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Jun 15, 2017 01:29:36





Are there undiscovered lands in Sornieth?

Impossible to answer, as we won't know that for certain unless they become discovered lands!

Where does Joxar get all of his festival items? From the deities?

He makes them! He REALLY loves festivals.

(the familiars may hang around because they're attracted to all of the elemental valuables/currency that piles up in Joxar's stall each year.)

Who is bigger, Icewarden or Earthshaker?


Was it always planned to change Baldwin's art and breed from a pearlcatcher to a bogsneak?

No. However, when it was decided that the Bogsneaks were going to be a brew-exclusive, the idea came together nicely. Of course the alchemy dragon should be of the alchemy breed! It was also a great opportunity to revamp some older artwork.

What was the first breed ever designed (not necessarily released, just the first one that was thought of or drawn) for FlightRising?

The first was not really a breed at all, but a test image just to see if Akiri could make a generator that combined a wing and body color on a dragon. This was before Flight Rising was a solid game concept. It was a more of a test of "hey, could we make a random dragon generator?". Undel can't find the original image, but says that the design of the dragon was similar to this artwork. She also apologizes for how old this is:

Why does it seem like the time between each "Ask the Team" response is getting longer and longer...and longer? The longer the wait, the greater the number of questions posed to you, meaning that more and more people are overlooked (and therefore exasperated). It seems like a bit of a never-ending cycle that just gets worse and worse each time.

As we've noted in the opening post, we are not able to respond to ETA requests and suggestions. Sometimes there are more questions we can't answer for the aforementioned reasons than questions we can answer. When that happens we will keep the thread open for longer.

I don't think this is a development, timeline or suggestion thing, but I was just wondering if some of the older familiars are going to get art updates like some of the other inventory items have gotten at any point? Like, in the new Training Grounds, the differences in some of the art is really apparent (like between the old Pocket Mouse familiars and the new Pocketmouse familiars or the new and old Webwings). Not that any of it is in any way bad, of course, it's just the style difference feels a bit jarring to me personally so I was curious!

While we won't ever rule future updates out completely, we have no plans to do complete revamps on the familiars at this point in time. If we do update some of the older artwork, it's likely to be to make sure that the familiar and its second color variant face opposite directions, and to possibly tint the line art if it's old artwork with black lines.

If a person has commissioned art about a private sub-species or breeding project (meaning they are the only one that can breed said dragons and call them that because the sup-species are more than just colors and genes with lore attached) and the person states that you can't use said art without permission, but they find someone using it anyway. What can they do or what steps does one need to do before they can contact the staff?

There is no way for a player to monopolize a color scheme or subspecies or even name on Flight Rising.

However, if someone is posting artwork that is not theirs without permission, that's absolutely something that can be reported. The original artist of the artwork will need to file a contact us report with a link to the original art, and a link on Flight Rising where the artwork is being used without permission.

Note: We cannot control or moderate any artwork posted on other websites. If your artwork has been reposted to another site without permission, you will need to contact the support team of the respective website.

Are the new key words out yet?

Not until all of the existing ones are filled! One has yet to be revealed

Are you allowing accents and skins that cover the eyes now?? The female Fae one from Wavecrest covered the eyes--and now there's a male Fae one from Greenskeeper that covers the eyes! Is this just an oversight or has there been a change in policy that was never actually mentioned? Because, as I recall, it used to not be allowed

It's not actually possible for a skin to cover the eyes. When a skin is applied to a live dragon, the eyes are layered above the skin. So fill in the eyes with no worries, but don't expect it to show up when applied to a player's dragon!

Are the 1st anniversary cakes intended to be sellable to Crim? (And presumably hoardsellable as well?) Is there some technical reason that they, as food, can't be made non-sellable?

The items were released to be a nice food boost for everyone on the first anniversary. For the food to be usable as food and to be able to convert to food points, it needs to be sellable. Since it is sellable, Crim can ask for it.

As time has gone on players may be interested in collecting the food rather than eating it. If you want to hang onto the food and not convert it to be eaten or be sold to Crim, we strongly recommend storing the items in your vault.
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Jun 15, 2017 01:46:44





There has been a recent issue with the amount of eliminates dropping in the Coli, and has a result, prices have skyrocketed. Will this be fixed in the Coli revamp? I miss eliminates less than 200k.
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Jun 15, 2017 03:50:54





Will the clan/lair elemental background images (at the top of the page) ever be updated? It looks... old, compared with other artwork on the site :?
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Jun 15, 2017 03:53:54





Which creature drop eliminate in training fields?
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Jun 15, 2017 03:55:45





Is there anything we can do to fix the current gem to treasure ratio. I joined when it was 750:1 now it is 1000:1
But the exchange from $ to gems has not changes, is there a way we can fight this inflation?
It really puts people who can't buy gems in a rough place sometimes.

EDIT: Since people keep telling me nothing can be done Im clarifying. I am not asking what the staff can do, but what we as players could do.

I am trying my part be simply using a smaller ratio 750:1 as previously mentioned.
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Jun 15, 2017 04:13:45





In birds, flying pumps air into the lungs by the power of wingbeats because the need for oxygen increases in flight. Most songbirds stop flapping to sing, so they glide while singing and then flap back up.

Question: Are dragons the same? Can they talk while flying, or must they glide for a conversation?
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Jun 15, 2017 04:42:09





Is there or will there ever be official lore for the coliseum? Like where the Ghostlight Ruins are located or why/how the Training Fields got their name, or is it all intended to be up for interpretation?
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Jun 15, 2017 05:19:24





This isn't an ETA about adventure mode, but is it still coming
I really hope if it is coming that its like mystery dungeon cause that would be cool as hell

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Jun 15, 2017 05:49:59





Kinda weird question.

After New Year's, all NoN unopened chests turn into dust. So if someone had been brewing a NoN chest during NoN and then for reasons couldn't get back on to take the chest out of Baldwin's until after New Year's, would the chest turn into dust when it was taken, or would the player then have a glitched NoN chest?
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Jun 15, 2017 07:19:50






Is there any Humans in Flight Rising? Like, I thin it would be quite odd to See a dragon making Breeding Pairs. And A Dragon basically Setting up everything.