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tumblr_inline_njw5jlgB0B1qg2i5p.gif Clan Skybrood

Greetings! I'm Seraph, the matriarch of Clan Skybrood. I may look mean but I promise not to bite you (as long as you don't ask for it).

We are a diverse group of dragons; there are warriors, magic-users, bards, dragons of fairness and bias alike. Beastclan ambassadors, of all things... imagine that! We are home to the famous and the obscure. We boast the companionship of such dragons as Marris and Skah. We are joined by the long-traveled and the locally-born. And we've also been joined by a Troupe of singing and dancing Coatls. *scowls*

But whatever you're here for, I welcome you with open wings to our Bluff.

Children of Verdigris begins on page 5.
tumblr_inline_njw5jjRGaO1qg2i5p.gif Children of Verdigris


The Children of Verdigris are a Clan devoted to mysticism. Those who aren't oracles or dream-seers take great care to tend to those who are. Given the Clan's mysterious nature, some drakes tell of secret gatherings among the Clan's Mothers and Fathers, lit only by the throbbing darkness, carrying bound tomes and garbed in ink-stained clothing....

These, of course, are just old wyrmtales. In the light of things, the Children of Verdigris are generally very passive and open to strangers.

It is yet unknown to the dragons of Skybrood why the strange Clan traveled all the way from the Viridian Labyrinth to live in the Starfall Isles. Some are convinced that they are learning the magic of the land while others are wary of their enigmatic nature. Seraph is sure that their coming has something to do with Waltz.

The Children of Verdigris can be distinguished by their strangely feathered wings.

Clan Hearthjoy begins on page 5.
tumblr_inline_njw5izoAKY1qg2i5p.gifClan Hearthjoy


Said to be one of the oldest groups of dragons in all the Domains, this Clan has been steadily diminishing for decades. Threatened to lose territory by younger, growing Clans, the dragons of Hearthjoy faced a wrenching choice: either settle somewhere new or join the same Clans who sent them packing. Those who stayed abandoned their noble name and took on those of their new Clans. The dragons who left keep the name Hearthjoy, hoping to someday return to their ancestral home.

The dragons of Hearthjoy are pure fire--temperamental, bold, industrious. They are a Clan of smelters and smiths, and most continue their proud heritage even as they live in the Starfall Isles.

Lechium is the brother of Hearthjoy Councilor, Vigoro, and is the main reason why the Clan came to the Arcane Domain. The Hearthjoy dragons are distinguished by their steampunk wing adaptations, something each young Hearthjoy must create themselves as a rite of passage.

Scrubland Nomads begins on page 6.
lightanim1.gifScrubland Nomads


Living in the deserts of the Shifting Expanse and the southern Sunbeam Ruins, the Scrubland Nomads are, well, nomadic. They call the shifting sands and dry scrubs home, preferring to live on the breeze as opposed to squatting in the harsh wasteland. They are diverse and accepting, yet have a strict hierarchy without which would undoubtedly cause strife between dragons. Caethastra is the long-sitting leader, although tensions frequently arise between her and the ambitious Tain.

The nomads live off of their gathering skills and all are capable hunters.

tumblr_inline_njw5imw9Dw1qg2i5p.gif The Dreamwalkers


Four dragons with the unique ability to walk in the realm of dreams, even altering them. Centuries ago, their gift was discovered by others who feared it, and for centuries they were shut away in a prison of ice. They slumbered dreamlessly in the Southern Icefield until a great magical disturbance set them free. Two of them--the Slumberqueen and the Faintdweller--returned to Sornieth without incident...but the other two--the Sleepstealer and the Nightwaker--woke up on the wrong side of the floe.


Don't worry, David. I love you too.

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