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Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 14:55:32







Makuta, though his plans have yet to come to fruition, is a traitorous dragon. He constantly plots the downfall of the clan's leaders and he raised a hatchling to follow his ideals.


Vengeance was raise by Makuta. Believing what she was told by her mentor, Vengeance would go on to destroy a nest. Very few dragons put their trust in her.


Titania, though not a huge threat to clan in general, betrayed her family by leading to the exalting of her younger brother and sister.
Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
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Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
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While she may look harmless, Lydia is anything but that. Wanting the clan for herself, she convinced many of its loyal members that the current monarchs have no right to lead and is leading a bloody rebellion that has split the clan into two...


Elvara is Lydia’s cruel second in command, and is responsible for many of the first deaths of the rebellion, the first of her victims was the clan’s hatching caretaker Eliza, and more are sure to follow.

Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 15:00:30







Marrow has been a traitor to almost everyone in his life. He grew up as a rogue, loyal to only himself and his father. But when he met his mother and her clan, he was tempted to join them. Until one of the clan dragons murdered his father. He then decided to join forces with his aunt, an Imperial known as Wraith, plotting to destroy the clan. Wraith sent Marrow to the clan to spy on them, pretend to swear allegiance to them. However, when Marrow "joined" the clan, he grew close with some of the clan's dragons, most significantly Aspen, the clan's heir. He eventually decided he couldn't destroy the clan, and he betrayed Wraith, turning against her and joining the clan for real.
However, when Wraith planned her own attack on the clan, she was defeated and killed by Aspen. Although Marrow didn't agree with Wraith's vengeful plans, he still cared for the dragon who had practically raised him after his father's death. Marrow attacked Aspen, ultimately betraying the clan.
In the end, Marrow could never figure out where his loyalties lie, and that's what made him a traitor to everyone.


Then there's Stormstrike. He was one of his clan's most respected warriors. But he knew that's all he'd ever be. He was a great warrior, but he had no royal blood. There was no way he could ever have any power within the clan.
He plotted in secret with a band of rogue dragons, giving them information about the clan in exchange for the promise of power. But Stormstrike still wasn't satisfied. He was nervous of the rogue dragons, that they planned to kill him once they had power for themselves. Stormstrike wanted to use a complicated spell to make himself immortal. But he didn't want to try it on himself and risk it going wrong. So he brought his son Stalactite to the rogues, let them injure him to the brink of death so Stormstrike could try his spell. And the spell worked, but Stalactite was furious at Stormstrike for making him immortal. Stormstrike knew it was only a matter of time before Stalactite found out he was a traitor. He had to act quickly. So Stormstrike made himself immortal and led the rogues into battle against his clan. Although the clan survived, Stormstrike took up his position as leader of the rogues, and waited to plot his next strike against the clan.
In the end, Stormstrike's ambition was his undoing. It led him from a peaceful life as a noble warrior, to doing things not even his own rogues could forgive.
Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 15:00:33





Iolite has been a part of Clan Bloodfury ever since Freyja took up the mantle as matriarch, but has quietly detested her reign for many years. To him, she is weak, letting these outsiders take refuge within their ranks. They are not Plague, and they never will be. For now, he simply resides in the shadows, waiting for his chance...

Hel, bethrothed to Iolite, too, lurks in the shadows of their lair. She shares her beloved's sentiments of their matriarch, unfit to lead. Why does Freyja let these strangers into their home, bereft of the Plaguebringer's mark? Those, whose eyes belong to another deity, would infiltrate their ranks, plotting. Scheming. Something must be done...
Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
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Rue is no flower child, as she delves into the darker side of the light's knowledge... a proud leader of her own coven. could she become a traitor? no, she wouldn't risk the destruction of her coven, but her mate....he's more power hungry than she.



Camelot, however, is proven and tried traitor. All except the exalted remember her crime, but she lives to at the mercy of Scenai-- who stood at the young girls trial and pleaded for her life. A grave mistake.

Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
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The most obvious suspect is Jaedana, because she makes no bones about wanting to overthrow the clan leaders and take over. She leads the powerful Plague faction in my lair and has a base of supporters. The progens tolerate her because she's useful and they have common goals (and common enemies), but they don't trust her.


Mitthrani is another solid choice. She's a Plague faction member and ostensibly answers to Jaedana, but secretly she's plotting to overthrow her, take over the faction, and take on the clan leaders herself.


Everyone in the lair suspects Naqana because she's a Plague dragon and they think she must be a faction member. She also doesn't talk much and is extremely bookish and isolated. However, she's actually extremely loyal to the clan founders, in her own strange, withdrawn way. Ternara, daughter of my progens and clan protector, trusts her and has always vouched for her when Jaedana starts nonsense, which is often.
Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 15:05:28





Most likely to be a traitor? Well that points straight to Nightwatcher.


For a while, she greatly respected how the Guild let anyone in, any species, any flight. She loved how they gave second chances, but that all turned around when her father was forced to leave after planning the demise of the Guild. This effected her a surprisingly large amount. She always believed that the Guildmaster was a fair dragon, giving second chances. She knew what her father did was wrong. But somehow it effected her to the point of hate. Sure, she wouldn't exactly be the first to come to mind when told of a traitor (many dragons believe that no one in the Guile could be a traitor), but could definitely be one if pushed far enough.
Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 15:07:07







this is king diamond... he's not necessarily a malicious mind, more of an incredibly eloquent and passionate storyteller. quite an entertainer! and at first glance, his kind demeanor and tendency to fall to a smile, makes him seem like a friend for all. and so dapper, too!
though... some have suspicions that his winded tales of intrigue and murder, are, well, not entirely fabricated. and a simple bystander should not be able to know such detail.
-if- king diamond was a traitor, it would surely be for impersonal reasons. after all... no one really knows the origins of those stories.
also his familiar is a floating skull whom he croons to and thats, just, obviously creepy. e__e


but as creepy as king diamond is, he has no real malicious intent towards the leaders or metalhead. unlike ohlin. who is a freak doofus.
to go into a bit more detail, he almost fawns over tillandsia and requiem's hide. he will slink past them in the halls, hissing and clicking, and brush against their legs. earlier, before metalhead enlightened them all, requiem would swear she heard ohlin's voice in the night, endlessly detailing her demise. of course, most of the clan avoids him and his giant pet beetle.
what a lovely heavy metal lair ~ check me out ~
Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 15:11:54







Even though he was among the few dragon to be around when the clan was found, his egg was abandoned in the desert for reasons unknown. If you ask a few dragons, they'll all agree that he had picked fights with those that have a seat in the council and the look in his eyes makes him suspicious.