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[T] Lair Revamp Bugs / Common Questions
May 31, 2019, 11:38:07
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Thanks @Midgardschlange

It appears that 7 of your dragons didn't want to go to sleep when they were sent to your Hibernal Den:

As you can see when visiting the URLs above, they say they're in your Den, but I don't actually see them there when viewing your Den tabs. Someone snuck out at night.

Basically, seven dragons tried to fit in 6 beds. Can you tell me which of the dragons above you would like for me to send back to bed? The remaining one will return back to the lair, unless you prefer to free up an extra den space.
[T] Lair Revamp Bugs / Common Questions
May 31, 2019, 04:00:58
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
@Midgardschlange Please try the following trick and let me know what happens:

1. Go into edit mode
2. Drag your "Fodder & Sales tab" to the front of all our tabs
3. Wait a second for it to finish saving
4. Move the tab back to the normal spot

Does this correct the counter, or does it stick at 7? Also, is this your default tab when receiving new dragons? Thanks!
Status Update
May 30, 2019, 12:20:19
Site Status | By Kaepora
Vista selection in Account Settings now includes an avatar preview for easier dragon/vista matching.
Status Update
May 29, 2019, 13:03:44
Site Status | By Kaepora
Forum replies now hide quotes that are nested more than 3 levels deep by default. Clicking “Show older quotes” in the quote box will reveal the full quote history.
Status Update
May 28, 2019, 08:05:59
Site Status | By Aequorin
Dragon Share Theme Week: Greenskeeper Gathering!
Um.. I thought you fixed this?
May 27, 2019, 21:19:20
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Hi @DeathPhoenix

A bug matching your description was found and fixed last week on this page:

I now suspect that you were actually using a similar-looking (but actually different) page here:

Both pages should now be fixed.

If you continue to see the error, please reply to this thread with an exact URL of the page where you're seeing the problem. Also include the steps taken to reproduce the error, as it will help pinpoint the cause more accurately.

Gem Marketplace Skin Glitch
May 27, 2019, 02:13:14
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Undel
That... shouldn't be there...

All of the Halos Stacked!
May 26, 2019, 20:54:30
It's beautiful and don't let anyone tell you otherwise
Greenskeeper Gathering 2019
May 26, 2019, 06:36:13
Forum Post | Announcements & News | By Undel
Moreii wrote on 2019-05-26 06:32:04:
!!!! Oh my god! I’m so honored that my skin won, thank you and congrats to all the winners <3 It’s going to be a lovely Greenskeepers!

I did notice that the name seems to have glitched on the skins name though, it’s meant to be “Moth-Eaten” haha. I’m not really sure who I should ping for that? @Aequorin maybe, but I’d love to get that fixed, thank you! <33

@moreii it has been corrected, but it may take a couple hours for the sites internal cache to catch up. Sorry about the mistake!
FireFox Clan energy tooltip
May 24, 2019, 21:32:14
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Thanks @Xeyla, please try once more.

If it's still broken for either the clan energy or a familiar, please let me know the full and exact URL of the page you're testing it on. The clan energy in particular exists on two parts of the site that are very different code-wise.
FireFox Clan energy tooltip
May 24, 2019, 19:54:45
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Thank you @Xeyla & @Ralzakark

Can you check if, after clearing your browser's cache, either or both of the issues are fixed? Thanks!
Scrying workshop Background Revamp
May 23, 2019, 13:48:05
Keep in mind that dragon culture doesn't exist solely in 11 vacuums!

Although water dragons are experts at scrying, it doesn't mean that they are the only ones that do so. It also doesn't meant that they don't do business with, for example, the scholars of the arcane flight, who may or may not be the creators of magical scrolls. There are mages and oracles spread out across the realm.

This wasn't a conversion of a feature to become elementally-themed, despite the color palette used.

(Mostly this was just an opportunity to revamp some art while we did some backend work to accommodate ancient breeds. The scroll was widened to allow for potentially longer-than-normal gene names if we need it in the future)
Status Update
May 23, 2019, 11:48:19
Site Status | By Kaepora
Predict Morphology has a new look and back end changes in preparation for Ancient Breeds.
Status Update
May 21, 2019, 16:51:00
Site Status | By Xhaztol
We will be performing scheduled maintenance starting at 6:00 Server Time on Saturday, June 8th. This will serve as our implementation window for the Ancient Breeds system. We don't have an estimate on when it will be concluded, however Flight Rising will be inaccessible while we work.
Dragon Tooltip in Nesting Grounds
May 21, 2019, 11:36:52
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
@Birdo @AstraLily - This should now be fixed. Thanks!
Status Update
May 21, 2019, 08:18:08
Site Status | By Aequorin
Dragon Share Theme Week: Goat Eyes!
Galore and the Market
May 20, 2019, 21:21:39
Matchmaker wrote on 2019-05-20 21:16:31:
JaviNiceDay wrote on 2019-05-20 21:12:22:
and do remember the announcement that paired with Galore
Xhaztol wrote on 2019-05-20 09:40:57:
To celebrate the launch of the feature, you can log in for the next week and pick up several free items!

This isn't over yet

I think what they mean is you have a week to pick up the eliminates and vials. I don't think they'll be adding more stuff to pick up.

@Matchmaker is correct. Goodness me, please do not spread the misinformation that new gifts are gonna be poppin' off everyday lol
Scrying workshop issues
May 20, 2019, 20:20:51
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Hi @ShadowindART, please check that there wasn't accidentally a space either before or after the number. HTML number fields are pretty picky about that.
Dragon Tooltip in Nesting Grounds
May 20, 2019, 20:19:00
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Thanks for spotting this. It is related to the tooltip update, as guessed.

I'll post an update here once it's fixed!
Galore's Glorious Gifts
May 20, 2019, 19:30:44
crowcorvidae wrote on 2019-05-20 18:54:52:
wouldn't it make more sense for the tooltip colors to correspond with the colors of the baldwin goop? nice update nonetheless

For the tooltips, we actually are doing our own take on a games industry standard employed across lots of different item systems.
PSA : No Scattervials in Roundsey
May 20, 2019, 13:29:23
The problem with the Vials of Scattersight is the hard reality you could need an infinite amount* a very high number of vials (and clicks) to get the desired eye on your dragon(s). That's frustrating, stressful, and not fun. If we had to go back and make the choice again, we wouldn't release the item.

Galore did present a way for us to find a compromise on natural eye type implementation. We agree with you, this could have been implemented better and we're working on that.

Regarding the forums, feedback, and the perception of censorship, please remember that the Flight Rising forums are for discussion of the game and gameplay.

What does this mean?
This means suggestions and discussions about gameplay are okay and welcome. Negative feedback or criticism is valuable, often more valuable than positive feedback—but for it to be on our forums, to be on our website, it needs to be constructive.

Threads with negative feedback, criticism, or discussion require moderation when the discussion goes from constructive gameplay focused feedback to comments that are focused more on the staff or team.

These types of comments must be submitted through Contact Us:
The Flight Rising website is for entertainment purposes, it is a game and a space for players to relax and enjoy. However, for Flight Rising employees, the website is their virtual workspace or office.

What this means is: Stormlight Workshop, LLC has the obligation to ensure that their employees are able be present on and engage with the Flight Rising website free from harassment or targeting.

For this reason, discussion of our rules, policies, or employees on the Flight Rising website is not permitted.

We aren't always able to respond with personalized replies but we read through and document all submitted feedback.

I understand the intent of the thread was not to go in this direction, but after reading through it, the discussion's reached a point where the thread has to be locked under the above policy.

*(edit: hyperbole, my apologies!)
Errors in tooltip when collecting items
May 20, 2019, 12:51:04
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
@WingedClaymore - On second thought, the tooltips have been re-updated to work the same as the hoard. It was probably more confusing than it's worth, thanks!

Skins, however, will still show an ID.

In theory, the other issue is fixed now as well, but please let me know if you see any other cases where a price is listed twice.

Errors in tooltip when collecting items
May 20, 2019, 12:24:09
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Thank you @WingedClaymore

I'm looking into the first of those issues. As for the item id#, please let me know if, when you see it again, it's an item that has a listed price in your hoard.

Some items don't have any sale price at all, and so we're listing the item id# there instead. This is mostly for skins, but also a few other things.

Tomo bubble with toggle off
May 20, 2019, 11:59:46
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Thank you @fromidam - has the counter fixed for you now?

Tomo has needed a little extra help with the new setup with forgetting how it works.
Tomo notif & Galore's bubble tail error
May 20, 2019, 11:32:24
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Thanks @Marilill !

Unfortunately, that looks like a browser + zoom related error. Sort of a rounding error. I don't believe there is a quick fix at this time, but it may resolve itself because browsers are always improving how they display - particularly on phones.
Tomo notif & Galore's bubble tail error
May 20, 2019, 10:50:10
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Thanks @Marilill

- The Tomo counter should be fixed now.
- Can you let me know if the Galore speech bubble is now tall enough to reach the tail?
Tomo forgot I answered her questions
May 20, 2019, 10:43:46
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
I've reminded Tomo that here questions have already been answered. The badge should now display correctly. Thanks!
Galore's Glorious Gifts
May 20, 2019, 10:40:50
>I'm hitting a minor glitch - I have alerts for Tomo's plot, but I already answered all her questions.

Thank you @LeviathanDemon. I've reminded Tomo that you answered her questions. Is it displaying properly now?
Galore's Gifts - back arrow broken?
May 20, 2019, 10:07:37
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
@Supremedorklord @Sushare - Thank you, this should now be fixed!
Status Update
May 20, 2019, 09:48:23
Site Status | By Xhaztol
There are some gifts awaiting everyone at Galore's Glorious Gifts! You have until Monday, May 27 10:00 server time to pick them up.
Galore's Glorious Gifts
May 20, 2019, 09:42:35
We ask players stay on-topic when replying to this announcement. Off-topic replies, including replies that are only partially on-topic, will be removed as standard forum moderation. Thank you!
Galore's Glorious Gifts
May 20, 2019, 09:40:57

Galore’s Glorious Gifts is now live and will be used as the primary system for supporting sitewide gift items in the future. To celebrate the launch of the feature, you can log in for the next week and pick up several free items!

Galore’s Glorious Gifts

As we announced in our last Dev Update, we are changing the way we distribute limited event items (“gifts”). Rather than being deposited into the hoard of all open Flight Rising accounts (a time-intensive and system-intensive task for our team), these gifts will be safeguarded by Galore, Sornieth’s resident relic-keeper, for one week (7 days). Any open Flight Rising account is eligible to log in and collect their free gifts from him during this timeframe.

Why the change?

Galore introduces a streamlined automated system that allows us to continue providing players with limited event items (or gifts) without requiring our engineers to work late night/early morning hours or on off-days.

You can learn more about the reasoning behind the change by reading our Developer Update about it here.

Today’s Gifts

To debut the system, we are awarding free gifts, which are now available to pick up at Galore’s plot at the Trading Post. Remember: He will hold onto these items for the next 7 days, so if you can’t grab them today, that’s okay!

You have until Monday, May 27th at 10:00 server time to collect the following items from Galore:

  • 2 x Eliminate
  • 2 x Clanbound Vial of Horizontal Sight

Whoa, Hold Up, is that a Goat Eye Type Vial?


Natural Eye Type Releases

We’ve had some time as a team to discuss the community’s feedback and our approach to releasing new natural eye types in to the ecosystem of the game.

Natural eye types, by design, appear at random when hatching any new dragon in Flight Rising. This allows all players to have a chance at hatching really unique dragons that can have significant value. However, we understand that there is another side to this system. We realize that it feels frustrating when a natural eye type is released: It’s a new visual attribute you can’t interact with right away and it can’t be applied to dragons that already exist. So we’re going to do something about that.

  • Today, as part of the grand opening of Galore’s Glorious Gifts, players can collect two (2) Clanbound Vials of Horizontal Sight. This item can be used to apply the Goat eye type (our most recent natural eye type release) to any dragon.
  • Going forward, all newly-released natural eye types will also be accompanied by two (2) matching clanbound eye type vials available at Galore’s Glorious Gifts.

Our goal with this change is to ensure that we provide everyone equal & assured opportunities to apply future natural eye types to a couple of their existing dragons every time one is introduced into the system.

Item Tooltip Revamp

We're making steady progress on revamping / refactoring the codebase of the site, and it was about time for the item tooltip to receive a bit of love.

You'll find that mousing over items will now produce a tooltip that has a few new modifications:

  • The tooltip size has been slightly increased.
  • The font size of information in the tooltip has been increased to allow for better readability.
  • Items are now not only classified by a star count, but their title bar has been color-coded to indicate their rarity. (Gray, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Red)
  • The item icon has been added to the tooltip to hopefully help with visual clarity when mousing over items that might be linked in large volumes on the forums.
  • Many places that contained text strings have been replaced by icons (sell value, food points).


Alerts & Notifications

Alongside the launch of Galore's Glorious Gifts, we've also added a few new notification settings to the site.
  • Whenever a new gift becomes available at Galore's Glorious Gifts, you will receive an alert. This is similar to the alert that is generated when your Baldwin brews are ready.

  • We have added badge notifications to several Trading Post hub buttons to let you know if there are activities you can participate in. Such as: grabbing your daily item from Pinkerton's Plundered Pile, or how many offers are awaiting you at Crim's Collection Cart.


The latter options can be toggled off within your Account Settings.

New Jigsaw Images

We've added 7 new puzzle possibilities to Jigsaw! Note that these puzzles may not appear until after rollover tonight!

Emoji Additions

Bogsneak emoji are now available! Alchemists and adventurers alike can adorn their post with these plucky dragons!
Status Update
May 20, 2019, 02:16:44
Site Status | By Undel
Bogsneak emoji are now available for alchemists and adventurers alike!
Status Update
May 19, 2019, 11:58:57
Site Status | By Mutron
We will be performing scheduled maintenance from 09:30 - 10:00 Server Time on Monday, May 20. During this period Flight Rising will be unavailable.
Your fr account in 3 words or less
May 16, 2019, 22:28:36
quality assurance dragons
Status Update
May 16, 2019, 07:05:06
Site Status | By Mutron
An issue preventing players from accessing Coliseum battles after maintenance has been fixed.
Issues with Site Pages Loading Slowly
May 16, 2019, 07:03:45
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Mutron
DancingHare wrote on 2019-05-16 06:59:51:
Actually just came to this thread because the coli won't load -- rather, I can make my team but the actual level won't load once I pick a venue.

Also still having intermittent slow speeds on other pages as mentioned in this thread.

@DancingHare - Looks like this was an issue related to our maintenance period, it should be fixed now!
Status Update
May 13, 2019, 16:34:01
Site Status | By Aequorin
Dragon Share Theme Week: Spring Flowers!
Shrouded in Celestial Silk
May 10, 2019, 09:32:54
As a reminder, please keep comments on topic for this announcement post. Off topic replies or replies that are only partially on topic will be removed. Thank you!
Shrouded in Celestial Silk
May 10, 2019, 09:28:46

Dragons of the Starfall Isles produce more than just scientific and astrological works; there are seasoned tailors and costumers carving out a loyal clientele. Starsilk, as it's come to be called, is quickly becoming a popular material around the realm.

Celestial Silks to Show Off

Looking to show off your love of the cosmos? The following new apparel has been added to the Treasure Marketplace:

Horizon Starsilks

Moondust Starsilks

Paradise Starsilks

Ruby Starsilks

Teal Starsilks

The following set may be dropped as loot when defeating Neutral monsters in the Coliseum:

Nebula Starsilks

Additional Updates
  • Predict Morphology now includes a button to retrieve the scry image URL.
  • The Greenskeeper Gathering Skin & Accent Contest deadline is Tuesday, May 21 @ 23:59 Server Time so make sure you get your entry submitted to be considered!
Nest Bar Dissapeared. Can't Hatch Nest
May 10, 2019, 00:05:20
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
@Mysticable - This bug should now be fixed.

If you do refresh a nest page (or visit it on mobile) when it has already been incubated 5 times, it will not lock the nest into an un-hatchable state. Thanks!
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