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Aether Umbra - Nuzlocke
Dec 05, 2016 17:25:06






Welcome to Aether Umbra, Sky's Shadow. Stay awhile, but beware, screams echo in the hollow peaks and a great shadow shrouds the wood

Original Nuzlocke: here!

The Rules
These here rules were written by @Cerastes (hope you don't mind me pinging u) whose nuzlocke is probably one of the best ones out there X3. I added a few things here and there myself


1) All dragons in the lair are included in the nuzlocke.
2) Dragons cannot be bought in the AH; they must be hatched from eggs or gifted. Revising as of 1/20. Since I would like to occasionally introduce adult characters rather than hatchlings, I may buy an exalt-fodder priced adult from the AH in lieu of my monthly unhatched egg.
3) Only one egg or dragon can be bought per month.
4) Dragons cannot be scatter scrolled until they have reached level 25.
5) Primary genes cannot be given until level 10, secondary genes cannot be given until level 15, and can't give them a tertiary gene until level 20.
6) For every egg found, whether in the coliseum or by scavenging, one breed change for any dragon may be purchased
7) Food cannot be gathered and must be obtained in the coliseum.
8) If a dragon faints in the coli, it's dead (and no browser closing to escape). However, depending on where the story’s plot is, the dragon’s death in the story itself may come about in a different way. The dragon will either be exalted or raffled off to readers, if there is interest.
9) Gifts from other clans are accepted.
10) For every hatchling born to a nest, I will flip a coin. Heads – the hatchling lives. Tails – the hatchling dies, but not necessarily at birth – it can be anytime before the hatchling reaches adulthood. These dragons will be exalted.
11) Only dragons of similar sizes may breed.
12) Any Guardians must leave on their Search once they reach two months of age, unless their Charge is within the clan.
13) Pics or it didn’t happen!

Addition Specific Rules:

1. Vieve cannot die, as she is a ghost. If all dragons except her die, she will have failed in her attempt to revive the clan and I will lose the challenge ;-;

Aether Umbra - Nuzlocke
Dec 17, 2016 17:32:59





chapter 1

It didn't hurt, which surprised Vieve. It felt more like a splash of cold water, thrown across her throat, startling her backwards and out of her body.

She saw herself crumple like a toy puppet with its strings cut. She felt oddly unconnected to it, as though it not so much her own body but a sack of meat that carried her soul within.

For undoubtedly that was what had happened; she -that is, her soul, the essence of Vieve- had been severed from her dying body. She seemed to have become a floating pair of eyes, but her eyes were still in their bloodied sockets, staring.

Honestly, she wasn't extremely bothered by that; which was surprising. She felt a certain relief that she hadn't flickered out like a candle when her body died, but instead gone on.

Gone on to what?

That was a good question.

With some surprise, she noted that she was in fact hovered over her body, like in stories. It seemed a little cliche, but, of course, it wasn't necessarily real. Somehow, though, she was almost certain that it was.

With strange detachment she studied her bleeding body. A vicious slash across the throat was what killed her, her head thrown back in a most strange pose. Her face was contorted in rage, not fear, which was a small comfort. At least the serthis who killed her would respect her fighting spirit, so she hoped. Her clanmates certainly would, once they found her-


No. Oh no. No.

She tore her spectral gaze up from her own body and looked around wildly; she wasn't sure how, as she didn't seem to have a head. All around her on the forest floor were her clanmates- no, her friends, no- her family. Her precious family, and they were all dead.

With haste she glided soundlessly as an owl -just like an owl, she would remember always- to the side of the nearest dragon, Margaret.

Oh, no-


Her eggs. Her poor eggs, inside her, they were dead, or they would die, inside a corpse. They wouldn't even be laid. Vieve longed to help in some way, save the eggs somehow, do anything- but she had no claws. She was a ghost. She really was. She couldn't even cry; she had no eyes for the tears to fill.

She could only think, and float like a lost snowflake over her broken clan.


It was nighttime now, and only when the moon began to shine in the sky did Vieve stir. She had visited each of the bodies in turn, mourning over them all. Her blood family, though, she avoided. She didn't want to think about them, much less look at their bodies, the bodies of Alexia, of Lapis, of Elva, of Belladonna and Nimona, and of course Razor, her Razor. All gone.

They're gone, but I'm still here.

She didn't know why. But she was going to make the best of it, for her perished family. That was what you were supposed to do; keep the clan strong, keep it alive, even if you were the only one left.

But what if the only one left is a ghost?

She didn't know.

She drifted for a while longer, a tuft of milkweed hovering in the night air, and considered.

Oh god- the nests!


The nests, the nests!! How had it taken her so long to remember? Just a few weeks ago, the coatl Candice had laid her twin eggs, in the secluded cave where the clan hid their nests. Joy oh joy, even if Candice was dead, even if Vieve herself was dead, there was still a chance!

((did you like it?? Please give feedback, I would love it! And don't worry, not all chapters will be this long :D ))
Aether Umbra - Nuzlocke
Dec 17, 2016 17:49:31





@AmTim ooooooooooh that's awesome! Pinglist, please?
Aether Umbra - Nuzlocke
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A ghost? Nice twist, very unique. This looks promising! Add me to the pinglist!

As for feedback, I like your use of images in your story, adds a nice touch, especially that Fae in the coliseum.
Aether Umbra - Nuzlocke
Dec 17, 2016 19:02:48






Also, I would add character images to your character index, or at least say what breed they are. I pictured, for some reason, Vieve as a Wildclaw until I went into your lair and saw she was a Mirror.
Aether Umbra - Nuzlocke
Dec 17, 2016 20:20:40






That's a good idea, thanks!! I'll add you to the pinglist ^w^
Aether Umbra - Nuzlocke
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Add me to the pinglist?
Aether Umbra - Nuzlocke
Dec 20, 2016 21:54:39





chapter 2


Vieve didn’t know exactly how she got to the nests; it was as if she was just there, the moment she thought of it. It was convenient, but unsettling. Most of it was unsettling, actually.

Especially the cave floor. Covered with snake marks, churned up to expose the black, wet dirt. Serthis marks. No.


In that strange floating way, she searched the cave, trying desperately to find even the faintest glimmer of glow that gave away a shadow egg. She didn’t know where Candice had laid her eggs; the poor dragon had never gotten a chance to even show Vieve.

In her strange ghostly state, it only took a moment to search the place. She wished she could cry, but she couldn’t make a sound. Venting her frustration, she darted around in circles, going straight through roots and ferns. She couldn’t feel them at all.


Something was outside.

By instinct, she swooped into a hiding place, before remembering she was a ghost and couldn’t be seen. Gods.

The ferns by the mouth of the cave rustled; Vieve stared, terrified that the serthis had returned. Even if they couldn’t hurt her, there was a certain lingering fear of the creatures who had killed her. Even if it was foolish.


A fox. Inky black, like a swath of smoke. If Vieve could breathe, she would have sighed in relief.

Blissfully unaware of the ghostly presence watching it, the fox slunk into the cave, pointed snout swinging from side to side. It paused, sniffing the ground delicately, and then went on, licking its lips.

As the pink tongue darted in and out of those sharp yellow teeth, a horrible conclusion dawned on Vieve. The eggs. It's after the eggs. A magic ward should have blocked the fox's intrusion, but the magic died with its caster.

It stopped and pawed at the leaves, first slowly, then faster. Vieve hovered by it frantically, trying to push it, to stop it, but she was nothing to the fox. Just a stray breeze, a tuft of milkweed, or maybe not even that.

The fox's inky black paws flew, sending up a shower of leaf litter and dirt. It panted excitedly, growling a bit in its hunger. The serthis must have devastated the nearby prey, to drive it to attack a place that smelled so freshly of dragons.


A faint glow. The fox had found an egg. A living egg. Once again, Vieve wished she could scream, not for the first time, as the fox rolled the humming, pulsing egg out of its small cavity in the earthen floor. It must be one of Candice's two eggs; there were no others. Even in her panic, Vieve almost admired Candice; instead of running, she had stayed behind to hide her eggs well. But not well enough.

The fox stared at the egg. It was almost as large as the inky sleek head of the fox itself. It put its jaws around the egg, preparing to crush it. Vieve flew back and forth, crying in her head, no, no, no, no-


A ghastly howl echoed through the cave. The fox dropped the egg and fled.

What? Was that her? Had she spoken- no, roared, through the boundaries of death somehow? She tried to speak, trying to summon up the terror she had felt and scream it into the air again.


Vieve always regarded herself as a firm believer in the inexplicable, prepared for anything, and she liked to live up to it. The egg was moving slightly, still alive, as if the hatchling inside knew how close it had come to death. Inside that little egg was the sole heir to the clan, the key to the survival of the legacy Vieve had began in life. She felt a rush of warmth for this little spark of life, wanting to cradle it and warm it and whisper sweet words into its shell as if it were her own. But she couldn't.

She could only stay by its side, silent, and wait.
Aether Umbra - Nuzlocke
Dec 20, 2016 23:05:50





Oh wow! This is amazing and a very creative idea. I would like to be added to the Pinglist, please.
Aether Umbra - Nuzlocke
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Ooooh, this is interesting, I love it! Pinglist please! :D