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~§~The Aequitas Clan~§~

Justice be done though the heavens may fall.

Dragons here live by the Code of Justice. May Luck be on your side, because they certainly aren't
TNnERnj.png If you want to find the Aequitas Clan, you're in a bit of a sore spot. The clan may or may not exist in a place that may or may not not exist, and by that, I mean the Runic Mountain Range.

See, anyone who's gone looking for this Range hasn't found it. And anyone who's found it wasn't looking for it. Not to mention, anyone who's rumoured to have found it, couldn't have found it, because, well, how're you to prove that you did find it if you never came back in the first place?

In any case, most Arcanites would agree that the Range existed. But if you knew about it, you wouldn't wound up there unless you had a death wish to not end up there. Basically, if you wanted to go there, you wouldn't be able to find it. And if that was the last place you wanted to go... well, hello there!

Hello, there! Welcome to the Runic Mountain Range, where you're now trapped and so are we! If you're thinking about escape, don't! Because anyone who's escaped wasn't looking to escape, and anyone who wants to escape, can't escape! This place is enchanted by a magical spell called the Droste Maze. The moment you find an exit, it's also an entrance! If you run towards the horizon, you'll find yourself running in circles. And if you fly up, at some point you'll be magically flipped over and find yourself hurtling towards the ground.

There's only one clan of dragons that can help you here. But the problem is, they might help you, if they're interested, and more likely, they might not. They're not particularly interested in your survival. To be honest, they might benefit more from your funeral. But when you're stuck in a hostile mountain range and your only beacon of hope is a clan of dragons with breathtaking mental issues... well, you might actually be better off alone.
Greetings, visitor, and welcome to our perfectly normal lair of perfectly normal dragons! The temporary lodgings will be to your left, and the Karma Cafe is on the third floor. Please ignore the radioactive dragon-eating slime in the hallway to your right, as that is a completely ordinary thing you will find in any lair. And please do expect anything valuable you have to be gone in the next five minutes or seconds, depending on whether Muffin plans on exploding the lair today. That is also perfectly normal.

Usually this is where others will warn you about the dangerous dragons in the lair, but as we are a wonderfully ordinary clan, no such dragons exist. None. Nada. Zero. And hypothetically, even if they did exist, there would be no need to look out for them, as they'll probably find you anyway.

We take no responsibility should you happen to leave insane, catatonic, or mutated. On the off chance you go in alive and come out a corpse, we'll be sure to anoint your body with pink glitter and cremate you before sending you home in a disco coffin. No charges required.

You're welcome!
TNnERnj.png The Aequitas Clan is a lore clan with a ragtag rabble of dragons. From the Shadetouched to mad scientists to fallen entities, we have them all! ...Which is probably not a good idea, because they fight a lot. (Isfet, this is so your fault. Don't even try to deny it.)

Our clan is run by four leaders: Kraken, Demeter, Hathor and Ma'at. Kraken is in charge of the clan's finances (we're eternally broke), while Demeter takes care of the domestic needs of the clan, such as hatchlings and exalts. Hathor is our diplomatic affairs leader (she makes excellent cookies), while Ma'at is our military leader (don't get on her bad side; trust me on this one).

Our military force is called the Scales. Ma'at is mainly in charge of strengthening the Scales, and despite being used mainly for defending the lair, the Scales also operate underground. This includes assassination, though Kavenia's the only one going so far. Other notable non-leader members of the Scales include Netjeri, Veles, and Venti. (Yes, half of them are on Ma'at's bad side. That's why I warned you.)

Our clan scribe is Vespera, who did not write this clan profile, but left it to Haukin, who does all the real work. (No, I don't know what Vespera's doing. Stop asking.) The clan alchemist is (rather unfortunately) still Muffin, because for some reason alchemists refuse to wander into the Runic Mountain Range. (Not because we attempted to kidnap a few, of course...) Our clan healers include former leader Pachetonas and Nephthys - who hates everyone, including her mate, for some unknown reason. Like the rest of the clan, please don't mess with the healers. They alone hold the right and ability to kill you and bring you back to life to kill you again.
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Clan Notices

Fodder will be named Runesnake and sent to the weekly deity of choice. If you wish to reacquire our test subjects, please send a ransom fee of 50kt + selling price.

Clan emblem was done by myself, the snake icons are done by JustaRev.


About Myth (迷思)

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英文系的大學生 ~ 夢想當作家!
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May 28, 2023 17:41:18
Congrats on winning!! Both are so gorgeous, I'm a gaoler enthusiast so sad brightglade myth didn't make it. Both really excellent! Happy Gathering!
May 24, 2023 05:59:21
Your Autumn Fortunes entry for GKG is beautiful! Would you consider/ will you be printing copies in the event it doesn't win?
May 19, 2023 17:04:46
Ur entries r Gorgeousness
May 17, 2023 22:09:42
* swoosh *
May 15, 2023 17:04:49
Love the look of both of your Greenskeeper entries!
May 10, 2023 05:58:48
Brightglade looks amazing! And so cute! <3
May 08, 2023 07:38:22
Are you going to have a ping list for your brightglade myth skin/accent if it doesn’t win? If you do could you please let me know?
May 07, 2023 14:01:07
Your fest entry is SO gorg!!! The duckies have my heart!! I hope you print it if it doesn't win!
May 07, 2023 05:05:56
Gosh I love your art and it'd apparently with how many y of your umas I have and my gosh your Gao entry for gg has stolen my heart! Best of luck!!
May 06, 2023 05:11:03
your greenskeeper entry is gorgeous ahhhHH THE LITTLE DUCKIES ;___; <3
May 05, 2023 06:41:28
brightglade myth is so pretty!! If it doesn't win and you print it, I'd love a ping!!
May 04, 2023 17:17:22
Your Gladeskeeper entry looks amazing!
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