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This has important lore in it.

Cyan Shimmer is gorgeous.

I want a Riot Hazebeacon.

Brick poison and Black toxic looks good.

Phantom and Trail and Gnarlhorns for Nina
Glimmer for Sails
Crystal and Facet for Euan
Bee for Strele

Jems is a Self-Insert and will not breed. Volly, Black Guilmon and Ouro are roleplay dragons and will not breed.

I am JemDragons on Fanfiction and AO3 as well if anyone wants to drop by and say hello.

My most recent roleplay posts are at the bottom of my profile if anyone wants to roleplay with me.

Looking for deity dolls. *hums* Fluffiness!

Find Lightning Forum Signatures by going on the Lightning Flight Directory, under Useful Links.

Thylacine for Zoron. Scroll of Eternal Youth for Volly. Circuit for BlackGuilmon. Spines for Rousseau. Facet for Shade. Cherub/Peregrine for Phoenix. Tiger/Spines for Berii. Sky Fox Female for Fox. Ping Defiance with 500 gems. Pearlcatcher vista. All of my money T_T

List of scrolls in order.
For Jackie Chan!
Shimmer G
Shimmer G
Shimmer G
Shimmer G
For me!
Circuit G
Spines T
Spines T
Vipera T
Cherub T
Peregrine T
Peregrine T
Facet G
Scroll of Eternal Youth G
Thylacine T
Glimmer G
Shimmer G

•Golem Gauntlet
•Chillspike Collar

A group of five strangers, later called the First Five, met by an oasis and a small cave amidst the gigantic Shifting Expanse and decided to call it home. And then it got bigger and bigger and they ran out of space so they had to move. It is continuing to expand slowly as travellers come and go, adding their wares to the hoard and their lives to the lair.

The First Five are the original founding dragons of Mashiro's clan and they act as a ruling council entrusted with duties of vital importance to the clan. They are Judge, Jury and Prosecutor to all dragons who oppose them. Their blood relations are equally important in the clan - though mostly as blackmail material. Shade, Esrare's Charge (Esrare being the Fifth First Five), is treated as one of the children. The First Five have a system which ranks their importance. Mashiro was the Founder and is the First rank. Tio is her mate and Co-Founded the lair, but does not have the intelligence to be higher than Second. Third is Arco because Mashiro values his species more than thieving Ridgebacks and he is her adoptive son. Zoron is the Fourth because of Mashiro's prejudices against his kind despite being Tio's pride and joy. Esrare is Fifth because she arrived scared and weak, jumping at every shadow. Mashiro, deciding that she was worthless, forced her to deal with the clan's financial work and all of the mingling that Mashiro herself didn't feel like doing and neither Esrare nor Zoron, her mate, have had the authority to overrule her since.

Mashiro has relinquished her leadership over the clan due to old age and exhaustion and has given it to Arco's son, Birdsong, and his mate, Tiara. They have together shattered the careful disorder of the clan into a million pieces and are now carefully rearranging them to their benefit. They are ruling over the clan with a strict totalitarian dictatorship and it seems like no one can stop them. They are, however, abusing the rights of the Stormcatcher's workers by forcefully taking over their territories without permission from the Boss. One can only wonder how much longer this can last...

This clan has strong connections to Mirrzam's Clan in the Arcane flight. Arco the Coatl and Shade the Guardian, Ezira the Coatl (Arco's younger sister) and Phael the Wildclaw (Arco's younger brother) all originate from this clan and Esrare the Guardian stayed with them during her Search. In return we have often shared information and stories. We looked after Spezz until he was well and Ladrar lives with them as a sign of mutual trust and alliance.

Mashiro's clan is allied to the Obsidian Order, a clan that do all the things Boss doesn't want made public, and are so close that currently four of our number is living with them. Spy, Epolip, DarkFin and Fracture all live there as well as the child of a very key member of the clan, Shade. The child, Syringe, of the Obsidian Order's Injector is a member of our clan. Scythe, an ex-member of their clan, also lives here. He wasn't too pleased about the alliance. We are currently in a Flight Rising roleplay with one another.

The clan of Rivix and I are also in alliance. They took care of three of our dragons, Ouro, Volly and Black Guilmon while the lair was being expanded and the son of Birdsong and Tiara, the future clan leaders, lives with them as a sign of trust and friendship. Flame, the child of Reagan, already lives here. We are currently in a long-running Digimon roleplay together.

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" "From North America=11
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" "From Antarctica=duh

Some of my Favourite Games and Why I Like Them:

Okami is my favourite game of all time. It is by Capcom and Clover Studios (Platinum Games before they were Platinum Games) and it is for PS2, Wii and PS3. You play as a gorgeously rendered white wolf goddess called Amaterasu and you need to save ancient Japan from an evil demon called Orochi, a mountain sized snake with eight heads. It's quirky and goofy and it makes you cry and laugh and throw your controller down in frustration. It was rated 5th in Watchmojo's Top 10 Most Artistic Games of All Time behind games like Journey, which I think is fair.


After you've completed the game you unlock the full soundtrack, all of the concept art, new forms to play as and a new game with all of the resources, skills and money you unlocked in the last one.


Also, the Spyro the Dragon series of five is very good. Those are for the PS1 and later the PS2. There's also the Legend of Spyro series which is worse gameplay wise but the third game redeems it by allowing you to fly and play as a girl. Those are for the PS2, Wii and Xbox 360.

Blue Dragon is an excellent RPG made by the creators of Final Fantasy. You don't play as a dragon but you fight with one on your team as well as many other mythical/ancient beings. It's for the Xbox 360 only. would personally say that it's their finest, though many would disagree. Yes, I think Blue Dragon is better than Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VII. Deal with it, people.

Though the title is wordy, Legend of the Guardians the Owls of Ga'Hoole is the best movie game I've ever played or seen and my brother agrees with me. It takes more inspiration from the excellent book series than the movie, really, only using the movie as a basis for visual style and voice acting. You play as an owl called Shard and the game has the best flying mechanics I've ever seen. It's for the Wii and Xbox 360.

In the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series for Gameboy Advance, DS and 3DS you can choose to play as a cat, dog-like, or dragon Pokémon (among others) if you're willing to try that. I would say they're the best iterations of Pokémon with the main series, card games, the anime (and movies) and other spin-offs taken into account. The games make use of excellent storytelling and the end really makes you cry. There's also a post game of equal length that is not DLC or a patch and even more content after that.

All of these are games that I highly recommend and most are dirt cheap by now. Enjoy.

Latest Roleplay Updates by me:

Dragons -

Mashiro snarled, "Oh yes, those two. Please could you or a member of your party brief Esrare on their exact details - where they're going, who they are etc. - before you leave. As it is unless there's anything else for you to say this meeting's abolished. Mmm...I hope my bathing rock is still warm..." She rolled her shoulders and sighed before jumping off the pillar, her mate following her.

She stopped by the foreign leader, "If there's anything we can do to make you and your party feel more comfortable while you're here please talk to Esrare. She's usually the one to deal with that kinda stuff."

She left the cave.

Digimon: the Chosen -

"Is that Volly?" A soft voice gasped.

Ouro looked up.

"Ash?" He glanced at Dex Dorugamon. "That your partner? She digivolved? Congrats."

He looked down again.

"Yeah. This is Volly. He's -" Volly gasped and more data escaped him. Ouro's voice trembled, "He's not in a good way. If we don't get him help soon he'll..." He sobbed, "Anyway, we can't get him to the hospital barrack with this thrice damned civil war that popped out of nowhere still going - it's too dangerous - we'd never survive. We'll be lucky to survive as it is. How're you holding up, Myotismon?"

Volly coughed again and opened his eyes. His vision was blurred but - hey! Was that the chick? Just in time for the show, he thought, morbidly. He laughed slightly before groaning in pain. "O-ouch."

Ouro was at him immediately, "Volly, you're not meant to talk, that'll make it worse. You need to just lie still and -" He was cut of by a loud roar outside. "Black Growlmon?!"

Black Growlmon roared in pain before groaning. He clutched his side, where there seemed to be a large cut, leaking data. He wished Volly was with him. He turned and glanced at the dome of bats. At least it looked stronger than before. And then returned his gaze to the fight.

The expanding of the dome caused more Digimon and Chosen to pay attention to it and, consequently, gave Black Growlmon a much harder job.

The three regular Growlmon advanced on him.

Breathing in, he bellowed, "Exhaust Flame!" But it was met by three others and was lost in the fire. A screech tore his throat as he took a fireball to the face. The attack had him off balance and he staggered. The enemy took their opportunity and charged.

"Plasma Blade!" They shouted as one.

Black Growlmon winced and raised an arm to try and protect his face. So this is how it was going to end. He breathed out and prepared himself.

But the blow never came.

A dark shadow zipped past all enemy Digimon near him, killing them near instantly. A low, feminine voice appeared from the darkness.

"Black Growlmon, what are you doing? Get inside that stupid dome and let me handle it." In a mutter that he probably wasn't meant to hear, the voice added, "If you want something done you've to do it yourself. Tch."

The shadow zoomed off and Black Guilmon hurriedly stumbled towards the protective dome.

Digimon Adventure Alt. -

Ammy winced as the cacophony of the fight grew. Quietly, she wondered to herself why all Digimon had to call out their attack names every time when it clearly wasn't practical and it made her head hurt. She moaned in pain as the shaking of the ground jostled her leg. She glanced over at the boy (stupid idiot knows nothing survival instincts of a lemming just stands there with a raging dinosaur coming at him stupid idiot) who apparently knew her, though she didn't recognise him from anywhere. He was braced against a tree quite close to her, watching the fight. Obviously he hadn't heard her over the crashing of branches and iron balls and FIRE. So much fire..

She was purposefully avoiding looking at the fire. It was pretty easy to deal with when you could run away (or, like, fly or something) but stranded as she was and with so so much more so much more it was harder to avoid.

The bird (that stupid bird a PHOENIX a literal fire bird a bird MADE OF FIRE luck hates me) grounded itself in front of her, digging its claws into the earth. It screeched and drew back its wings.

"METEOR WING!" It cried.

The heat, oh the heat, it blasted back at them with each flap of the phoenix's mighty wings as it became airborne again.

She gasped, squirmed, screamed, tried to protect her face as all her senses went overdrive. It burned, it BURNED. Then she felt cool, cool hands and soft words shouted over the violence and she was moving further back and her leg hurt but it didn't matter because it was quieter here and almost cold after that hellish inferno and everything was going to be okay. She opened her eyes (when did I close them?) and blinked at the darker jungle around her, illuminated by flashes of orange and yellow.

"Are you okay now?"

It was the boy. He was looking concerned.

"Y-yeah," she blinked and shook her head a little, "I'm fine."

He shifted awkwardly before sitting down next to her (how long have I been sitting? Maybe I'm not okay).

"So..." He started, "That was a thing."

The girl (Ammy probably maybe hopefully) didn't say anything else. He wondered if maybe it was because her throat hurt or something. She leaned across her legs in a casual display of flexibility most people couldn't get in a lifetime and started peering at her swollen ankle. He winced. It did look sore.

Unable to help and unwilling to be seen staring at a woman for too long (who would see me here? SHE would stupid), he stood up and started wondering around the area, careful not to get too close or far from the tree line. D@mn, he thought, that is one big tree.

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