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Alabaster Squirmscoot
Beware! The alabaster squirmscoot has a much tougher hide than its fairy kin, though it still weighs in at less than a kilogram...
Albino Battlelisk
Nature's shiny.
All-Seeing Eye
One would think it would be blind to what's behind it.
Anomalous Skink
Two heads are better than one, except when they're connected to two stomachs. Food fight!
Arcane Sprite
Entourage of the Arcanist. (Starfall Celebration Holiday Familiar 2013.)
Armed Flight
River Flight battle!
Aurelian Porcupine
Going in for a closer sniff of these fragrant lilies is ill advised.
Autumn Sphinx
Assuming rulership of the sphinx prides with the turning of the leaves, autumn sphinxes lead during a time of bounty and encourage their prides to excess.
Barkbound Construct
These woods have eyes... and hooves.
Basalt Eruption
A petrified creature gains a second life.
While protecting a creatures eyes with armor would seem sound logic, it also prevents a basilisk's glare from petrifying its opponents.
Bihorn Chacma
The bioluminescent horns do little to illuminate the environment, but much to destroy any semblance of night vision.
Black Dwarf Unicorn
This dwarf unicorn has lost its magic. Its once shining coat is dull and blackened. The horns of black unicorns are worthless.
Bladed Boa
Whatever dragon named this seemed more concerned with alliteration than proper classification of the genus of this snake.
Bloodwing Owlcat
Its wings are naturally a deep red; this owlcat has never seen battle.
Blotched Quetzeel
Where the common Quetzeel is found primarily in the deep seas, the Blotched Quetzeel has strangely made its home in marshes, bogs, and lagoons. Watch where you step!
Blue and Gold Macaw
This parrot has learned the ways of its crew, and pilfers all that shines.
Bluejay Gryphon
These sleek raptors are adept at taking down the many smaller lizards and rodents of the delta.
Bone Fiend
Although frightening to look at, bone fiends mostly keep to themselves and the piles of calcified remains that they have collected.
Boneshard Jeweler
A hoarder of fine gemstones and pale metals.
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Brilliant Gryphlet
An intellectual birb.
Calico Ferberus
Triple the mischief!
Candycane Xolo
Xolo, Xolo, Xolo, Xolo, Xolo, Xolo, Xolo, Xolo, Xolo, Xolo.
Cauldron Crawler
Able to traverse any surface with ease, gravity is not an issue for the Cauldron Crawler!
Chainlink Jeweler
A hoarder of fine gemstones and enduring metals.
Charoite Burrower
I want to be shiiiiinnny!
Cherry Blossom Strangler
When in flower, stranglers are at their most docile.
Coarsefur Yeti
A towering yeti with huge meaty fists. Under its gruesome exterior, there's a heart of gold. Or a thousand digested dragon bones...
Cog Frog
*Rivet Rivet*
Colorburst Buttersnake
This buttersnake will shed its wings when startled. (Colored by Grovey.)
Conjoined Skink
Long thought to be an extremely rare mutation, two-headed members of this species began outliving their single-headed siblings due to the added benefit of being able to watch for predators in several directions at once.
Cosmo Gecko
The more luminous specimens consume a great quantity of fireflies. (Colored by LugiaFly.)
Cracked Crystal
That belonged to a grandmatron - she's going to be very disappointed in you.
Crackers has never eaten its namesake, nor does it want to. Crackers doesn't want dry bread; Crackers wants POWER!
Crane Contraption
A good friend always helps a contraption during a break down.
Crazed Powermith
Your workshop will never be safe again.
Crowncrest Melprin
Their unwieldy crest prevents the utilization of most burrows, making Crowncrest Melprin easy prey for most predators. They are a rare sight.
Crowned Roc
One of only a few airborne creatures in Sornieth larger than a dragon.
Crystalcleave Canary
This colorful canary dazzles the eye in when in flight, especially when flocking and flourishing their very sparkly, very sharp cleavers.
Curious Jeweler
A hoarder of fine gemstones and curiosities.
Curious Mith
A higher flyer fire hazard.
Dappled Dunhoof
You encountered this centaur from the Dunhoof herd while hunting. She decided to stay with your clan to learn your hunting techniques.
Darktouched Chimera
It's not wise to catch a chimera by the tail.
Deeprealm Leon
The tentacles of a Leon's mane are used to grasp its prey, bringing them closer to its claws and teeth.
Delving Jeweler
A hoarder of fine gemstones and ancient treasures.
Disoriented Spirit
The very last thing you wanted to encounter on a dark night.
Driftwood Baron
The toxins found in the venom of Driftwood Barons have been used to combat the onset of several strains of Wyrmwound plague.
Dunhoof Ambassador
The dunhoof herd of centaurs have been the allies of dragons for years beyond counting. This one is an ambassador to your lair.
Dwarf Unicorn
Slight and sleek, this unicorn possesses all of the charm, but less than half the magic and size of a true unicorn.
Earth Sprite
Entourage of the Earthshaker. (Rockbreakers Ceremony Holiday Familiar 2013.)
Eye of Talona
These deceitful harpies claim to be defectors of Talona, striking out to forge alliances with dragonkind. Little do many know that they are actually her most talented spies.
Fae Ferret
A fancy ferret is called for on certain occasions.
Fanfin Noggle
Adaptable to most freshwater and brackish environments, noggles are survivors.
Fawn Fox Rat
The coats of fawn fox rats are prized for their softness. Luckily for this one you decided to befriend it!
Fear Frog
Formidable juggernauts from a realm beyond, fear frogs inspire dread in both their opponents and allies.
Featherfoot Spingy
Are spingies weaving silk, or extending their sensory fungal network?
Crossing paths with a ferberus is considered to be extremely unlucky. Fiona has twelve, of course.
Fire Sprite
Entourage of the Flamecaller. (Flameforger's Festival Holiday Familiar 2013.)
Flowering Pohip
The snore heard 'round the world.
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