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Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 14:42:18







Lamorai's been very quiet about the Emperor experiments he's running out in the Ruins. He took it beyond clan borders and into the maze-like dark of the Hewn City to escape attention, but his early question did get some of the early imperials worried. His hatchhood friend Senta found out and went missing, but one dragon still remembers her. It's possibly he may yet be caught.


More overt but less concrete, Belael is the clan rumor-monger and information dealer in the best traditions of the Pearlcatchers. He wasn't raised in the clan, so most of them don't trust that he was brought up correctly. While he's never done anything traitorous, he gets into everything and follows everyone, and some question what it is he intends to DO with all that information.
Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 14:43:11





My clan used to have a dragon that was actively plotting to overthrow the clan, actually. But I got rid of him after moving.

Now, it'd be these three:


Augustus is by far the first suspect. The museum doubles as a sort of refuge to all dragons, so it tends to bring in a lot of shady characters. But Augustus is something else entirely. He outright told the clan that he betrayed his old army because "he was bored." He's not the most trustworthy of dragons.


Kimblee is another oddball. No one really trusts him anyway, and he has an odd thing for explosions. While he seems to bear no ill will towards the clan, no one really likes having him there.


Lastly, Pestis would also be a prime suspect. He doesn't talk, and no one can read his face through his mask. But everyone knows his strange fascination with dead bodies. It's really, really creepy. No one doubts that he'd kill a clanmate without any remorse or guilt.
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Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 14:43:22





Maybelle without a doubt!


She was a general before her lust for blood led her to try and overthrow the royal family, but was allowed to stay through a legal loophole. She now is planning a coup with several others.
Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 14:44:38







Why stay loyal to a clan that's giving you almost no money when you could betray them for an even bigger payout?
Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 14:46:14





Most clan members would point towards the trio of dragons that spend almost all their time together. Vladimir is Anatoly's older brother, and it's well known that he would do anything for his brother. He's tall, dark, and incredibly reserved and brash, and there are rumors he conducts unsavory business with the help of his brother and his brother's mate.

Vladimir's younger brother, Anatoly is just as intimidating as his brother, but makes up for the charm Vladimir lacks. Considering the company he keeps and his inability to be forthright with other dragons, clan members are just as distrustful of Anatoly as they are of Vladimir. The one thing everyone else can agree on, though, is that..

Anatoly's mate, Natalia, would be the one to betray the clan. No one besides the brothers talks to her but everyone knows the rumors about her line of work. She knows it, would deny it if you asked, but she would take any job for the right price. No one is sure why she's still in the clan, but it's only a matter of time before the right buyer comes along and Natalia ruins them all.
Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 14:47:46





With no visible leader of the clan, two dragons have formed their own groups.


Nemesis finds her truth in bloodshed, of anyone she would be the most likely to attempt a coup, just to see if she could.


Pallas is not interested in maintaining the clan. He leads a group of young vagabonds at the edges of the clan's territory, far enough away for some space, but close enough to still get food when the time comes. He and his coterie are unpredictable. He'd certainly have a good try at it.
Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 14:48:32







While she is one of the three generals of the clan, there's always the sneaking suspicion she has other motives. I mean she does have one of the strongest mages from a distant land wrapped around her claw, what could she be planning?



The more darker motives placed within Acolyte by Aamon behind Sianar's back, Amaimon has nobody to restrain him when he takes over Acolyte's body. He doesn't care for the clan, nor Sianar's rule making him a rather volatile member. Of course if he wreaked havoc, Acolyte would be first to blamed, not the demon that resides within him.
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Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 14:51:22





While there's very little to betray an island with no treasures or valuable properties for, a few could be suspect of doing things for smaller gains...


Fingers would point to Radiance first. She can barely open a smile to most of the clan, not to speak of those who she hates. Her Plague magic is an anomaly, and with her travels to the Plague Flight, she could've attracted the attention of those with wishes to attack the Wind border, if not the Plaguebringer herself. None of her help with diseases matters if she one day uses her knowledge to destroy the clan one by one...


Only Octave would first accuse Zenith, but she has been right before about many of the Skydancer's shenanigans. No one would think of Zenith as deceptive, but with her great powers and her "visions", she does sometimes treat others like objects for days before coming to her senses. If a shady character swayed her mind with talks of the treasure from slavery, or if she experimented with those 'lair purge' rumors from the local market, her train of logic could be disastrous.


It could never be Shoal. What does she have to gain with anything? Her cut from the caravan profits is sizeable, she never spends enough to live in luxury, and always despised positions of power - she would rather leave negotiating to Eternity. But... Shoal does have that glance sometimes. A hungry glance towards Orchid, Aether, Enthrall... Even her happy demeanor with Gravitas would sometimes end when he turned his back, and a few dragons could catch glances of the Bogsneak making grabbing motions when looking at their faces. Guards have heard her babble to herself about wanting to gain the power over truth with the Light, the many potions and eldritch monsters Shoal catalogued over the years, and how she would change her element for anything... But literally anything...?
Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 14:52:43







BitterTea - like Godwin's Law of betrayal: the longer you're around BitterTea, the more likely BitterTea will do something nasty to you for selfish purposes.


ConnectedCloud - weird obsessive Lightning dragon. Not saying we don't trust Lightning dragons in this Light lair: some of my best friends are Lightning dragons. ConnectedCloud, however, is not among them. Don't trust that Fae, no sir.


FaithfulPride - one of the intermediate heirs in the Nature Legacy line. Yes, she's technically Light, but she's a little bit of a Nature fanatic. I mean, she's probably not it: the founder of her line and the final heir are still with us, and they're perfectly lovely (if a little reserved in the case of the latter). All the same, you can't be too sure . . . .
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Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 14:54:19





When talk of a traitor starts floating around the lair, most eyes turn towards Rook:


Not entirely intentionally, no, but the older members of the clan can't help but remember that this wouldn't be the first time she'd been connected to a traitor. As a young dragon, she and several of her clanmates followed their matriarch's son, Malice, into a vicious civil war. Rook defected towards the end of the conflict, choosing to aid her birth clan. While she's worked hard to distance herself from her past, many uncomfortably recall her wavering loyalty, her high-ranking position in the clan, and her sometimes vocal disapproval of their matriarch and patriach's decisions. Rook, for her part, is not pleased that her past continues to haunt her, despite her best efforts to put some distance between her and it.


Then there's Emyr. The grandson of Lykos, a dangerous and somewhat unstable warrior, and Avalon, a light-bearer and guide who helps keep her mate in line, he's more than a little disconcerting. He's a smooth-talker who always seems to be contemplating other dragons' words and actions, carefully choosing his words before he speaks. While this in-and-of itself could be considered a good quality, there are occasionally flashes of...something else beneath his carefully crafted exterior. Flashes that suggest that, like his grandfather, he might have an unhealthy fascination with the Shade.

Of course, that's all speculation, but with no close friends or a mate to go to for answers, it's hard to figure out exactly what motivates the strange young dragon.