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Pearl's Fortune Telling [Closed]
Jul 06, 2017 15:53:12





As you make your way to your destination you stumble upon a small sign that reads: This way to learn your future. Curiosity bids you forward, so you make your way down a narrow path until you come across a small wagon. Above the door hangs a sign with Pearl's Fortune Telling scribbled across it. Perhaps a quick look might be interesting, if nothing else it might be worth a laugh.

A Pearlcatcher greets you at the door. "Welcome, dear paying customer. Welcome!" After quickly brushing dust away from a table's top she shows you to a seat. Once comfortable she scoots closer and places in the middle of the table her own pearl. "Well now, I'm sure you know how this works?" she proceeds to explain without waiting for an answer, "you give me the coins, or the gems if you are feeling generous, and then ask your questions. At which point I will divine the future for you. I warn you though, not all of my predictions satisfy what the patron wishes to hear." She gives a moment for the understanding to sink in than continues. "If you are ready, we can begin." The Pearlcatcher motions for a jar at the side of the table.

Pearl's Fortune Telling [Closed]
Jul 06, 2017 18:26:34






So Here is How This Works

You send your payment via a CR, where it will stay until I have your questions answered. Once sent and your questions are asked I will then provide you with your fortune. The fortune, is in fact, a review of your lair and/or particular dragon/familiar/outfit/you get the idea, which is phrased to answer your question. An opinion isn't all you might get though. With each answer there is a chance to get other various goodies too. Check out below for more details...

Payment can be made in two ways. With treasure or gems. Prices are per question. I understand that the ratio between treasure and gem is no where near what current values are, but it's not that easy to break the gem currency down any further then one. As always tips are welcome, but be warned they will not affect your reading in any way.

20treasure.png 1gem.png

Icons by osiem

What you get out of this
The following is a list of possible drops you might be able to collect by asking for your fortune. Pearl might be a little greedy, but she can be generous at times as well. Especially, if she knows it's going to help someone with their future.
(Extra prizes are not a guarantee)

Guaranteed Prize: 1 Fortune per question.

Random Prizes:

Any Food/Material Items
Dragons (Only if your lair has room)

Sorry, but there has to be rules and I'm afraid there has to be a long list. This is to keep the environment clean and friendly. Please follow the guidelines I've placed here and it should go without saying that you should follow FR rules at all times. Anyone found not following the rules will be ignored and if the violation is sever they will be reported.
  1. Please be friendly and polite to others posting questions.
  2. There is a maximum of four questions per customer. If you have more you will have to post again
  3. ONE post a day please
  4. Please do not claim a fortune that is not yours (rude much)
  5. Again, extra prizes are not guaranteed
  6. If you earn an extra prize it is yours to do with, including a dragon if you get one (that's a very rare drop by the way)
  7. There are times the shop will close so Pearl can finish all of her fortunes (or just because I need a break, which ever might come first.)
  8. It takes time to get all of the fortunes done so please be patient. Fussing and trying to rush me will NOT get your fortune done any faster.
  9. If you are skipped please let me know right away


Banners and Buttons

There are currently no banners or buttons
Pearl's Fortune Telling [Closed]
Jul 07, 2017 18:27:55





id like to take part in this, do i write my questions here? or in the cr?
Pearl's Fortune Telling [Closed]
Jul 07, 2017 18:28:51





You can write your questions here =)
Pearl's Fortune Telling [Closed]
Jul 07, 2017 18:45:47





A wildclaw sits in the offered seat, curiously listening to Pearl, and gazing around the wagon.


"My first question. It may be trivial, but to me it is important. Soon I am to rule over the undead, but I would need to look the part. This is what i have organised so far, though I feel something may be missing. Do you see anything different being adorned in the future?"
Prince Of The Undead

"My second question, is about love. Every good ruler needs someone by their side, do they not? The thing is, I am afraid it would be more of a distraction then it would be helpful. Though, it may simply be a fear of mine, and completely untrue. If in the future, I have a partner, will it lead to my downfall?"

"My final question, is simple. What is my name in this realm?"

He places a bag of treasure and gems on the table, and awaits his answers.
Pearl's Fortune Telling [Closed]
Jul 07, 2017 19:26:34





A young Nocturne takes a seat besides the nameless Wildclaw, eyes partially hidden by her hood as she holds her head gently bowed, shy to meet the fortune teller's eyes.

"Good afternoon. I am Dammerung, leader of my father's clan, Tenebris. I wish to ask you three questions."

"We have recently been joined by two young Nocturne hatchlings, one who came from a clan who had recently endured great battle and immense grieving of those lost. They had to flee from my flight, and now they have entrusted my clan with raising one of their own, away from the hardships that are sure to come with rebuilding what has been lost. I ask you, do you think he will be alright with my clan? His name is Hiraeth, and he's already strong and full of heart, but I fear it may take a lifetime for him to consider it home. I do not know what I can do to help him feel welcome."

"I also ask how I may help ease the other in as well, Kuchen. She's sweet, and I don't wish to make her feel ignored as I go about my duties and help Hiraeth adjust."

"Lastly, I ask of my genes. If it is not evident through my attire, I lack a tertiary one. My clan regards Runes highly, as we believe that one can discover their calling from deciphering the marking that appear on them. My colors, however, would not allow me to read mine. Do you think it would be worth it still to follow in this tradition, or perhaps do you think I should disregard it and let my future happen naturally? The tradition of Runes is not uptaken by all members of the clan (neither of my parents even partook), but is deeply meaningful for many of us."

"Oh, here's payment your troubles." She reaches into a coin purse attached to her tome and lays some treasure and a gem out besides the pearl.

ayyee Pirates see you got those antlers to good use
Pearl's Fortune Telling [Closed]
Jul 07, 2017 21:55:48






Pearl considers the first question as she examines the dress of the soon to be ruler. Without uttering a single word she turned her focus onto her pearl. There is a long moment where she just sits idle; staring deeply, at what one could only assume, was her own reflection in the surface of the pearl. Suddenly, the air changes in the wagon taking on a heavy charge of electricity. The pearl started to glow a soft pink and it emitted a soft hum. Pearl’s eyes took on that pink glow and the fur around her head began to stand on end.

The bones upon your brow are mighty indeed, proving to all that you were meant to lead. For that you have no other need.

However, the cloth you have adorn will earn you only scorn. The colors mute, they are a less then regal suit. Such a dressed leader of the dead would inspire no dread.

It is a much needed addition to your attire you require, if you desire to avoid an early retire. This is what you should acquire—

Pearl stops suddenly and the light fizzles from her eyes. For a moment she is disoriented to the point she wobbles in her chair. The moment she collects herself she sets her deep scowl on the pearl. “What did you do that for?” she demanded. “I happened to be in the middl-- The pearl interrupted her with a few low hums. Remarkably, that scowl Pearl wore grew even deeper. “That was not my fault; she wanted to look like a goat!” The pearl hummed again, causing Pearl to roll her eyes. “Fine then!” She stood abruptly from the table and went searching through the back of the wagon. “It’s still not my fault that she was shot in the butt with an arrow.” She came back a moment later with a few cards in her paw.

“Painfully, My Liege, I must confess that I and my pearl are not the best at helping drakes dress. Thankfully, I know a few tailors that like to take on such projects. Often times for very little treasure, a few even offer services for free.” She slips the cards across the table.

“Now, moving on to your next question.” Pearl repositioned herself before the softly humming pearl. “Let us explore the chance of love, yes?” Once again she preformed the silent ritual until the pearl was a bright red. Pearl’s took on the same red hue and this time when the electricity charged the air it could be seen. Ripples of luminescent blue energy raced over the pearl and up the Pearlcatcher’s arms. When she speaks her voice is as heavy as the charged air and is accompanied by at least two other softer voices.

Worry drives your thoughts concerning love, Prince. But it need not, for when you find the right one they will only make you stronger and your rule iron clad. Trust in your heart and your heart will not lead you astray.

However, be warned dear prince, seek not that precious love for an aggressive hunt will only drive it away. You will be left a broken king and in your despair you will invite those that would wish to you pain.

When the time is right love will come to you, as is the nature of fate. For the time being a loyal companion will keep you occupied. Here, have a puppy!

The pearl suddenly shifts colors, turning a deep shade of blue. The electricity withdraws back into it and the drake in the trance exhales a great breath, which washes a chilled wind over the others sitting across from her. Pearl’s eyes turn blue and with a singular voice, she continued.

“Lord of the dead, judge, benevolent; your name shall be Aeacus. Wear the title well.”

The blue glow slowly ebbed from the pearl, taking with it the charge that made everyone’s fur stand on end. The host thumped back in her seat, trembling like a frightened kitten and clearly drained. “Thank you for your Patronage. Please come back again.”

((1. The outfit is very nice, but I agree with you it does need a little something more. Unfortunately, the dressing room and I are not friends. When you find what you are looking for please post it here. I’d love to see it =).
2. Enjoy the puppy =D
3. Aeacus is from Greek Mythology. A beloved figure in that lore when he passed he was made one of three Judges of the dead in Hades.
Pearl's Fortune Telling [Closed]
Jul 07, 2017 22:15:44





Hi there!

I'm just moving your thread over to Art Sales as Fortune Telling, Tarot etc are usually found there rather than Items for Sale which on the whole is for the sale and trade of Flight Rising items.

Thanks and good luck with your shop, it looks great!

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Pearl's Fortune Telling [Closed]
Jul 07, 2017 22:41:07





The Skydancer who walks in looks uncertain. She listens to Pearl's speech, then sits in the offered chair, wings poised for flight at any moment.


"Lady," she starts, and then pauses, unsure if that's the proper form of address. "Fortune-teller, I am the leader of a clan. I came to power in a time of strife, but now that there's once again peace, I feel the attitudes of the clan shifting against me. They believe me to be a tyrant. They think the money I fill the clan coffers with is ill-gotten, and that I'm manipulated by my best friend to act outside the clan's interests." She shifts uncomfortably. "I... can't say whether those rumors are true."

She broods for a moment, then looks up, her golden eyes burning. "My question, though, is this: Can you see a way for myself and my friends to remain in power? Should I stir up strife to cement my leadership, or should I take a more well-liked mate with connections to other clans, or is there another option altogether? Please, assist me if you can. I am utterly lost."

She scoops a few sparklies out of a pouch hidden in her cloak and slides them across the table. "I am unaware of how many questions that counts as, so have three gems. My clan is not hurting for money because of me."
Pearl's Fortune Telling [Closed]
Jul 08, 2017 13:28:39






After a long moment of consideration, Pearl eased forward until she was pressed against the table; her eyes focused intently on the softly humming pearl resting in the center. The hum eventually takes on a pattern and began to sound more like a soft lullaby then a random noise. This new melody then begins to resonate, causing visual waves of sound that ripple through the air. Pearl started to hum in sync with the melody, which sends more waves of sound rippling through the wagon. The sphere on the table developed a soft red hue that pulsed in rhythm of the song.

And then it all stopped. Without warning the hypnotizing display of light and sound ceased and Pearl’s entire face bunched in pain. She flinched and moaned as if someone was striking her, but there was no evidence of any such assault. Whatever struggle she fought eventually ended and left her arms and head hanging lifelessly. The pearl, meanwhile, began to growl low and threatening.

“Oh hush you!” A new voice erupted suddenly from Pearl’s own lips. That salty, aged, and heavily accented voice was clearly not the originals. “Pearl, move over girl. You know nothin’ ‘bout raisin’ hatchlings. You let ol’mother Misbah take this one, yeah.” The fortune teller’s body jumped to life and she brought her eyes and her smile up to meet her customer. Those eyes were no longer a light green, but a wise, rich brown the likes of which one would see on one of the Earthshaker’s children. “Well now, you are a good girl Dammerung, you most certainly are. Most wouldn’t be botherin’ with what plagues your mind now, no they wouldn’t. No ma’am. That makes you stronger, it does. It’s what makes you a wise leader. Your heart goes out to those babes and that is normal, but don’t you go fretin’ so much that you hinder yourself an’ them.

“Listen to this old mother now, that boy’ll be just fine. Yes, he has to face his past as well as his future, but he can make it through that. Your job will be to love him, raise him with strength and hope, and help him remember the good of his old home. In this way you will help him adjust to his new home as well as prepare him for that destiny of his, yeah. And for the love of the Earthshaker girl, don’t go smotherin’ the poor cub. Remember that you have your duties to others as well as to him. It is not neglect to do your duty, but it is to forget about it.

“Now, for the girl. Oh she is just cute as a button, that one is, and she’s so sweet! Do with her as you would for the boy and she will be just fine. Though, you might let her help with lovin’ all those critters you have in your lair, yeah?” Pearl, or Old Mother Misbah, eased into the table to get closer to Dammerung, a wise smile easing up the left side of her lips. “I don’t know one hatchlin’ that wouldn’t love havin’ so many furry friends. You just have to share, yeah?

“Now let’s discuss this thing with your tertiary gene. Now, if you ask Ol’Mother Misbah, I’d say there was nothin’ wrong with you. Child, you are beautiful without one, but that is not the point of the question. No ma’am it’s not. Many of your clan bear such markings, an important tradition that is, yeah. But I ask you, what fun is it knowin’ your fate? Lay it out as you see fit and not what something else dictates to you.” She paused to heave a sigh; her breath was like ice and it managed to frost the pearl on the table. “Follow your instincts, regardless of who might think differently. You know what’s right for you, yeah.”

The Old Mother lets out a great moan only seconds after she is finished. Again the Pearlcatcher’s body falls limp. Her head hovered over the table, which allowed tiny droplets of crimson to speckle its wood surface. For an alarming amount of time everything was still, even Pearl’s breath seemed to be abated. Then, in the trend that was so common for this reading, Pearl suddenly jumped to life with a gasp. Her eyes back to normal, though a hint bloodshot. “Oi,” she spoke with her own voice this time. “I do hate it when the old mother shows up.”

Pearl rocked herself back and forth until she could stand away from her seat. Once up she lumbered over to a basin to clean her nose. “She doesn’t just show up like that though, you must be something special.” The pearl on the table drew the fortune teller’s attention with a few quick hums. “True, it could have been the cubs too.” She dismissed the discussion as she dragged herself back to the table and plopped to her seat. “Anyway, she did manage to answer all three questions. Thank you for your patronage and please do come back to see me sometime.”

((1 and 2: Oh my goodness those hatchlings are simply adorable! I especially like Hiraeth’s colors. When you get their lore’s done I’d love to read them =D.
3: I will not lie and say the Runes don’t look good, because I am just a huge lover of runes, but I do agree that it is hard to see with her coloration, the skin, and then the cloths. It might be a waste of money to put that gene on. Contour looked good on her too and it managed to tie all of the colors together. Or maybe a stained? Though, if none of them work for you I would suggest waiting out to see what the next big tert is going to be.))