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Lore Theme Week: The Young One
Nov 13, 2017 10:01:06
One of my most recent babies, I bought two... The other is Kazuichi but he is two days old and Gonta is only 22 hours old..

Gonta is very gentle and kindhearted, much like the character he's named after. He is often seen hanging around with the adults and has gotten the most attached to Thyme and Kirmai both. He sees them as parent figures. Thyme and Kirmai often look over Gonta and intend to mate soon. Gonta is also a EXTREMELY sweet dragon and does anything he can to prevent his clan from being sick--- though he cant explore for any food.. But he tries. He is a treasure to the clan and Hailstorm has welcomed him and Kazuichi warmly with open wings.

This young boy will be staying in my clan forever. I love him too much. Even if I have to wait to expand, I will, cause this boy is so precious and I must protect him!
Lore Theme Week: The Young One
Nov 13, 2017 13:10:05