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Welcome to a new bonsai pixel shop! We are an independent shop affiliated with the original Bonsai Pixels and using assets provided by @miirshroom.

Here, using your hoarded Flight Rising food and material items, you can build and decorate a signature-sized bonsai tree...or an entire bonsai forest!

Jul 2: Setting up shop...
Jul 7: Shop open! Only taking Event slots right now.
Jul 11: The opening event is over and the shop is now open for all orders! Check out our new payment options below.
Sept 5: Summer's over :( Return times will probably be slower (roughly a week)
Nov 20: FAQ updated
Nov 28: (wasn't expecting 6 orders just today) Exam time. Be back in a week or so. Queue updated
Jan 19: Opening 10 slots. New assets added! Snow added!

SLOTS - 10 CLOSED --Self Adding Wait/Pinglists--

Post your order and I'll get to it soon. Don't expect a ping until delivery unless I have questions. I take payment before or after (whatever's convenient for you). ETA: 1-2 weeks.

1. Rusalka
2. Moonwater
3. khan
4. wetgrass
5. Lyrastrae
6. Triblobyte
7. Hexacoatl
8. ThirtyOne x2

9. Golisopod
10. Rochambeau x2

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December 9, 2016: Shop is currently up-to-date with all items except for Lemmings and Mantises.
Assets for Snow and Windblown leaves will be provided in the future after I've had some time to tweak them and work out the kinks!

July 10, 2016: 20-slot Opening Event over and shop cleared to open to regular business!
300px - 500px planters and a few other items to be shared soon!

July 7, 2016: Kuroida's Shop is cleared to begin the probationary Opening Event! ALL pixel assets have been made available except for the following: Roses, Lemmings, Budgies, Mantises, Moths (Runic, Catocala, etc.)
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1. Check the "Planter Dishes" section post below to select the size of your planter, the glaze colour of the planter, and the colour of the growing substrate. Note that for a new bonsai, there is a base treasure price for each planter size!

2. Check the "Bonsai Trees" post for the selection of available trees.

3. Check the "Wildlife & Items" post to select additional features to decorate your Bonsai with.

4. Check the "Animations" post to select from a number of different animations.

5. Post Order Form in this thread and send a Private Message* with the required item quantities attached (see below posts for quantities). Any specific details about the placement of features is to be stated in your in-thread post.

*Notes: Messages strongly preferred over Crossroads due to issues with items being unavailable to complete the One-Way Trades if they are left to sit for too long.

If everything is alright with your order I'll simply add you to the slots list and save on the pings.

Alternative Order Methods:
1k icon_treasure.png = 1 icon_gems.png

Items can now be paid for with pure currency instead of mixed with items. Each item has a flat cost of 5kt with additional costs for the dish, colors and animations. This order method CANNOT be mixed with items. (meaning no mixed payments)

Breakdown: planter base price + 20kt if colored+ 5kt for any additional subtrate, plant, creature or decoration + any animation costs.


Order an Artist's Choice Bonsai and pay a flat fee of 20kt for a random, static 150px planter arrangement. You may choose a theme* for the planter or leave it entirely up to me.
*themes could include: a season, color(s), a specific plant/animal, a dragon, etc.

This shop uses 2 payment options:

1) treasure/gems + items (same as original shop): A base treasure cost for the planter and/or animations + the appropriate number of items as shown in the posts below.

2) pure currency: Pay with only currency. Breakdown: planter base price + 20kt if color + 5kt for any additional subtrate, plant, creature or decoration + any animation costs.

These 2 options CANNOT be combined (please see FAQ)


Custom Bonsai Form
@Kuroida [b]Planter Type (&Configuration #):[/b] N/A [b]Planter and Substrate Colours:[/b] N/A [b]Bonsai trees (& season):[/b] N/A [b]Plants:[/b] N/A [b]Creatures:[/b] N/A [b]Decorations:[/b] N/A [b]Placement Info:[/b] N/A [b]Animations:[/b] N/A [b]Payment: [/b] N/A

Artist's Choice Bonsai Form
@Kuroida I'd like to order an Artist's Choice Bonsai! Theme(s): Payment:

For multiple, separate bonsai orders please post multiple copies of the form.


Posted in-Thread:
Planter Type (&Configuration): Type 1, 100px
Planter and/or Substrate Colours:Jasper, Black pebbled substrate
Bonsai (season): Trident Maple (Autumn) x1
Plants: Glow Mushroom x1, Cindershroom x3
Creatures: Java Sparrow x1
Placement Directions: Space the Cindershrooms evenly across the base of the planter and have the Java Sparrow sitting in the tree-top near the trunk of the tree.

Private Message:

Completed Order:

Note: It is recommended that you save and host your completed order off-site.


Minor changes to the bonsai can be made up to a week after the bonsai's delivery for free. After this time, the bonsai .psd file will be deleted and no more changes can be made.

These changes include:
- removing items.
- swapping items with different color/season options.
eg: swapping out a spring tree for a winter tree. Changing a blue rose to a red rose etc.
- minor placement changes (up to 5 specific requests).
- fixing any errors made due to misinterpretation of the original order.
- adding or removing animations.

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Jul 05, 2016 18:02:17






1: Choose a planter type
2: Choose a color*
3: Choose a subtrate color*
*Optional. Additional costs apply

? Type 1: Basic Grey Ceramic

100 pixel width = 4k treasure
150 pixel width = 5k treasure
200 pixel width = 6k treasure
300 pixel width = 7k treasure
400 pixel width = 10k treasure
500 pixel width = 10k treasure



BLACK = 10x Depleted Sacridite
WHITE = 10x Granite Fragment
MAGENTA = 10x Fluted Conch

ROSE = 10x Small Block of Granite
RED = 5x Jasper
BROWN = 2x Banded Sardonyx
ORANGE = 10x Impure Sacridite

TAN = 10x Small Chunk of Granite
YELLOW = 10x Sacridite
OLIVE = 15x Fuiran Hide
GREEN = 2x Jade

CYAN = 10x Rippleconch
BLUE = 2x Labradorite
AZURE = 5x Azurite
PURPLE = 15x Nightsky Fuiran Hide
All%20Dishes.2_zpsiueguefu.png .....................

? Type 2: Clay and Metallic Pot Sets

There are 15 available "Configurations" of either 150px. or 200px. width and each consisting of 2-3 pots. Since these are modular configurations, longer scenes can be made by adding multiple configurations next to each other, which would be specified at the time of ordering.

Single Configuration: 5k treasure + [cost of colours]
(i.e. either 150px. or 200px width)
Double Configuration: 10k treasure + [2x cost of colours]
(i.e. any 2 single configurations ordered together)
Signature size: 15k treasure + [3x cost of colours]
(i.e. order 2x 150px. and 1x 200px. configurations together)

*Note: Any of the above configurations can be made into an image of up to 250px wide upon request by adding more empty space around the edges. Two 250px images combined are still priced as a double even thought they are the same as signature size.


A single colour order applies to up to 3 pots BUT pot colours can be combined according to the tiered system shown below.
When a certain tier is purchased, you must get at least one pot of the corresponding colour, but any other pots may be selected from the same or lower tiers.
i.e. Purchasing a Gold tier grants you 3 Gold Pots, or you can select one "Gold" Pot and have the other 2 being "Purple" and "Pearly"

Lowest Tier
Tan/Grey/Painted Pot = 10x Intact OR Parched OR Painted Clay Pot

Purple = 2xPurple Sludge + 5xTin Ore

Green = 2xGreen Sludge + 5xRich Nickel Ore

Silver = 2xSilver Ore

Copper = 1xCopper Muck + 5xRich Copper Ore

Pearly = 1xWhite Slime + 5xRich Iron Ore

Red = 1xRed Sludge + 5xRich Iron Ore

Blue = 1xBlue Sludge + 5xCobalt Ore

Gold = 1xGold Ore OR 1xGold Muck

Darksteel = 1xGrey Slime + 1xBlack Slime + 5xLead Ore

Platinum = 1xPlatinum Ore + 1xGrey Slime
Highest Tier

Free Choice = 20000 treasure
(Any 3 pot colours of choice OR Artist's Choice).


  • Mulch is the standard dark brown substrate delivered with planters.
  • Other substrates can be purchased for a fixed cost.
  • The colour change applies for all planters and pots in a given order.


Cost = 1000 treasure
Black Pumice
Grey Pumice
Brown Clay
Red Clay
White Clay

Cost = 2000 treasure
Transparent substrate // shows roots
Crystal Quartz
Blue Quartz
Smoky Quartz
Pink Quartz

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Trees come in 4 seasons, ordered left to right: Spring // Summer // Autumn // Winter
Item quantities for tree payments are listed below.

1. Trident Maple = 15x Maple Seed

2. Red Maple = 15x Red Maple Leaf

3. Crimson King Maple = 15x Red Maple Leaf

4. Coast Redwood = 10x Redwood Log
*Note: Middle 2 Bonsai are special Regional morphs ordered by specifying "Light" or "Shadow" with the order

5. Shimpaku Juniper = 15x Redwood Kindling
*Note: Assumed that larger version is being ordered unless specified otherwise.

23. White Pine = 10x Pine Logs
*Note: Middle 2 Bonsai are special Regional morphs ordered by specifying "Shadow" or "Shimmering Pinecones" with the order

10. Western Hemlock = 15x Fir Branch

6. Honeycrisp Apple Tree = 10x Honeycrisp Apple
*Note: End Bonsai is a special morph ordered by specifying "All-Seasons" with the order

7. Granny Smith Apple Tree = 10x Granny Smith Apple
*Note: End Bonsai is a special morph ordered by specifying "All-Seasons" with the order

8. Sour Green Apple Tree = 10x Sour Green Apple
*Note: End Bonsai is a special morph ordered by specifying "All-Seasons" with the order

9. Red Delicious Apple Tree = 10x Red Delicious Apple
*Note: End Bonsai is a special morph ordered by specifying "All-Seasons" with the order

11. Swamp Chestnut Oak = 10x Blood Acorn

17. White Oak = 10x Acorn
*Note: The 2 Autumn variants are coded for convenience: Yellow / Orange

21. Willow Oak = 10x Sunkernel
*Note: The 2 Autumn variants are coded for convenience: Yellow / Orange

22. Black Oak = 10x Stonecorn

15. Japanese Maple = 15x Maple Seed

16. Silver Maple = 15x Maple Leaf

18. Sugar Maple = 15x Maple Leaf
*Note: The 3 Autumn variants are coded for convenience: Yellow / Orange / Red

14. Tortoiseshell Bamboo = 15x Bamboo Shoot

12. Miniature Potash Peach = 15x Miniature Potash Peach
*Note: Middle Bonsai is a special Autumn morph ordered by specifying "Smoke" with the order

13. Wisp Fruit = 15x Wisp Fruit
*Note: Middle Bonsai is a special Autumn morph ordered by specifying "Smoke" with the order

19. Paper Birch = 10xBirch Logs
*Note: Middle 2 Bonsai are special Regional morphs ordered by specifying "Starwood Day" or "Starwood Night" with the order

20. Crimson Frost Birch = 15xBirch Twigs

24. Willow = 15xPelagas Feathers

Weather Effects:

Snow Coating
  • Cost of any bonsai trees paid separately
  • Bonsai snow coating is available for all WINTER bonsai with two exceptions: Potash Peach, Tortoiseshell Bamboo
  • The following SPECIAL bonsai also have snow coatings: Spring Wisp Fruit, Daytime Starwood Birch, Shadow Pine & Redwood
  • Snow coatings also prepared for Tundra Cacti, Rose Bushes, & Stone Piles
  • Note that entire planter does not need to be covered with snow. i.e. Can pay a 300px price to cover 60% of a 500px planter. Either coverage will be lighter or concentrated to one side.

1 Bonsai + 100 pixel width planter = 1x Above Familiar (or any Ice element familiar)
Each additional 100px = 5k treasure
Each additional snow coated bonsai = 1k treasure


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Jul 05, 2016 19:45:09






Plants and Creatures are based on the food items available through Flight Rising activities. Many items have more than one "pose" so that there can be greater variety in planter compositions.


Some size comparisons:



Item quantities for payment are below

Ground-cover. 2 varieties: short grasses and long grasses. Delivered in clumps (i.e. 3 clumps provide generous coverage for 100px planter and 5 clumps for 200px planter)
Cost = 10xitem

Ground Cover. Delivered in clumps. A double order will provide generous coverage in a 100px planter (or full coverage for a set of 3 pots).
Special notes:
Star Moss alternate version - Daytime Star Moss
Green Algae alternate version - Wildwoods Green Moss
Cost = 10xitem

Mushrooms #1:
Ground-cover. Selected at random from 3 different cluster shapes.
Cost = 10xitem

Ground-cover. Delivered in clumps.
Cost = 10xitem

Mire Pod Flower:
Ground cover. Slight overhang. Typically 1 large flower OR 1 small flower plus 1 pod. Can request pods only.
Cost = 10xitem.

Ivy #1:
Overhangs planter. Standard payment unlocks a small-size sprig of ivy.
Cost = 10xitem. Double payment (i.e. 20x ) unlocks a longer continuous sprig

Ivy #2:
Ground cover. Slight overhang. Standard payment unlocks a small-size sprig of ivy.
Cost = 10xitem. Double payment (i.e. 20x ) unlocks a longer or taller arrangement.

Medium. Tall grass with short flower-spike.
A version that is tall grass only may be used when many Threshes are ordered at once.
Alternate version of dayglo thresh available that is a pale white-yellow.
Cost = 10xitem

Mushrooms #2:
Medium. Standard payment unlocks 1-2 mushrooms (as space permits).
Cost = 10xitem. Double payment (i.e. 20x ) unlocks a larger mushroom cluster.

Extra-tall plant. Flower clusters along a tall leafy stalk.
Cost = 10xitem

Extra-tall plant. Tall flower-spike. Selected at random from 2 possible shapes.
Cost = 10xitem

Tall Plant. Tulip head just above mid-height of the planter. Selected at random from 2 possible shapes.
Cost = 10xitem

Tall Plant: Daffodil head just above mid-height of the planter. Selected at random from 3 possible shapes.
Cost = 5xitem

Barrel Cacti:
Shrub: Delivered as 2 cacti of slightly different size, grouped together.
Cost = 10xitem

Prickly Pear:
Shrub: Delivered as 1 cacti clump. Can order with the pears or without.
Cost = 10xitem

Shrub. 2 possible shapes: Upright, Cascading
Note: Cascading can only be used with the small/medium pots. Cannot be placed in a type 1 planter unless the trunk base is somehow elevated by mosses, rocks, grass, etc.
Cream-pink Rosebush = 1xWilting Rose
Cream-blue Rosebush = 1xWithered Rose
Red/Pink/White Rosebush = 1x(Wilting or Withered) Rose + matching apparel item


Recommended quantities for 100px planter:
Small: 3-6
Medium: 1-3
Large: 0-1

Size comparisons:



Small Bird: Can perch in the leaves of a tree, or on the planter/base of tree trunk.
Cost = 10xitem

Small-Medium Bird: Can perch in the leaves of a tree, or on substrate/base of tree trunk (tail too long to perch on edge of planter, but can perch on the rims of pots)
Cost = 3xitem

Small Bird: 2 poses: Wings outstretched in flight, or sitting perched
Cost = 10xitem

Medium Bird: Female variant available on request and used for pose variety when multiple quail are ordered at once. May be standing on ground or sitting in Bonsai.
Cost = 10xitem

Large Bird: 2 poses: standing and sitting.
Cost = 10xitem

Large Bird: 2 poses: back facing the front (can sit in trees), and profile view (can sit on the substrate). Both can stand on the substrate.
Cost = 10xitem

Medium Bird: Most commonly perches on tree-trunk, but can be placed elsewhere if space permits.
Cost = 15xitem

Medium-Large Bird: 2 poses: back facing the front (can sit in trees), and profile view (can sit on the substrate). Both can stand on the substrate.
Smaller sized version of Crow sprites.
Cost = 15xitem

Small Mammal: Most commonly placed on ground, but can be placed in some lower tree branches.
Cost = 10xitem

Medium Mammal: 2 poses. Best placed peeking out from behind vegetation.
Sandstrike/Everglade = 15xitem
Familiar Hedgehog/Albino = 15x(Sandstrike OR Everglade) + 1x(ANY site familiar)

Bats 1:
Medium Mammal: One flying pose and two hanging poses
(note: not all bonsai support hanging bats! Maple #1 are the best-suited).
Cost = 10xitem

Dart Frogs:
Small Amphibian: Best placed sitting on top of objects or otherwise isolated from clutter. Can also be placed on the sides of pots.
Cost = 10xitem

Medium Reptile: 2 poses: Coiled overhanging the planter edge, or raised into the air as if preparing to strike.
Cost = 10xitem

Medium Reptile: Stands on substrate or hangs over edge of planter.
Alternate Versions:
Cave Gecko: "Glowing Stripe" colouration
Leopard Gecko: "Purple Tail" edit
Tree Gecko: "Tree Climbing" pose
Tokay Gecko: "Large Size" species characteristic
Cost = 10xitem

Extra-small Insect: Delivered in swarming groups of 3
Cost = 10xitem

Extra-small Insect: Delivered in sets of 3 randomly placed across the planter
Cost = 10xitem

Small Insect: Delivered in sets of 2 (typ. 1 flying and 1 perched)
2 flying poses and 2 perched poses available
Cost = 10xitem

Small Insect: Crawling on planter/tree-tops or flying.
Cost = 10xitem

Medium Insect: Perched or flying. Typically placed near top of planter due to long tails.
Cost = 10xitem

Moths #2:
Small Insect: 2x item = 1 Moth. Add 1x item for each additional moth!
3 flying poses and 2 perched poses available.
Runic Pug Moths recoloured to match any elemental flight for 2.5k treasure extra.
Cost = 2xitem


Runestones and Fragments:

...and etc.
Cost = 1xRunestone OR 5k treasure

Nature/Wind/Water/Light = 1xShale Hybrid Fragment OR 5k treasure
Ice/Lightning/Arcane = 1xGlass Hybrid Fragment OR 5k treasure
Shadow/Plague/Fire/Earth = 1xObsidian Hybrid Fragment OR 5k treasure
(Note: single orders default to ONE large fragment or TWO small fragments, depending on space. Double order typically one large and one small.)

Stones and Gemstones:

1x large Agate = 5x Agate item
3x small/medium Agate = 10x Agate item

2-3x Foo's Eye/Prehnite = 10x Associated item
1-2x Banded Olivine/Banded Ironstone = 10x Associated item

For orders of balanced stones similar to the examples shown in bottom right corner.
(i.e. single tower, or multi-legged inukshuk)
Large structures merged from 2+ small stone piles also belong in this category.

Grey Balanced Stones = 5k treasure + 10x Perfect Skipping Stone
Brown Balanced Stones = 5k treasure + 10x Skipping Stone

Grey Stone Pile = 10x Smooth Pebbles
Brown Stone Pile = 10x Round Pebbles
Top stone in stone pile can be replaced with a runestone purchased at time of order.
All orders delivered with 2-3 scattered stones in addition to the pile.

3 Sand piles = 1k treasure + 10x Sand
+1k treasure for each additional 2 piles of sand!

Semi-Precious Gem Piles
Pay for the pile with any of the 4 stones used in it.
Receive 1xGem Pile and 2 to 3 Scattered Gems of the type used as payment!

Type 1: Green-blue
2xJade OR 2xBanded Sardonyx OR 2xLabradorite OR 10xApatite

Type 2: Red-black
2xJasper OR 10xAmber OR 10xOnyx OR 10xAlmandine

Type 3: Pastel
5xRosy Gypsum OR 10xCelestine OR 10xMorganite OR 10xChrysoberyl

Semi-Precious Gem Arrangements
Mix and match ANY of the above 12 gems in a custom stone pile or balanced stones.
Gems can be also be inserted into grey/brown balanced stone towers and inukshuk.

Custom stone pile OR balanced stones = 5k treasure + 1x each type of gem to be used
Limitation of 4 types

Use with grey/brown balanced stones = 1/2 the item costs for the above piles
Limitation of 1 type per grey/brown balanced stone order

Stones and Crystals:

Quartz Crystal = 10x associated quartz item

Brown Trilobite Fossil = 10xTrilobite Fossil
White Trilobite Fossil = 10xWhite Pawn
(Note: single orders default to ONE large fossil or TWO small fossils, depending on space. Double order typically one large and one small.)

1xCooled Volcano = 5x Associated Rock Flow
2x small flow piece = 5x Associated Rock Flow
1xBasalt Spire = 10x Traprock
1xActive Flowing Volcano = 5x Any Rock flow + 1x Firebrand Tungsten
Note: Volcano pieces WILL NOT fit in the smallest pots

1xLarge Spire = 1x Any of the above Familiars (or any Arcane element Familiar)
2x Small Spires = 1x Any of the above Familiars
1xPink Chalcedony Cluster = 10x Pink Chalcedony
Note: All spires delivered with random number of floaty rocks

Bones & Tusks:
*Note: Bird and Rodent skulls default to plain white. Blackened can be requested.

1 large bird skull (mystery bird) = 10x Sparrow Skull
3 small bird skulls (Sparrow, Chicken and/or Crow) = 10x Sparrow Skull
+ 500 treasure for each additional set of 3 small skulls!

1 large rodent skull (mystery rodent) = 10x Squirrel Skull
3 small bird skulls (Mouse, Squirrel and/or Rabbit) = 10x Squirrel Skull
+ 500 treasure for each additional set of 3 small skulls!

1 Large Tusk = 5x Associated Tusk item
2x Small Tusk = 5x Associated Tusk item
Set of 5 Tusks (range of sizes) = 15x Associated Tusk item

1 Large Ribcage = 10x Associated ribcage item
2-3 Small Ribcage/Spine Pieces = 20x Associated ribcage item

4-5 Scattered Legbones = 10x Associated legbone item

Bone Structure = 5k treasure + 10x Associated legbone/ribcage item


1xLarge Copper Spire = 1x any simple copper jewelry
2xSmall Copper Spires = 1x any simple copper jewelry
All 4 Spires = 2x any simple copper jewelry
Note: Future plan to use the spires with lightning effect, NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.

Copper spires ordered separately, but each order of wire coil or extra wires includes automatic wire wrapping for one spire (large or small).
Wire Coil = 10x Laser item
Extra Loose Wires = 5x Laser item + 2.5k treasure

Clay Fertility Statue = 10x associated statue
Stone Fertility Statue = 10x associated statue
Fertility statues can be placed inside or outside of planter.
Alternate colours available for White/Red Clay or Brown Stone.
Deadwood & Shells:

Large Wood Log = 10x Driftwood/Bonewood Log
Small Wood Log = 5x Driftwood/Bonewood Log
Wood Branch Bundle = 10x Driftwood/Bonewood Branch

Deadwood (Juniper, Redwood, Maple Oak) = 10x Any Leather items above

Conch Shell = 10x associated item
*Faded Conch Shell* = 10x Any Seafood

3 Hermit Shells = 10x associated item

Assorted Shells = 10x Rainbow/Scarlet Mussels
Mussel Shells = 10x Mussels
includes 1xshell pile + 2-3 loose shells

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Jul 05, 2016 21:40:10






The below animations can be added to any planter for additional treasure costs depending on complexity.

Showcase of currently offered animations:

PRICING (per animated object)
1) Wisp Fruit/Runestone Glow: +8kt
2) Frogs moving: +5kt
3) Insects/Bats/Small Birds flying: +5kt
4) Crow head turning: +8kt
5) Animal Head flipping*: +5kt
6) Owls Blinking: +8kt

*The head flip can only be applied to animals with heads facing sideways.


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Jul 06, 2016 00:32:08






Coliseum Things

Crows, Mice, Chickens, Snakes



~ BonsaiPixels Kuro ~ (CLOSED)
Jul 06, 2016 00:52:13






Explanation of Seasonal Stages

Bonsai trees are selected from 4 different stages that reflect the Real World Seasons.

Deciduous Trees

Spring: New leaf bud growths
Summer: Typical Colouration
Autumn: Leaves change colours
Winter: Bare Branches

Spring // Summer // Autumn // Winter

Coniferous Trees

Spring: Bright-Coloured growths at branch tips
Summer: Growth of unripe seed pods
Autumn: Browning of needles and mature seeds
Winter: Typical Colouration

Spring // Summer // Autumn // Winter

Fruiting Trees

Spring: Flowering Branches
Summer: Small and/or off-colour fruits
Autumn: Mature and ripened fruits
Winter: Few fruits remain*

Spring // Summer // Autumn // Winter

*Fruiting Evergreen trees do not lose leaves in Winter stage

Description of Plants:
There are 5 general descriptors used to categorize plant items.

Ground-cover: Effective at covering the substrate without much interference with the leaves of the Bonsai. May interact slightly with the planter edge.
Medium Plant: Ground cover plants that also may extend to bonsai branches
Grows on Bonsai: Either grows on trunk, hangs from branches, or both.
Overhangs Planter: Ground cover that also grows over the edge of the planter.
Extra-Tall Plant: Narrow stalks, but approach the same height as the Bonsai.
Shrubs: Can grow to cover the same area as a small Bonsai, but are not as suitable for perching birds or climbing animals.


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Jul 06, 2016 00:52:24






No one's actually asking these questions but I think it'd be good to share...

Q: When should I send payment?
I haven't had any problems with payments so for now I allow payment before or after the order (whatever's more convenient for you). This might change if lots of people start skipping out on payment. Rule of thumb: If you have to ask. Just send the payment.

Q: Can I mix the two payment options?
Generally, no. Please pay either in treasure/gems or with items. While some items can only be purchased with treasure (base price, subtrate), I'm not taking mixed for the items that don't. This is because some people work hard to prepare all the relevant items and it would be unfair to them unless the costs were much higher. Occasionally I may allow people to replace a single item for a 5k cost if it is a large order but I prefer not to make too many exceptions.

Q: What's different from the main shop?
- Pure treasure/gem payment options.
- Artist's Choice order option for a flat fee.
- Simple Animations.
- Changes to the rules on updating existing bonsai.
- 200px planter base price increased to 6kt.
- No lemmings, mantises or special effects
- Slots system with waitlist queue in place for ordering.

Q: Why an affiliate shop? What are your limitations and guidelines?

Main Shop General Objectives:
1. To provide pixel arrangements suitable for signatures and dragon/profile bios
2. To create a “minigame” atmosphere that gives a use to collecting FR items

Affiliates Objectives:
1. To open a parallel shop to keep general order traffic to a manageable level.
2. To offer services that are otherwise not possible at the main shop. This may include animated pixel arrangements, additional environmental effects, long-form creative writing, etc.
3. To keep the pixel assets available on Flight Rising in the event that miirshroom can no longer run the main shop for whatever reason.

a) Affiliates may not create new pixel sprites. New sprites are to be provided solely by miirshroom, as a means of keeping a consistent art style.

...Read the full post here


Bonsai Pixels main shop (run by miirshroom)

Bonsai Pixels affiliate shop (run by Tunesmith)

All Bonsai pixel resources were created and distributed by @ miirshroom
Banner by @ Serpede (shop)