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"When the stars align just right, two dragons so powerful in their abilities of magic are born. Their eggs seemingly created from magic and stardust, have no natural lineage and simply exist. These dragons are strong and agile both physically and mentally. When trained properly these dragons can become unstoppable with their powers. If used for evil against Dragon-Kind, even one of these dragons alone can wreak havoc on the dragons and their home. They can change their forms and appearance, some even becoming creatures this world has not yet seen or turn into our gods, to disguise themselves. They are unstoppable creatures with a thirst for blood and destruction."

These creatures would be drawn together by instinct and fate to grow their race. They would do everything in their power to reach one another, even if separated by The Eleven themselves. Their offspring would be immensely powerful, as powerful as the parents, and would usher in a new era of Dragon-Kind. The creatures are known as the Lyren."

Lyren blood runs strong, so even children between a regular dragon and a Lyren can inherit the shapeshifting ability. However, over the generations, this ability can be diluted and weakened, or even forgotten entirely. A day will come, however, when the Lyren will rise again, brought together by two strong Lyren born of their desires to live on. Their children will have the purest blood and the strongest abilities and together they will teach the Lyren who have weakened through the generations. The Lyren will rise again, and beneath them Dragon-Kind will fall."

All the old texts and all the old scrolls all say the same; the Lyren race was wiped out from Sornieth after they attempted to kill the deities and all those who weren't of Lyren blood. Yet, Clan Meridon and it’s leaders are living proof that the book’s aren’t true. History is fuzzy on the details but the Lyren all know: they had been feared for too many years and one day all the tension snapped and the Lyren were the ones to pay the price.

Meridon was a sanctuary for all Lyren, dragons who can take on the form, appearance and powers of any dragon species. Meridon was once filled with families of Lyren dragons ruled by that era's "True-Borns". Now, however, Meridon is home to a small clan of dragons who call themselves “Clan Meridon” after their ancestor’s home’s name.

Every 500 years two True-Borns would be born in Sornieth. Dragon-Kind and even the Deities feared the old legend and threatened to destroy the new race. So, Clyathera and Lyrenias, the first True-Borns made a deal. All future generations would willingly give up one of the eggs, and in return, the Lyren would be allowed to live in peace in Meridon. Then, to further ensure the legend would not come true, the two swore to never have children of their own with each other.

After years and years, a select few had finally had enough. With help from from even a few of the deities this generation’s egg was rescued. Two True-Borns would now be permitted to live at the same time. Once brought together Clya still sought to track down all dragons with any Lyren blood and asked them to join her in Meridon. Slowly, Meridon began to flourish. The once destroyed city began to grow as dragons branched to living outside of the mountain. Still, it is hard to build a city on the ashes of one's fallen kind, especially when others make it their mission to stop it.

Traitors and spies, eitherl with Lyren blood or found some workaround to the wards, snuck into the rebuilding city all with one goal- to kill Clya, Kozane, and the other Lyren. Raila, trapped in her prison, swore vengeance on those who trapped her there. Darke sought revenge on the kind that killed his father and tainted his own blood.

Fearing for their powerful children, Clya and Kozane sent all their offspring away in an attempt to protect them. Those who they kept close often met the cruel gods of fate. Acokyalenz's pearl was shattered when an attempt was made on her life while Avalon runs for his life. While many were sent away in service of the Arcanist, the only god who did not agree with the mindless slaughter of the Lyren, there was also an unfortunate amount who were killed by assassins or by Darke himself.






I Hoard:
Glittering Bluesilver Torc Brilliant Brass Torc Stardust Sap Lamp Antique Oil Lamp Rusted Crown Forgotten Crown Pale Pink Rose Blue Rose Patio Rose Heart Rose Sakura Owlet Wildwood Owlet



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