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Lore Final: The Stolen Eggs
Dec 12, 2017 08:48:50






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We've met The Ancient One, The Young One, The Friend, The Progenitor, and possibly The Traitor.

The young dragon has sought the wisdom of the ancient one in order to save someone they hold dear. They don't understand why the clan has taken such an action and no one will tell them anything; but the ancient dragon knows. They witnessed what started all of this as it happened.

For the young dragon to save their loved one, the ancient dragon must tell their story about their friend, the clan's progenitor, the traitor, and what happened in the Nesting Grounds.

For this week, please limit your shared dragon images to the dragons listed in the prompt.

This can include the young dragon's loved one, bringing your total possible dragons for this week to six (6).

If you feel a dragon whose image you previously shared does not fit your story, please feel free to select one from your lair who does.

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All lore in writing prompts are NOT canon. These prompts are for Dragon Share Theme Weeks only.
Lore Final: The Stolen Eggs
Dec 12, 2017 08:52:37





{The Ancient One}

Motukoh is old, far older than Rakata. He returned to the clan recently from his time with the Arcanist, and hasn't quite been the same since. His colours changed and his personality did as well, becoming more secretive. Becoming the resident herbalist was natural, it was quiet work and he often went undisturbed. It was really nice to be able to just keep to himself. Being exiled to the Arcanist was hard enough, and returning to Sornieth was, and still is, difficult for him.

{The Young One}

Heiress is young but she has already been through so much. Losing an arm to a Greybeak Reaper (not exactly her finest moment) and then moving to a new clan with her loved one. She is still a gentle soul and looks for the best in others, even if she still struggles to see it in herself. Heiress is always looking to care for familiars, encouraging them to be kind and trusting of their dragons. She works with Pumpkin in the bestiary and together they

{The Friend}

Nidar is a kind and warm dragon, despite being mute she is very expressive. Nidar hasn't been with the clan very long but her and her ever-patient mate Kur'aahm have easily become one of the most well-liked pairs within the Rakata clan. She considers it a happy home and is always grateful that Rakata had taken them both in.

{The Progenitor}

Mother. Healer. Friend. Confidant. There are many things you can use to describe Rakata, founder of the Rakata Clan (original, she knows don't worry) but nothing can compare to meeting her in person. Rakata is responsible for a great many things; the first to discover draconic life beyond Sornieth, an innovator with sacridite-aided healing magic, among other things. Her mate, Motukoh, was exiled to the Arcanist as punishment for breaking the rules of using Arcanic magic, mixing it with that of other flights. She was banished, and she made her own home in the Light. Now her clan flourishes in her name. Pairs and individuals come to her territory seeking refuge, temporary or permanent, no matter the circumstance.

{The Traitor}

It isn't much of a surprise to see Raerek become the traitor. He is a dragon really only out for his own interests (no more than Vornion is but that's not the point) and so naturally he would be the traitor. He is always waiting for others to do his tasks for him, never truly pulling his own weight. Aside from this obvious burden, he is still a wonderful hunter and is often the head of hunting parties, being one of the best trackers as well. He's a burden, yes, but reluctantly a necessary one.

{The Loved One}

Delicate is greatly loved by many in the clan,
her kind and understanding nature making her the ideal confidant for many in the clan. Acting as a sort of therapist for many including Hiretsuna, Heiress, and even Motukoh (among others) she has become indispensable. Delicate made herself indispensable. She knows a great deal of the struggles the clan members go through so Delicate can't exactly be allowed to leave the clan.
It's dark, yes, but she is still trusted by everyone.
Lore Final: The Stolen Eggs
Dec 12, 2017 08:53:43





Grindelwald - The Ancient One:

He knows all, has witnessed all. Grindelwald is knowledgeable of all around him. He knows what happened, and he is willing to share the tale in order to help is younger clanmates. He can talk for hours on any subjeft, he had heard word straight from the mouths of the reigning Deities. He is the one that dragons seek in times of need, times of crisis.


SeaGlass - The Young One:

Her loyalty knows no bounds. SeaGlass knows that something is up, that something has happened. She will do whatever it takes to save her friend. Some may call her persistence reckless, but she sees it only as a sign of how much she really cares.


Pine - The Friend:

Pine is almost as old and wise as the trees through which she gets her name. She has seen a lot, been through more than the average dragon would be able to take. She has experienced dragon nature in its purest form, both good and bad. Nothing shocks her anymore, not after all of her field experience, not after all that she has witnessed.


StarStealer - The Progenitor:

StarStealer founded the SpiralScale clan. He is largely inexperienced, possibly little too childish to ever be capable of properly running a clan. However, no one doubts his strength, his wits, his determination for success. He will drive his clan past their limits and he will make them stronger than ever before.


Darok - The Traitor:

Darok is bitter, sour after being banished from his comfortable realm down in the deepest depths of Sornieth. He is stubborn, headstrong. Necromancy is his most favoured past time, his idea of a relaxing day. He snarls and spits t all who approach them, snapping at hatchlings if they dare venture near his shadowed lair.


Lore Final: The Stolen Eggs
Dec 12, 2017 08:54:17





The Ancient One: Pharaoh

The Young One: Takumi

The Loved One: Tenko

The Friend: Ryu

The Progenitor: Tenko. Well, his mother and father, but I have no dragons to represent them.
The Traitor: Demonic

((Ohhh, boy, here we go! BTW, Tenko is Takumi's close friend, not lover. They're almost like brothers))
"Well..." Pharaoh laid down and gestured for the young prince ((Takumi)) to sit down. "I was not actually there when it all started, but I am able to remember it."
Instead of asking questions, Takumi sat and politely let Pharaoh continue, nodding.
*Flash back*
Ryu ran into the banquet hall, a dark colored dragon in knight's armor following him.
The royal family looked up, startled, as he started speaking in a rushed manner. "Yin-Talon said that someone was coming after the eggs tonight!"
A much younger Tenko, maybe eleven bolted upright. "What?! My brothers and sisters? Someone is going after them!?"
Ryu nodded. "That's what Yin-Talon said." He flicked his tail at the dark Imperial behind him.
"We must hurry!" Yin-Talon said, "They'll be here soon!" He turned and bolted back down the hallway, headed towards the royal nesting grounds. Ryu and Tenko followed, hot on yin-Talon's tail.
They were there within minutes, but they were the only ones there.
"Where?!" Ryu scouted around the room, looking in every corner.
Tenko bolted over to the nest containing his brothers and sisters, still in eggs of course, and protectively curled around them the best he could, glaring around the room.
Ryu looked up at Yin-Talon, suspicion growing. "Are you sure you heard right?"
Yin-Talon nodded. "Yes, I'm certain. It would be hard for them to get past the guards on their own." A sly smile grew underneath his hood, out of sight. "How about we take watch over the eggs. Tenko, you take the first watch. Ryu, you take the next. And I'll take the last, how does that sound?"
Tenko nodded, not looking at Yin-Talon. Ryu, still suspicious, nodded reluctantly.
Hours passed, nothing happened. Yin-Talon was smiling, his eyes closed waiting for Ryu to 'wake' him for his watch. Soon, Ryu shook him. "It's your turn now."
As Ryu went to get some rest next to Tenko, Yin-Talon walked up to the eggs. The small smile grew into a toothy malevolent one as he rubbed his talons over the smooth, warm, fragile, eggshells pitifully protecting and hindering the life inside. He murmured something to them.
Ryu, of whom was still awake, only heard the ending part. "It's too bad I can't carry all of you. But don't worry, you wont have to live without your siblings...."
Ryu bolted up. "STOP!" But there were only shadows, Tenko and three blackened and lifeless eggs.
Ryu's yell had startled Tenko awake, who had noticed the eggs and was now curled around them, sobbing. Ryu walked over to him, putting a comforting talon on him and gently brushing his tail across his back.
Laughter echoed from the shadows and a cold, malevolent presence filled the air, then it was gone. Leaving Tenko broken and Ryu angry at both himself and the demon who'd fooled them all.
"Oh..." Takumi looked down sadly.
"The demon you are now facing is Yin-Talon, except his real name is Demonic. That is part of the reason why Tenko is the way he is, similar to your story. I believe that the best way to help him is to continue to support him as a friend, to the best of your ability. Will you be able to do that?"
Takumi nodded solemnly. "Yes. Thank you for telling me. I will get going now."
Pharaoh dipped his head in a farewell as Takumi left the temple.
((DONE! Yay! That was fun!))
If a leaf blows into your face on a sunny day, it may be good luck, but don't look too close, it may have a bug on it.
Lore Final: The Stolen Eggs
Dec 12, 2017 08:56:16





The Ancient One - Lynrask


The Young One - Sapphire


The Traitor - Montibus


HfhnQwX.jpg LTKwxBO.jpg
Lore Final: The Stolen Eggs
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Lore Final: The Stolen Eggs
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+3 FR time
I love this chompy thing
Lore Final: The Stolen Eggs
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Lore Final: The Stolen Eggs
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Oh my Geb, I reacted too soon. I am not gonna spread lies about my dragons' lore, even though it's stated that it's not canon. Our clan members are chosen carefully, only those ones with the righteous mind and righteous actions can enter so a traitor could not be found amongst us. However, there could be a coward who gave up on a plan, so let's see what I can make out of this. Honestly, if I don't do something stupid, who am I?


Kars - the Ancient One. A 100,000 year old being from another world brought here with the help of The Friend in search for enjoyment of life and peace. All he ever wanted was to be a beautiful bird man and enjoy life but fate was mean to him. But HEY, he finally got his chance and now he's living like a true hedonist, away from Terrans, and loving nature as always.


Thoth - the Young One. She's a highly enthusiastic and optimistic individual who works as a messenger or, also known as, a postdragon. She also writes journals from time to time and has her own adventure newspaper, so if there's anything she'd want to do in her free time is either jog or get more interesting stories for her newspaper. She is friendly and extroverted, she would have no problem talking to an ancient Terran god. I suppose her question would be something like "okay but, how about I sit down right here and you tell me everything about that adventure of yours??"


Aduain - the Friend. Why? Because from what I've seen and all the visions I've had so far, it appears the good bird boi would appreciate and be fond of Aduain, and the other way around, Aduain idolises and adores Kars so it would probably work out pretty well. A very enthusiastic but constantly overly aware and over-analysing dork. She always has a burrito ready somewhere.


Ash - the Progenitor. He was one of the first recruits of the Pirate Outbacks clan, a very calm and sweet individual. He served the Shadowbinder's army for a year by working in the canteen and now he's living his dream - travelling from one desert town to another and telling stories, legends and myths, and of course the real events behind them. He was the one who had the idea of taking Kars, Aduain, Shezmu and Min on a one-day field trip into the desert to explore the truth behind some myths and possibly find several potential tourist attractions in the vicinity of the clan.


Shezmu - the Loved One. She is Thoth best friend and a cook, therefore she was the one responsible for food and drinks on the field trip, however she ordered Min to take care of the cart because he was practically being either useless during the trip or way too distracted by Kars. Shezmu came up with a sweet idea to let Kars and Min have a nice bonding time at one point during the trip, possibly next to some ancient ruins under the beautiful desert night sky, and Aduain of course agreed to this idea.


Min - the Traitor (aka the Coward). Min is a dragon obsessed with birds and, of course, with the most beautiful bird boi - Kars. He's usually extremely flirtatious but he simply cannot comprehend the most basic things around Kars so, during the trip, when Min found out about the plan, probably because Shezmu is always yelling when talking, he freaked out. While the rest was analysing ruins and listening to Ash talking, Min panicked and ran along with the cart full of food and drinks. Thankfully, Aduain foresaw this so everyone had several bottles of water with themselves.

The team found an ancient temple partially buried in sand afterwards with a small oasis and waterfall inside the cella, and Min never saw it in person, but that's entirely his problem.
Lore Final: The Stolen Eggs
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