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I like being pinged, feel free to chatter with me whenever and however! Just... no random friend requests, ok? I only friend people I've interacted with... well, and sometimes I fat-finger the friend button when on mobile, please feel free to ignore.

This is an exalting lair; don't thank me for buying your dragon if it was bought at fodder prices. I only train-exalt though, so your dragon will 100% get a name; I try to make sure it's a good one!

(I do occasionally do fodder saves, yes, but this is the exception, not the rule)

As far as making me offers on dragons goes, go for it if they're in tabs with "Fodder" or "Trainee" in the name. Otherwise... you can certainly try? Also, my HibDen "TBD" tab is entirely fair game too.

As a note- while I do intend to make my bios screen-reader compatible, I have not done so yet. My sincere apologies... I just have other things that need to take priority first.

Stellaria Media
Usually on in the midday/evening

Neurodivergent, so might misread stuff...

Infused Crystal
My art (closed)
Forgotten Poet's Tools

[image ID: a snowman made to look like a snapper- or the reverse?]
[image ID: An ice-cream cone with "Peregrine", "Cherub", and "Capsule"] 87.png
[image ID: An old achievement- a Ridgeback is jumping in front of a Tundra to protect it]
Dormant Obelisk Statue
Unhatched Light Egg Airborne Parchment

I went by ScienceGal8 before 7/3/18, so if you don't recognize this moniker, that's who I am!

Switched from Light to Wind 3/18/18
A dark-colored dragon lurking in the shadows. A flash of light. Some muttered cursing because apparently she didn't mean to transport the clan to the foothills of the Reedcleft Ascent... but the rest of the clan seems pretty happy here

[Undated]It was to be a celebration. A year of good fortune and fun. Someone tainted the refreshments... and now most of the clan slumbers in stone...

[12/5/19] The mist that surrounded the clan turned dark, the few dragons left slowly realizing that they once again had to fend for themselves in a new location... yet, with a touch of hope, as the curse of disappearances had been discovered and the beginnings of counteracting it were in motion... (Switched from Wind to Shadow)

[8/5/20] The bedraggled dragons made their way back to what had once been their home. The tatters of the landscape, the once-familiar caves that many of the newer clan members had never seen... new friends and old enemies alike. (Switched from Shadow to Light)
Bulletin board wrote:
* Lair goals-
* Get everyone to level 10
* Scatter Russet and my other G1s to better colors
* Finish projects and/or expand lair to accommodate this.
* Gene all the dragons- so far I have like 10 at least partially ungened dragons. I supposed to put something about myself here? I guess I know how to fold a fitted sheet, does that count as something cool? I will say, I'm usually trying to help, even if I stick my foot in things. Also, I try to keep upbeat on here- it's easier compared to how it used to be, given offline stress levels, but I'm still not perfect. I'm really sorry if that spills out on anybody... it's not my intent.

Current breeding projects:
- Lead/Lead/Aqua Skink/Spin/Runes Coatl
- Flint/Flint/Steel Skink/Spin/Runes
- So, so many more...

Staff: I play FR on a desktop, a laptop, and my phone, so I probably show up as coming from a lot of different IP addresses... they should all be in the same area though, and I do the same sorts of things no matter what device I'm on.

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October 25, 2023 13:45:14
Jasper (#7985098) was on the front page <3 very pretty autumn dragon
October 25, 2023 13:44:39
Jasper was on the front page, love her apparel, so pretty! :]
September 15, 2023 19:27:03
Thanks for telling me! C:
September 11, 2023 14:41:04
Thanks for letting me know! <3
August 22, 2023 22:15:32
Thank you! Sorry I haven't been active and keep missing these.
August 02, 2023 14:53:42
Thanks! Obviously there's a bit of Quidditch influence, but I tried to keep it as far from that as possible while still being recognizable as a team ball sport.
July 27, 2023 13:07:20
Thank you for telling me about Myllae so long ago! <3 I'm happy you find her pretty!! My husband picked out her genes so he'll be happy to know
July 19, 2023 18:30:28
Awwe, my boy! Thanks for giving me the heads up about him on the front page! ^^
July 02, 2023 20:41:06
I see you on the Suggestions forms and 80% of the time I absolutely agree with you, and I appreciate how well thought out your posts are. I hope you have a great day Renaiwom! /genuine
June 30, 2023 23:40:51
Thank you!! ^^"
June 30, 2023 22:49:14
OOPS I think Genjutsu's bio (#85127127) has a bunch of adopts I just ordered...would you mind PM'ing me the contents of his bio? or at least deleting it? sorry skdfjkdjf
June 23, 2023 13:09:24
Thank you so much for telling me about Vaya! I've made a note in his bio ^_^
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