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Status Update
Oct 18, 2019, 00:04:27
Site Status | By Kaepora
Improved gene selection has been added to the Auction House!

Read this forum post for details.
Auction House Gene Selector Update
Oct 18, 2019, 00:02:03
The launch of Gaolers brought with it many new genes - including variations of several already existing modern genes. These new options quickly outgrew the Auction House gene select menu.

That's why today we're happy to release an update to the Auction House to improve gene selection!

Instead of selecting from a single long list of genes, each gene type has two (2) buttons to pull up either a Modern or Ancient gene list.

The Ancient gene list also includes a dropdown to further filter the results by breed.

From here, the selector works much like it always has - selected genes will show up as individual removable capsules and you can mix and match Modern and Ancient gene selections.

Update 1 - October 18th

Based on player feedback, several changes have been made to the new picker
- The window is now thinner
- Taller rows for easier selection
- Less empty space around the edge of the window
- An easier way to close the window

Update 2 - October 18th

The gene picker now acts more like a multi-select tool. Clicking a gene will select or deselect it. Close the window by using the close button.

Thank you.
[Galore] New Gifts reason Speculation.
Oct 17, 2019, 12:26:19
Pressia wrote on 2019-10-16 14:34:16:
I figured it was just a random, 'Here, have a few gifts!' xD

I found a prototype design...
Oct 16, 2019, 13:18:24
Gaolers with tundra wings are frightening. Could you imagine how terrifying it would be to see an order of gaolers flying above you? Thank the deities they were never designed for flight!
I’m so proud of you guys
Oct 16, 2019, 09:47:22
Status Update
Oct 16, 2019, 09:30:26
Site Status | By Mutron
Following scheduled maintenance at 06:00 - 07:00 Server Time on Monday, October 21, Flight Rising will begin using HTTPS on all pages. For more information on what to expect, please see this thread.
HTTPS Switch-Over
Oct 16, 2019, 09:29:57

As part of ongoing security improvements, Flight Rising will begin using the more secure HTTPS protocol on all pages and resources following a scheduled maintenance period from 06:00 - 07:00 Server Time, Monday, October 21, 2019.

Current HTTPS Pages

Some pages on the Flight Rising website are already HTTPS. They are:
  • Registration
  • Login
  • Password Change
  • Password Reset
  • Lost Username

Gem purchases do not take place on the Flight Rising website. Gems are purchased through Paypal's website and interface.

What to expect

For the most part, the changeover should be transparent. However, we want to give you a heads up about some side effects that will occur when this change goes live.

The site may be significantly slower for a short period after the switch-over.

Flight Rising is an image-heavy site. When the switch occurs, most web browsers will have to re-download image resources that were previously cached. If (when) this happens, you may experience slow loading pages depending on your individual browser. Everyone should be aware of the fact that the additional load on the servers may potentially cause an overall slowdown. If it does, it should resolve by itself within a day or two.

The site may be marginally slower for some players going forward.

Unfortunately, the process of creating and maintaining secure connections to the site carries with it some unavoidable overhead. We're working on ways to minimize the overhead required and improve your experience, but HTTPS means some will always remain.

[ img ] BBCode tag will automatically use HTTPS.

The [ img ] tag will automatically upgrade image URLs that start with http:// to use https:// which eliminates browser warnings about "mixed content." Most of you won't have to update any BBCode in your posts, signatures, bios, etc. That being said, there are a minority of image hosts that may not support HTTPS. If they don't, using those image hosts could result in broken images.

Please see the guide below for instructions on how to check that your image tags will work after the switch-over, and how to fix them if there is a problem.

The Alternate Socket setting in Account Settings is being removed entirely.

The alternate socket is a setting for players to use when they're experiencing network difficulties with Fairgrounds and Coliseum. The "On" and "Off" settings toggled between two different TCP ports to communicate with our server, both of which had advantages and disadvantages depending on your network environment. After the switch-over, all Fairgrounds games and the Coliseum will connect using HTTPS on its default port, which should be more reliable than either of the two previous options. Some connection error messages may still refer to the "Alternate Socket" until we have edited all of them.

Checking that your BBCode images will work after the switch

First, take look at your BBCode. If your image tags look like this:

They should just work, because the URL starts with https://. Most image hosts already produce links in this format!

However, if the URL starts with just http://, like this:

Then there is a small possibility that the image will not display when the switch-over occurs.

The easiest way to test if there is a problem is to edit your BBCode to add in the extra "s" after "http" and see if the image still displays. If it does, you're all good! If not, you will have to upload the image to a different image host that supports HTTPS links.

Please note that any images that are hosted on itself will work just fine after the switch-over.
Status Update
Oct 14, 2019, 11:46:56
Site Status | By Aequorin
Dragon Share Theme Week: Fall.
Oct 10, 2019, 14:08:45
Owlynx wrote on 2019-10-10 12:16:00:

Coatl's are far superior.

Let the Snapper crowd have their day!
Bestiary Revamp
Oct 10, 2019, 13:21:40
Forum Post | Announcements & News | By Undel
Contaminate wrote on 2019-10-10 12:41:57:
!!! Retired familiars stay in the bestiary once awakened

God bless this update. Is it retroactive? Pretty please say yes

Yes, as in they are colored in. They don't get the special "awakened + owned" background if you get rid of them though.

LeviathanDemon wrote on 2019-10-10 12:49:12:
Discovered: This includes all familiars that you currently own a copy of (Hoard/Vault/dragon), and/or those that you've advanced to a bond level of Awakened.


Are you saying we can now ditch familiars we don't care about and NOT lose their entry?

They will stay in the discovered tab and be colored in.
Bestiary Revamp
Oct 10, 2019, 13:20:03
Forum Post | Announcements & News | By Undel
Averan wrote on 2019-10-10 12:37:22:
OOOOOOH I am so happy to hear this!!!!

(Is there a chance something might be in the works re: inventory sorting ?) EITHER WAY I am very glad!!! Thank you FR team for your wonderful work as always!

Anything that doesn't have a www1 in the url has a very high chance of being reworked at some point in the future, as we're trying to standardize our programming. Stuff without the www1 is super ancient "legacy" code.

While our engineers standardize these areas, we also look at the suggestions forum and try and incorporate some improvements alongside the code update. :)
The Forgotten Enemy Index
Oct 10, 2019, 12:43:38
Hey folks! This was some additional functionality that never really got off the ground. Haven't made plans one way or another as a team to keep it in, but thanks for your thoughts on it!
Bestiary Revamp
Oct 10, 2019, 12:18:33
Quick reminder for everyone to please stay on topic. If you have any suggestions about a gameplay feature you'd like to see, be sure to head on over to our Suggestions Forum and post your ideas!
Bestiary Revamp
Oct 10, 2019, 12:16:55

Today we've launched our revamp for the Flight Rising Bestiary, which includes a refreshed style, expanded and compact views, and additional sorting options.

Bestiary: Revamped!

As we continue to work on revamping the old code of Flight Rising, we're happy to report that the Bestiary Revamp is now complete!

Tabs Are Helpful!

Tabs were a popular suggestion not just for our revamp to the Lair and addition of the Hibernal Den, but for the Bestiary, too! Keeping with that design philosophy, we've broken the Bestiary into three (3) distinct tabs:

  • Discovered: This includes all familiars that you currently own a copy of (Hoard/Vault/dragon), and/or those that you've advanced to a bond level of Awakened.
  • Undiscovered: This includes all familiars that you do not own a current copy of, and never reached awakened.
  • All: This tab is similar to the old Bestiary. It will show all familiars, regardless of ownership or bond level.

Filtering, Sorting, Searching

In addition to sorting familiars into tabs, we have also added the following options, available by clicking the magnifying glass button:

  • Filter for familiars that are located in a specific location, such as the Lair, Hibernal Den, Hoard, and Vault.
  • Filter by specific bond level.
  • Search by familiar name.
  • Sort alphabetically or by familiar item ID.

Display Modes and Clear Iconography

While filtering options are great, we wanted to provide players with more choices on how the familiar entries in the Bestiary are displayed, and make sure each of those entries was clearly branded with helpful icons that are recognizable without needing to read anything.

It is now possible to display up to sixty (60) familiars per page, and you can choose to compress the familiar entries in our new Compact Mode, which will hide all familiars' descriptions. If you are in Compact Mode, you can still expand a single familiar to read its description without changing the view mode back. If you'd prefer to view all familiars in compact mode by default every time, that is an option that you can change under account settings.

Each familiar entry is further equipped with three (3) icons, which become colorized if you meet their criteria:

  • The chest icon denotes familiars that you have a copy of within your Hoard or Vault.
  • The dragon wing icon denotes familiars that you have a copy of attached to a dragon in either your Lair or Hibernal Den.
  • bond-level-2.png The heart icon denotes the highest bond level you've achieved with that familiar.

Colorful Bestiaries

Bestiaries now have quite a bit more color! Here's how your familiars will now display:

  • Grayscale Familiar Art- Familiars that you do not own and have not achieved the Awakened bond level with.
  • Colorized Familiar Art - Familiars that you own (either in your Hoard/Vault or attached to dragons in your Lair/Hibernal Den).
  • Colorized Familiar Art - Familiars that have achieved the Awakened bond level, but are no longer within your Hoard/Vault or attached to dragons in your Lair/Hibernal Den.
  • Colorized Familiar Art + Background - Familiars that have both achieved the Awakened bond level and are either in your Hoard/Vault or attached to a dragon in your Lair/Hibernal Den.

Making Friends

A true scientist couldn't help but create a couple new friends to mark the update of the revamped bestiary! Alchemists levels 17 and above can now brew up these two new friends at Baldwin's Bubbling Brew!

Snapper Emoji

A selection of new snapper emoji have been added to the site! Feel free to dress up your forum posts, messages, or biographies with these solid little guys!

Riot of Rot Skin Contest

The seventh annual Riot of Rot will begin October 27, 2019, and we're running a skin and accent contest in celebration! Click here for more information!

Status Update
Oct 09, 2019, 23:40:14
Site Status | By Undel
Snapper emoji are now available!
Bug Tracking Thread - Mistral Mahjong
Oct 09, 2019, 16:38:48
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
@GalacticExplorer Sorry, I wasn't very clear.

1. Automatic reshuffles only happen only when you initiate a shuffle and the result from that shuffle is an immediate dead end.

2. When a reshuffle occurs, it includes all tiles, not just the hidden ones.

3. By "in the background" I meant "in the code". You never see a reshuffle happen because rejected shuffles are never animated - that would just waste your time.
Ghostly Rat king <3
Oct 09, 2019, 12:16:02
*sees ping*

*reviews thread*


Soooo, I think it's time to lock the thread. It's not exactly a discussion and *waves hands upthread* that. No one's in trouble but best not to post threads like this going forward. Thank you!
Bug Tracking Thread - Mistral Mahjong
Oct 08, 2019, 11:37:33
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
@McChicken - The shuffle action is truly random. However, the game will check for at least 1 valid move and, if it doesn't find any, will automatically re-shuffle for you up to 10 times with no affect on your score. This action is instant and happens in the background.

Unfortunately, it sounds like you hit a streak of very bad luck, had a difficult layout situation, or a combination of both of those things.
Status Update
Oct 07, 2019, 13:25:47
Site Status | By Aequorin
Dragon Share Theme Week: Steampunk Dragons!
Advertising Report Thread 2.0
Oct 06, 2019, 21:09:37
Anyone who has had ad issues between October 04, 2019 18:56:54 and now - we believe that issues taking place during that time are not Flight Rising's advertising networks. We have shut off ads and defaulted to showing a single banner ad for hiveworks and are not showing real advertising from any ad network, and have been since the 4th while we try and narrow where there pop-up issue is coming from.

So if it's still happening, I would strongly recommend checking your system for malware or extensions that insert ads.
Advertising Report Thread 2.0
Oct 04, 2019, 18:56:54
For now we are serving hiveworks ads while Hiveworks looks into the issue.
Advertising Report Thread 2.0
Oct 04, 2019, 10:28:30
Thank you for the reports everyone. I'm forwarding these onto @hiveworks.

Whenever possible, the inspect element and screenshot of the code to give us the source of the problem gives us a useful information as to what's wrong. The other reports sadly are difficult to act on, other then allowing us to know "yes, there is a problem" but it doesn't tell us where specifically the problem is located.
Pagination Error in Crossroads
Oct 03, 2019, 12:47:10
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Thanks @Natakiro - the Filter should now be raised a bit so it won't overlap the new navigation.
Advertising Report Thread 2.0
Oct 02, 2019, 21:41:47
KitalphaHart wrote on 2019-10-02 19:34:12:
Is there even an inspect element option for mobile or do we have to hope a non-mobile user gets the same thing?

There are some ways on android to do it, but on iphone/safari it's a bit more complex. If you can't view the source to give us the ad tags inside, a report with the ad, your browser, operating system, and a screenshot of the ad can still be somewhat useful. It's just not a direct arrow pointing to "problem is here" that inspect element is for us.
Status Update
Oct 02, 2019, 17:57:34
Site Status | By Undel
Have you encountered a bad ad? We have a new advertising report thread with instructions on how to make the best report possible!
Advertising Report Thread
Oct 02, 2019, 17:19:36
Thank you for the reports everyone!

I am closing this thread very soon. We are starting a new thread: Advertising Report Thread 2.0

The new thread contains the instructions to best report ads in a way that allows us to do something about it! Flight Rising is served by several ad networks, managed by Hiveworks. Each of these networks has its own rotation of ads, sometimes in the millions. Without knowing more about the ad, it can be difficult to know which network to report it to, or which network needs a time-out while it gets its act together.

Screenshots and destination urls don't provide us this information. We need to know where the ad came from. The new thread provides instructions on how to make the best report with information we can act on.

If its not possible to inspect an ad due to your device or redirects making it impossible, it's still fine to report the old fashioned way. But reporting with the inspect element information truly gives us the best chance of getting an offending ad off our site.
Advertising Report Thread 2.0
Oct 02, 2019, 16:59:07
Have you encountered a bad ad?

Flight Rising uses a series of ad networks to serve advertising to the website and help support the site. Our partner, Hiveworks, manages these networks and keeps things running smoothly.

However, sometimes a bad ad or series of ads will slip into a network that we use. When that happens, reports from our players can help us track down the source of the ad so that we can report it to appropriate network and have it removed.

Ads that do the following are not ads that we want on-site:
  • Contain inappropriate content
  • Autoplay video or sound.
  • Occur anywhere but the ad units to the left and bottom of the site.
  • Expand out of the Skyscraper area to the left or bottom banner without a player choosing to hover over the ad to trigger this action.
  • Redirect our players to another site without them clicking on the advertisement.

If you encounter an ad that does any of these things, please report it here.

The best way to make a report is to:
  • Tell us your browser. (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, ect)
  • Tell us your operating system (Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, ect)
  • Provide a screenshot (if possible) of the ad's source by right-click inspecting it. You can use an image hosting service such as Imgur to share the image with us.

To report an ad for breaking our rules, right click the ad in your browser and choose the "inspect" option, if available. This will tell us more about where the ad came from, which is not always the same as the image url or where clicking on it will take you. This information gives us the best shot of removing the ad from our rotation.

Click to Enlarge
Screenshot everything inside the ad tags. There should be text that says "Screenshot from here down when reporting bad ads" at the top and "End Screenshot for reporting bad ads" at the bottom. If you can't fit it all in one screenshot, note that items towards the top of that segment will generally be more useful.

This will show us the cascading chain of where the ad originated from in our ad networks that we use! With this information, we can report the ad to the network containing it and hopefully get it removed!

Please note that sometimes ads that you encounter are beyond our control to do anything about. This can be because an ad is a targeted ad and will show you things based on your browsing history. It can also be because you have malware installed on your system. In both of these cases, the ads would be unique to your machine and browsing experience.
Pagination When Filtering Baldwin
Oct 02, 2019, 13:38:37
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Thank you for the report! This should now be fixed.
Arrow function in hoard
Oct 02, 2019, 10:45:50
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Update- thanks for the screenshot!

Yes, that's not the new navigation, that's broken navigation. It's not loading in all of the new style due to old cached files. Completely clearing out your browser's cache will fix it.
Arrow function in hoard
Oct 02, 2019, 10:44:25
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Hi @galacticTopiary

Without a screenshot, it's difficult to be certain, but based on your description, I think you're not actually seeing all of the NEW navigation style yet. Please try to clear your browser's cache, which should allow it to load in correctly.

The pagination should look like it does in this announcement:

Pagination breaks Alerts
Oct 02, 2019, 10:39:23
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Thank you for the reports. This should now be fixed!
Pagination too wide on profile?
Oct 02, 2019, 10:35:53
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Thank you for the reports. Clan page comments have been updated!
Pagination with large numbers
Oct 02, 2019, 09:42:00
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
This appears to happen mostly in the forums, so we've added a special case where longer numbers will be shrunk slightly to fit.

Thanks for the report everyone!
Pagination in hoard
Oct 02, 2019, 07:57:25
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
For those still viewing pagination that is visually broken, we’ve tested another way to force the cache to fully clear. If your browser supports private mode or private tabs, switch to that mode, view the broken page, refresh, then return back to normal browsing.

Note: you will probably need to log in when you switch to private mode, but it won’t log you out when you return to normal mode.
Pagination with large numbers
Oct 02, 2019, 02:56:38
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Thanks @Tserin

We're reviewing some options for these scenarios and I'll post here once a solution is picked.
Pagination error on Userpage
Oct 02, 2019, 02:53:07
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
@Rookery - Okay, let's try to force your browser to load the specific file that's missing:

Please clear your cache once more, then immediately load this file, then refresh it

It should just be a page of text, but I'm hoping your browser will start using THAT code instead of what's stored locally.

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