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How it all began...

At first, it was just Laurel and Taze, two unlikely companions who had both been left by their respective kin to wander the deserts. The pair had a mutual belief that there was more to life than conflict and chaos, which was deemed mutinous by the fierce tribes that they had belonged to.

The Beastclan Wars were raging, with each side fighting fiercely for territory. But some, like Laurel and Taze, became disillusioned by the uprising, and were eager to discover and build new things instead of tearing them down. Such individuals gradually abandoned their colonies, and went in search of new allies and new homes.

Despite their obvious differences (Taze being a jaded ridgeback warrior, and Laurel a beastclan hybrid and an eager inventor) the two realised they had a shared outlook. United by this they decided to form their own clan; a place where dragon and beast could come together under a flag of neutrality, and a common desire to create and innovate.

Guided by Laurel's old compass, the pair found a perfect location for their lair in an abandoned valley surrounding the Tempest Spire. As they set to work, the two friends jokingly called themselves the last sparks, as for a long time they were the only creatures living in that desolate, thunderstruck canyon, and it felt as though for all the world they were the last denizens left of The Shifting Expanse.
A spacious cavern at the end of a parched, v-shaped gorge now serves as their base. In time, many rooms and spaces were dug out to create an internal structure with multiple levels, both high into the cliff and down deep into the ground. Stairs were carved from living rock, and bridges from metal and wire were constructed to join all floors together. When the region slowly become more populated, a tall, electrified gate and portcullis were placed at the entrance of the valley to mark The Lastsparks' territory.

Now established, the clan offers an open-minded home to those who have a spark inside of them waiting to be kindled. Adventurers, inventors, scientists, scholars, warriors, sorcerers; all are welcome to come together and push boundaries, discover new mysteries, and rediscover old ones. Laurel remains the Leader, while Taze has taken the title of Captain of the Guard, training new warriors to protect the clan's secrets from spies and raiders. Aside from Taze, Laurel’s right-hand dragon is Fluxx (Second in Command), and together they strive to build an exciting and diverse lair.

30s | ♀ | she/her | LotR/Pokemon/The Aquabats!/Lovecraft fangirl from England who's having a go with the dragons. I like robots, sea monsters and dinosaurs, and am obsessed with the works of Lovecraft, Tolkien, Wyndham, HG Wells, Orwell, and Arthur C Clarke.
Dragon-wise, I adore faes, and the lightning, water and arcane flights best of all. I like to familiar match to enhance each derg's overall theme, but am not attached to any fams that I've already awakened (except Fluxx's Lightning Sprite!)

Lore is *everything* to me on FR. IMO it's what gives a dragon real uniqueness, and helps me connect with them. Writing is SO fun, it's my absolute fave thing to do on FR. Second is CREATING OUTFITS! I'm usually terrible at scrying though, most dergs get starcon or metalloy because I'm lazy and stupid.

I write my own lore, and think very carefully about each and every dragon's outfit. All of it takes a lot of time and effort to do, so please enjoy them, but don't copy and claim as your own 'cause that ain’t cool.

I believe that any dragon or item that I sell/trade/give away belongs to the new owner, and is theirs to do as they will (and vice versa.)

Please PM me about dragons or anything else I might be selling on the AH. Some prices will be firm, but others I'll be willing to haggle over. My g to t ratio is currently 1:1000.

My sister is CloudFirerose, and occasionally we send each other things. Very occasionally we may both be playing FR when we visit each other irl.

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November 28, 2023 20:58:50
Taze was on the Random Dragon!
August 07, 2023 12:07:24
Nice to see another Aquacadet on here!!! Hello !!
June 19, 2023 02:15:39
hello! i recently purchased mimas (#486353), and found out you were the one who commissioned the adorable art in his bio. even if it doesn't match how he looked as i purchased him or my (most likely) plans for him, i'm so glad it stuck with him from owner to owner – thank you for being the reason why he has them in the first place!
March 25, 2023 19:44:58
I noticed that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory reference in the bluebite rattler description text
January 31, 2023 15:01:51
lagoona was on the front page! such a GORGEOUS coatl!! love that outfit ^^
January 19, 2023 14:02:57
I love your lair!!!! The scrolling text in your info is awesome.
December 31, 2022 17:21:21
Querulous was on the front page! He looks absolutely amazing.
September 28, 2022 20:16:45
atrophy was on the front page!
August 11, 2022 21:18:12
stumbled upon your clan through the AH and good lord it's amazing! perhaps with your permission one day i'll reference the lastsparks in my lore :)
August 11, 2022 12:09:09
It was my pleasure, and thank you very much as well :) I'm far from having an elaborated and well-written lore like you do, but I'm working on it and truly admire the effort and diligence you put into your dragons and their stories!
August 09, 2022 10:57:52
Atrophy is absolutely stunning and beautiful c: Her design is excellent, and the accent plays together with her genes and accessories in an intriguing way. The vibes of "decay" are very well done, and her appearance has so much depth and uniqueness!
June 19, 2022 17:50:32
Excindo was on the front page!!!
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