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All-Seeing Eye
One would think it would be blind to what's behind it.
Amberwing Waveskimmer
These avians are always humming. It's incredibly annoying.
Anomalous Skink
Two heads are better than one, except when they're connected to two stomachs. Food fight!
Arcane Sprite
Entourage of the Arcanist. (Starfall Celebration Holiday Familiar 2013.)
Ashen Bicorn Whale
Adapted to filter feed in the scalding depths of Blacksand Annex. (Colored by PythtechGenetics.)
Autumn Sea Dragon
These creatures will conceal themselves among sea grasses, adding a touch of autumn color to underwater fields of green.
Barkbound Construct
These woods have eyes... and hooves.
Barking Jester
Always thrilled to play, this bright canine is the perfect distraction for a lair full of tireless hatchlings. (Colored by Cynderbark.)
Basalt Eruption
A petrified creature gains a second life.
Bearded Yeti
Never surrender. Never shave. (Colored by Akitaxzero.)
Black Dwarf Unicorn
This dwarf unicorn has lost its magic. Its once shining coat is dull and blackened. The horns of black unicorns are worthless.
Black-wing Hummingbird
Blackwings are one of the largest species of hummingbird. When in flight, their wings make a distinctive buzzing sound.
Bladebone Goliath
An opportunistic predator that attacks from below.
Blotched Quetzeel
Where the common Quetzeel is found primarily in the deep seas, the Blotched Quetzeel has strangely made its home in marshes, bogs, and lagoons. Watch where you step!
Bluejay Gryphon
These sleek raptors are adept at taking down the many smaller lizards and rodents of the delta.
Bone Fiend
Although frightening to look at, bone fiends mostly keep to themselves and the piles of calcified remains that they have collected.
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Boran Alpha
It is rumored that boran have extremely subtle magical ability and can attune their power to that of the element of the dragon they most bond with.
Burrow Bear
Known for creating extensive burrows, these ursine can undermine otherwise solid construction efforts.
Candycane Xolo
Xolo, Xolo, Xolo, Xolo, Xolo, Xolo, Xolo, Xolo, Xolo, Xolo.
Cinderkelp Loach
A playful loach capable of superheating the water surrounding it for half a meter.
Coarsefur Yeti
A towering yeti with huge meaty fists. Under its gruesome exterior, there's a heart of gold. Or a thousand digested dragon bones...
Coast Charger
Unlike its semi-aquatic charger cousins, coast chargers live exclusively in shallow waters.
Cog Frog
*Rivet Rivet*
Conjoined Skink
Long thought to be an extremely rare mutation, two-headed members of this species began outliving their single-headed siblings due to the added benefit of being able to watch for predators in several directions at once.
Crested Waveskimmer
A waveskimmer that's just a little bit extra.
Crowncrest Melprin
Their unwieldy crest prevents the utilization of most burrows, making Crowncrest Melprin easy prey for most predators. They are a rare sight.
Crowned Roc
One of only a few airborne creatures in Sornieth larger than a dragon.
Dappled Dunhoof
You encountered this centaur from the Dunhoof herd while hunting. She decided to stay with your clan to learn your hunting techniques.
Deeprealm Hunter
A predator best avoided by all but the largest of dragons, Deeprealm Hunters are capable of diving over six hundred meters deep.
Deeprealm Leon
The tentacles of a Leon's mane are used to grasp its prey, bringing them closer to its claws and teeth.
Deepwater Traveller
Typically found in the deeper trenches of Sornieth's seas, these mysterious maren haven't even seen the water's surface in many years.
Dire Claw
As if normal bears were not troublesome enough!
Disoriented Spirit
The very last thing you wanted to encounter on a dark night.
Driftwood Baron
The toxins found in the venom of Driftwood Barons have been used to combat the onset of several strains of Wyrmwound plague.
Dusk Fuiran
This fuiran prefers to be out after the sun has set as its night vision has evolved to the point it can see even on moonless nights.
Dwarf Unicorn
Slight and sleek, this unicorn possesses all of the charm, but less than half the magic and size of a true unicorn.
Earth Sprite
Entourage of the Earthshaker. (Rockbreakers Ceremony Holiday Familiar 2013.)
Fear Frog
Formidable juggernauts from a realm beyond, fear frogs inspire dread in both their opponents and allies.
Crossing paths with a ferberus is considered to be extremely unlucky. Fiona has twelve, of course.
Fire Sprite
Entourage of the Flamecaller. (Flameforger's Festival Holiday Familiar 2013.)
Fluted Pukasloth
The Pukasloth has a pair of webbed wings that are rumored to have once allowed the creature to fly. Nowadays they are vestigial and mostly used for looking adorable.
Foolish Prince
A wise leader must never lose their head.
Frost Delver
This automaton has continued to work long after its pilot ran away.
Gabboon Viperpillar
Patient, it hides in the sand, lying in wait for the next distracted creature to pass by.
Geartoggle Smith
Supplying most of the armor and weapons for the mith beastclans, these plucky smiths are often underestimated as fragile.
Ghostly Rat Lord
Neither fanrats nor sewer sludge are responsible for this horror.
Glamourtail Hopper
These diminutive fish live in shallow puddles. They will use their fins to propel them across short stretches of land.
Glasswing Flutter
Glasswings regularly shed their wings. The new growth may be of a different color each time.
Golden Bantam Fangar
Bantam Fangar lines have been bred to produce a smaller, stockier cat. Their soft purr can soothe hatchlings to sleep.
Golden Idol
Once revered by ancient Manticores, this idol makes a really swell door stop for your lair. Bling!
Golden Roc
Golden rocs are smaller than most roc subspecies. Of course, "small" is relative.
A methodical grooming may soothe a Goldenbeast where music has proven ineffectual.
Great Blue Waveskimmer
But is it really that great?
Brother to Skll, Hati seeks to devour the moon.
Hawksbill Goliath
A Hawksbill Goliath often out-competes or consumes other aquatic predators in its native pond.
Dire companions, hellhound are incredibly loyal to their masters.
Will you forget the head-slicing thing?!
Hydraulic Armored Protector
Powerful armor provides a hard shell and crushing grip.
Ice Sprite
Entourage of the Icewarden. (Crystalline Gala Holiday Familiar 2014.)
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