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You receive a shallow planter box with a bonsai tree...

is an adoptable shop based on using your hoarded Flight Rising food and materials items to build and decorate a signature-sized bonsai tree...or an entire bonsai forest!

1. Introduction
2. Updates & List of Orders
3. How to Order
4. Bonsai Trees
5. Plants and Creatures
6. Decorations
7. Requesting New Items
8. Affiliated Shops
9. F.A.Q. & Gallery
10. Public Art Assets

PG 2:
1. Master List of past Bonsai Customers

Tumblr archive with all past dropoffs tagged by username
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September 22, 2017: Shop Re-Opening after summer hiatus!
(lots of stuff was updated)

July 4, 2017: Note on Broken Images:
If your bonsai images are broken, it is due to photobucket change of TOS by which they no longer host images or image links to third-party forum sites (such as Flight Rising) without a yearly fee of $400. As such, I will be switching to using DeviantART Stash for the near future. You can search out any past bonsai orders by user name at, to find your missing images. No matter what image hosting site I use, note that it is never guaranteed to host images freely forever, so as always I recommend that you save a backup of your order to your computer and upload to your own personal image hosting or storage account soon after it is dropped off.
May 20, 2017: Shop closed for Hiatus
March 22, 2017: Added Pinwheels, Bamboo Clusters, Clover, Squirrels, Butterflies
Update pg 296
November 30, 2016: Added Stones, Bones, Snow, Leaves
Update pg 267
September 5, 2016: Added Volcanos, Arcane Spires, more Snakes
Update pg 252
July 24, 2016: Special Effects: Snow, Windblown Leaves & Lightning
Orders accepted for one week during Thundercrack Carnivale
July 20, 2016: Added Cacti, Gemstones, Copper Spires, Rodent Skulls
Update pg 238
June 23, 2016: Added Seashells & Driftwood & Willow
New poll about upcoming features
Update pg 228
May 20, 2016: Added items from last fundng round.
New information for affiliates hiring and Free Art Assets
Update! pg 217
March 12, 2016: New plant and trinket items added pg 189
Nov 12: Anniversary Update on pg 160
Sept 25: Update on pg 143. Also started post on Bonsai Composition Tips.
Sept 2: Results of Poll on pg 135
Aug 22: Poll on pg 127 about new shop directionsPolling Finished!
July 26: Special Effect Shop Opening (pg. 108). Added F.A.Q. section.
July 17: Changed the pixel sprites for the Coastal Redwood, Shimpaku Juniper, and Oak Bonsai.
July 1: New planter configurations and decorations available.
New round of funding slots (pg. 94) with winners announced pg. 98
June 1: Shop re-opening event starting pg. 65
May 8-31: Hiatus for drawing new assets.
Apr 18: Re-uploaded all existing Bonsai to new host (Photobucket). New policy encourages customer to save image soon after dropoff and host on personal accounts in order to reduce the risk of exceeding bandwidth for shop image hosting. Links back to this thread are no longer provided at dropoff (but it is always appreciated to link back the the shop whenever possible!).
Mar 21: Announcement on pg 45 with results of Questionnaire.
Debut of "Special Effects Shop"
Mar 1: Announced new funding slots. Posted Questionnaire on Shop priorities, which will remain open for a week or so. Announcement of front page re-organization over the past month. Art updates to Apple Bonsai and Owlets.
Jan 24: Extra small insect items have been clarified to indicate that a single order includes special effects to make up for the small size. Changed Costs for several items at 3-stars and above.
Jan 8: Update to Maple Trees and added new Shop Order Form.
Jan 6: 6 Custom Spots selected. Goal to have them completed by end of January.
Dec 29: Edited "How to Order" to add policy on updating existing Bonsai. Added new section "Available Bonsai Previews". Beginning of Limited offer on "Wintery Bonsai"
Dec 10: Adjusted Shop Spreadsheet to lower the costs of rare items worth 2-stars and above to reflect the fact that it is very hard to gather large stacks of them! Implementing "Fund These Items!" list.

Nov 12: Shop Opening! Limited offer on "Starter Bonsai" Ended Nov 22nd!

Current Limited Offer

Previous Limited Offers
Autumn Starter Bonsai: 20 completed from November 12 to 22. (2014)
Winter Starter Bonsai: 15 completed from December 29 - January 12. (2014)
Special Effects Shop: March 21-31(2015)
Spring/Summer Starter Bonsai: 108 completed from June 1 to 16 (2015)
Special Effects Shop: July 25-31 (2015)
Special Effects Shop: July 24-30 (2016)
Artist's Choice Semi-custom: 33 orders completed from December 3 (2016)

List of Orders
Category 1 is always open to new orders when the the topic says "OPEN".
Though currently something of a 3 week wait is typical due to high order volume.
Post order in-thread, and send payment by Message!

Category 1: Images of 250px width or smaller
Unlimited slots (But limited to 2 slots per person at a single time)
  1. Reptilia (358, 250A)
  2. Cross (357, 150A & 150A)
  3. Cyans (358, 200C & 200C)
  4. BluSyndrome (359, 150C)
  5. Sunline (359, 250A)
  6. joruney (359, 100A)
  7. Starlight18 (360, 150A)
  8. VenusZebra118 (361, 100C)
  9. Hooligan (361, 150A & 150A & 150A & 150A)
  10. Triblobyte (361, 200C)
  11. coolyiffer (361, 200C)
  12. Lawcaldwell (361, 250A & 150A)
  13. Issalyn (361, 150A & 150A)
  14. HSoup (361, 250A & 250A)
  15. Nequior (362, 200A)

Category 2: Images of 300px width or larger
Six slots (Currently all Filled!)
  1. ColoradoBlues (344)
  2. Diodol (345)
  3. balthy (345)
  4. ILUVDRAGONS (347)
  5. rubeofkubic (350, 500px)
  6. Marvin (350, 400px)

Ping List
Note that I am the only person with edit access to these sheets,
so you need to ask me to be added to the lists!

Bonsai Pinglists

General Pinglist: For newly added items, cost adjustments, procedure updates
Funding Pinglist: For open funding slots
Special Event Pinglist: For "Starter Bonsai" events, Special Effects, etc.
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How to Order

Option 1: Artist's Choice

Paid entirely in treasure or gems.
Less freedom to select specific items.
High chance of item re-colours to suit the planter theme.
Typically based on either a general theme or a specific dragon.

100 pixel image = 80k treasure // 100 gems
- Select up to 2 specific item

150 pixel image = 120k treasure // 150 gems
- Select up to 3 specific items

200 pixel image = 160k treasure // 200 gems
- Select up to 4 specific items

250 pixel image = 200k treasure // 250 gems
- Select up to 5 specific items

Order Form:
[b]Image width:[/b] N/A [b]Specific Item requests:[/b] N/A [b]Theme Directions:[/b] N/A [b]Dragon Image:[/b] (include full size image + link to profile)

Example Order

Image width: 100px
Specific Item requests: Copper or Silver planter pot, wire coils
Theme Directions: "My clan are typical Lightning mad scientists, but their specialty is making prosthetics for dragons who've been injured, or want to improve or change their bodies for mysterious purposes...Basically I use a lot of robotics accents :D"
Dragon Image: N/A

See gallery for additional examples

Option 2: Custom Order

Except where additional treasure payments are noted,
all items are purchased with quantities of Flight Rising hoarded items.

Example Order

1. Check the "Planter Dishes" section of this post to select the size of your planter, the colours of the planter, and the colour of the growing substrate. Note that for a new bonsai, there is a treasure cost associated with planter size!

2. Check the "Structural Pieces" and "Bonsai Trees" post in this thread for the item cost. As a general rule: choose a maximum of one bonsai or structural piece per 100px of image width.

3. Check the "Plant and Creature" post and "Decorations" post in this thread to select additional features to decorate your Bonsai with. See the "Gallery" post below for examples of how many items fit nicely in a single planter!

4. Post Order Form in this thread and send a Private Message* with the required item quantities attached. Any specific details about the placement of features is to be stated in your in-thread post, including whether your Bonsai trees are to be the Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter variants.

*Note: Messages strongly preferred over Crossroads due to issues with items being unavailable to complete the One-Way Trades if they are left to sit for too long.

Order Form:
[b]Image width:[/b] N/A [b]Planter (Type - Colours - Configuration):[/b] N/A - N/A - N/A [b]Substrate:[/b] N/A [b]Structural Elements:[/b] N/A [b]Bonsai (Type - Season - Weather):[/b] (N/A - N/A - N/A), (N/A - N/A - N/A), etc. [b]Plants:[/b] N/A [b]Creatures:[/b] N/A [b]Decorations:[/b] N/A [b]Placement Directions:[/b] N/A


Posted in-Thread:
Image width: 100px
Planter (Type - Colours - Configuration): Type 1 - Jasper - 100px
Substrate: Black Pumice
Structural Elements: N/A
Bonsai: (Type - Season - Weather) (Trident Maple - Autumn - N/A)x1
Plants: Glow Mushroom x1, Cindershroom x3
Creatures: Java Sparrow x1
Placement Directions: Space the Cindershrooms evenly across the base of the planter and have the Java Sparrow sitting in the tree-top near the trunk of the tree.

Private Message:

Completed Order:

Note: It is recommended that you save and host your completed order off-site to avoid running into bandwidth issues with the Photobucket hosting service.

See gallery for additional examples


The current fee to update an existing Bonsai planter is 5k treasure plus any appropriate quantities of Flight Rising items, as listed on the Shop Spreadsheet.

The Update Fee is not necessary when the Bonsai planter is updated to add an item that was funded by the planter owner.

The following are examples of alterations that can be made:
2. Increasing the size of the planter or adding more pots
The cost to upgrade a planter to a larger size is equal to the difference between the sizes (i.e. upgrading from 100 px to 500 px width: Cost = 10k - 2k = 8k treasure).
Note that colour upgrades will apply to the larger image with no additional item fee
(i.e. if you previously purchased Platinum tier pots, all future pots will default to Platinum).
3. Minor Placement changes for BONSAI, PLANT, CREATURES or DECORATIONS
Covers up to about 5 specific requests made at the time of the upgrade. The rest should be left to Artist's Choice (i.e. items remain in relatively the same positions. Locations of creatures and some plants may be adjusted as required for balance).
Covers switch from planter to pots or vice-versa.
4. Changing the Season of the Bonsai tree or switching it for a different tree.
5. Changing the colour or configuration of the planter
6. Changing the colour of the substrate

Planter Dishes

Type 1: Basic Grey Ceramic:
100 pixel width = 10k treasure
150 pixel width = 10k treasure
200 pixel width = 10k treasure
300 pixel width = 15k treasure
400 pixel width = 20k treasure
500 pixel width = 20k treasure

Note: Empty space can be added to either side of the planter dish in 50 pixel increments, at no additional cost (i.e. to make more space for Type 2 planter pot set, structural elements, decorations, and creatures flying around the planter). Combine Type 1 planter with Type 2 pot set by adding the configuration costs together.


Colour Upgrades to Basic Ceramic:

BLACK = 10x Depleted Sacridite
WHITE = 10x Granite Fragment
MAGENTA = 10x Fluted Conch

ROSE = 10x Small Block of Granite
RED = 5x Jasper
BROWN = 2x Banded Sardonyx
ORANGE = 10x Impure Sacridite

TAN = 10x Small Chunk of Granite
YELLOW = 10x Sacridite
OLIVE = 15x Muckbottom Shell
GREEN = 2x Jade

CYAN = 10x Rippleconch
BLUE = 2x Labradorite
AZURE = 5x Azurite
PURPLE = 15x Bluestreaked Shell
YQn1Nvb.png .....................

Type 2: Clay and Metallic Pot Sets:

There are 12 available prepared "Configurations" that can be used in an image of 200px or wider, 8 of which can also be used in a 150px. width image. Each configuration consists of 2-3 pots. Since these are modular configurations, longer scenes can be made by adding multiple configurations next to each other, which would be specified at the time of ordering. Distances and overlaps between pots may be adjusted to suit order contents.

Single Pot: 10k treasure + [cost of colours]
(i.e. 100px. or larger image with only one pot)

Single Configuration: 15k treasure + [cost of colours]
(i.e. either 150px. or 200px width)
Single Plus Configuration: 15k treasure + [cost of colours]
(i.e. upgrade a single configuration to 250px image width)

Double Configuration: 25k treasure + [cost of colours]
(i.e. any 2 single configurations ordered together. 300px, 350px, or 400px to suit contents)

Signature size: 35k treasure + [cost of colours]
(i.e. order 2x 150px. and 1x 200px. configurations together. 500px width.)

Each additional pot: 5k treasure
(i.e. Add to an existing order of pots. Assumed colours already paid for)

See below for the item costs associated with each colour.
Item costs stack on top of the above base cost for the selected pot configuration.



Available Pot Colours:

Each colour payment applies to all pots in order by default, regardless of number of pots.

Options for mixing multiple pot colours:
Option a) Include item payment for more than one colour - i.e. a 7 pot order pair with 10x Intact Clay Pot and 10x Rich Nickel Ore might have 5 Green pots and 2 Tan pots, or vice versa.

Option b) Add 2.5k treasure per pot to receive a colour substitution - i.e. An order with 1 red pot, 1 black pot, and 1 platinum pot might be paid with 10xLead Ore + 5k treasure for the 2 additional colours.

Option c) Flat fee of 15k treasure for Artist's Choice (typically a selection of 3 colours)

Option d) Order with either Gold or Platinum and choose remaining colours as you wish.

TAN = 10x Intact Clay Pot
GREY = 10x Parched Clay Jar
PAINTED = 10x Painted Clay Pot

GREEN = 10x Rich Nickel Ore
COPPER = 10x Rich Copper Ore
PEARLY = 10x Rich Iron Ore

PURPLE = 10x Tin Ore
RED = 10x Lead Ore
BLUE = 10x Cobalt Ore

SILVER = 2x Silver Ore
GOLD = 1x Gold Ore [OR] 10k treasure
PLATINUM = 1x Platinum Ore [OR] 10k treasure

BLACK = 10x Iron Ore
CUSTOM HUE SHIFTS = On request. 2.5k treasure per pot to a maximum of 15k.


  • Mulch is the standard dark brown substrate delivered with planters.
  • Other substrates can be purchased for a fixed cost.
  • The colour change applies for all planters and pots in a given order.
  • Slight recolours may be made to match the substrate to the planter contents.
  • Note that substrate is paid in treasure, not items. White and brown clays are not actually items that exist on site, they're just icon recolours that I made for fun!

Cost = 1000 treasure
Black Pumice
Grey Pumice
Brown Clay
Red Clay
White Clay

Cost = 2000 treasure
Transparent substrate // shows roots
Crystal Quartz
Blue Quartz
Smoky Quartz
Pink Quartz

Structural Pieces


  • Total Cost = Material Cost + Configuration Cost
  • Moss and grasses can be added growing on the brick pyramid and brick wall.
Material cost
Clay Bricks = 10xClay
Sandstone Bricks = 1xEven More Beautiful Boulder
Siltstone Bricks = 1xBeautiful Boulder

Configuration Cost
Scattered Bricks = 0k treasure
Brick Pyramid = 2.5k treasure
Brick Wall = 5k treasure


  • Single, double, or triple configurations available. Payment is calculated per each single column in the configuration.
  • Can be ordered with or without a top beam.
  • Can order components according to the letter/number key, or leave it to Artist's Choice.
  • Small ground cover plants can be added to the beam (column height will decrease accordingly).
White Columns = 10xGypsum + 2.5k treasure per column
Light Flight Columns = 10xIntact Clay Relief + 2.5k treasure per column
Limestone Column = 5xLimestone Stalactite + 2.5k treasure per column
Shadow Flight Columns = 5xShadowbinder's Tears + 2.5k treasure per column
Black Columns = 5xLava Stalactite + 2.5k treasure per column


Sanded Ash Plank // Sanded Birch Plank // Sanded Cedar Plank // Sanded Pine Plank

3-4 Wood Slats = 10x[Associated Plank Item]
Small Trellis = 2.5k treasure + 10x[Associated Plank Item]
Large Trellis = 5k treasre + 10x[Associated Plank Item]
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Bonsai Trees
Available Bonsai & Item Costs

1. Trident Maple = 15x Maple Seed
Spring // Summer // Autumn (Yellow or Orange) // Winter

2. Red Maple = 15x Red Maple Leaf
Spring // Summer // Autumn (Green or Red) // Winter

3. Crimson King Maple = 15x Red Maple Leaf
Spring // New Leaves // Summer // Autumn // Winter

4. Redwood = 10x Redwood Log
Spring // Summer // Light // Shadow // Autumn // Winter

5. Juniper = 15x Redwood Kindling
Spring // Summer // Autumn // Winter
*Note: Assumed that larger version is being ordered unless specified otherwise.

23. White Pine = 10x Pine Logs
Spring // Summer // Shadow // Shimmering Pine // Autumn // Winter

10. Hemlock = 15x Fir Branch
Spring // Summer // Autumn // Winter

6. Honeycrisp Apple Tree = 10x Honeycrisp Apple
Spring // Summer // Autumn // Winter // All-seasons

7. Granny Smith Apple Tree = 10x Granny Smith Apple
Spring // Summer // Autumn // Winter // All-seasons

8. Sour Green Apple Tree = 10x Sour Green Apple
Spring // Summer // Autumn // Winter // All-seasons

9. Red Delicious Apple Tree = 10x Red Delicious Apple
Spring // Summer // Autumn // Winter // All-seasons

11. Swamp Chestnut Oak = 10x Blood Acorn05a___swamp_oak_by_miirshroom-dbe6gjc.png
Spring // Summer // Autumn (green or red) // Winter

17. White Oak = 10x Acorn
Spring // Summer // Autumn (Yellow or Orange) // Winter

21. Willow Oak = 10x Sunkernel
Spring // Summer // Autumn (Yellow or Orange) // Winter

22. Black Oak = 10x Stonecorn
Spring // Summer // Autumn (green or red) // Winter

15. Palmate Maple = 15x Maple Seed
Spring // Summer // Autumn // Winter

16. Silver Maple = 15x Maple Leaf
Spring // Summer // Autumn // Winter

18. Sugar Maple = 15x Maple Leaf
Spring // Summer // Autumn (Yellow, Orange or Red) // Winter

14. Tortoiseshell Bamboo = 15x Bamboo Shoot
Spring // Summer // Autumn // Winter

12. Miniature Potash Peach = 15x Miniature Potash Peach
Spring // Summer // Smoke // Autumn // Winter

13. Wisp Fruit = 15x Wisp Fruit
Spring // Summer // Smoke // Autumn // Winter

19. Paper Birch = 10xBirch Logs
Flower // Spring // Summer // Autumn // Winter // Starwood Night

20. Crimson Frost Birch = 15xBirch Twigs
Flower // Spring // Summer // Autumn // Winter // Starwood Day

24. Willow = 15xPelagas Feathers
Spring // Summer // Autumn // Winter

25. Date Palm = 15xGreen Shoots12b___date_palm_by_miirshroom-dbdxf9j.png

Flowering // New Fruit // Ripe Fruit // Plain

26. Yellow Banana = 5xRipe Yellow Banana
Plain // Flowering // New Fruit // Ripe Fruit

27. Green Plantain = 5xGreen Plantain
28. Red Banana = 5xRed Banana
29. Plantain = 5xPlantain
Plain // Flowering // New Fruit // Ripe Fruit

Available Shrubs & Item Costs

Prickly Pear // Wasteland Pear // Irradiated Pear

Prickly Pear = 5xPrickly Pear
Flowering // Fruiting // Plain

As an alternate version, many small prickly pear fragments (i.e. 1-2 node cacti) can be scattered across the substrate in a custom-built cluster.
Prickly Pear Cluster = 5k treasure + 5x[Associated Prickly Pear item]

Blue Rose // Heart Rose // Pale Pink Rose // Patio Rose
Green Rose Bush = 5k treasure + 10x[Associated Rose item]

Wilting Rose // Withered Rose
Specialty Rose Bush = 5k treasure + 2x[Wilting Rose or Withered Rose]

Note: double costs to order a larger Rose Bush, such as the Blush roses shown climbing the trellis or the Purple-Gold Rose Bush
Additional Rose Colours:
Yellow // Sepia // Blush // Crimson // Indigo // Purple // Black
Leaf Colours:
Green // Gold // White

Weather Effects:

Snow Coating
  • Cost of any bonsai trees paid separately
  • Bonsai snow coating is available for all WINTER bonsai with two exceptions: Potash Peach, Tortoiseshell Bamboo
  • The following SPECIAL bonsai also have snow coatings: Spring Wisp Fruit, Daytime Starwood Birch, Shadow Pine & Redwood
  • Snow coatings also prepared for Tundra Cacti, Rose Bushes, & Stone Piles
  • Note that entire planter does not need to be covered with snow. i.e. Can pay a 300px price to cover 60% of a 500px planter. Either coverage will be lighter or concentrated to one side.

1 Bonsai + 100 pixel width planter = 1x Above Familiar (or any Ice element familiar)
Each additional 100px = 5k treasure
Each additional snow coated bonsai = 1k treasure

  • Spring: Apple Blossoms, Wisp/Potash Peach Blossoms
  • Summer: Maple Leaves, Oak Leaves, Birch Leaves, Willow Leaves, Bamboo Leaves
  • Autumn: Maple Leaves, Oak Leaves & Acorns, Birch Leaves, Willow Leaves, Bamboo Leaves, Apple Tree Leaves & Apples
  • Special: Starwood Birch

1x Bonsai = 1x Above familiar (or any Wind element familiar)
Each Additional Bonsai = 5k treasure
(Note: Can be ordered with any planter size or type from 100px to 500px)
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Plants and Creatures

Plants and Creatures are based on the food items available through Flight Rising activities. Many items have more than one "pose" so that there can be greater variety in planter compositions.

There are 5 general descriptors used to categorize plant items.
Ground-cover: Effective at covering the substrate without much interference with the leaves of the Bonsai. May interact slightly with the planter edge.
Medium Plant: Ground cover plants that also may extend to bonsai branches
Grows on Bonsai: Either grows on trunk, hangs from branches, or both.
Overhangs Planter: Ground cover that also grows over the edge of the planter.
Medium Plant: Grows past lower branches of most bonsai, but not much higher.
Extra-Tall Plant: Narrow stalks, but approach the same height as the Bonsai.



Desert Scrub // Sea Grass // Jungle Grass // Sweet Grass
Ground-cover. 2 varieties: short grasses and long grasses. Delivered in clumps (i.e. 3 clumps provide generous coverage for 100px planter and 5 clumps for 200px planter)
Desert Scrub alternate version - Golden Grass
Sea Grass alternate version - Shade Grass
Cost = 10xitem

Star Moss // Bonebark Mold // Artic Scrub // Green Algae
Ground Cover. Delivered in clumps. A double order will provide generous coverage in a 100px planter (or full coverage for a set of 3 pots).
Special notes:
Star Moss alternate version - Daytime Star Moss
Green Algae alternate version - Wildwoods Green Moss
Cost = 10xitem

Cindershroom // Mycena Mushroom // Diseased Fungus // Glow Mushroom
Mushrooms #1:
Ground-cover. Selected at random from 3 different cluster shapes.
Cost = 10xitem

Chickweed // Stellaria Media // Maidens Blush
Ground-cover. Delivered in clumps.
Cost = 10xitem

Clover // Lucky Star // Highland Dryleaf // Subterranean Clover
Ground-cover. Slight overhang. Delivered in clumps. Clover flowers available.
Cost = 10xitem

Fire Flower // Redblood Sapper // Greenpod Bloom
Mire Pod Flower:
Ground cover. Slight overhang. Typically 1 flower OR 2 pods.
Cost = 10xitem.

Stonewatch Flatblade // Stonewatch Scrub
Scrub Plant:
Medium. Ground cover. Delivered in clumps
Cost = 10xitem

Hallowed Ivy // Silvery Ivy
Ivy #1:
Overhangs planter. Standard payment unlocks a small-size sprig of ivy.
Cost = 10xitem. Double payment (i.e. 20x ) unlocks a longer continuous sprig

Corpsemaker Ivy // Dustbowl Ivy
Ivy #2:
Ground cover. Slight overhang. Standard payment unlocks a small-size sprig of ivy (3 sets of clustered leaves).
Cost = 10xitem. Double payment (i.e. 20x ) unlocks a longer or taller arrangement.

Bluelipped Thresh // Dayglo Thresh
Medium. Ground Cover. Tall grass with short flower-spike.
A version that is only the tall grass may be used occasionally when many Threshes are ordered at once.
Cost = 10xitem

Ancient Mushroom // Dwarf Mushroom
Mushrooms #2:
Medium. Ground Cover. Delivered as either one mushroom cluster, or a pair of two solitary mushrooms.
Cost = 10xitem

Cliffside Milkweed // Golden Milkweed
Extra-tall plant. Flower clusters along a tall leafy stalk. Selected at random from 2 possible shapes.
Cost = 10xitem

Bloody Snapdragon // Madame Snapdragon
Extra-tall plant. Tall flower-spike. Selected at random from 2 possible shapes.
Cost = 10xitem

Red Emperor Tulip // Black Tulip // Blue Parrot Tulip // Carnaval Tulip
Medium Plant. Tulip head just above mid-height of the planter. Selected at random from 2 possible shapes.
Cost = 10xitem
Raincloud Tulip mix choose cyan/magenta/violet
Sunshine Tulip mix choose pink/Orange/Yellow
Cost = 10x[Preserved Petals OR Dried Lilium Petals] for each

Daffodil // Starfall Blossom // Lume Daffodil
Medium to Extra-Tall Plant: Daffodil head just above mid-height of the planter. Selected at random from 3 possible shapes. Alternatively, can be ordered as the leaves only - i.e. double the amount of leaves but no flower head.
Cost = 5xitem
Daffodil alternate version - Narcissis

Umbra Parthenium // Feverfew
Extra-Tall Plant.Selected from 2 possible shapes.
Cost = 10xitem

Stonespine // Ashfall Prickler // Notocactus // Tundra Cactus
Barrel Cacti:
Medium Plant: Delivered as 2 cacti of different size; may be grouped together or not.
Cost = 10xitem

There are 4 general descriptors used to categorize creature items, to give an idea of the quantities that would fit in the Bonsai planters without overcrowding.
Small: Recommended quantity of 3-6 in the smallest (100 pixel) Bonsai planter.
Medium: Recommended quantity of 1-3 in the smallest Bonsai planter.
Large: Recommended quantity of 0-1 in the smallest Bonsai planter.
Extra-small: Exclusive to some insects. Items in this category may receive either multiples of the same creature, or may be paired with a unique special effect.



Java Sparrow // Zephyr Sparrow // Black Capped Chickadee // Common Sparrow // Gold-Throated Sparrow
Sparrows 1:
Small Bird: 3 perched poses and 1 flying. Can perch in the leaves of a tree, or on the planter/base of tree trunk.
Cost = 10xitem
Gold-Throated Sparrow = 15x[Any Sparrow]

Black Capped Budgie // Blue Throated Budgie // Oasis Songbird // Bog Canary
Small-Medium Bird: 3 poses: Can perch in the leaves of a tree, or on substrate/base of tree trunk (tail too long to perch on edge of planter, but can perch on the rims of pots)
Cost = 3xitem

Dustwing // Ruby-throated // White-Eared // Blue-throated // Frostbite Hummingbird
Small Bird: 2 flying poses and 1 perched pose
Cost = 10xitem
Frostbite Hummingbird = 15x[Any Hummingbird]

Greyback Sparrow // Sunspot Sparrow
Sparrows 2:
Small Bird: 2 perched poses
Cost = 15xitem

Black Masked Lovebird // Lovebird
Small-Medium Bird: 3 perched poses
Cost = 15xitem

Bobwhite Quail // Flecked Bushrunner // False-Peacock Quail // Valley Quail
Medium Bird: Female variant available on request and used for pose variety when multiple quail are ordered at once. May be standing on ground or sitting in Bonsai.
Cost = 10xitem

Black Orphington // Dappled Clucker // Dusk Orpington // Hooded Hen
Large Bird: 2 poses: standing and sitting.
Cost = 10xitem
Optional: add chicks for 1k treasure each (2 poses)

Crow // Magpie // Bleeding Heart Crow // Leucistic Crow
Large Bird: 2 poses: back facing the front (can sit in trees), and profile view (can sit on the substrate). Both can stand on the substrate.
Cost = 10xitem

Wildwood Owlet // Sakura Owlet
Medium Bird: Most commonly perches on tree-trunk, but can be placed elsewhere if space permits.
Cost = 15xitem

Omen Seeker // Squall Seeker
Medium-Large Bird: 2 poses: back facing the front (can sit in trees), and profile view (can sit on the substrate). Both can stand on the substrate.
Smaller sized version of Crow sprites.
Cost = 15xitem


Satin Mouse // Roan Mouse // Sun Flecked Fieldmouse // Duskrat
Small Mammal: Most commonly placed on ground, but can be placed in some lower tree branches.
Cost = 10xitem

Static Charged Lemming // Singed Lemming // Arctic Lemming // Collared Lemming
Small-Medium Mammal: Two poses: Huddled on all 4 feet or balanced on 2 feet
Cost = 1xitem: Apply an order discount of up to 30k treasure for each mantis ordered.

Sandstrike Hedgehog // Everglade Hedgehog // Hedgehog // Albino Hedgehog
Medium Mammal: 2 poses. Best placed peeking out from behind vegetation.
Cost = 15xitem
Familiar Hedgehog/Albino = 20x(Sandstrike OR Everglade)

Ashfall Bat // Nightwing Bat // Plague Bat // Brown Bat
Bats 1:
Medium Mammal: Flying or hanging upside down.
(note: not all bonsai support hanging bats! Maple #1 are the best-suited).
Cost = 10xitem

Grey Squirrel // Red Squirrel // White Squirrel // Black Squirrel
Squirrels 1:
Medium Mammal: 3 poses. One of these poses is for crawling on tops of trees. The other 2 can be shown holding small items, such as acorns.
Cost = 10xitem


Puddlehopper // Dreamwaker // Poison Dart Frog
Dart Frogs:
Small Amphibian: Best placed sitting on top of objects or otherwise isolated from clutter. Can also be placed on the sides of pots.
Cost = 10xitem
Poison Dart Frog = 15x[Puddlehopper OR Dreamwaker]

Writhing Treesnake // Coiled Burnserpent // Corn Snake
Small Snakes:
Small-Medium Reptile: Treesnake and Burnserpent can be wrapped around bonsai branches, or coiled on planter. Corn snake has two poses for being coiled on planter, but none for being in the tree.
Cost = 15xitem
Corn Snake = 15x[Treesnake OR Burnserpent]

Dust Slither // Coral Snake // Olive Sea Snake // Emerald Ratsnake
Ground Snakes:
Medium Reptile: 2 poses: Coiled overhanging the planter edge, or raised into the air as if preparing to strike.
Cost = 10xitem

Cave Gecko // Leopard Gecko // Tree Gecko // Tokay Gecko
Medium Reptile: Stands on substrate or hangs over edge of planter.
Alternate Versions:
Cave Gecko: "Glowing Stripe" colouration
Leopard Gecko: "Purple Tail" edit
Tree Gecko: "Tree Climbing" pose
Tokay Gecko: "Large Size" species characteristic
Cost = 10xitem

Onyx Cobra // Amethyst Striker // Opal Cobra // Emerald Striker
Large Reptile: Hangs slightly over edge of planter/pots. Can sit outside of planter.
2 poses: Face forward or looking to side.
Cost = 5xitem


Blue Bandit // Mud Turtle // Snapping Turtle // Steppes Box Turtle
Large Reptile: 3 possible poses & 2 sizes. Can sit outside of planter. Body shape varies depending on the turtle.
Cost = 10xitem



Perdita Bee // White Lace Honeybee // Honeybee // Glade Swarmer
Extra-small Insect: Delivered in swarming groups of 3
Cost = 10xitem

Blow Fly // Fly // Gold Fly // Tachinid Fly
Extra-small Insect: Delivered in swarming groups of 3
Cost = 10xitem

Rhodedendron Leafhopper // Common Froghopper // Alder Spittlebug // Red and Black Froghopper
Extra-small Insect: Delivered in sets of 3 randomly placed across the planter
Cost = 10xitem

Ladybug // Bean Beetle // Two-Tone Brown Beetle // Harlequin Ladybug
Extra-small Insect: Delivered in sets of 3 randomly placed across the planter
Cost = 10xitem

Wasteland Pauper // Meal Moth // Black Witch // White Cabbage Butterfly
Small Butterflies:
Small Insect: Flying and perched poses available.
Delivered in sets of 2 (typ. 1 flying and 1 perched)
Cost = 10xitem

Boxer Mantis // Jungle Mantis // Highgrass Priest // Dead Leaf Mantis
Small Insect: There are two slightly different sizes using the same pose.
Cost = 1xitem: Apply an order discount up to 30k treasure for each mantis ordered.

Garden Snail // White Lipped Snail // Land Snail // Banded Snail
Small Insect: Climb on any surface where they might fit. Can climb vertical objects. Double cost for a large snail that mantises and other small critters can ride on.
Cost = 10xitem

Scalescarab // Toxindiver // Rolling Scarab // Dung Beetle
Small Insect: Crawling on planter/tree-tops or flying.
Cost = 10xitem

Frost Whisper // Fallout Whisper
Lantern Moths:
Medium-Large Insect: Perched or flying. Typically placed near top of planter due to long tails.
Cost = 15xitem

Catocala Moth // Dark-bordered Beauty // Micromoth // Runic Pug Moth
Pattern Moths:
Small Insect: 2x item = 1 Moth. Add 1x item for each additional moth!
3 flying poses and 2 perched poses available.
Runic Pug Moths recoloured to match any elemental flight for 2.5k treasure extra.
Cost = 2xitem

Petalwing Matriarch // Vibrant Flutterer
Large Butterfly:
Medium-Large Insect: Wings outstretched in flight, or folded.
Note that folded option shows brown wing underside.
Cost = 15xitem
~ BonsaiPixels ~ [OPEN]
Nov 11, 2014 18:48:38






Runestones and Fragments:

...and etc.
Cost = 1xRunestone OR 5k treasure

Nature/Wind/Water/Light = 1xShale Hybrid Fragment OR 2.5k treasure
Ice/Lightning/Arcane = 1xGlass Hybrid Fragment OR 2.5k treasure
Shadow/Plague/Fire/Earth = 1xObsidian Hybrid Fragment OR 2.5k treasure
(Note: single orders default to ONE large fragment or TWO small fragments, depending on space. Double order typically one large and one small.)

Stones and Gemstones:

1x large Agate = 5x Agate item
3x small/medium Agate = 10x Agate item

2-3x Foo's Eye/Prehnite = 10x Associated item
1-2x Banded Olivine/Banded Ironstone = 10x Associated item

For orders of balanced stones similar to the examples shown in bottom right corner.
(i.e. single tower, or multi-legged structure)
Large structures merged from 2+ small stone piles also belong in this category.

Grey Balanced Stones = 5k treasure + 10x Perfect Skipping Stone
Brown Balanced Stones = 5k treasure + 10x Skipping Stone

Grey Stone Pile = 10x Smooth Pebbles
Brown Stone Pile = 10x Round Pebbles
Top stone in stone pile can be replaced with a runestone purchased at time of order.
All orders delivered with 2-3 scattered stones in addition to the pile.

3 Sand piles = 1k treasure + 10x Sand
+1k treasure for each additional 2 piles of sand!

Semi-Precious Gem Piles
Pay for the pile with any of the 4 stones used in it.
Receive 1xGem Pile and 2 to 3 Scattered Gems of the type used as payment!

Type 1: Green-blue
2xJade OR 2xBanded Sardonyx OR 2xLabradorite OR 10xApatite

Type 2: Red-black
2xJasper OR 10xAmber OR 10xOnyx OR 10xAlmandine

Type 3: Pastel
5xRosy Gypsum OR 10xCelestine OR 10xMorganite OR 10xChrysoberyl

Semi-Precious Gem Arrangements
Mix and match ANY of the above 12 gems in a custom stone pile or balanced stones.
Gems can be also be inserted into grey/brown balanced stone towers and multi-leg arch structures.

Custom stone pile OR balanced stones = 5k treasure + 1x each type of gem to be used
Limitation of 4 types

Use with grey/brown balanced stones = 1/2 the item costs for the above piles
Limitation of 1 type per grey/brown balanced stone order

Stones and Crystals:

Quartz Crystal = 10x associated quartz item

Brown Trilobite Fossil = 10xTrilobite Fossil
White Trilobite Fossil = 10xWhite Pawn
(Note: single orders default to ONE large fossil or TWO small fossils, depending on space. Double order typically one large and one small.)

1xCooled Volcano (with 1-2 flow pieces) = 5x Associated Rock Flow
1xActive Flowing Volcano (with 1-2 flow pieces) = 2x Firebrand Tungsten
Note: Volcano pieces WILL NOT fit in the smallest pots
1xBasalt Spire = 10x Traprock
2x flow piece = 5x Associated Rock Flow

Each additional 2 flow pieces and/or 1 volcano after 2 = 2.5k treasure

1xLarge Spire (with 2-3 floating stones) = 1x Any of the above Familiars (or any Arcane element Familiar)
2x Small Spires (with 2-3 floating stones) = 1x Any of the above Familiars

Each additional spire after 3 = 2.5k treasure

1xPink Chalcedony Cluster = 10x Pink Chalcedony
Note: All spires delivered with random number of floaty rocks

Bones & Tusks:
*Note: Bird and Rodent skulls default to plain white. Blackened can be requested.

1 large bird skull (mystery bird) = 10x Sparrow Skull
3 small bird skulls (Sparrow, Chicken and/or Crow) = 10x Sparrow Skull
+ 500 treasure for each additional set of 3 small skulls!

1 large rodent skull (mystery rodent) = 10x Squirrel Skull
3 small bird skulls (Mouse, Squirrel and/or Rabbit) = 10x Squirrel Skull
+ 500 treasure for each additional set of 3 small skulls!

1 Large Tusk = 5x Associated Tusk item
2x Small Tusk = 5x Associated Tusk item
Set of 5 Tusks (range of sizes) = 15x Associated Tusk item

Each additional tusk after 5 = 2.5k treasure

1 Large Ribcage = 10x Associated ribcage item
2-3 Small Ribcage/Spine Pieces = 20x Associated ribcage item

4-5 Scattered Legbones = 10x Associated legbone item

Bone Structure = 5k treasure + 10x Associated legbone/ribcage item

Wood and Vines:

Large Wood Log = 10x Driftwood/Bonewood Log
Small Wood Log = 5x Driftwood/Bonewood Log
Wood Branch Bundle = 10x Driftwood/Bonewood Branch

Deadwood (Juniper, Redwood, Maple Oak) = 10x Any Leather items above

For custom built groups of bamboo stalks
Bamboo Cluster = 5k treasure + 5x Bamboo Cluster

For custom built groups of vines
2-3 Strangler Vine pieces = 5k treasure + 5x [Strangling Vine or Blooming Vine]
2-3 Moonglow Thorn pieces = 5k treasure + 5x [Strangling Root or Janustrap Root]

Sea-themed and Shells:

2-3 Hippocamp Spines = 10x associated item

1-2 Charger Fins = 10x associated item

1-2 Horn Coral Pieces = 10x associated item

Conch Shell = 10x associated item
*Faded Conch Shell* = 10x Any Shell Seafood

3 Hermit Shells = 10x associated item

Assorted Shells = 10x Rainbow/Scarlet Mussels
Mussel Shells = 10x Mussels
includes 1xshell pile + 2-3 loose shells


1xLarge Copper Spire = 1x any simple copper jewelry
2xSmall Copper Spires = 1x any simple copper jewelry
All 4 Spires = 2x any simple copper jewelry

Each additional copper spire after 4 = 2.5k treasure

Copper spires ordered separately, but each order of wire coil or extra wires includes automatic wire wrapping for one spire (large or small).
Wire Coil = 10x Laser item
Extra Loose Wires = 5x Laser item + 2.5k treasure

1xLightning Arcs = 2x Charged Tungsten + 5k treasure
Note: to apply this effect you must have a Copper Spire, Lightning Runestone, or Lightning Fragment in your order

Clay Fertility Statue = 10x associated statue
Stone Fertility Statue = 10x associated statue
Fertility statues can be placed inside or outside of planter.
Alternate colours available for White/Red Clay or Brown Stone.

2x Spiral Pinwheel = 1x [ANY Maroon Wrap OR Buttercup Bow]
2x Orange Pinwheel = 5x [Mangled Textile OR Moth-eaten Rug]
+ 5x [ANY pigment blend] + 5x [Translucent Fins OR Amphibious Wing]
2x Green Pinwheel = 5x [Tattered Interloper Scrap OR Ragged Skirmisher Scrap]
+ 5x [ANY pigment blend] + 5x [Translucent Fins OR Amphibious Wing]

Each additional pinwheel after 2 = 2.5k treasure
~ BonsaiPixels ~ [OPEN]
Nov 11, 2014 18:48:44





Requesting New Items

i)Shop Polls
Sometimes I will send out polls to all of the shop customers on the general pinglist asking questions about what they'd like to see in the shop next.

Polls are the main way that I select the next Coliseum-exclusive items to add to the shop. This because anyone who uses the Coliseum already has so many of these items that it's less of a challenge to gather a large number to meet the funding costs, and I'd prefer to keep funding slots for items that are more difficult to obtain.

I will also ask on polls about the kinds of decorations that people are most interested in seeing, as these are becoming a more important part of the bonsai shops. In this case, I usually choose the most inspiring suggestion to decide what to add next.

Upcoming Items:
1. Sunflowers (Rainsong Jungle)
2. N/A

ii)Artist's Choice
Sometimes I simply decide to add something (usually decorations), based on comments about the types of item that are lacking from the shop. Or I decide that I feel like adding something that has never been requested, but which I just feel like drawing that day. It varies.

Upcoming Flight-themed items:
1. Lightning Flight - Gears
2. Light Flight - Carved Tablets, Sacridite
3. Fire Flight - Cinders, various weapon pieces
4. Nature Flight - Ferns, Ivy, Jadevine
5. Plague Flight - Plague Trees, Mushrooms
6. Wind Flight - Fluttering Ribbons, Bells
7. Shadow Flight - Fir Bonsai, Spruce Bonsai
8. Ice Flight - Hanging icicles
~ BonsaiPixels ~ [OPEN]
Nov 11, 2014 18:48:51






Examples of Artist's Choice
Image width: 150px
Specific Item requests: Black Crow, White Crow, Rose (choose colour to fit theme)
Theme Directions: "Overall theme is Angelic vs Fallen Angel, so like black and white. Would like it to be full and bushy."
Dragon Image: N/A

Image width: 250px
Specific Item requests: N/A
Theme Directions: N/A
Dragon Image:

Examples of Custom Orders
Image width: 200px
Planter (Type - Colours - Configuration): Type 2 - Green - Configuration B2
Substrate: Black Pumice
Structural Elements: N/A
Bonsai (Type - Season - Weather): (Paper Birch - Summer - Windblown)
Plants: Sweet Grass, Chickweed
Creatures: common sparrow (in tree), 2 White Cabbage Butterfly (flying)
Decorations: wind runestone, wind fragment, Bamboo Cluster
Placement Directions: however you think looks best~ I give you artistic freedom~ :3


Image width: 150px
Planter (Type - Colours - Configuration): Type 1 - Black - 150px
Substrate: N/A
Structural Elements & Snow: N/A
Bonsai (Type - Season - Weather): (Sugar Maple - Summer - N/A)
Plants: 3 clumps of long Sweet Grass, 2 clumps of Clover and 2 clumps of (white) Chickweed (I hope this amount is good for this size, I want the vegetation to be fairly dense)
Creatures: 1 Common Sparrow
Decorations: 1 Lightning Runestone near (outside) the planter if possible, 1 cyan Glass Hybrid Fragment
Placement Directions: I would like the tree to be on the left with the cyan fragment on the right, groundcovers should be mixed with each other freely. The lightning runestone should be outside the planter on the left side. Sparrow perched on the bonsai.


Image width: 350px
Planter (Type - Colours - Configuration): Type 2 - Darksteel + Green - Artist's Choice
Substrate: White Clay
Structural Elements & Snow: N/A
Bonsai (Type - Season - Weather): (Red Delicious Apple Tree - Summer - N/A), (Small Juniper - Winter - N/A)
Plants: 1x Red Delicious Apple Tree (summer, one with the smaller apples); 1x Shimpaku Juniper (winter, small if possible or large if it looks better); 1x Jungle Grass; 2x Mycena Mushroom; 2x Chickweed; 2x Ancient Mushroom; 1x Notocactus
Creatures: 1x Hedgehog; 1x Plague Bat; 1x Coral Snake; 2x Runic Pug Moth; 1x Micromoth
Decorations: 1x Plague Fragment (preferably the large fragment); 2x Banded Olivine; 1x large Malachite Agate; 1x Semi-Precious Gem Arrangement (Onyx, Rosy Gypsum, Jade); 2x Igneous Flow Piece; 1x White Trilobite Fossil; 3x Small Rodent Skulls; 1x Bone Structure (black or white whichever looks nicer); 1x Small Boneood Log; 1x Bonewood Branch Bundle
Placement Directions: i'd like the pots to be put into three clumps please; and have the snake/bone structure/small bonewood log placed together if possible; if plantar gets too busy, feel free to drop some of the items


Image width: 400px
Planter (Type - Colours - Configuration): Type 1 - Black - 400px
Substrate: Red Clay
Structural Elements & Snow: N/A
Bonsai (Type - Season - Weather): (Juniper - Autumn - N/A), (Hemlock - Autumn - N/A), (Paper Birch - Autumn - Windblown), (Willow - Autumn - Windblown)
Plants: Sweet Grass x7, Clover x3
Creatures: Black Witch x 1, Honeybee x 1
Decorations: Plague Runestone, Plague Fragment, 3 Small Bird Skulls, Set of 5 Tusks (Ivory), Large Tusk (Etched) x 2
Placement Directions: Preferably the trees are a little spread out. I would like if the etched tusks blended with the Ivory (as if some have been carved) and maybe the bird skulls near the bases.


Affiliated Shops

After over 1 1/2 years of running the shop, I've decided to hire a few people to run parallel shops as BonsaiPixel Affiliates. These persons are permitted to use the pixel assets that I've drawn within the limitations and guidelines suggested in this hiring thread, but are otherwise free to control their own features and prices. Links to affiliates and a brief description of their shops can be found below:

Link to Shop

~Option of payment with pure treasure (no items required)~
~Offers Artist's Choice orders~
~Specializes in animations~


Link to Shop

~All treasure/gem paid orders~
~Emphasis on Artist's Choice orders~
~Specializes in re-colours of existing pixelled items~


Shop Credits

Inspired by Rhea's Fishtank & Aviary, and setavulos' Terrariums.
~ BonsaiPixels ~ [OPEN]
Nov 11, 2014 18:48:58






Q. "Can I make an order with no bonsai in it?"
A. Yes!
Many items other than the bonsai have been added over time, and you can certainly make an order that's just plants and/or decorations and/or creatures.

Q. "What is the maximum number of bonsai I should fit in an image of given size?"
A. 1 in 100-150 px,
2 in 200px,
3 in 250px,
4 in 300-350 px,
5 in 400 px
6 in 500px

You can have more bonsai than listed above - I will pack them in super densely - but this is a good starting point if you want minimal overlap between adjacent bonsai. You may wish to have fewer bonsai if your order includes other large or tall items (i.e. rosebush, deadwood bonsai, volcano, stone tower, snapdragons, etc.), each of which takes up 1/4 to 1/2 the space of a bonsai. You may also wish to decrease the number of bonsai if you order any flying creatures or windblown leaf effect or basically anything that you'd like silhouetted in open space.

Q. "Can you add [x] plant/creature/bonsai to the shop?"
A. Sure, if I have the time/inspiration for it.
I would love to pixel as many items as possible, but this takes time (sometimes weeks/months between finishing sets of items!). More often these days I'll pick a new item to draw based on the types of items that I find myself wishing I had available when I'm working on orders.

Q. "Can I use the bonsai images offsite?"
A. Yes.
As long as you link back to Flight Rising in general or this thread in specific, as the bonsai are a form of FR fanart.
Also, do not claim credit for drawing the artwork yourself.

Q. "Can I gift a bonsai to another player?"
A. Yes.
To gift a bonsai let me know clearly who you are gifting to (posting the name of the giftee with your in-thread order is preferred, but if it's a secret then at least mention in-thread that it's a gift and send the name with the payment message). I will ping both the giftee and gifter at dropoff.

Q. "This shop is confusing! Can I pay in treasure."
A. Yes, as a one-time offer.
Let me know the items you want and I can quote you a cost by Message. This offer is only available if you have never ordered before, and only for plants/creatures with a 2-star rarity or less.

Q. "Will there ever be customs offered?"
A. Probably Not.
I originally had an idea for custom bonsai shapes, but seems more unfeasible as the shop business has picked up. The closest thing to customs will be minor edits of existing pixel sprites that may be offered as part of Special Events.

Archived - Bonsai Original Concepts
I started with the concept that bonsai trees are selected from 4 different stages that reflect the Real World Seasons. Mostly this was because I liked the idea of having both summer & autumn colours for the maple, then realized that I could also do a spring blossom version for the apple tree, and then figured at this point I might as well do a winter version too. Later I started adding more of the trees based on the FR world map, like the Shimmering Pinecone purple Pine bonsai.

Deciduous Trees

Spring: New leaf bud growths
Summer: Typical Colouration
Autumn: Leaves change colours
Winter: Bare Branches

Spring // Summer // Autumn // Winter

Coniferous Trees

Spring: Bright-Coloured growths at branch tips
Summer: Growth of unripe seed pods
Autumn: Browning of needles and mature seeds
Winter: Typical Colouration

Spring // Summer // Autumn // Winter

Fruiting Trees

Spring: Flowering Branches
Summer: Small and/or off-colour fruits
Autumn: Mature and ripened fruits
Winter: Few fruits remain*

Spring // Summer // Autumn // Winter

*Fruiting Evergreen trees do not lose leaves in Winter stage

Outdated Funding of New Items
Shop Spreadsheet

All items that can potentially be requested are listed on the Shop Spreadsheet (usually with pictures included for help in identification). If an item is not listed, then it is likely that it was determined to be unsuitable for the Bonsai setting, or was added in a more recent site update. If an item has all pricing details greyed out, then that item is low on my priorities at the moment. Methods getting a request turned into a shop item are listed below:

i) Funding a new Bonsai, Plant, or Creature
Throughout the history of the shop, the traditional way to request an item has been to wait for a "funding" slot to open. Each bonsai, plant, and creature has an associated cost in associated material or food items that I'd take as payment before I add the item to the shop. Funding is currently being phased out as I've reached the point where there's a large number of options already and I find that I can work much faster when I'm not forced to prioritize the "next item on the list", so to speak.

A single person may only hold one request slot at any given time.
These slots are exclusive to gathering-obtained items only.
See bottom of this post for the perks of funding an item!

BONSAI Funding Perks:

Persons who fund a Bonsai may receive two (2) items based off of the tree:
i) 1 x growing bonsai that starts and ends on any stage (up to ONE 4-stage cycle)
ii) 1 x bonsai copies from ANY season; Added to any purchased planter

The additional bonsai may be selected immediately, or after all stages completed
(Time to complete cycle = approx. 1 week). Note that you must include specific details about the start and end season of the growing bonsai, or I will assume that you simply want 2 static trees!

PLANT and CREATURE Funding Perks:

Persons who fund these additional features will receive the following:
i) 4 x copies of ANY plant/creature in the same shape group
(i.e. if one type of sparrow has been funded, then you can choose your copies from ANY of the sparrows)
Example: A person who funds the "Java Sparrows" item may receive 2 copies of the Java Sparrow, and 1 copy each of the "Zephyr Sparrow" and "Chickadee", even if it has not yet been unlocked!

Unclaimed Items

From previous funding rounds:

Link Here

~ BonsaiPixels ~ [OPEN]
Nov 11, 2014 18:49:09





Public Art Assets
As of the Shop's 1st Anniversary, I've decided to make a number of assets available to people who wish to try assembling their own bonsai planters. The 3 types of bonsai were selected based either on being unique to Flight Rising (i.e. Wisp Fruits), or being directly referenced from real-world bonsai in public collections (Trident Maple // Western Hemlock). All plants and creatures are ones found in the Coliseum. There are no plans to release any gathering exclusive items as free assets.

  1. You can use these assets for yourself or at the request of others
  2. You may not charge for any services involving the use of these assets
  3. You can change the colours, remix with pixel art assets from other sources, modify assets for animation, etc.
  4. You may not take any additional assets from the BonsaiPixels shop aside from the ones made available in this post

100px planter .psd file
200px planter .psd file
150 width pots (small and large sizes)

Note: "Download" icon should be located near top of screen in Google Drive

Sheet #1

Sheet #2

Sheet #3

Sheet #4