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Changes to General Discussion
Feb 16, 2017 07:45:21





We've received some questions from our most recent Community Update regarding topics that are of a "highly personal nature." That's completely understandable. One thing to keep in mind when interpreting this definition is: remember that our forums are public. What you post is open and visible to anyone who visits our forums, whether they are registered on Flight Rising or not. When we say "highly personal nature," we tend to mean those topics you probably wouldn't say or discuss in a room of complete strangers.

It's also important to remember that this isn't a draconian hardline rule. It is an emphasis on treating the forums as a public space where as many players as possible feel welcome to join in on the discussion as possible.

Rest assured, if a thread is moderated under these changes, you will not be penalized. Forum moderation is more often than not simply forum maintenance. We hope this helps to clarify our goals and what you can expect!

After review of the forum, which includes its moderation history and overall community traffic, we’ve come to the conclusion the General Discussion forum can no longer operate in that manner. To make the browsing experience easier on players and or volunteer moderator team, we believe tailoring General Discussion to be a bit more defined is a good step.

Effective immediately, this forum will be for players to discuss their favorite non-Flight Rising games, shows, movies, music, and hobbies. Topics discussing common experiences like finals, projects, and shared languages are also okay. This is subject to change and we reserve the right to remove any threads or posts that overall go against the spirit of the board's goals.

Please note: There are a handful of threads in this forum that will be grandfathered in due to popularity or overall quality of the discussion.

Our forums are not the appropriate place for personal journals, religious debate, political debate, fundraising, advertising, counseling, medical advice, discussions of a highly personal nature, and polls that collect names, age, sex, or location. We understand this change may not be popular with everyone; however, Flight Rising is a browser game and we feel that our forums should reflect this.