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~ I pop in infrequently; if you ping or message me, I'll see it eventually. Be warned that my profile and lore is quite old. I cannot vouch for the quality of writing.
You are strolling through the Gladeveins, enjoying the feeling of the soft moss between your claws, the fragrant scents of flowers on the gentle breeze and the babbling of all sorts of streams and brooks nearby. As you continue on your walk you begin to hear a very faint sound. Curious, you pause to listen. It reminds you of what butterfly wingbeats might sound like, if butterflies were ever loud enough to hear. The sound grows closer and then suddenly... stops. A petite cough startles you out of your careful listening and you spin around to see a female fae.


Two things stick out to you at first glance: her golden crest and wings and the fire-colored gems dotting her body and clustering at her belly. Beneath the flaming gems are brown scales and equally brown eyes: rich, like earth.
"Who are you, and why are you here?" she demands. Her narrowed eyes and outstretched crest gave away her deadly seriousness, even if her voice was still monotone.
“Few dare to tread upon the sacred territory of the Endless Dusk and those that do never escape with their lives. So tell me, why should I spare you?”
You quickly explained that you meant no harm, were just exploring and would leave if she wished you to. The fae interrupted you with a sudden burst of giggling, her crest twitching back and forth wildly.
“I was joking!” she caught her breath. “We’re fond of travelers and we get quite a lot. But you did lie to me: you’re not just passing through.” her eyes glimmered with amusement.
“What I mean is that you’re going to have to stay the night, of course.” she gestured to the pink-and-gold sky in colorful sunset and the long shadows the trees cast. You accepted her offer gratefully, knowing you had wandered far from your clan and it would take a long while to retrace your steps.
"Excellent! Willowind, be a dear and go tell the others we have company." the fae seemed to speak to the very trees before a brown and green Skydancer seemed to detach herself from them and fly away silently. You realize with a jolt you had been observed by this hidden sentinel for a while and, if the fae hadn’t been joking, you would’ve likely been dead already. The Fae flew before you and guided you safely above the treetops as you glided through the sky.
"My name is Manzanita. I came to this tribe a while ago, when I was left at the entrance battered and without memory. They took me in and cared for me. In return, I oversee the building of the lair in order to make sure it was as beautiful and structurally sound as it could be. I also patrol the borders in order to protect the only home I have, the one I helped create." Eventually she dived down and you followed her back into the forest, your heart beating rapidly as you dodged between branches and thick clumps of leaves. Manzanita, however, weaved through the trees and vines with ease. She landed silently on the moss-covered ground and looked up at you expectantly as you followed. When you landed and had shaken the broken twigs and leaves that you had amassed in the dive you realized you were in front of a sort of natural wall. It was made up of large trees and tall, thorny thickets that were thick enough to conceal what was behind them. Manzanita approached a dead tree and knocked on it lightly. To your surprise, a large section of the tree bark swung upon like a door, revealing a hollowed out tunnel through the tree leading to a large gateway of living saplings woven together. The same Skydancer, Willowind, was holding the door of bark open. You followed Manzanita through the tree-archway and into the clearing that contained the lair of the Endless Dusk.

- Click here to go to Keeper’s page, which will help you navigate to various dragons with the best lore and also to learn some more about the tribe.

- Click here if you want to learn more about the architecture and scenery of the lair, or click the fae above.

Welcome to the Endless Dusk, a tribe united in peaceful harmony to cultivate and protect the Gladekeeper's domain and to welcome the weary and lost. The clan is headed by Terebithia and Sirka, a Fae and a Mirror. The leaders are very different - Terabithia celebrates growth, life and beauty. She is idealistic, but she is also very hospitable and kind to a fault. Sirka understands that kindness alone can't lead a clan. He is a skilled fighter and understands the importance of making strong allies and protecting the clan. He believes the Gladekeeper's domain isn't open for everyone and is wary of newcomers, but not hostile. In this way this tribe is led, to be peaceful but not docile, to be kind but not blindly so.
Of course, nothing can stop the excess amounts of hatchlings left at their doorstops. It's just a side-effect of living where travelers come and go.

Hey, I'm Dusk, I enjoy reading, writing, gaming (throw all your animal-related games at me), drawing, horseback riding and hiking through the woods. I am a female and a Christian! ^_^ *high-fives* If you need someone to talk to about Lord of the Rings, How to Train Your Dragon or Guardians of Ga'Hoole I'd be happy to oblige. Actually, scratch that - if you need anyone to talk to about anything or vent to my inbox is always open and virtual hugs and cups of tea are always ready.

This lair accepts and delights in Hatchling Letters and other lore-related correspondences!

My Dragons Off To See The World:
Past (all exalted):

Dragons Off To See The World that stayed at the tribe:


Swap Dragons -
The ones I've hatched myself:

Others that have stayed with me:



Cornflower/Lapis/Gold - can also be a Skydancer
(Stormfly, obviously)

Philippians 4:11-13
I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

If anyone is curious or confused about Christianity, why I believe what I do or wants to hear the Gospel, pm me and let me know. I'd love to share it with you! Don't worry, I don’t bite!

Have a wonderful day!


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June 03, 2021 07:20:19
Your lair is really pretty!
May 18, 2021 15:27:51
I love your page. It's very touching and gets a five star rating from me
March 14, 2020 18:57:36
Hey, that's cool!
Thanks for letting me know about my front page dragon! :D
February 27, 2020 21:41:11
Really? That's awesome! I think that's the first time I've had a front-page dragon.
February 10, 2020 20:42:17
Thanks for letting me know about Winnie :)
January 21, 2020 19:43:51
Omigosh he was?! That's so amazing! Thanks for telling me and I'm glad you find him so stunning!
January 05, 2020 23:48:03
Thanks for the comment on my Space Trilogy dragons. It was just a passing fancy (I might have named Perelandra on a whim, or she came named? and then hunted down a mate for her? I forget) but it's nice to fistbump over a reference once in a while. :)
December 27, 2019 20:26:10
thank you!
December 19, 2019 11:42:16
Thanks. You have a very cool account. You gave me the opportunity to believe in your :D
December 07, 2019 15:17:18
:O, ty for telling me my dragon was on the frontpage!!
December 06, 2019 21:09:54
hes actually in my fodder tab if you'd like him for free?
November 27, 2019 11:26:44
Thank you for the compliments. Tangourine is one my my older Dragons. She's busy preparing for Night-of-the-Nocturne. I love the intro to your clan & will be back to explore more.
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