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Thread Goal

Our goal for this thread is to give players a consolidated place to directly ask questions to our administration team.


Not all questions will have immediate or detailed answers. Due to development or internal planning, some information will need to remain undisclosed. If your question is not something we are able to answer, it will be documented. You aren't being ignored - we simply can't provide informative answers to every question being asked. We will always do our best!

How This Works

  • The thread will be open for questions for two weeks
    • Every other Friday the thread will be locked.
    • The following Monday, the thread will be unlocked and answers posted.
  • It may not be possible for us to answer all questions, but each will be documented and archived.
  • We will answer around seven to ten questions, depending on volume.

This Thread is Not For

  • Engineering or feature development questions - You may ask them but we will document these questions and if possible, answer them in a future Words on the Wind.
  • Non-questions - posts that are not questions or are quoting a previously asked question will be removed without warning.
    • The above artificially inflates the thread and can bury other questions.
    • Discussion posts that have a question thrown in to prevent deletion will be removed.
  • How-to Questions - the Help forum is your best bet for seeking help with gameplay; the knowledgeable combination of players and moderators here should set you on the right track!

If you'd like to follow our answers throughout this thread or any thread, just click the icon on the bottom right hand corner of any Flight Rising team member's post!

You can find previous question and answer style threads here:
Ask the Team! [Open]
Feb 20, 2017 13:00:40





Is the progenitor restoration still ongoing? I see there hasn't been any updates there for a while now. I 100% understand if you guys need a break, I'd just like to make sure it will be resumed.

Yes. We've fallen a bit behind but we're working on them around the day to day tasks!

I know you said you didn't celebrate any human holidays on FR, but I noticed there's an exception: April Fool's. Why is that?

We really enjoy April Fool's because many game development companies like to add some silly flavor to their websites and games on this day. While we are a relatively small company and team, we still consider ourselves a member of that industry and like to participate in the fun!

We also add some touches throughout the year that do nod to real world holidays. While you'll never see Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny grace Flight Rising, less overt limited time items that fit well within the flora, fauna, and feel of Flight Rising may appear. For example: this past February, there were no cupid's bows or valentines cards, but lovebirds and swans were added. In November, Woodland Turkeys -the counterpart to Poultrygeists- appear. etc.

How often do the deities communicate with one another? Do they often get together over coffee and therefore have awkward conversations about the weather (they created), or do they so rarely see each other due to them being so busy being in charge of their territory?

The deities themselves are very estranged There are certain times in which Flights may find themselves as allies, but this is almost always done through multiple clans coming together rather than a pact between the gods.

How would you guys deal with troll accounts? I've found 2 already. With the registration growing, there will be bound for more of this stuff.

Our Code of Conduct touches on this. If we have reason to believe an account is created for the sole purpose of trolling our community, we reserve the right to close the account without warning or followup. If we opt to give the account a chance to prove themselves, they'll receive a suspension and possibly a final warning.

If you suspect that an account has been created solely to troll our community, please report it to us privately through Contact Us so that we can investigate.

What do the runes on a rune-gened dragon mean?

In terms of the creation of the runes from the artist-side, the runes were designed to be nonsense scrawls and are not a replication of a real-world runic script.

In terms of lore, players are welcome to create interpretations for what the runes mean for the dragons that have them. The meaning could be quite varied, whether enchantment, enhancement, directive, prophecy, or curse.

Do the different Flight regions ever go through seasonal changes? For example, is there ever snow in the Tangled Wood or a warm period in the Southern Icefield, or do all of the deities control the seasons and weather in their respective regions?

Seasonal changes do occur, though the elemental forces at work in each territory limit or enhance these changes. You'll even see "warm" (comparatively...) periods in the Southern Icefield during the summer, when tundras develop the more lightweight coat.

What sort of codes would be redeemed in the redeem code option in the drop down menu?

These were used by Kickstarter backers to redeem their rewards for supporting our game and getting it off the ground. At this time, that is the only application for it, but it could be useful in the future for other codes or promotions if we decide to do something like that.

Bogsneaks seem to have paw pads. Logical, good choice for sneaking and walking on soft ground. My question is:

When cuddling and getting groomed, do bogsneaks knead the ground / each other with said paw pads (like a kitty)?


That behavior would not be typical for a Bogsneak. That said, dragons are individuals, so if you want to have a Bogsneak that does this in your clan, it's certainly possible, though it would be an unusual affected behavior. However, it's not a breed instinct to do so.
p.s. on a more personal note, OH MY GOSH THOSE PAWS!

I've seen people stating that they share IP's with a brother or etc. but would there still be a problem in having this other account on the same IP? My little cousin's staying with me for right now, and she's going to create an account on here, and I just wanted to make sure it wouldn't be against the rules. Especially if we might share a computer

It's a-okay to share an IP or computer with another player! As long as it's actually two different people with a unique account each playing, all should be well.

If it's one player who's made multiple accounts, or a player and their friend, where the friend's account exists only to gift to the player's, that's where we run into problems. We encourage you to read our multiple-account policy here: http://flightrising.com/main.php?p=wiki&article=52
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Do you have an idea of how many miles/km long and/or wide sornieth is?
Ask the Team! [Open]
Feb 20, 2017 13:08:51





Is there a new breed in the works right now?

The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [beep]
A single lap should be completed each time you hear this sound. [ding] Remember to run in a straight line, and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark, get ready, start.
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How much magic is left in the World Pillar? Is living near it safer than living far away?
Ask the Team! [Open]
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How many new genes are in the making / yet to be announced?
Ask the Team! [Open]
Feb 20, 2017 13:13:51





Is there any base scale of how long each earth say is compared to a sornieth day, or is it up to interpretation?

Is the world map "to scale", with the rivers in the territories being massive, or are they base representations that don't represent how large places like the tangled wood truly are?

Will deities ever communicate outside of their holiday posts again? Are there plans to hire or let mods role play as the deities in other cases?
Ask the Team! [Open]
Feb 20, 2017 13:16:03





Is all of the visible map below the equator of the planet Sornieth? If not, where is the equator located roughly? :o
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In human time, how long would it take for a hatchling to grow?
Dormammu, I've come to bargain.
Ask the Team! [Open]
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What does Baldwin do, with all the treasure he gets from people using his cauldron? Does he pass it to Crim so she can buy things from us?