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Passed the Tangled Wood, bordering the Sea of a Thousand Currents, is a series of islands. The smallest is home to a tree. But not just any tree, bigger than you're ever seen. The great tree home. Ever giving. Ever taking. It was created by Aural to be the safe haven of her charge; her ever-growing clan.

Welcome to Isla Sombre!

tumblr_ns5subPqpO1uwq352o9_250.png LORE
Aural was born onto Isla Sombre in one great breathe of life. Not from an egg, not as a hatchling, she took her first steps and ruffled her wings as an adult. She likes to weave a tale about being a teardrop from the eyes of the shadowbinder, dropped into the ocean, made of seafoam for her wings and sand for her body.

Soon she met Borelus, and they both felt the tingle, the electric shock that meant they were bonded. Each other's charges.

And for years, it was the two of them. Until they stumbled upon a sick looking tundra named Ryna. They looked over him until he was well, and went to send him on his way but- Aural felt it again. That electric pulse. A guardian with two charges? It wasn't until she met a magicless fae named Notos, and felt it for a third time. That calling- her charge- was her slowly building clan.

Factions formed...
As the clan grew, Aural got the idea. It was when she met Remise that she put it into action. The Guardian, who looked at Aural as a cross between mother and diety. Magicless, and refusing to work under Borelus, she wanted a way to pull her own weight in the clan. Aural had her three confidants to run her three factions, two dragons who had imprinted on her, two dragons who had sworn their lives to her as their charges.
...The clan grew
Alepo and Evo, working under Borelus, guard the walls of the lair. With Lethalus roaming the outer walls of the island, keeping watch, and Magus, in the branches of the tree, practicing spells, the Sombre Shade became a rumored haven for the gifted, the outcasts, those needing a place to belong. Aural found her purpose, her charge, in those who counted on her. Those who came to rely on her. To fight, to protect, to thrive. To her very last breath. Her life was dedicated to those who made up her family.


We are the bastion, the foundation of defense. When the enemy falls upon us, the other must flee. We protect with incantation, we fight with our spells. Without us, our clan would have a sword with no shield. We use wisdom to guide us and logic to dictate strategy. In times of peace, we usher the elemental seasons and warn our clan of natural disaster. We follow Aural. Corentin and Monocerous are her shoulders, and we are her hands. Together, we protect.

We are the guards, the warriors of the battle field. When the enemy falls upon us, the others need not worry. We attack with rage and savagery, we defend through aggression. Without us, our clan would have a shield with no sword. We use our fangs to guide us and instinct to dictate action. In times of peace, we hunt prey to feed our bellies and bloodthirst. We follow Borelus with unfaltering loyalty and trust Ryna and Rhaydris, his claws. Together, we fight.

We are the people, the heart of the clan. If the enemy falls upon us, the others have failed. We raise the young, we heal the wounded. Without us, we would have a sword and shield, but no cause. We use compassion to guide us and reason to decide. In times of peace, we prosper and feast, celebrating our victories and remembering the lost. We look to Remise as our judge with Nero and Artemidorus as our jury. Together, we thrive.

Formerly GiftOfArtemis!!!

Hi! I'm Finch, Pan/Enby, they/them! Welcome to the Sombre Shade. Take a look around, we're happy to have you here! Please leave a comment or shoot me a message at any time, about anything. I don't bite!

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wanted to let you know ive edited my dtday claim w/an update! tldr: im starting a new piece so thank you for being patient <3
June 06, 2023 21:09:53
August 07, 2022 22:52:55
Thank you for the help!
July 30, 2022 17:28:17
Thank you for letting me know! :)
July 20, 2022 23:27:13
Thank you so much for drawing Regulus (the Veilspun)!
July 20, 2022 13:50:07
No Boys themed dragons yet but soon hopefully ; o ;
July 18, 2022 14:31:00
hey just wanted to thank you for the outfit that you came up with for selenay! it gave me lots of ideas <3
June 10, 2022 09:31:10
Sycora was on the front page^^
June 10, 2022 09:24:53
Sycora was on the front page!
March 21, 2020 09:15:33
Cecil was on the front page!! What a lucky G1!
March 06, 2020 07:05:56
Posei was on the front page! What a beautiful Water mage.
December 26, 2019 23:57:07
hello! i was wondering if you saw my cr? c:
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