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You have entered the territory of a group of dragons who call themselves the Clan of Hope.

Do no harm and no harm will be done to you.

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It is said that, a long, long time ago, there was a storm unlike any dragonkind had ever seen before.
Many clans were destroyed, families ripped apart, friends seperated to never see each other again. It was a catastrophy all of dragonkind hoped to never have to witness again.

While the storm was raging across the lands, two dragons, one golden like the sun, the other black as the darkest night, clashed into each other, and held on to each other, and saved each other's lives.


Thus, the Prophet found his Catalyst.

They swore never to part again, so that the same luck that had brought them together during the storm, might protect them ever after.

When the storm finally ceased, and utter destruction was brought upon vast once thriving lands, the Prophet had a dream. He saw the lands returning to their former beauty and fruitfulness, he saw dragonfamilies reunited and friends falling into each others arms - but he did not know how after such a tragedy, such happiness might come to pass.

So the Catalyst made a decision.

"We must look for survivors", he spoke to the Prophet. "Unite them under a banner of peace, no matter where they may be from, so that we might work together to rebuild this land."

And forth they flew, for a hundred days and a hundred nights.

On the first day, they were met by a tiny Fae dragon, shimmering white from nose to tailtip, and he introduced himself as Silmaril. He was the first to join the Prophet and the Catalyst on their quest, and soon became their loyal and trusted friend.


Each night the Prophet dreamed and knew where to go next, and following his instructions, the Catalyst found more and more dragons and Silmaril convinced them to join their group, and on the onehundreth evening, as the sun was setting in a burst of red and gold beyond the horizon, the Prophet named them the Clan of Hope - and this is what they are, and what they stand for, to this day.

With the wise Prophet and the brave Catalyst to lead them, and the clever little Silmaril as their advisor, the Clan of Hope roamed the Destroyed Lands, searching for a new home, until they came upon the Windswept Plateau, where the winds are strong but gentle, and always a reminder of what has brought them together.

And there it was that they finally settled down.

And though some have rejoined their old clans and families, and some have left the Windswept Plateau behind entirely and journeyed on, the Clan of Hope remains thriving and strong as ever.

Lore Dragons:

Prophet, Catalyst, Silmaril, Jun, Leonn, Granby, Takala, Flynn, Remus, Ceridwen, Vyridia, Keao, Feanor, Sirius, Anders


Saving up 1000g every month
RIP real money

Metallic/Paint for Prophet and Catalyst
Poison for Skadi
Butterfly/Glimmer for Gawain
Glimmer for Haleth
Peregrine/Okapi for Adsini

Guard of the Dead

About me:

Chii, 28, she/her, Austria, FR+9

Social media:

Find me on Deviantart!

And on my tumblr artblog!

To-do list

Update breeding cards! (Mighty Olymp + Flynn/Kaiyo)

Ping Astrologian for Dusk/Dawn hatchlings on Feb 24th!
Ping awaicu for Cailan bio (including Yurio!)
Ping Lindwur for Dakota/Cherokee hatchlings
Ping Zenhugz for Courage/Aolani boy with orange tone crackle

Hatchling-letters are always welcome!! :D


Credits & Notes

Windchimes by dragonchee
FlightDivider by mibella-fr
Signature Flight Coins by Tzinoka

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April 03, 2022 17:34:47
Keahi was on the front page! He's absolutely gorgeous!
November 24, 2021 08:21:51
Ah thank you! ;v; of all my CR dragons, Fjord doesnt get much attention, so thank you!
November 22, 2021 09:02:59
Thank you for adopting Lemuria! Your plans for her are absolutely gorgeous, truly spectacular :D
November 15, 2021 07:05:07
Glad I could cheer you up! You have a neat assortment of dragons. Thank you for taking a peek at my lair as well
November 14, 2021 02:02:11
Congratulations on getting the Holiday Skydancer Christmas Dragon ~ Feel Free to Keep in Touch! =)
November 12, 2021 10:38:58
Aw thanks for the compliments on my dragons (and my lore)! Also I love your Soldon and Mara they're both so gorgeous!
November 12, 2021 10:31:48
omg thank you so much!! Your lair is also beautiful, the aesthetic is just so pretty. Your dragons are all so varied and well-organized too!! Hallows and October are particular highlights, I love a Halloween pair! ^_^
November 10, 2021 17:02:41
Trico my beloved!
November 06, 2021 16:17:28
Had to drop a like on October, they’re absolutely gorgeous!!!
November 03, 2021 17:34:06
i'm so glad Turin went to a home where he'll be spoiled!! his colors are so dreamy... i was sooo elated to have given up on a project once i saw your plans for him :D <3
October 24, 2021 18:31:46
Well was on the front page!! Love your drags, they're all so pretty!
July 24, 2021 08:26:01
echo was on the front page :)
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