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Gathering Updates
Jun 15, 2016 18:48:52






New gathered items, trades, recipes, vistas, and drops await dedicated dragon clans! Check out today's update to learn more.

Earlier this evening we ran a live update. The update is now complete. Enjoy the new items!

Gathering Updates
Gatherers with a skill of 29 or greater have a chance to harvest the following items when foraging, scavenging, or insect catching:

Scavenging Familiars
Scavengers with a skill of 25 or greater have a chance to befriend the following companions on their hunts.

Swipp's Swap Stand Vista
The following vista can be traded for at Swipp's Swap Stand. You can find the necessary trade items in our encyclopedia.

Baldwin's Brew
With 3300 clans at brewing level 15, the cap has now been raised to 16! The following items can now be crafted at Baldwin's Bubbling Brew:


Coliseum Updates
The fauna of the training fields are dropping new items. Bring along your newly fledged dragons as you seek them out!

Brightshine Jubilee 2016 Skin & Accent Contest
The fourth annual Brightshine Jubilee will begin June 26, 2016. To celebrate we are running a skin and accent contest honoring the light flight. Click here for more information!

June 2016 - May 2017 Holiday Retirement Plan

New Blood:
Flight Rising is entering its third year online. With each registration window, new players are welcomed onto the site. This is wonderful! However, with each month the site is online, 1 familiar, 2 apparel items, and 14 skins enter and leave circulation with the holidays alone. As time progresses, it becomes more and more difficult for new players to work on their collections or obtain older items. A player that joins our 5th year will not find that there's 100 items that will be forever out of reach, but over a thousand.

Investment and Longevity:
As we welcome new players into our world every registration window, the players who have been here for years are the ones to help us do that! These players have been around for the long-haul, and have actively participated in the events that yield rare and retired items. They've put in the time and effort, and can reasonably expect that this dedicated gameplay should yield some items that appreciate with time.

Holiday Retirement Plan:

What we would like to see with future holidays:
Retiring 17 items every month is fairly daunting to a player new to the game playing "catch-up", but making all items available all of the time doesn't allow for investment and appreciation of items for long-term players.

What we'd like to see is an slow trickle of event items into the site that cost a bit to generate. We want for this to be slow enough, costly enough, and unpredicatable enough that players who were there for old events and picked up extra copies of items can still sell to future players at a tidy profit. At the same time, we want for a way for this trickle to happen, so items don't disappear from circulation except when resold in the millions of treasure.

Joxar's Spare Inventory:
We intend to accomplish a slow trickle-in by creating a costly, controlled, but highly randomized chest item available during each elemental holiday at the Festive Favors shop starting June of 2017.

This chest will be called "Joxar's Spare Inventory".

  • Players will be able to purchase 1 Joxar's Spare Inventory Chest per holiday event from the festive favors shop.

  • It will tentatively cost 90,000 treasure, creating an additional treasure-sink to help control inflation and establish value for the items within. The high price tag will discourage casual purchases. It will also encourage players to check the auction house sales of their fellow players for the item they want before going to the chest: If the fire familiar 2016 that you had your eye on is going for less than the cost of a chest, why would you buy a chest that has a only a chance of producing the exact item that you are after? How many chests would you have to purchase to get that item?

  • The chest will tentatively have the following odds:
    • 35% chance of producing a new recolor/new color variant of past holiday items unique to this chest. (initial pool of 4-11 items)
    • 20% chance of producing a holiday skins from the June '16 - May '17 holiday season. (initial pool of 154 items)
    • 20% chance of producing themed apparel (crowns) from the June '15 - May '16 holiday season or of producing June '16 - May '17 vistas. (initial pool of 22 items)
    • 25% chance of producing familiars and "large" apparel from the June '16 - May '17 holiday season. (initial pool of 22 items)

  • Joxar's Spare Inventory will not be available until June of 2017. This allows us to create a large pool of items before the Spare Inventory chest is released.

  • After the June 2017 release, future holiday items will be added to the Spare Inventory chest as the holiday events complete each month. This will make the odds of getting any one specific item increasingly difficult as time goes on, further incentivising purchasing spare copies from players before turning to this costly, randomized item.

While we may tweak exact values, the above is the ballpark plan. We believe that this will accomplish the goal of making purchasing holiday items from other players seem like a very attractive option, while putting in a way for players to generate and trickle in past items for years to come.

Will this turn out like the elemental bears?
Many of our older players will remember the elemental bears. These were familiars from the May 2014 - June 2015 holiday season. They were returned to circulation for the Night of the Nocturne event. The 6 initial bears, 6 recolor bears, and 3 nocturne mimic familiars were placed in the strange chests, allowing a possibility of 15 familiars - not a very large pool! The chests were free rewards that cost nothing but time to produce, and players amassed hundreds and thousands (first NotN) and dozens (second NotN) of these chests within a short span of time.

This wasn't so much a "trickle in" as a torrent unleashed! We believe that the costly nature of the SPARE INVENTORY chests, limit of one per month per player, and sheer variety of items found inside will act as a bottleneck to the flow of holiday items into circulation.

What if this new system is a torrent and not a trickle anyway?
We will be monitoring Joxar's Spare Inventory, and will adjust its cost and odds (with notification) as is warranted to create the intended effect of a way to create a slow and steady generation of past items.

What about retired event items from 2013-2016?
We have no plans to unretire past items. The SPARE INVENTORY boxes will contain only items that were announced as not retiring from the 2016-2017 holiday season.

Additional Updates
  • Specialty Items will that are stored in the Vault will now properly display in the correct tab.
  • Sorting and other issues in the Auction House "Specialty" tab have been resolved.
  • Cloud Dancer opponents in the coliseum were still level 20 from their time in Boreal Wood. They are now level 22, in keeping with other Harpy's Roost opponents.
  • Items used in the Specialty Tab of the hoard will direct you back to the specialty tab instead of "other" when used.
  • Tomo's Trivia questions about dragon colors have been updated to reflect our new color wheel.
  • The error blocking some players from Crim's Collection Cart has been fixed.
  • Gene errors on gold crystal (all breeds), pearlcatcher f crystal, and fae f crystal have been corrected.
  • A typo on Deepsea Cucumber's name has been corrected.
  • Amaranth and Leafy moths no longer drop fragile moth wings or crunchy moth legs.
  • Amaranth and Leafy moths have reduced chances to drop moth items from the gathering system.

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Gathering Updates
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Gathering Updates
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Gathering Updates
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Gathering Updates
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Gathering Updates
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Gathering Updates
Jun 15, 2016 18:50:35





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Gathering Updates
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Gathering Updates
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Gathering Updates
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