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[LORE] The Clan of Lost Knowledge
Aug 10, 2017 10:51:07






This lore is still a major WIP

(( WARNING- there will be violent/dark themes and minor gore throughout this lore. There will be no major gore, as that is against FR's rules and I intend to follow all of those rules, but I wanted to put this warning here just in case.
There will be violent and/or dark themes, minor gore, and a possibility of dragons with anxiety/panic attacks or mental conditions/disorders, as well as dragons that are physically disabled.
I do not suggest reading this lore if you cannot handle themes such as battles, death, or torture. Thank you. ))

You may post on this thread as you wish, with any comments you may have. However, if you would like to be pinged for new chapters of this lore, I prefer if you PM me. Or you could just subscribe to the thread. Thank you!

The Clan of Lost Knowledge. After years of hardship, the clan is finally strong now, and what was once a mild friendship has blossomed into a true bond- a family.
But how did this happen? No clan ever starts out strong. The clan has gone through much struggles to make it to this point. And was it all worth it? That's for you to decide.
This is the story of the Clan of Lost Knowledge, what once began as a band of loners, and eventually grew into a massive clan.
We will begin at the start of the Clan's history, when a large band of loners had finally recruited loyal dragons and formed into a Clan. Although the clan currently resides in the domain of the Lightweaver, this story starts at the beginning of the clan, when the newly formed clan had made their home within the Southern Icefield.
You are welcome to stay and listen, for this tale that explains the history of the Clan of Lost Knowledge...
[LORE] The Clan of Lost Knowledge
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I had finished the hierarchy, but it was a TOTAL mess, so I'm re-coding the whole thing. Please stand by.

The rankings of the newly formed clan.
The Clan of Lost Knowledge works in a sort of royalty system, with a king or queen at the top, their heirs below them, and various other ranks which are slightly more insignificant. While most clans have a leader in charge and everyone else equal, the Clan of Lost Knowledge has strict rankings and hierarchy. This has led some rogue dragons to believe the clan is corrupt. These rumours are false, however- the clan has its strict rankings for a reason, and although some dragons are considered to be above others, dragons are encouraged to maintain respect for every rank. Only the top ranked dragons (the King or Queen and their Heirs) are considered to be above the other ranks..


Kismet is the founder of the Clan of Lost Knowledge. He took a band of unorganized rogues and formed them into a noble clan. He leads the clan with strict authority, but also with a sense of deep respect. He created the noble codes of loyalty and justice that binds the clan together. He is a powerful leader, and is highly protective of all of his dragons.


Aspen is Kismet's eldest son, putting him directly in line to take over the clan when Kismet dies. However, he struggles against an older sister Vertigo, who may have a better claim to the throne, but is in no way ready to take over. While Aspen is typically seen as an arrogant, self-righteous dragon, he is actually much more than that. Although many fail to notice, he is noble, fair, and extremely self-sacrificing. He has a deep sense of respect and equality that rivals even Kismet's. Aspen respects every dragon the same, no matter their rank.


Older sister to Aspen, Vertigo is the second heir to Kismet's throne. She often acts arrogant and self-centered due to the knowledge that she is Kismet's eldest heir. This has caused many arguments between her and Aspen over who will take the throne after Kismet's death. Vertigo claims to be more worthy of the throne, being Kismet's first heir, but she is also highly impulsive and aggressive.


Regalia was the first of the clan's warriors, and somewhat of a father-figure to the other warriors of the clan. Many dragons in the clan respect and look up to him. He is believed to be the clan's most noble, loyal warrior.


Stormstrike is another widely-respected warrior. He isn't as fatherly or kind as Regalia, but he is a powerful fighter and fiercely protective. He is one of the oldest dragons in the clan, although he hasn't been in the clan for too long. His past is somewhat shrouded. He has one son, Stalactite, whose mother is unknown. Whoever Stormstrike's mate was, she is likely dead or had abandoned him.


One of the oldest dragons in the clan, Obelisk has also been with the clan longer than almost everyone else. Although she is a respected warrior, she is growing slower and weaker with age, and now enjoys telling stories of the clan's beginning to hatchlings. However, she will not refuse a battle, and if her clan is forced into war, she'll insist to fight alongside them.


Stalactite is one of the younger dragons of the clan, just barely old enough to have completed his training as a warrior of the clan. He is fiercely determined to prove himself, which can sometimes lead him to reckless behaviour. However, he is still deeply loyal to his clan.


Flurry is a somewhat reckless dragon. He loves the thrill of adventure, so he is often throwing himself into danger and narrowly escaping death for fun. However, he is still fiercely loyal, and he does have a side that's willing to kill to protect his clan. He is typically a good-natured, friendly dragon.



























Other Ranks:








(No role.
Clan member)




























Riftstorm (or Rift)


Hazelnut (or Hazel)






[LORE] The Clan of Lost Knowledge
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Still a WIP!

The Howling Storm is a mysterious ancient organization of dragons, with a reputation for being vicious cultists. Their goals and beliefs are unknown to everyone outside their ranks, but everyone fears them and avoids their territory. Very few dragons have ever returned after venturing into the territory of the Howling Storm, and those who did never truly returned- it was like they were a whole new dragon entirely.


Unknown. Nobody knows the true identity of the Howling Storm's leader, as no one has ever risked entering their territory to find out.













(aka Dreamwalker)




[LORE] The Clan of Lost Knowledge
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[LORE] The Clan of Lost Knowledge
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[LORE] The Clan of Lost Knowledge
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Regalia tilted his head up to smell the faint breeze blowing past him. He had been tracking the traces of dragon scent for three days, with no success in finding the intruder he was so sure was there.
"Stay close." Regalia ordered the other warriors quietly. "We don't know how dangerous this rogue dragon is."
"Are we sure they even exist?" Velvet hissed skeptically. The Imperial tilted his head at Regalia. "You could just be smelling a wandering hatchling, taking a walk in our territory."
"No, Regalia is right." Stormstrike mused grimly. "There's definitely an unfamiliar scent here."
"Shh!" Regalia hissed. "Both of you, keep quiet. We want to catch this rogue, not scare them off."
They waited for several long moments, listening to the faint breeze stirring the branches of the pine trees around them.
"I don't hear anything." Velvet whispered.
"I do." A quiet voice interjected. A dark gray-black Bogsneak shoved past Stormstrike. "Well, not really, but I saw something."
"Stalactite!" Stormstrike snarled, whacking the Bogsneak with his tail. "I told you to stay back at our lair where it's safe!"
"And I told you I take orders from King Kismet." Stalactite retorted proudly. "Not you, Father."
"Can you two be quiet for one second?" Regalia snapped. "Stalactite, what did you see?"
"A black dragon." The Bogsneak described, spreading his wings. "A black and red Skydancer, carrying something. She hid it in a cave so nobody would find it, and used magic to fill the cave entrance with snow, blocking the object inside!"
"Magic?" Regalia hissed sharply. "Are you sure?"
"I know what I saw." Stalactite insisted. "And what I saw was awesome. Nobody in the clan ever uses magic! I had never seen anything so... Powerful."
"We avoid magic for a reason." Stormstrike growled. "There are always consequences."
"But we also must protect it." Regalia interjected before they could start one of their infamous arguments. "Magic is powerful, but that's exactly why we need to protect it. If any other clan knew the things we know about magic, the consequences could be terrible. Magic should be left to the dragons who know how to use it for good, and only for good."
"That could be me..." Stalactite mumbled grudgingly. "If someone didn't forbid me from using it."
"You should listen to Kismet." Stormstrike snapped.
"I meant you!" Stalactite protested. "And you know it!"
"Thought you didn't take orders from me?" Stormstrike sneered.
"Okay, okay!" Regalia snapped, stepping between them. "King Kismet put me in charge of this search party, and I'm giving you two one last chance to stop fighting before I send you both snivelling back to Kismet to tell him what happened!"
They both subsided with muffled growls.
"We have to find this rogue dragon." Regalia growled. "And find out whether she'll be a threat or an ally."
Suddenly, a twig snapped somewhere nearby. Regalia could hear faint noises, like a dragon walking through snow.
He signalled to Stormstrike and Velvet to circle around and cut them off, and for Stalactite and the last dragon of the patrol, Basilisk, to follow him.
A dragon was digging in the snow nearby. A black Skydancer with red wings.
"That's her." Stalactite whispered. "And this- this is the cave!"
The Skydancer's head snapped up. Her fiery red eyes met Regalia's, and she let out a hiss of fury. She charged directly at them, lunging for Stalactite first. Stalactite rolled to the side and tried to pin the Skydancer, but she leapt out of the way after giving Stalactite a vicious claw scratch.
This dragon fought like a cornered animal, Regalia realized after a moment. She fought like she knew she was going to die, but she was determined to go out fighting.
Or... Determined to protect something else...
Regalia spotted Stormstrike and Velvet circling nearby. He signalled for them to dig out the cave.
Regalia lunged for the rogue Skydancer, knocking her over with a swift strike to her shoulder. She toppled over, but she was up again in an instant, slicing her claws across Regalia's snout.
"Regalia, look out!" Stalactite roared suddenly.
Regalia instinctively rolled to the right, just as a fierce blaze of heat slammed into the snow, exactly where he had been standing. The snow melted where the flames had landed, exposing the rocky ground below.
She's using magic... Regalia realized, his heart sinking. We can't defeat her. This isn't a fair fight!
He shook himself, scowling. No. I'm a warrior of the Clan of Lost Knowledge. I have four loyal dragons beside me. I will not cower at the sight of magic!
He launched himself at the Skydancer again. This time, his attack caught her off guard while she was facing off against Stormstrike. He pinned the Skydancer, his claws digging into her shoulders.
"We don't want to harm you." Regalia hissed. "We only want to know what you're doing trespassing in the territory of the Clan of- HEY!"
A sudden, powerful gust of wind threw Regalia off of the Skydancer, slamming him into the thick trunk of a pine tree. Regalia crumpled forward, momentarily stunned.
When he came to, he found that the Skydancer had disappeared, and everyone else was lying on the ground around him.
Basilisk was the first to stand up. "Where did she go?" He hissed. "She must've used magic to disappear. She could be anywhere!"
"And this cave is impenetrable." Stalactite added, digging at the snow. "Whenever I clear the snow aside, more just comes in its place!"
"We'll have to report back to Kismet." Regalia announced. "And tell him exactly how big a problem we have on our hands..."
[LORE] The Clan of Lost Knowledge
Aug 10, 2017 10:52:12






Seven years later...


"I swear, Aspen, if this happens one more time-"
Aspen sighed in exhasperation. He was the Heir to his Clan, the only son of King Kismet. His life was supposed to be full of riches and fame.
Right now, his life was full of the screaming protest from an annoying little sister who sometimes acted like the throne should be hers.
"Vertigo, I've told you five times, it isn't my fault if your familiar breaks something that belongs to Father!" Aspen protested. "I have other things to worry about besides taking care of your rampaging beast!"
"I left you to take care of her!" Vertigo snapped, lashing her tail. "You said you'd look after her!"
"No, I emphatically said I would never take care of her again!" Aspen hissed. "You need to stop relying on me to take care of the familiar you said you could take care of!"
"You're going to be such a great leader one day!" Vertigo snapped wryly. "You're going to have to be powerful enough for other dragons to respect you and bow to you. Right now, you can't even control a familiar!"
"Stop it!" A voice interjected. "Do you two have to do this every single day?"
Aspen turned around. It was Sericum, a polite but rather sarcastic dragon. She had joined the clan as a hatchling, with nowhere and no one else to go to. Kismet had given her a home and allowed her to rest peacefully for a while. Sericum later decided that rather than having a set-in-stone occupation like most dragons, she would wander around the clan's lair, helping with any small tasks other dragons needed. Unfortunately, cleaning up after Aspen and Vertigo was a common occurrence for Sericum.
She picked up a piece of shattered glass and scowled at Aspen and Vertigo.
"Every single day." Sericum sighed, rolling her eyes. "Every day, you two break something, you fight over who will inherit the throne when King Kismet dies, and then I have to clean up your mess."
"He started it!" Vertigo hissed. "He let-"
"I don't care who started it." Sericum sighed, gathering the shards of broken glass. "I'm finishing it. I don't even know who to pity anymore, Kismet for having you two as his only heirs, or whoever has to repair all of these crystal statues."
"You shouldn't be talking to Kismet's Heirs with such an attitude." Vertigo hissed. "Kismet will have you killed."
"That was sarcasm, right?" Sericum mused. "I surely hope not, because I'd rather be executed than clean up after you two every day."
"What has happened here?" Another voice growled. Kismet loomed in the cave entrance, regarding the broken statue silently. "Who did that?"
"Aspen!" Vertigo hissed immediately. "He let my familiar get away when I told him to take care of her!"
"What?" Aspen yelped. "No way! Vertigo can't keep control of her own familiar! She let it break the statue!"
"Actually, your majesty, it was me." Sericum interjected calmly. "I came to clean the statue and I accidentally dropped it. Your Heirs came only to see what had happened."
Aspen tilted his head. Why would Sericum do that? Why would she put herself in trouble to save him and Vertigo? He certainly wouldn't, if he were in Sericum's position.
"No harm done." Kismet mused. "Sericum, you can have the rest of the day off. Aspen, Vertigo, I expect you to go to your caves and stay there."
Vertigo scowled. Aspen nodded grudgingly, walking away silently.
He laid down in the pile of fresh snow that served as his bed. Everything in the Southern Icefield was cold, so a bed made of snow was more comfortable than a bed made of hard ice. Aspen closed his eyes with a sigh.
He was supposed to be the future of his clan, the next ruler after Kismet died. But sometimes, his ascent to leadership felt further away than ever.
[LORE] The Clan of Lost Knowledge
Aug 10, 2017 10:52:26







Aspen awoke groggily, looking around his cave with a yawn. He was certain it was morning, although it felt like he had only slept for an hour.
He dragged himself to his feet, shaking snow off his wings. He walked outside his cave, following the familiar tunnels of his clan's lair to the main cave. This was where the clan gathered for important meetings. And from the sound of it, something important was happening right now.
"We can't just sit by and let this happen!" A voice snarled. Aspen recognized Stormstrike's growl. "These... These rogues must be stopped immediately."
"We can't just saunter into a rogue camp." Someone else pointed out. "That'd be suicide."
"Plus we'd be killing innocent dragons." That was Sericum, sounding strangely anxious. "The rogue dragons probably don't realize they're trespassing. They're just trying to survive, like us. If we attack them in their camp, we'd be killing innocents, hatchlings even. We'd be no better than them."
Aspen slipped into the main cave, circling around until he found Kismet. He sat down next to Kismet, and noticed Vertigo was sitting at his other side.
"What happened?" Aspen whispered to Kismet.
"A bunch of rogues trespassed on our territory." Vertigo interjected quietly. "We obviously need to stop them before they hurt anyone, but a few dragons are getting all sentimental about it."
"So nobody has been hurt yet?" Aspen whispered.
"Flurry got a scratch on his tail, but nothing major." Vertigo hissed. "But still- why wait around and let them hurt us? Best to stop them before they get the chance."
"Silence." Kismet interjected calmly, his voice echoing through the cavern. Every dragon fell silent in an instant.
Kismet paused for a long moment, considering the options.
"Aspen will lead a patrol to the rogues' camp." Kismet decided. "Flurry, Regalia, and Stalactite will go with him. But you are not to harm the rogues, understood? You will find these dragons, figure out if they want to attack us, then come back at once. Don't even talk to them."
Aspen nodded, beckoning for Regalia, Flurry and Stalactite to follow.
"I should go too." Sericum spoke up suddenly.
"Why?" Aspen snapped. "You can't fight, Sericum- if the rogues see us, you'd be the first one killed."
"That's the point." Sericum smirked. "You're all valuable warriors of our clan, and what am I? A useless, expendable servant. But of course, the rogues don't know that. For all they know, I could be royalty."
Aspen tilted his head. Sericum did look almost royal, from her regal colours to her oddly graceful feathered wings. But anyone who spent a day with her would surely know she hadn't a drop of royal blood.
And why would Sericum want to come on this mission? Did she really think the future of the clan was worth her life?
Of course she does. Aspen thought. Any one of us would lay down our life for the good of the clan. I just never believed Sericum would be that brave...
"Alright, fine." Aspen growled. "Come along then."
Aspen knew that whatever happened, he was either going to return with valuable information for Kismet, or not return at all...
[LORE] The Clan of Lost Knowledge
Aug 10, 2017 10:52:44







Flurry was excited for this mission.
Of course he was- he was excited for all missions. Danger, battles, narrowly avoiding death, what wasn't to like?
But he was especially excited for this mission, because Kismet's heir, Aspen, was leading the mission. Flurry had never been on a mission with one of Kismet's beloved heirs.
"Stand still!" Regalia hissed quietly, giving Flurry a sharp jab in the ribs. "Your twitching is throwing us all off."
"Quit acting like you're in charge." Flurry whispered back. "Aspen is leading us today."
"That worries me." Regalia growled. "Aspen only leads the risky, dangerous missions. We could all die here."
"My point exactly!" Flurry smiled mischievously. "Come on, cheer up. Enjoy the danger!"
"Shh!" Aspen interjected sharply. "All of you- Sericum, stop kicking up leaves, rogue dragons can't hide under dead leaves. Regalia, Flurry, be quiet, but be prepared. We've entered the rogues' territory."
Silence fell in an instant. But without the constant bickering, the Snowsquall Tundra was almost too quiet. The only sound was the faint breeze stirring the trees above, accompanied by the ever so quiet rustling of feathers as Sericum's wings trembled constantly.
Aspen flicked his tail, signalling for the others to follow him. Flurry held his breath, wondering if the Pearlcatcher had seen anything.
Aspen stopped at the edge of a snow-covered hill. When Flurry walked up beside him and looked down, he could see a makeshift shelter, alive with several dragons.
"This isn't good." Regalia whispered. "They're getting too comfortable here. This is our territory, and I intend to keep it that way."
"They're not causing any harm though." Sericum pointed out quietly. "They've trespassed, but they haven't hurt anybody."
As if on cue, an agonized shriek suddenly echoed from the rogue dragons' camp. It was so perfectly timed, Flurry had to bite back an almost amused yelp.
Sericum, however, couldn't hold back her reaction. She leapt backwards with a shriek of terror, and Stalactite had to catch her before she stumbled down into the rocks below.
"For the Icewarden's sake, Sericum!" Aspen snarled. "Everyone, fall back! We can't let the rogues see us, especially not with that many of them there."
Disappointed, Flurry turned and ran after the others, scrambling over the snow-covered rocky hillside.
None of them stopped running until they had entered the icy tunnels that the Clan of Lost Knowledge used for shelter. Flurry was glad to be back to the safety of his home, but he was still a little disappointed he didn't get into any real danger.
"You're back." Kismet remarked. He sounded bored, but there was relief in his eyes. "Have you found out anything about the rogues?"
"They've built an entire camp inside our territory." Aspen growled. "We didn't want to get closer in case they noticed us. But this is serious, Father. There were several rogues, at least a dozen. And as we left, we heard a scream of pain echo from the rogues' camp."
Kismet regarded them in silence for a long moment.
"It is possible these rogues are a bigger threat than we once thought." Kismet growled. "We'll set daily patrols, make sure these rogues aren't an immediate threat. We'll need to know more about their intentions, their rankings and their camp before we take action."
Aspen nodded.
"And you all should be careful next time you see these rogues." Kismet advised. "Something is telling me we won't all escape unscathed if these rogues prove to be a threat..."
[LORE] The Clan of Lost Knowledge
Aug 10, 2017 10:52:54







Fallen knew he was never destined for anything special.
How could he be? He was the only Fae in the clan, and he was small enough to sit comfortably on most of his clanmates' snouts. He was insignificant- anyone who took one glance at him could see that.
But at least Fallen had one purpose in life- studying. He never stopped studying, whether it was history of his clan, or just Sornieth's history in general.
Today, Fallen's studies came in a different form- listening to Obelisk tell the clan's younger members about how the clan was founded.
Fallen wasn't as young as most of the dragons listening, but he was new to the clan- he hadn't joined when it was founded, he joined several days after, so he didn't know anything about how the clan had been created.
"When our Clan's great founder, Aura, grew weary from travelling," Obelisk began, "she decided she wanted the security of living in a clan- of leading a clan. Being born in the Arcanist's domain, Aura naturally tried to build her clan within his territory, hidden in the crystalline caverns of the Starfall Isles.
She met her mate, Legacy, while she was building her clan's lair. They worked together to create their home in the Starfall Isles. A few dragons began joining them, although they considered themselves no more than a band of rogues. That's when-- Fallen, what are you doing? Are you taking notes?"
"I want to make sure I don't forget anything." Fallen protested, scrawling a few words down on a blank scroll. "Clan history is important!"
"Alright..." Obelisk mused. "Where were we... Okay. When the clan started out, there was no code- no rules and laws that bind us together today. So naturally, there was rebellion, and the clan's peaceful life was short lived.
A clan warrior named Cirrus began the first rebellions. He abandoned his life in the clan, and formed his own band of rogues to drive Aura's out of the territory."
"Why would he do that?" One of the clan's apprentices, Memoria, yelped. "Why start a rebellion when you can live peacefully?"
"Listen carefully." Obelisk warned. "Aura was the beginning of our legacy, the entire reason we have a clan now, but she wasn't a good leader. She wasn't cruel, not at first anyway, but she was young and inexperienced. Cirrus believed he could be a better leader.
Cirrus called his rebellion the Howling Storm. He accepted only the strongest, fiercest dragons into his organization, and they trained almost constantly, preparing for their battle against Aura.
When Cirrus struck, he caught Aura completely by surprise. He nearly killed her, but she managed to escape, fleeing alongside most of her clan. However, Aura's mate Legacy was killed in the battle- and that's why Aura began to go mad.
Cirrus forced the clan out of the Starfall Isles. Aura was forced to flee across the ocean, taking her clan to the frozen wasteland of the Frigid Floes. But Cirrus was relentless- he chased the weary clan across the Southern Icefield, forcing them further and further into the Icewarden's territories, into colder and colder climates.
It wasn't until the clan was forced into the Cloudscape Crags that Aura decided it was time to take a stand. The entire clan fought in that terrible battle, and many lives were lost. But Aura managed to defeat Cirrus, striking him down in front of his rebellion.
Aura began killing the Howling Storm one by one, until all of them were either dead or had retreated. But Aura knew she had to do more, an act to show them she was a strong leader. An act that would make sure no one would ever attack her clan again. An act to strike fear into the hearts of the clan's enemies, past present and future.
Aura found one of the Howling Storm's dragons injured and dying in the snow- an Imperial known as Morbus. Aura imprisoned Morbus in the Fortress of Ends, and flew down to his prison to torture him at midnight of every night.
It is said that Morbus' screams could be heard echoing from his prison until the night Aura died, frightening away anyone who dared think of starting a rebellion like the one Cirrus tried to create."
Everyone was silent as Obelisk's words sunk in.
"But- but that's awful." Fallen pointed out, breaking the silence. "Why would Aura imprison Morbus? He wasn't a bad dragon- he didn't hurt anyone, he was just following Cirrus' orders."
"Aura's actions protected the clan for decades after her death." Obelisk pointed out. "She had to make it clear that nobody could mess with her clan. But thank the deities we have a better leader now. Kismet is the one who stabilized the clan, forming our code and our laws that bind us together. None of us would ever betray the clan now."
"What happened to Morbus after Aura died?" Fallen asked curiously. "Did someone free him? Did he die?"
"Nobody knows for sure." Obelisk shrugged carelessly. "It is said that he is still imprisoned somewhere in the Fortress of Ends, but of course no one searches for him. He could be alive if he's preserved in ice like the other prisoners- and now that Aura isn't torturing him, that's easily a possibility."
Fallen nodded. He left the room without another word, darting into the cave he slept in.
He knew what he had to do. He knew it from the moment Obelisk finished her story.
He was going to find Morbus and free him.