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Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 11, 2017 08:17:20





The clan leader, a smallish Imperial by the name of Aearion, sat wearily upon his stone throne as his advisors prattled away in his ears. At first he just nodded or shook his head where needed but when the topic finally turned to ousting the possible traitor in their midst, his icy eyes snapped open.
He eyed his chief advisor, a small blind mirror by the name of Caeraan, when he whispered the word traitor. He knew the mirror's words to be true. Clan rations vanishing, hatchlings turning up dead, nests smashed. There was indeed someone working to take his clan down from within.
He couldn't help but have his eyes skate over the new comer to the clan, a strange dragon from the Windswept Plateau. He rarely spoke to others, and when he did his voice was croaky and awful from a previous injury to his neck.
Seth, the newcomer, was an Imperial. Covered head to toe in bandages, and wearing a strange bracer upon his arm, but it was the birdskull mask he wore upon his face that made him unique and disquieting.
Aearion knew all the old tropes. Those that hide their faces weren't to be trusted. However Seth seemed different, though not in a bad way. He wasn't sure if he was a traitor or not but Aearion couldn't help the way his eyes came to rest on Seth whenever a traitor was mentioned...

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Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 11, 2017 08:25:07





The traitor of the Skullsworn brought in the true dangers.


Salesie did not know what she had done, not at first. She'd only done what she thought was right, bringing two lost strangers into the clan, hearing them out, helping them find their footing in a foreign territory with foreign people. She listened to their plight, their tales of a battle elsewhere that need strong warriors, warriors born of the lineage of the true Light and Her blood, the Imperials. A queen in desperate need. She listened to the princess and her companion, but didn't listen to her suspicious conscience until it was far, far too late.


Of the strangers was Malaika, a princess sent away from her land to find help, or so she told. In actuality, her mother was no queen, not any longer, and her clan was outcast. Malaika was sent to bring forth fodder to continue her mother's previous plan, to help her succeed where in the past she had failed. Gwen sent her forth to gather Imperials and send them back home to aid the clan in battle.The battle was false, only in the fallen queen's mind; in actuality, the queen wanted to create a monster, a plot to build an Emperor that wouldn't crumble in her hands so soon. Malaika, however, obeyed every word, more than happy to see what chaos they could create with a hundred dead corpses and the Lightweaver's deadly curse upon her first children.


Trouble was her companion, found blind along the road to the Skullsworn. She was no good from the start, and Malaika took a shining to that. While Trouble should have learned better from her past, learned not to collect deadly things and keep dragons under chains, she managed to figure out Malaika's true cause, and became intrigued, perhaps obsessed. Maybe, if she got even closer to the princess, she could perhaps ask for a favor, and take the monster for herself for a little while. Oh, she could use the revenge...

And so the pair, with some rumors courtesy of Salesie, became focused on the Skullsworn Imperial Rhune, always hidden under his cloak, larger than any they had seen in their travels. Salesie could never have predicted that they would provoke him so terribly, lead to such ruin and turmoil within her clan, but nonetheless, she is still to blame. Naivety and a desire to help and protect her new friends would be her downfall.
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Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 11, 2017 08:41:33
Some may consider Puppet Master as a traitor to the clan... after all, they're always lurking in the shadows, willing to eat anyone who wanders into their dark, secluded room.


Or, perhaps it could be Rogue. She sides with nobody, not even the Plaguebringer, leaving many a dragon to believe she'll be a backstabber within a moment's notice.


However, if you ask Aquamarine his thoughts, he will immediately pin down Leviathan as a viable suspect of treason to the King and Queen.


However, Leviathan is just an edgy teenager who looks intimidating because he's a Guardian.
Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
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Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
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I have two dragons who've been dubbed a traitor to their kingdom.


Diphylla, the general who stole her king's army in an act of rebellion,
and Acantha, the mage who aided her and was a co leader of sorts in the rebellion.


+2 hours ahead of FR time.

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Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 11, 2017 12:34:38







'A collector of all things, physical, verbal or otherwise, she has a vast desire for knowledge. everything from ancient myths and family recipes to clan gossip are stored forever at her fingertips. too clever not to have her own agenda, Kuru's motives are frequently unclear, and her choice of mate --the obedient and highly ranked Atrophy-- has created distrust of her in the clan.'


this thug doesn't have any lore, he just looks yucky
Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 11, 2017 12:47:22





Veloden, the Crystal Theif
Veloden is our best thief. Being as dark as night with many pockets to fill, he makes the most profit. However, with that profit he could easily turn against the clan - and destroy it in the process. Everyone is painfully kind to him, in hopes he won't turn to kill them next..

While really all he wants is a loving mate and a hug.
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Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 11, 2017 14:08:39





Nightshade, son of Bloodmoon and Springbreeze, is a shady dragon (Literally) who has done numerous odd things in his past. At night, scratching sounds can be heared, and then whispers. Dusty, a Fae who's egg was found left alone, investigated one day and found Nightshade speaking with a lone Serthis. The snake was also likely a traitor, but we shall keep an eye oh him.

-Rar, noble leader and founder
Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 11, 2017 15:30:50





"In my younger days, I used to have vivid visions of what could one day be. These are what led me to this clan, and I plan to stay in it as long as my days. I was valued here for it - and I saved us from many painful deaths. My visions began to fade as I aged, which brings us to...... Antares. He came to us one summer some thousand years ago, though I remember it like it happened a moment ago. He was still small, then. Naught but a hatchling." The great dragon shuddered as he said this, and pain caused his eyes to cloud over momentarily.

"I moved to take him from the trader's cart to the nursery, overjoyed we had another addition to the clan. But the moment my claw touched him, I was wracked with a vision more powerful than anything I had experienced since I was his age. It hurt, I'll admit." At this, he smiled and laughed.

"I reeled back and hissed in pain, clutching my now fine claw. In the vision, I had seen a world of chaos, the heads of my friends lying on the ground like discarded playthings. It was horrible, something I pray never comes to pass. And above it all stood this hatchling, though much older. He was now a full grown dragon, and an array of weapons and bones adorned him from head to tail." The dragon looked repulsed, and a look of disdain replaced his normally calm features.

"Alas, despite many warnings, I could not persuade the others to abandon or kill him. After all, 'he was a hatchling! What harm could he have done?' they thought! Pah! A world of pain he would bring." The dragon hung his head, looking utterly defeated. He continued, however, bringing himself to go on.

"As the hatchling grew, I tried my best to turn his life away from what I had seen. I taught him truth and light, instilling in him the values we lived by. I became more of a father to him than anyone else, and though I fear it, I know it is true - he became a son to me. I have seen the way he looks at our leader's cave with a hunger, and I have watched the way he uses the charm he has - the charm I taught him - to trick the clan and turn their eyes away from the vile things he does. His children are that of a foreign tribe's. I have seen him bring in his mistresses, springing forth more of his spawn to aide him in his conquest. " He shuddered.

"I know how his story will end. I understand that ultimately, I am the reason he will destroy us. I do not fear him any longer. I only pray that by the time he acts I will be dead - for I know, despite everything he's done, I will not be able to kill him before it is too late."


Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 11, 2017 16:08:51








Ask my dragons who they may think the Traitor is, and they would pinpoint the Twins, the first Mirrors to ever come to Nova. They are known for their fierce tempers and savage roars. Nightmare has been known to sleep in the Coliseum, fighting even in his sleep, and Sandcrawler's insatiable hunger completely swept the land clean of prey for a time, forcing Nova to hunt in the Viridian Labyrinth. But in truth, they are the most loyal in the Clan, second only to the founders of Nova. They will stop at nothing to keep their brethren safe.


Now that begs the question: Who is the true Traitor? Signs point to Redwing, the apprentice to Sentinel, the second in command to Coriander, Commander of the Guard. Redwing is a conflicted dragon- he wants to rise to power, but isn't sure why. He thinks it is because he's pink, and as a Mirror is teased for it, but in truth, Messenger and Deathberry, his predecessors, were crystal pink, and one was even born with an ice crackle. And they are loyally exalted with children of their own. Redwing confessed to being the traitor soon after, and though not all of Nova has forgiven him, he has stayed, and that is enough.