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Clan of Whispering Willows
"A Bunch of laid back nerds"

Clan is located more or less here www1.flightrising.com/world-map?pinx=2685&piny=1275&view=land&viewpin=true
- None of my dragons (unless I have made a forum post about them specifically/ they're listed on the AH) are for sale. I am, however, more than willing to help out with any breeding projects, and I love hatchling letters!
- Check out my tumblr at wolfcat-hybrid

Coding by rosequeen, 161957

You glance down at your map for nearly the hundredth time, but it's no use- you're lost. The shadows seem to trip you around with every step you take, and you can't even see the sky, the canopy is so thick. You're ready to give up and hit the hay for the night and try again in the morning, when a glorious Imperial steps into view. You have no idea how you missed her, as she stands out like a sore thumb. She smiles a sad, knowing smile at you, before extending her wing as if the shelter you.

"Lost?" She asks in a light, almost wispy voice. You nod in confirmation. Without realizing it, you've started to follow her, sticking to her side like a duckling as she guides you the way she came from.

"I know a clan you can stay with until you feel safe enough to head back out. They'd be more than willing to take you in" She continues, in a sort of monotone- as if she had said it million times before. You make a hum of acknowledgement and tuck yourself closer to her side as a shadow seems to try to trip you.

"Of course, there are a few rules. Nothing too harsh...."
  • No arguments/ fighting shall take place within the hive. Take it outside.
  • No heckling/ egging others on in order to start a fight
  • Any decisions made by either of the leaders are final and law
  • Merchants and travelers are welcome to pass through our territory as long as they pose no threat
  • Any people lost within clan territory are to be brought back to the clan until they feel safe to leave. If they feel unsafe venturing out on their own again, Einir will guide them out for free
  • Maren are not to be trusted. Anyone allying themselves with the Maren by either sympathizing with / having one as a familiar is deemed a threat to the clan and should be treated as such
  • Information shall be given freely without bias as long as said information cannot be used to harm the clan
  • Cursing/Hexing other clan members isn’t illegal, but it is highly frowned upon
  • If you have a problem with someone, bring it up with them- there is no point in being passive aggressive
  • Any familiars deemed sentient/intelligent are given the option to live with the clan as guests and not as familiars. Examples include beastclan members and other humanoid familiars.
  • Mercenaries are welcome to stay in the class as long as they agree to not harm any in the clan, or any that stay in the clan's territory

“The Blood of the Covenant is Thicker than the Water of the Womb”

Bits of my lore are sprinkled in each and every one of my dragons bios. If they don't have writing in their bio, they are either a temporary dragon, or my muse is being lazy and I haven't gotten around to them yet. Feel free to ask questions about my lore if you are interested!

~~Traveling Dragons~~
Solus | 15259636
Ontario | 16270590
Tik | 24042987
Sykion | 17948023
Scout | 17167210
Caeswyn | 18944747
Caelum | 18944748
Berry | 16677290
Star | 16677291
Lux | 17880107

Job Ideas-

Dragon Ideas? I'm kind of just spit balling with these cus they sound semi-cool and I'm super inspired by other people's dergs

-Water dragon scholar, only survivor of pirate attack, becomes pirate out of necessity but decides to stick with it upon being freed (thinking a male skydancer? dunno)

-a dragon that is just. always on fire. Nobody really knows why. Its kind of annoying but nobody says anything so they don't hurt their feelings. It was cool at first but it stopped after the third tundra lost a chunk of floof

-a revolutionary who just really hates the gods. they're mostly bark and no bite, and they seem friendly enough-if a bit out of it, but there have been rumors of an underground organization that is trying to overthrow the gods, an organization with a rather strange leader...

-A group of dergs who collect the weird fauna/flora of the tangled woods and sell them on the black market (they say they can sell you some authentic shadowbinder goo, but everyone knows its just murky water.... right?)

-warriors who have struck a deal with the shade so they can harness some of the shades ability, in exchange for something else- memories, their sanity, loved ones, their bodies even! Once they give up something small, they almost always give away more in exchange for more power

-If Khione gets to be treated as some sort of godly being, then why can't others? The shady underbelly of the clan finds a powerful derg to be the patron god of thieves and tricksters. The clan is torn between recognizing them as someone as powerful as Khione or as a regular ol thief

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