc...
-Any scrolls (gene/breed) (Currently in eternal project hell)
-Low-digit dragons
-All retired familiars/apparel
-Festival items (apparel/familiars in general)
-Double gen1’s (or a triple... one day orz)

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Thanks for telling me Sheyada was on the front page, and for your kind words about her. :) She's one of my favorites!
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Thanks for letting me know about Tinder! : D
April 09, 2017 16:10:27
Hello hello! Found you randomly to be quite honest,, but I thought your lair lore was super interesting and wanted to stick around for more ;v; !
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