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Trick or Treat 2017 - Winners picked
Sep 19, 2017 20:22:10





EDIT: New host is @FloatingInSpace
Winners picked and pinged on Pg 62

- Currently, I personally am on a semi-Hiatus and have decided to pass TOT on to someone else for next year so if you want to host this event next year, pm me if you want and I will list the new host here.

THE RAFFLE IS SLOWLY HAPPENING NOW (trying to get my daughter to nap, lol). - I DO NOT HAVE A SCREEN RECORDER AND I'M GOING TO THE RNG SITE TO RANDOMIZE YOUR NUMBERS AND SAVING SCREEN SHOTS IF THAT IS WHAT YOU WANT. I didn't want to wait until tonight when people had real trick or treating to do, or halloween parties, or nanowrimo pep.

What do you mean you're offering raffle tickets? - I have a 4-month-old baby and I'm returning to work. My spare time goes to prepping for NaNoWriMo and my next published book sooo I won't be able to play much and I barely have anything to give on my account, so I thought I would personally do something fun! If you visit my lair, you will receive a surprise ticket for a raffle. There will be 10 winners. The prizes...

NEW PRIZES HAVE BEEN ADDED some from anon donations or more stuff I gathered.


42.png x2 94.png

Set donated by @temperama

Pure Gen 2

Also this pair of triple gened GEN1/2 WCs only bred with each other:

Those who visited my lair:: You all have been submitted for a ticket!
This is also my history, if you visit me, I visit you. I haven't gone out to visit personally.

Day One-

1. nevvermore
2. Chrisondra
3. use of shadows
4. CuddlyHippo
5. Snakefang7
6. XboaX
7. hannahbonn
9. Artemiis
10. GryphonSong
11. Livestraes
12. Tox
13. Jazzyleia
14. Geckoe
16. Mypilot
17. bellzan
18. Mokuroh
19. Juniipersass
20. MasterOfPotatoes
21. Draconequis
22. EclipseMirror
23. SoullessARMY
24. SparkleOfGold
25. CelestialPrime
26. Alphanix
27. Drezdin
28. Siritys
29. MisSavage

Day Two-
30. End3rStorm - x
31. GoldenFae
32. WaYaWolfie
33. Prima23
34. SkyTheMcPro
35. LapisDragon17718
36. Greenwolfkate
37. EndlessDragon
38. littlesong4
39. Madsparkz
40. Saraceaser
41. Firebrand0
42. SamuelMaybird
43. FelicisNox177

Day Three-
44. MythicalCookie
45. Lonefox
46. Kmirandi96
47. femmegf
48. Ixia
49. heartcrusher1

Day Four-
50. Cyberfloof
51. ColoradoBlues
52. TsarinaTorment
53. balthy

Day Five-
54. LeafeonWarrior
55. Serelinda
56. Zippo
57. BettaFishy
58. roses
59. Scarvez
60. Sammsy

Day Six-
61. CornixElecti
62. Drakenhart
63. ClanEnyo
64. CloverGaming
65. Carnifex
66. kaylavarnell4736
67. suitablysolemn
68. Sylphiette
69. BurritoRay
70. ArtsyDragon7
71. ShianneJanelle
72. TheoTheLeo

Day Seven-
73. Guineapigsfly
74. YoungAndMenace
75. FlufferLover - x
76. SilverPhoenix - x
77. Petall
78. Killuazoomyck

Day Eight-
79. Cashew
80. Johan
81. CleverDual
82. Adomania
83. Dracowolf
84. lostthought
85. Purplepurple
86. Drakion
87. AlphaPrime
88. Seonais
89. hetalia1
90. Maltshakes
91. Phoenix447
92. Kookaburra
93. ShadowedWolf
94. italicised
95. SheridanCharon
96. Oranitha
97. Levinant

Day Nine-
98. Malachai
99. TwoJay
100. Starsoul

Day Ten-
101. Moshipuppy
102. KatofCheshire

After my 8th day Hiatus-
103. Lycaon1765
104. Azurenight
105. NightRising
106. TalonShrubfire
107. CelesteNova
108. RaptorFeathers
109. SkyDancer10
110. SilverIcyCat
111. RachelAmber
112. ThisWayIsNotSafe
Trick or Treat 2017 - Winners picked
Sep 19, 2017 20:22:34






Trick Or Treat '17 Official Spreadsheet by @Saraceaser

REMEMBER: You go to a lair ONCE during a single event.

"So, how do you play?"

First, pick a dragon from your lair that you’d adore to dress up! You can give them a costume and make them into a Ghost, Witch, King, whatever you desire! This dragon will be the trick-o-treater going out to visit lairs and gathering treats!

I will pick my pirate, Janus!



Then, make it known that you are actively playing by adding the spooky free to use graphics to your profile, signature, or treating/hosting dragon's bio page! If you are on hiatus from the event, as it lasts ALL OF OCTOBER FR Time, this is a good way to not get spam from treaters!





After you’ve dressed your dragon- you must write a Story/Roleplay Prompt. (Some users like saving this copy/pasted story in your dragons bio, and it is a good way to keep tabs on your roleplays!) The length is completely up to you- but the far more interesting it is.. the likelier you’ll get better gifts/tricks/ responses from other users! But this is not a given! You’re trying to impress people with your little writing, so please try your best! You will then send this short story to another user via private messages, (but remember to only send if they have a trick or treat signature or notification on their clan page!) In your message, your treat-or-treating dragon must end with screaming/yelling/whispering/shouting “Trick-O-Treat” anyway at the end.



It is then the job of the 'host' of the lair that you treated to - to actually, treat you! This can be with in-game items, Coli leveling services, fodder, art, and more! It is up to the host to give you what they see if!


YOU Will be hosting if you are treating so that means you have to have a host to answer your lair's door! Pick another dragon from your lair and dress that one up too. It doesn't have to be a Halloween costume- it could be whatever you’d like! This dragon will be the gift giver of the lair that greets the trick-o-treaters! This welcoming Dragon you dressed up to be the greeter must be the one featured in a written response to the visitors via a reply in your private messages! This can be predone and used for all- it must be the dragon going out (to the door/entrance) to visit the other dragon!

Remember, this isn't just about role-playing. The Welcoming dragon will actually be gift giving out to those treating! That means save up on your items, because you can use them to gift to the hungry treaters! What you offer can be FR items, Art, Coli services, anything you'd like!



1. DO NOT SPAM USERS WHO ARE NOT PLAYING. Check to see if they're currently active/playing!

2. If you don't like a post due to it not fitting into your normal roleplay rules, do not be rude. Calmly explain that you'd rather politely decline due to a conflict of interest, say if someone is used to sharing characters//dragons or otherwise 'power playing', OR using script method rather than paragraphs, or if you're on a different level. DON'T BE OFFENDED, Just move to the next player!

3. Players may not respond if they're uncomfortable, suddenly have no internet, are too busy with real life, are not interested, or are broke from throwing all of their gifts to the first batch of treaters and need to store backup. THIS DOES NOT GIVE PLAYERS PERMISSION TO SIMPLY SEND OUT A DRAGON AND GET A BUNCH OF ITEMS AND NOT GIVE ANYTHING IN RETURN, IF YOU ARE SENDING OUT A TREATER, YOU NEED TO HAVE GIFTS AS A WELCOMER.


Signature and Profile Codes




Your Dragons Bio Code



Please Fill Out this chart in your edited ping request post to join!

[b]Username:[/b] @username here to ping yourself and keep your post documented! [b]Currently Playing?[/b] Yes or No, check your clan lair page and signature for your image. [b]Trick-or-treating Dragon:[/b] Leave a link to your dragon and/or post their code/image here. [b]Welcoming Dragon:[/b] Leave a link to your dragon and/or post their code/image here. [b]WishList:[/b] You can type in or add links/pictures using this code with no space, " [item = item name ] " to list what you'd really like! ALSO FOOD TYPES - for players with breed-specific dragons, this can help you out! [b]What do you Hoard?[/b] List it here! [b]Offering:[/b] What will you be giving out? FR items? Coli services? Fodder? Art? [b]History:[/b] Who did you treat, and who treated you? This is so you don't double message, someone! You can make spreadsheets if you're like, or use a dragon's bio!

Here is my entry as an example!

Username: @/MurEyeUh
Currently Playing? As long as the pumpkin is in my profile!

Trick-or-treating Dragon:


Welcoming Dragon:


ART PLZ!! And any sea-themed skins/accents/items/fam/appearl!

What do you Hoard? Nothing!

Offering: - Raffle Tickets! See below! Come to my lair for a ticket, but you might not get a responce because I am on a semi-hiatus so just check for your name on the list below for your ticket, you only get one!

History: Anyone who visits me I will visit in retured to until the 9th - I am no longer sending out Janus on and after the 10th of Oct.



Graphics made by @Tyrion

pixel gif by @heavenlyearth

Logo by @SolarRush

Made by: @Babysaxon
See the original 2016 Event here:

See the original 2015 Event thread here:

See the original 2014 Event Here:

Thank you @Xyanes for helping with example screenshots!

Now, for some updates::
I wish the OP of the ToT thread would amend the rules for next year and make it mandatory to list both a wishlist AND a hoard list AND the food types you prefer, so the game was more accessible and friendly, because right now it’s not very.

*Code now has a Hoard / Food bit :)

ALSO- For those being shady, you are being called out to me. I'm disappointed that we didn't even have ONE DAY where players weren't scamming / lying / ect. You know who you are, there is a handful of you, and I will not call out any of you as it is immature and against policy, but know that off-site there are other angry players posting screenshots and no one is really getting away with their, 'tricks'. Let us be honest and good this year, yeah?
Trick or Treat 2017 - Winners picked
Sep 19, 2017 20:25:32





Feeling better, but playing catch-up! Just be aware it may take some time before I can send a reply! Sorry for the delay. ^^;; (Please note; I have sporadic memory loss! That being said, I might forget to reply to your message. If several days pass by, just send me a new message and I'll try my best to get back to you. :3)

Just a few Notes:
- Clan Paladin is a relatively large Clan nestled in the Mirrorlight Promenade, the Clan having quite a lot of land and territory, but the Lair itself being a large, castle-like fortress with a few other marbled buildings surrounding it.

- There are many ways to get into the Clan, but the easiest is simply going through the front gate and knocking on the door to the main foyer to be greeted by Galiwyth and/or Milithinal.

- I hand-write each response and sent RP, so... Yeah, I might take a while to respond, though I will respond to everyone! ;3

- I really LOVE RP and Lore and reading all that, so if you want to go out, I would totally enjoy reading it, and who knows, you might get something really nice if I like it. ^^

Currently Playing?
Not At The Moment; Check Back Later! :3

(Here's An Achievement, If You'd Like. ^^)
Trick-or-Treating Dragons:
I have two! And actually they're the same ones from last year, as well~


Kamarian is an Imperial of mature and a high sense of duty, honor, and pride, making it a mystery as to how he is Quarian's best friend. More of a chaperone to the Coatl, Kamarian has a cool and collected persona, though he does at times gets frustrated with his friend. Even so, Kamarian is very loyal and protective of his dearest friend.


Quarian is a Coatl of boundless energy and positivity, which often gets people confused how he's Kamarian's best friend, who's basically his polar opposite. Quarian is as excitable as a hatchling, often causing Kamarian to worry and get annoyed by him as Quarian has NO sense of direction, common sense, nor shame. Even still, Quarian is always ready to have fun at any time and anywhere.
Welcoming Dragons:
There's quite a few Welcoming Dragons you can meet; You will definitely be greeted by Galiwyth and/or Milithinal, but the others might appear if you're lucky!


Galiwyth is a Dragon of very few words with a quiet and observant disposition. Stoic but not stern, Galiwyth is simply a Dragon who prefers to observe then to do, and even if it doesn't show on his face he very much enjoys greeting new Dragons that visit. Even still, Galiwyth is incredibly loyal with practically infinite amounts of patience. He's usually seen with his Familiar, Oracle.


Milithinal is Galiwyth's mate and is equally described as the second-in-command of the Clan as well as the Clan's 'mother'. Despite her fearsome appearance as a Mirror, Milithinal is extraordinarily kind, motherly and compassionate. Always happy to welcome new Dragons to the Clan, Milithinal's motherly countenance extends to all Dragons, from hatchlings to elders and everything in between, and as she adores her own Familiar she often will go out of her way to treat the Familiars of visiting Dragons. Her Familiar, Trevor, can usually be found perched on her head.
(Be aware that these Dragons will only appear once in a while along with Galiwyth and/or Milithinal to share their talents with you, but it won't happen each time.)


Elwyn is a serious and stern writer, but also incredibly passionate, particularly when it comes to poetry. He's naturally stoic and calm, but if he gets inspired he will stop in the middle of whatever he is doing and grab the nearest quill and parchment to write whatever poem or story that came to his mind. His love of writing is intense, in fact, that he has been known to literally stop in the middle of speeches in front of groups of Dragons just so he could scribble down whatever is going through his mind at that moment.


Thea is a Ridgeback gifted in sketching, and she absolutely loves to, from objects to scenes, but her favorite things to sketch and Familiars and Dragons. Very friendly and kind, Thea loves to make new friends, while at the same time making sketches of every Dragon and Familiar she comes across. She's very patient when it comes to her sketches with the philosophy the best art is something that take time to process (which often leads to debates with the more fast-paced and spontaneous artists of the Clan).


Saige is a Dragon with a heart of fire but with not a lick of talent when it comes to working with metal nor the forge. Despite this, she has an incredible musical talent of playing the piano, with an imagination that ranges from everything. Passionate and persistent, Saige is always ready to prove her worth to any Dragon willing to listen, even to the point of creating entire new arrangements or pieces just to show her worth.
I will take any and all art, writing, etc.! But here's a quick list of what my wishlist is composed of. If you want a specific list of actual items, you can check Solihem's Bio at the bottom.

But honestly, I'm happy with anything and everything. :3

  • FOOD - All stacks of food are appreciated, but especially Insects and Seafood! My Dragons just seem to bulldoze right through all my hoard...

  • FAMILIARS - I collect Familiars, and any not in my bestiary are appreciated! (ESPECIALLY any past Festival Familiars, particularly the Bears! I collect the Bears~)

  • ACCENTS/SKINCENTS - I don't particularly like putting apparel on my Dragons, but I love accents and skincents! I'll be happy to take any you don't need; I probably have a Dragon that will fit them somewhere~
I will try my darnedest to get something from your Wishlist, but if Elwyn, Thea, or Saige appear, you might get something more on the creative side. ;3
History - Clans That Stopped By:
@Chrisondra @FrozenLake @littlesong4 @thefaceradar @Reiyn @MarinaQuakenbush @Snakefang7 @Greenwolfkate @CheshireCatUk1 @Areater @Sylphiette @BelladonnaBloom @MisSavage @RELYKS @Jazzyleia @PixieKnight3264 @Geckoe @ghosthorse0 @TheFezonator @Valeriya @Mokuroh @XboaX @Athexreh @nevvermore @Jenkow @Amazonite @DarknessReborn @Draconequis @CHINCHINLOVER @UnseenRangerGal @JadeJewels @Xanox @CrAZDragon @MadameDuMal @Ixia @Zippo @Auraelia @EclipseMirror @SporkLord @Journey @SoullessARMY @SparkleOfGold @Lomedraug @Feryia @CelesteNova @MysticalSunshine @Rave31 @Siritys @hannahbonn @joan @MythicalCookie @ZoranaDragon @End3rStorm @Tauress @BlackJasper @SkyTheMcPro @UserOfShadows @EndlessDragon @ShadowedWolf @
History - Clans Kamarian & Quarian Visited:
@Mokuroh @ToonKuriboh @UnseenRangerGal @Chrisondra @GryphonSong @Tox @FrozenLake @Smoothy @Amazonite @littlesong4 @MurEyeUh @
Trick or Treat 2017 - Winners picked
Sep 19, 2017 20:26:02






If I did ToT at your lair and you have not come to mine yet feel free to do so but I am no longer treating random users!
Trick or Treat 2017 - Winners picked
Sep 19, 2017 20:26:23





NOTE: I do not need to be thanked for giving treats. While I appreciate it, I really do, it floods my messages a bit. It's not a huge deal though, (I delete them, though) so if you really want to you can! It's just not expected!

Username: @ToonKuriboh

Currently Playing? Not at the moment

Trick-or-treating Dragon: Kuriboh (Who will also be taking Glowworm along with him!)




Welcoming Dragon: Olivia! (However, I may occasionally use different dragons)


WishList: Currently being remade

Offering: FR items mostly, perhaps some currency occasionally, and maybe I'll give out a piece of art or two


Kept track here
Trick or Treat 2017 - Winners picked
Sep 19, 2017 20:26:23





Username: @dggeoff
Currently Playing? Nope !! I'm only accepting visitor's who I've visited myself right now !!

Trick-or-treating Dragon:two_by_vulutrn-dbpmutb.png
Welcoming Dragon:one_by_vulutrn-dbpmutg.png

WishList: You can find my wishlist here !!
Any newer apparel is fine too !! and I collect geckos/snakes/reptiles !! ;v;
Offering: I'll be giving out flightrising items, hopefully items off of wishlist's !!
Trick or Treat 2017 - Winners picked
Sep 19, 2017 20:26:28





Username: @UnseenRangerGal
Currently Playing? All closed up now~ I'm not gonna bother recording the last couple of visitors ^^
Trick-or-treating Dragon:


Welcoming Dragon:


The quick wishlist:
Basically apparel from following sets: sage, sylvan, silks, rose thorn, lace, flowers and animals of any kind
Other fodder apparel/familiars or a handful of treasure/gems are cool if you have nothing else ^^
Tossing some seafood my way is also always appreciated ;)

The specific/expensive wishlist:

I will happily offer art/writing if a person desires it (sorry friends, I am a bit burned out on drawing for this event after only 19 arts ;.;), but normally probably going to be apparel/familiars/currency

Treated: Chrisondra, FrozenLake, oldjammerj, Kmirandi96, Chestnuts, CuddlyHippo, Zhavea, Snakefang7, Dezzle, Jazzyleia, MisSavage, EchoGhost10100, RELYKS, Sylphiette, Artemiis, GryphonSong, KnightYumi, Tox, PixieKnight3264, Chilis, Eialyne, Geckoe, ToonKuriboh, End3rStorm, Mokuroh, nevvermore, XboaX, Oilux, Jenkow, MasterOfPotatoes, Saraceaser, Annobethal, BelladonnaBloom, Ixia, acorn781, CrAZDragon, EclipseMirror, Journey, SoullessARMY, Feryia, Smoothy, Athexreh, synnful, Drezdin, Siritys, hannahbonn, TheElfDruid, Xanox, MurkyDepths, littlesong4, Killuazoomyck, GoldenFae, SkyTheMcPro, Greenwolfkate, UserOfShadows, ShadowedWolf, MadameDuMal, Guppies27, Firebrand0, ArtsyDragon7, seamadeland, RainingStorm, MarinaQuakenbush, Mangusto, ItchyTooth, wesleydog, Madsparkz, Amazonite, Sassapphire, aearinn, femmegf, RogueDemon, Babysaxon, EmeraldJubilee, Keldeo, CrazyCandyCat, LeafeonWarrior, ShyWhovian, LunaNight13, FlailingKitty, Johan, MadlyInsane, Sammsy, Amyatzu, Drakenhart, StarMellon, kaylavarnell4736, dggeoff, Cheshly, ShianneJanelle, TheoTheLeo, IIIIIIII, TsarinaTorment, BurritoRay, Blauw, ClanEnyo, suitablysolemn, Shirenu, Sparkbreeze, CleverDual, Adomania, heartcrusher1, AlphaPrime, Seonais, BlackJasper, hetalia1, Drakion, Areater, Maltshakes, Tantayo, Annobethal, GlitchEnder, homeworldAries, RogueHazel, Levinant, Wilko, Fanartsy, faon, Aaliyahgemini664, MapleGhost, sourfox, LadyKnightKatsa, nemodave, Scrubbie, chimeratic, Sidya, DreamingSunset, Phreia, Kay13, RachelAmber, Bluemancat, Enkue, SheridanCharon, hemotypewriter
Visited: Chestnuts, Chrisondra, Dezzle, Kmirandi96, EchoGhost10100, Artemiis, DarknessReborn, MisSavage, Sylphiette, KnightYumi, oldjammerj, TheDragonEmperor, Chilis, Tox, Eialyne, End3rStorm, Oilux, Mokuroh, Jenkow, CrAZDragon, Zippo, Draconequis, Feryia, EclipseMirror, nevvermore, SoullessARMY, CuddlyHippo, Drezdin, littlesong4, SkyTheMcPro, Guppies27, ShadowedWolf, GoldenFae, MadameDuMal, Saraceaser, hannahbonn, Amazonite, ArtsyDragon7, Sassapphire, Killuazoomyck, UserOfShadows, MarinaQuakenbush, GryphonSong, Siritys, Keldeo, RogueDemon, wesleydog, RELYKS, Jazzyleia, Snakefang7, StarMellon, dggeoff, LunaNight13, Sammsy, Drakenhart, Amyatzu, Geckoe, PixieKnight3264, Mangusto, aearinn, Johan, CleverDual, ShianneJanelle, heartcrusher1, Sparkbreeze, suitablysolemn, Ixia, Areater, Seonais, BlackJasper, AlphaPrime, hetalia1, Drakion, Aztec, Athexreh, Cheshly, Madsparkz, kaylavarnell4736, femmegf, CrazyCandyCat, TsarinaTorment, Maltshakes, Fanartsy, MurkyDepths, GlitchEnder, ShyWhovian, SirenMoons, Adomania, MadlyInsane, Greenwolfkate, synnful, MapleGhost, nemodave, sourfox, Babysaxon, chimeratic, Blauw, Sidya, Xanox
Trick or Treat 2017 - Winners picked
Sep 19, 2017 20:28:21





Username: @Chrisondra
Currently Playing? Opening October 1st

Trick-or-treating Dragon:


Welcoming Dragon:


WishList: My Wishlist Can Be Found Here

Offering: Flight Rising Items, Possible Coli Services if Desired, Possible Art


Google Sheet Here
Trick or Treat 2017 - Winners picked
Sep 19, 2017 20:28:41





Important Note:

I will be looking at wishlists as time permits. I might gift you items listed on your wishlist. But I also might not give you items listed on your wishlist. I have many, many nice items to give away. But they may not be the specific items you're looking for if you only have a small wishlist.
Please skip this lair if you're not ok with getting whatever items I have to give!

Username: @GryphonSong

Currently Playing? Yes!

Trick-or-treating Dragon:

(Queen of the Gale Wolves)


Welcoming Dragon:

(The Mad Scientist!)


WishList: I'm happy to get anything, because I love surprises! Food and apparel is most loved though. :)

If you're feeling really generous, here are a few of my current most wanted items:

Main Wishlist Link

Offering: Familiars, apparel, food, skins and other goodies.


Visited my lair!

(Everyone listed has been treated!)
nevvermore, Chrisondra, FrozenLake, Kmirandi96, StarCookies, Chestnuts, CuddlyHippo, MapleGhost, Zhavea, Jazzyleia, MisSavage, Dezzle, RELYKS, L2B, Sylphiette, Artemiis, littlesong4, Chilis, PixieKnight3264, Geckoe, UnseenRangerGal, ToonKuriboh, bellzan, Tox, ghosthorse0, End3rStorm, Mokuroh, JadeJewels, Amorah, crazyraspberry, Visionrift, Eialyne, Oilux, Mypilot, MasterOfPotatoes, Jenkow, XboaX, Annobethal, BelladonnaBloom, Snakefang7, BurritoRay, YasminCarvanha, Ixia, CrAZDragon, Yesmissalice, Draconequis, acorn781, EclipseMirror, SoullessARMY, Journey, WaverVelvet, SparkleOfGold, Feryia, Smoothy, Athexreh, synnful, Drezdin, Siritys, hannahbonn, TheElfDruid, oldjammerj, Xanox, Saraceaser, MurkyDepths, Guppies27, UserOfShadows, MurEyeUh, WaYaWolfie, Nakattack, Greenwolfkate, SporkLord, ShadowedWolf, Firebrand0, Seonais, SkyTheMcPro, seamadeland, MarinaQuakenbush, RainingStorm, Voronwis, wesleydog, Madsparkz, CelestialPrime, Amazonite, SirenMoons, Unika, thefaceradar, Sassapphire, Juniipersass, aearinn, femmegf, BlackJasper, Babysaxon, Basilius, TsarinaTorment, EmeraldJubilee, Keldeo, LeafeonWarrior, RogueDemon, ShyWhovian, Zippo, LunaNight13, FlailingKitty, SoftKannibahl, Johan, roses, MadlyInsane, TheTawnydragon, Sammsy, Drakenhart, darzoner, StarMellon, Temporaryreality, kaylavarnell4736, XxAsrielDreemurr, dggeoff, Cheshly, TheoTheLeo, IIIIIIII, GoldenFae, NocturnistheDark, YoungAndMenace, Blauw, ClanEnyo, suitablysolemn, Shirenu, Cashew, CleverDual, Adomania, Purplepurple, heartcrusher1, ectochoir, hetalia1, Drakion, floralcipher, Areater, Maltshakes, Tantayo, italicised, Geisterwolf, MeiOrchid, Kookaburra, Levinant, brokenstone, Wilko, WanderingTurtle, Sionainn, Fanartsy, NightmareJudge, faon, Kano3Shuuya, Prima23, Aaliyahgemini664, Avery2055, sourfox, Mangusto, Lomedraug, LadyKnightKatsa, nemodave, Scrubbie, Phreia, Kay13, Iridaceae, Livestraes, selenomancy, RachelAmber, Bluemancat, Enkue, SheridanCharon, Kykyote, lliotels, Arachnomancer, hemotypewriter, ThisWayIsNotSafe, GuardianDragonak, Ghastjio, Aztec, Almedha, ScrollWyrm, Higuchi, LemonSqueezy, Serafin, Sidya, Scarvez, Being, Petall, Cethosia, SkyDancer10, LaughingZuru, PalominoPrincess

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Trick or Treat 2017 - Winners picked
Sep 19, 2017 20:29:24





It... would have been nice to save the old thread so we could just, yknow, copy and paste our old entries

will edit this with my entry momentarily

Username: @FalconRex121
Currently Playing? I'm not currently playing please leave me alone ;v;
Something came up, I can't answer these right now (besides I'm not ready to go) ahaha. I'll answer the ones I got before this notice went up but I'm deleting the ones that I'm getting right now until I have time for this
Trick-or-treating Dragon: TBA
Welcoming Dragon:


WishList: Art, basically

Offering: Sketches are the goal! I know I won't get to them all (especially since my post is on the first page. Gulp) but I'll try. Otherwise you'll probably get something fairly random
All of my replies are cute and personalized though.