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Community Update, October 2017
Oct 17, 2017 11:36:25






  • Developer Updates
  • Familiar Coloring Contest
  • Merchandise Poll
  • Fan Art Friday
  • Festival Recap 2017 - 2018
    • Brightshine Jubilee
    • Thundercrack Carnivale
    • Flameforger's Festival

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Developer Updates
We've received feedback on your feelings about developer communication and the lack of additional installments of Words on the Wind. We'd like to take this opportunity to touch base with you on where we are. We are retiring Words on the Wind and introducing Developer Updates.

Why is Words on the Wind Retiring?
Words on the Wind met an early need in Flight Rising's life. Initially, it was a periodical catch-all that combined status, development, and community updates. As the site stabilized, Words on the Wind began to skew a little more towards a community-centric post. Even that was eventually split off into its own regular feature, the Community Update. Status updates (such as downtime schedules, bug fixes, etc.) were moved to the front page status box, and mentioned in content and features posts. Even upcoming development updates and feedback posts were moved into Flight Rising Discussion because that ended up being the best place for them at the time. This left Words on the Wind in limbo and without much to cover. We are sorry for the communication surrounding this. It wasn't good to keep everyone in the dark with where it had gone, so that's what we're hoping to accomplish here!

As the game grows and changes, so should we. Developer Updates will typically focus on one major project at a time; however, if the developers have information on other projects ready to share with you, they may include it. These updates will be similar in style and length to posts like this one, and will have their own place on the front page. We're hoping that the increased visibility will allow for even more feedback and discussion, and we'll do our best to answer any questions that come up.

NOTE: These will not have a set schedule. Developer Updates will be posted at our developers' discretion, when information on a feature's progress is deemed ready to be shared. We think we we had great success with things like the revamps to Crossroads and the Auction House, and would like to continue that into the future.

Community Updates and Developer Updates will have a standardized banner that appears on the front page, but each will be unique enough to differentiate them from a content or feature post. These banner images will also accompany posts on our social media pages.

Community Update

Developer Update

Content/Feature Example


(Why yes, that is our next upcoming content update banner!)

Always wanted to paint your own familiar?

We've got the contest for you! We are hosting a familiar coloring contest that will run until November 30th. Winning entries will become an official familiar in-game! Click here for more information.

Merchandise Poll
Ever since the site's inception, there's been some pretty intense interest in official Flight Rising merchandise. Well, we are pleased to announce that thanks to our partnership with Hiveworks and Hivemill, that this is something we will be able to offer you very soon!

First things first, however: we need your feedback on which style of design you would prefer to see on a t-shirt! We're running a poll here, and we encourage everyone who's interested in official Flight Rising merchandise to vote on whether you would prefer to see:

This is for you, so we're eager to put out products that you had a voice in. We can't wait to see the results!


(The above images are a mock-up of what our shirts could look like!)

Fan Art Fridays
For our social media communities, we've introduced Fan Art Friday on Twitter! And based on community participation and interest, we will be expanding to other platforms in the near future!

How to Participate
Include the #FRFanArt tag when you post your art. Using this hashtag communicates to us that it is okay to share/retweet/or possibly spotlight your work! When we're getting ready for our next Community Update, you'll be contacted by a Flight Rising team member, usually as a reply to the art post we'd like to spotlight.

While we may not be able to share all posted fan art, using #FRFanArt is also a way to show off your fan art to new people and fellow players when they browse the tag.

Why Social Media?
There are many of our players who don't visit the forums, just waiting to be engaged. We're starting small with twitter and slowly branching out as we go. In addition, we highly recommend checking out the many beautiful pieces of art made by our community on the Flight Rising Deviantart Group.

Fan Art Friday Spotlight!
Click on the preview to see the full image!

Flight Festival Recap 2017 - 2018
For those new to Flight Rising, back when we first opened the community created the tradition of celebrating a Flight’s holiday by putting on a site-wide organized event. These events are characterized by a “hub” posted in the Flight Rising Discussion forum. Here players share and celebrate their Flight with their fellow players and provide a digest of links and mini-events happening around the site.

Our August 2017 Community Update covered the 2016-2017 Wavecrest Saturnalia through Greenskeeper Gathering. Today we’ll cover the 2017-2018 Brightshine Jubilee, Thundercrack Carnivale, Flameforger's Festival! Given the depth and breadth of the events, it’s not always possible to recap every mini-event held. Please take the time to check out each hub to see everything Light, Lightning, and Fire had to offer their fellow players this year!

All events listed below have completed.

  • Glittervault CYOA

    Participants will choose between several path options each day during their tour of Light Flight's glittervault while hopefully making it through without being glittered.

  • RP Scavenger Hunt

    Team RP event! It can be a challenge presented among the festival. There will be stations across light territory for small teams to go to, and solve challenges or puzzles.

  • Illuminarti

    Come purchase art from talented acolights using leveled dragons as currency. Acolights, you can participate too!

All events listed below have completed.

  • Dress to Impress the Boss

    No money for apparel? No worries! Create outfits for dragons and mannequins in the dressing room to complete daily challenges and win prizes!

  • The Incredible Dessert Machine

    Increased demand for desserts this summer has Lightning Flight pastry chefs turning to automation to fill their orders. With limited time to make special parts, they will need to be creative and improvise by using found objects. Designers and inventors from all Elemental Flights are invited to draw up a set of blueprints for a multi-step contraption with one goal: Make a Dessert.

  • Cliffhanger Competition

    A dessert beach party by the cliffs was just begging for a great pun: A Cliffhanger Competition!
    Each day a new scenario will be presented to the players who will then need to come up with a short cliffhanger for that scenrio within 24 hours. Sign-ups begin July 16th and there are only 20 spots so don't delay.

All events listed below have completed.

  • Ember Toss
    Try your claw at using forge billows to push sparks from embers into a bottle, and watch it ignite! Three free tries a day per Clan, and you're guaranteed to win a variety of prizes that range from Fire-themed foods to Fire Tomes. Play every day to try and collect all the magical bottles and get tickets for the grand prize of a specially-designed Night Market accent.

  • Blacksand Battledome

    Come one, come all to the 2nd Annual Blacksand Battledome: where combat and camaraderie go hand in hand! The Battledome is an age-old and widely enjoyed pastime in Fire Flight's history, built around a massive arena where only the land's strongest competitors would go to break in their armor, reaffirm the bonds they share with their dear clanmates, and prove themselves as strong fighters ready to serve the Flamecaller.

  • Bonfire Bingo

    Come one come all to the Bonfire Bingo, if you're up for the challenge. For it's only with Pinkerton's mercy and the Flamecaller's luck will you win a prize. But don't fear for the patron is in a generous mood for the festival and is willing to grant a boon. Are you willing to take a chance on chance?

That's it for this update! Our next update will include all new fan art, recaps for the Starfall Celebration and Riot of Rot, and more!!

See you soon!


Community Update, October 2017
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Edit: First! Yes :D
Community Update, October 2017
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A familiar coloring contest! I'm so excited!!!!
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Oooo nice merch
Community Update, October 2017
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And that upcoming arena update aaah! I thought so, based on that 'gladiator' buzzword!
oh no i need to update this ahhgg
Community Update, October 2017
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Oooh, merch sounds great!
Community Update, October 2017
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Wow, some of the upcoming stuff actually looks super awesome! I'm excited for what looks like a new venue on the coli update banner? Heck yeck!
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Good struff!
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Good update™ :Oooo
can't wait for that arena thing

she was standing over me with a cigarette, the moon behind her,
yelling at me how in dance and music it's all mathematical


Community Update, October 2017
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