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Need more Coatls and lair space!
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I blame Perigee entirely for my dragon addiction! I am her older sister. I also have a small addiction to coatls. Voronwis is my best friend and she wrote a book too!!

+8hrs ahead of FR Time (UK)
Female :)

Please do not be afraid to ask about my dragons, however, any dragon that is part of a pair, in the "special" tab or sleeping in the den are non-negotiable. A pair maybe sold together.

Goals and Wishlist:

Silver Sylvan Apparel
Its Wigs
Sepia Rose Garden
Plum Plumes
Prismatic Bows
Polychromatic Dress
Vintage Starsilks

Sprites - Ice, Shadow, Wind, Water, Nature, Light, Lightning, Fire, Arcane, Plague, Earth

Holiday Apparel:
ICE : Frigid Emblem, Frigid Fugitive Shackles, Frigid Armband, Chillspike Collar, Frigid Sash, Chillspike Crown, Frigid Crown, Snowfall Robe, Icicle Chains, Glitterfreeze ice-trolable, Glitterfreeze Halo, Standard of the Icewarden, Glaciarguard Platemail

SHADOW : Shady Emblem, Tricktrouper Crown, Shady Armband, Moonglow Thorns, Shady Sash, Gloomwillow Guide, Shady Crown, Tricksters Magic Cards, Bramble Mantle, Murkmith Tailcoat, Murkmith Halo, Shadowstrike, Standard of the Shadowbinder

WIND : Whirlwind Emblem, Windbound Plumage, Whirlwind Armband, Gustborne Balloon, Whirlwind Sash, Windbound Mask, Whirlwind Crown, Bamboo Breeze Cape, Map Kit, Aerborne Gustgather, Aerborne Halo

WATER : Diver Emblem, Thresher Flatfins, Diver Armband, Seashell Mantle, Diver Sash, Warmwater Wanderers, Diver Crown, Deeprealm Trident, Fathomsearch Halo, Fathomsearch Spirit Jug

NATURE : Druidic Emblem, Naturalist Adornments, Druidic Armband, Leafy Gladeboughs, Druidic Sash, Druidic Crown, Butterflys Kiss, Dryads Guise, Gladeleaf Halo, Gladeleaf Garlands

LIGHT : Illuminated Emblem, Sunchaser Jewelry, Illuminated Armbnad, Sunguard Chest, Illuminated Sash, Solar Blades, Illuminated Crown, Luminous Legguards, Hewn Philosophers Veil, Brightshine Raiments, Standard of the Lightweaver

LIGHTNING : Electricians Emblem, Electricians Power Pack, Electricians Armband, Golem Gauntlet, Electrified Sash, Mesa Mechanojets, Electricians Crown, Surgestream Coat, Highland Scavenger, Voltaic halo, Voltaic Stornclaws, Standard of the Stormcatcher, Thundercrack Cogspanner

FIRE : Searing Emblem, Metallurgists Forgetools, Searing Armband, Magmatic Pauldrons, Searing Sash, Will o' the Ember, Searing Crown, Black Iron Plates, Welders Mask, Conflagrant Kilt, Conflagrant Halo, Standard of the Flamecaller, Flameforger Crucible

ARCANE : Starseers Emblem, Archivists Spellscroll, Starseer Armband, Companion Comet, Starseers Sash, Cosmologist Fieldtools, Starseers Crown, Starlight Cloak, Starwood Veil, Spellwrought Shardhide, Spellwrought Halo, Starfall Crystalcloak, Standard of the Arcanist

PLAGUE : Infectionists Emblem, Boneyard Tatters, Infectionists Armband, Runaway Rotclaw, Infectionists Sash, Skeletal Chimes, Infectionists Crown, Scavengers Tatters, Carapace Arm, Contaminated Infectalons, Contaminated Halo, Riot Hazebeacon, Standard of the Plaguebringer

EARTH : Stonekeeper Emblem, Eroded Crystalhide, Stonekeeper Armband, Crystalhide Treads, Stonekeeper Sash, Bluffclamber Belongings, Stonekeeper Crown, Pyrite Pauldrons, Gem Thief, Crystalcourt Cascade, Crystalcourt Halo, Standard of the Earthshaker, Cairnstone Carry

Gene scrolls - none currently

Links to not lose
*Isabella Travelling Bog
*Octavia Travelling Noc
*Bogs For All Hatch
*Subspecies Funky Dragons
*Milton The Coatl
*Rainbow Cake Hatchery


Recent Comments

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January 10, 2020 08:56:10
Thank you for the welcome! And for making Meringue affordable :) She's very soft looking and pretty. I also appreciate the offer, I think I'm okay for now but appreciate being able to message someone if I have questions :)
November 05, 2019 02:25:36
Lief was on the front page! He's so pretty!!
October 25, 2019 14:17:16
Thank you! :D Your lair is beautiful, I love all the silks in the Special tab!
August 29, 2019 14:59:22
thank you!!! i adore baconite! :D
August 06, 2019 01:16:30
King was on the front page! He looks positively regal!
August 02, 2019 11:01:26
Thank you for telling me! :D And for the compliment, as well~
June 11, 2019 13:34:26
http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/fl9/2699960 just occurred to me that I didn't send the link in the PM, so here you go! Anyone is welcome to have a look!
June 09, 2019 12:20:51
Hey, I love what you did with Rosegar! Do you have any plans for her primary?
June 06, 2019 12:09:23
Thank you for bying all of my double cobalt noodle-kids
May 24, 2019 14:26:51
Thanks so much for buying Erostle!!! :D
April 05, 2019 14:40:34
Thank you, too! I just love colorful dragons so much
April 05, 2019 12:50:35
Eggrit was on the front page! I love how fancy she looks. :D
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